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A Fathers Dream

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A Fathers Dreamdeleteddeleted Every one in this world has a dream. I am not speaking of the outside dreams, but of inside dreams; dreams which you never told to anyone and which you never tell anyone; dreams which you never try to realize them, but dreams which you always dream of. Every one has a dream about his love and life partner but every man also has dream of sex. It is a sexual fantasy. A sexual fantasy you dream to see or to try it. I have my dream. A dream weird to many but it is my dream. My name is srikanth. I was born in a society which is just developing, a society with values and morals. Sex is distant affair and i****t is just out of imagination. They feel sex is something secret. I didn’t even hear the word i****t until last years. I was born as the younger son in an opulent family. We are three brothers and three sisters. I was well brought up and inculcated with all the values as my father is the elder of the village. My mother gave me discipline and love. Of all the brothers and sister I am the only one who was close both to father and mother. But I was very different from all my brothers and sisters. No I became different. I became different because of my elder sister kalavati. She is the eldest of all. She was married to a good opulent family with vasudev. Of all the brothers and sisters I was the only person who was most interested in studies. I was a meritorious student and after my tenth I was sent to college in the city and I used to live with my sister and her husband vasudev. They used to live in a rented house in the city as he is from a rich house in the neighboring village. But he came to city to do a job despite his family’s opposition. He has different plans. And I came to city and started to study in a good college in the city. They gave me a room of my own to study. They used to take great care of me.They don’t want me to get disturbed. Everything was going well. One day when I was studying for my finals I waked up a little late in the night. I think it was around 12 in the night. I went out for the bathroom while I was passing to the bathroom I heard moans and bangles sound. I could not understand what it is. I returned to my room and concentrated on my studies. But as the days passed I began to get curious about that moans and bangles sound. But kept all my doubts and concentrated on my studies and wrote my exams well. After my exams my thoughts turned to the moans and bangles sound. I know the bangles sound were my sisters. I don’t about the moans. But my curiosity increased. It was a hot summer. So we sleep keeping the windows opened. I got up at 12 and walked near to my sister’s bed room. This time I heard low laughs and talking. Then suddenly the bed lamp in my sister glow. I immediately went to the back side of the room and watched through the window. I think my brother in law was sleeping on the bed but I could not see him. I saw my sister and stood speechless. She was not wearing any sari. She was on her blouse and petty coat. She has very big boobs. I think 34d. I don’t know about the sizes then but now I can guess them to be 34d. as I looked at her protruding boobs, without my knowledge my dick grown in size. She wrapped her sari, turned off the light and went to sleep (I hope). I went back to my room and realized the bulge in my pants. I was bewildered. As I touched it with my hand I felt very enjoying. Rarely did I use to get a chance to see my sister in the night and that too in the blouse and petty coat. I never expected more than that. I know somewhere that it is wrong but I could not stop. This continued for a year. After a year I got a seat in some national engineering college and went to do my B.tech. It is here I learned a lot of things about sex. There were students from all over the country. Sex is a common topic in our discussions. I came to know about masturbation. I sometimes used to masturbate thinking of my sister kalavati. It became habit. After five years I went to my village. It is here for the first time I dreamed which became my life dream.My mother in fifty years and is very pious. Behind that very pious woman there is beauty which I recognized in her late fifties. Even after giving birth to five c***dren and raising them she has some attraction. Even in fifty she has an attraction. Behind that cotton sari there are big beautiful curves which can still tempt men. Several thoughts came to my mind. I used to enjoy looking at her beauties. As there would be no one in the house because every one used to go to their works and I was left alone with three women in the house. My mom and two sisters in law and I never really looked at them but I used to enjoy my moms beauties. Her 40% white hair, her stiff breasts used to tempt me. This continued for a few days. Then I began to wonder how my dad resists such a beauty. I know they are not having sex because they always sleep in separate rooms. I don’t know how he resists the desire to fuck her. Soon these thoughts turned to fantasies or dreams. I dream of having sex with my mom alone and sometime I think of having her with my father. Some times I dream of three of us sleeping on the grass bundles in the moon light being naked. I want to give two some sex to my mom. It was very late till I realized that what I was thinking is of i****t. I came to know about this word very lately in my life. After a few days my father asked me what I wanted to do. I said I will do a job in Hyderabad. He sat silently for a moment and left. After two days he gave me photo of a girl and said she is your wife. I could not anything. I was married. Later I came to know that she is just 19 and completed her +2. Her name is shobha. I was totally upset as I never wanted to marry a young girl.I always dream t of a mature girl with big boobs. I didn’t say anything. After our first night I left to city for the job and promised to take her in a month. And I