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A fantasy

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A fantasyI went over to my friend’s house to have dinner with him, and to seduce his wife. We are all in our mid-40s, and have k**s, so we all don’t get to entertain friends all that often. Their teenager was over at her friend’s house for a sleepover specifically to give the grownups a night to themselves. It had all been planned between me and him.I am 6 feet tall, blue eyes, about 200 pounds and I have a National Average 6″ cock, uncut. They are smaller people, she’s barely 5 foot even, light brown hair, brown eyes with B-sized breasts. He’s a few inches taller than her, equipped with a 5 inch cut cock. He had been talking up a threesome with her for quite some time and she wasn’t convinced, but he knew that she wouldn’t it turn down should the opportunity present itself. And I was that opportunity.He is a professional chef and so the meal was great. She drank her favorite honey flavored whiskey and by the time the meal was over she was very happy. I cleared the table while she went to the bathroom, which was on the far side of their bedroom. When he heard the toilet flush he went in to her. We had worked this out ahead of time, he was going to get her turned on and ready.They were in there for about 10 minutes, I was on the couch when they came out. I noticed right away that she was flushed and she had taken off her bra. He steered her next to me and then sat on her far side. He immediately started stroking her arms and legs while we chatted. I waited a bit and then gently started rubbing her leg. She didn’t mind that and so I kept going. He leaned in and nuzzled her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned ever so softly. He started rubbing her lovely breasts through her shirt. I stroked her leg more intently, inching closer to her crotch with each pass, pushing her skirt higher and higher. He was licking her ear now and she was getting really hot.Finally he reached under her shirt and started gently rubbing her tit, gently grazing her nipple. She shuddered and arched her back to get more, and she moaned out load. I rubbed her inner thigh right next to her pussy. He asked her if she remembered the photos he took of her a couple months ago with her shirt off, showing her loverly boobs. She said she did without opening her eyes. He said, ‘Well I sent them to my friend here.’ She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, ‘Sorry you had to see my old boobs.’ I said, ‘They looked lovely, I feel honored to have those pictures. I’d love to see them again.’ Before she could respond he licked her ear again and pinched her nipple pendik escort and she closed her eyes and moaned again. He started raising her shirt, I helped and her wonderful tits came into view. He kept rubbing the one on his side and I went back to her thigh. I could feel the heat and moisture of her turned on pussy as I neared her panties.He leaned in and took her nipple in his mouth, she arched her back again and her pussy pushed against my hand. I kept it there and rubbed up and down, gently pushing against her clit. I leaned in and took her other nipple in my mouth. She was really hot and this got her squirming. She moaned again, “Oh, this is nice…” I moved my hand against her pussy and she parted her legs for me. I rubbed right on her hot and wet pussy through her panties. We kept this up for a few more minutes and she got hotter and wetter. I could feel her moisture soaking through. He saw me and nodded. I pulled back the elastic and got my fingers under her panties and was rewarded with the feeling of her hot and slick pussy, she was dripping wet. She grabbed his head and started kissing him, and we both went back to massaging her breast.I slowly stroked up and down, pushing slightly each time, doing a circle around her clit. It only took a couple of these before she humped up at my hand when I was on her clit so I increased the pressure and focussed on that. She moaned again and scooted down the couch so she could open her legs wider. I ran my fingers down to her opening and rubbed ever larger circles right in there, spreading her juices around, opening her up. I put my finger right in the center and pushed just a little. She moaned again and scooted down more to get my finger deeper inside her. He had both hands working her tits now and was kissing her like mad. I got down on the floor and took of her panties. She was so into this she helped me bare her pussy to me. I moved in and sucked her clit into my mouth while I worked my finger back inside her. She was much tighter than I was used to because she was so much smaller than me. I worked that rough patch on the roof of her pussy as I sucked her clit like a mini cock. She started fucking my face. She had a mini orgasm and I licked her tasty pussy juice up as is dripped out.He stood up, helped her up, and led her to the bedroom. I followed behind. He took her to the bed and stripped her bare, taking his own clothes off, then he lay down, and pulled her into a 69. She gobbled his cock and he got to work on her clit. I leaned in and tongued her pussy while I got undressed. escort pendik I got in behind her and presented my