did. Although I am unhappy I never showed it to her. I loved her. She said many a times that she is very lucky of all her sisters that she got a good and understanding husband. Slowly I also began to enjoy sex with her. With in five years we had two sons. 15 years passed by. I have grown in my job. I became G.M of that company. Every thing changed, time, generation est. It became a generation of computers. My sons have grown up. They were studying in a good convent. Now I was very much impressed by my wife. Now I appreciate my father for giving such a wife. She has become mature, sexy woman with big boobs izmir escort of size 36dd. I started enjoying sex in my 40’s. Every night we used to make very passionate love. Even my wife is very active in sex. She is not just mere passive when it comes to sex. She is an active participant. Sometimes she used to tempt me for the sex. And sometimes I willingly allowed her to do this for me. I do this when she is in a mood. I will know it when she is in the mood. Whenever she asks the c***dren to sleep quickly, it means she is in a good mood and I play my dice. But I never used to get time for a continuous sex. My dream remained a dream. Both my mother and father were expired. I didn’t get remind of the dream until that day. I was surprised by what I saw on that day.That evening I came a little bit early from my office; usually at around 7 or 8 in the evening. But that day I was a bit early because I don’t have any work. I was sitting in the living room and both my sons are studying sitting next to me. After a few minutes my wife entered with tea in her hand and I was surprised. My dick woke and started to throb. She was in the new chocolate color nylon sari and a matching ¾ blouse making her sexier. I could not bear it. Her 36dd boobs tempted me to take her to bed there and then itself. I thought if my two sons were not there I would have laid her there only and fucking her directly tearing everything within seconds. Thinking this and enjoying the sweet smell coming from the jasmine flowers in my wife’s hair I turned to take tea from my wife’s hand and was shocked to see it but controlled it and remained normal. I can see from eyes end my son’s dick stood up looking at his mother. My wife is sitting in front of me reading a magazine and taking her tea. My son is looking at her cheatingly. I could not say word. I was dumbstruck. I don’t know how to react. I kept silent for the time being. But my son kept on ogling at his mother cheatingly all the time. So I had to send my wife on some pretext to the kitchen. Then she was again busy with the work inside. I observed my son ogling at her on the pretext of going to bathroom for pissing. But I kept quite. In the night at dinner, he was staring at her shamelessly. She didn’t took notice of him. Further she tucked her loose end of the sari tightly as a result of which her 36dd boobs became more prominent. I waited patiently till the dinner is over. Soon after dinner I have to make them go to bed quickly. When I am doing this my wife gave a mischievous smile. I knew what it meant but she never knew the real reason why I am making them to sleep.In the night I was gone mad. I forgot everything and fucked her like a mad bull. It was after our war and when we subsided that I began to think of my son. My elder son is raghu. He is 16 years and in 10th class. I got reminded of me when I thought about him. I was a bit angry at first. But soon my dream came back; the dream to share my mother with my father. As the days passed I began to think about it more. Then slowly the old dream became a new one. After 15 years of marriage I began to think about fantasies. I began to fantasize my self doing sex to my wife along with my son. I thought why not I share my wife with my son. ‘If I can dream of fucking my mother and that too with my father, then why should not I share my wife with my son?’ I thought.‘I will further give him a bonus too; A chance to fuck his mother with his father. I want to give my dream to my son. I know that is going to be the wonderful dream my son will have’ I thought.Slowly I why only fantasy? Why I cant I make it real as everything is in my hands now. Unlike at my time, now I am the elder of my house. And his mother is my wife. I decided to make it true. Once I decided this I slept peacefully. But the million dollar question before me is how? I know that I and my elder son are ready as I know that he has lust for his mother from that days bulge. The only person I should convince is my wife. I know my wife; she will not accept for this. But there must be some way.I have a way but I want everyone involved to enjoy. First I decided to discuss it with my son. Although we are free but we never spoke of sex. And no father speaks about sex to his son and that too it is weird and awkward a father asking a son, that are you interested in having sex with your mom? I felt a little bit shy. And at the same time I thought about his future. I thought it will not be fair to drag him into this. After all parents are expected to give good upbringing to their c***dren and I am here thinking of spoiling my c***d.. I justified my self saying that I am not dragging him but he is interested and further he may spoil his future by thinking about her. I know it from my experience how hard it will be to study when sex is in their mind. Further my wife always wears provocative outfits. She wears low cut blouses and stringed blouses. I can’t ask her to suddenly change her into the traditional dress. Even I have to tell her the reason if she asks me. After a lot of discussion in myself I finally decided to involve him but at the same time controlling. At first I don’t know how to talk to him but that day after watching my son masturbating I understood that he knows everything. So I had a plan.One day I came home early and asked my wife tie the chocolate color sari which she tied previously. I know that my son is going to have a bulge at looking her in the sari. She said ok. I sat in the living and my sons are doing their home. My wife entered as she previously entered. She gave me tea and went inside on some work after drinking tea. I can clearly see the bulge in my elder sons pant. I looked at him and asked him to come upstairs with me. He followed me. After going up, I looked at him and asked him ‘what are you doing?’Innocently he said “what?”His bulge was gone. I think it was due to fear. I said looking at him what was that you are looking at your mother. Now he was pin drop silent with his head down. I said with a stern voice- what are looking at your mom, you idiot. Now he was shaking. Then after a few moments with tears in his eyes and with a shaking voice he said ‘I will not do it again’.I thought it won’t work if I was stern. Then I said with a soft voice ‘why?’ He looked at me bewildered. Why? Don’t you want see your mom naked? Don’t you want to sleep with her? He surprised with this. He didn’t say a word. I again said in a stern voice ‘I want answer from you.’ Then he started answering in a low and feared izmir escort bayanlar voice to my questions.Our conversation went on like this. After a few minutes he became free. He really wanted to have his mother. Finally he gave me his confession. Then I asked him ‘do you think will your mother allow for this?’He was silent and became a little dull and then he too expressed the same doubt about his mother. ‘Will she allow me?’ ha said innocently. He didn’t question me. He said to himself. Then after a little thought I said ‘I will take care of it but you should promise one thing that you will never disturb from your studies’ He readily promised me. Then he went away back to his studies.Even that night our bodies entwined wildly. After a passionate love making when our naked, tired bodies were I was lost in thought and thought my dream was about to come true. I am one step away from it. Suddenly my wife asked me touching her breast hardly to my chest ‘what are you thinking?’I said ‘nothing’Then we were ready for another round. Days are passing and I was loosing in thought. I know that I was near and I don’t know how to get to my wife. If I ask directly, then our relation may broke forever. This has restrained me from asking her. I wanted to make her ask her by herself. So I pretended to be lost in thought. Sometimes really and some times I used to act. I even slept some nights without having sex. My wife was wondering. In other words she was bit scared because she never saw me thinking that much. One day my wife insisted me on telling her what it is. After a lot of request I opened my mouth.Me: nothing recently some kind of fantasy started in me.Wife: what is it?Me: nothing…Wife: come on tell me….. She said rubbing her hand on my naked chest.Me: it is asexual fantasy.Wife: what?She said with a expression of surprise and shock.Me: that’s why; I told you I don’t want to tell.Wife: O.K. what is it? Tell me…. I am you wife. She said huskilyme: I wanted to try three some.Wife: what?Me: yes three someWife: you mean you want to marry another woman….. She said in teasing and bit angry toneme: noWife: thenme: I want a third person in our sexual intercourseWife: third person meansme: you me and another man.Wife: what? She said sternly and got up from my top.Both of us are silent for a few minutes then she slowly started to speak and shouted ‘so you want me to sleep with another man….are you my husband or broker?…….’ she was going on shouting in a low voice incoherently. I tried to calm her and said ‘why are you getting so angry, I told you because you asked me to tell or I would never have told you’ she suddenly became calm and silent and slept back. After a few minutes we both slept.Days are passing my wife is behaving normally but our sex life became standstill. After one month she spoke to me. That night we were in our own thoughts. The suddenly she said ‘who that third person is?’I said ‘I don’t have any idea, just I had a fantasy’She said ‘then how we are going to become threesome’Now I knew that she is in my court.I said ‘I don’t know but I very much long for it’She remained silent for some time. Then she said ‘how about your colleagues’I was shocked to hear from her this. I asked her ‘do you anyone in your mind’She said ‘no, I just thought you may have some in your mind’I said ‘no’After a few minutes I said ‘I thought it is best if the third person is someone we know so that he keeps it a secret. I do think so but it is difficult to find’ we discussed about various persons ranging from my brothers to neighbors. But everyone has some negative. No I showed some reasons to put all options out. After a lot of discussion she slowly said ‘I think someone is on your mind’I didn’t say anything. She again asked. Then I told her if you will not get angry I have some one in mind who can keep it a secret and always available. She asked surprisingly ‘who?’I said ‘first listen to me and don’t make any decision in haste. Recently I frequently visit the net and I heard word i****t’She said what it is. I slowly explained it.She said ‘are you mad’How can parents do that to their c***dren? She said ‘I understood what do you mean but I don’t agree and never think of that. How mean you are how you think of my son sleeping with me. You are insane. I ready to fulfill your wish but not like this. I can sleep with any one you want but not with my son. Even bitch will not do it. Bring anyone from outside and I ready. There is no scope for thinking and making decisions if this is your wish. Forget it’She said this and turned to the other side to sleep. I remained silent and was lost in thoughts. After a few minutes she turned towards me and I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She looked at him for a few seconds and slept. The next day there was silence between us. My son is asking me updates. Now He is watching his mothers’ beauty even before me freely. We used to sit alone and discuss. One day I suddenly went to my sons school. he was surprised to see me there and asked ‘what dad?’I said ‘do you have any