cock. He took my cock right in his mouth and got me all wet and ready, licking my precum out of my foreskin. Once I was all slick, I pulled my cock from his mouth and lined it up with her open and wet pussy. I touched her with it and moved my cockhead around in circles at her entrance. She moaned on his cock and bobbed her head on it faster. I was relatively larger to her, almost as large as her largest dildo, so I needed to take it easy. I worked my cockhead into the core of her entrance and leaned in a little. She was so tight, her pussy entrance felt like a tight little ring. She wanted to get fucked bad and pushed back. My cockhead popped inside her! Oh, she was so tight. She rocked forward and I went with her so I wouldn’t pop out again, and then she rocked back slowly, taking my cock deeper inside her. He was watching the whole thing from his cuntlicker’s point of view, eyes wide open, watching his wife take a new man’s cock inside her for the first time and loving every second of it. She rocked back and forth taking a little more of my cock each time. After a few minutes of this, taking it slow and gently and little further, I was finally all the way in, her cervix rubbing under my glans, her pussy juice flowing over he shaft, he paused in her clit loving to lick by balls. He was eager to feel me squirt my cum deep inside her little tight pussy, just so he could lick it all out. He had told me that he had been wanting to do this to her for years. He’s such a cum slut, even worse than me!Now that she was used to my size she started a rocking rhythm to set the pace, and then I took over the work. Her pussy was so tight and hot and juicy there was no way I was going to last very long. Her vulva was like a ring riding up and down my cock, I could feel the hard nubbin of her cervix as I hit my cockhead on the in stroke and it ran down the underside of my cock. I knew I was leaking pre-cum into her and seeing his eager face under her pussy, licking her clit and my cock.She was close, too, though, from my cock’s relatively large size. She took his cock out of her mouth to moan and groan and breathe better. She started humping on my cock faster, and he redoubled his clit licking. She was so tiny that I easily reached her tits and I grabbed them and pinched her nipples.That did it. She cried out and shoved back on my cock to get it in as deep as it could go, she held it there for a moment and I felt her pussy pendik escort bayan getting tighter and tighter on my cock as her orgasm built. I was close behind. Then hers broke through, I felt her pussy gush a wave of girl-cum all over my rock hard cock, and she went back to humping it in a frenzy. He was licking her clit like mad as she came and came. I kept going, feeling my sperm rising, getting ready to squirt into her bare pussy. Now that she was satisfied, he sucked my balls into his mouth. That did it for me. My balls pulled up and I fired into her. I kept stroking as I came, my cock pulsing and spurting, my balls in his mouth squeezing with each pulse, his tongue at the base of my cock, feeling my sperm pumping up inside his wife. My cum drenched her pussy from labia to cervix, and she was so small that it went up into her womb on the instroke and pulled out to drip on his tongue on the out.She was loving it in her post-orgasming bliss, feeling this large cock reaming her out, drenching her pussy with slick sperm and filling her womb with white hot liquid. I pushed deep into her one last time and spurted the last drops as deep into her as I could get while she clamped hard on my cock in the last of her post-orgasmic shudders.We came down slowly and I pulled out, her tight pussy like a squeegee, stripping the cum out as it went. When my cock came free it fell right into his mouth and he eagerly sucked me clean. Then I pushed her ass down and her pussy covered his face and he ate her pussy like a madman, eagerly slurping down my cum, straining with his tongue to get more.He hadn’t cum yet, since she had stopped sucking him off and she was just blissed out, so after a minute of his pussy licking he pushed her over and mounted her, fucking her wet and gooey pussy with abandon. I stood behind him, playing with his ass, and his nipples. I whispered in his ear, “This is what you wanted, huh? Fucking your wife’s pussy slicked down with another guy’s sperm, knowing his swimmers are up inside her womb, right?” I looked down and she was watching us. She couldn’t see it, but I stuck my finger up his ass, and leaned around to bite his nipple. Cried out and jammed his cock into her, firing off his babymakers deep inside his well fucked wife. I held onto him as he jerked and shot squirt after squirt of cum inside her pussy. I did everything I could to prolong his cumming.When he relaxed I moved down between them and took ahold of his cock. She didn’t know about his bisexual side so she watched wide-eyed as I took his nice cock into my mouth and cleaned him off, then I dived in and gently sucked his cum out of her. He lay next to her and she slowly played with his cock and he played with her tits while they watched me eat his and her lovely cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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