objection coming with me for an outing today.’Son: no dad. It will be great but will get the permission.Me: don’t worry. I am your father.After some time we were out of the school, taking permission from the principal. He was surprised because it is difficult to give permission to a tenth class student as they will have the board exams. When he asked about this, I told him some reason.He then asked me where we were going. I said suspense. We went to my friend’s house. Their house was free as their family has left for the vacation. So I took the keys from him. Before going to school in I arranged everything. I changed myself to pajamas and we sat in front of the television. I put a DVD in the player and it started to play. Soon the play started. I asked him if he watched this. He said ‘no’ he was very much happy. As he is young he got an erection easily and was struggling with his pants. Then I told him to change into pajamas and be free. He changed and sat watching. He was watching everything with interest. Everything is new to him. We sat eating the chips and drinking while watching the game in the DVD. After that we spoke for some time and went sleep in different rooms. I know we need the privacy. Even I am desperate of privacy. I masturbate thinking of my wife and son together. It gave me immense pleasure. I know that my son has masturbated imagining his mother. After a short nap we came out refreshed and came out of the house. On the way izmir bayan escort to home we pick rakesh at school and started home. He didn’t have any doubt because, I took him after lunch. We have watched many movies. One day while watching my son asked me ’dad did you do like this to mom?’ I said ‘no’He then didn’t ask me anything. This became our frequent habit. We used to go to net read i****t stories. Days were passing without sex between my wife and me. I thought I should break the ice. I could not resist without having her. It has now become one month since they had sex. I am desperate but I want to be patient.After a month she again suddenly started the discussion one night. And again we struck at i****t. Then this time I slowly unfolded the mystery and told her about the incident I saw and the incident which inspired me. She said ‘I could not believe raghu lust for me. He is only 10th class, then how….’ she stopped there.‘It must be your dressing even elder people we can’t resist you. Then think what about a boy of 15 years’ I said.‘May be I should have taken care of my dressing’ she said thoughtfully.I understood what she thought of and where it will go. Then I took the lead.I said ‘now it is out of our hands. Even if you change your dress now, I think it will be of no use. You can change the dress but you can’t kill his thoughts’She then asked ‘what is rakesh up to?’I was surprised ‘oh come on now he is a small k**’‘May be I think so’ she said.She said nothing. She is lost in thought. I said ‘look you don’t have to do this because I wanted. You don’t have to do it unwillingly. Our relation will be the same ever after. If you really want to fulfill my dream then only we will do it.After a few moments she said ‘how?’I said ‘we will try’She was lost in thought again. She said nothing I understood and I kissed her. That is the first time we had sex after 1 month. That night we had wonderful sex. I was on cloud nine.I had already planned. I told my son that evening about it and I told him when to enter. That night at 12 I put my hand on my wife’s waist and turned her towards me. We were in a deep passionate kiss. I pulled her over me. When she was in deep kiss lock with me she realized that someone was there beside me. Suddenly my wife got up over from me. There was my son beside me. She was shocked to see him. Her loose end of the sari covering her 36dd boobs was dropped, so her boob’s silhouette is visible. I slowly put on the zero light in our room. The light was very dim but enough to see each other. When I put on the light I saw my son looking without any hesitation at his mom’s boobs. Seeing her big, stiff, tight mounds poking into the air have made my sons cock gone up and started to throb in his night pant. Looking my son and semi nude wife in my together has also made my cock gone up. My wife saw at me and then at my pants. After a few moments she came back to me and started to kiss my lips. She became really horny within minutes and she moved her petticoat back. I wanted her to remove them and become naked but I don’t want anything go awry. So I restrained and have done it in her way. I became totally nude. She went down and slept on her back. I then getting up place my self between her legs and my usual instinct guided me through her wet slippery vagina. Pushing it inside I waited for second. She took me in a missionary position. I moved forward, stayed still, then looked at my son for a moment that was rubbing his pants and started thrusting her. It started slowly with mild strokes and became hard long strokes. I pounded her for 20 minutes. Then with a sudden go we came at a time. Our bodies have adjusted to it. We know each other when will we come. After 20 minutes we became calm. Then I removed my limping dick from her and got up from the bed. It was the best sex I ever had. The thought that I am fucking my wife before my wife was driving me crazy. It was short but ecstatic my wife adjusted her petticoat back and sat on the bed. My son is looking at us sitting the chair. Now our eyes got used to the darkness. We could see each other because of the dim light coming from the zero bulb in our room. I smiled at him and got up from the bed. I went near my son and said ‘go’. I think he was waiting for this and before I could finish my word he got up and removed his shirt, pant and brief, except his underwear. He went to the bed and slept beside my wife. He didn’t do anything for a minute. Even my wife was silent and still. She didn’t even look at him since we were doing. Then he was the first to make move. He took her by her waist and started moving his left hand on her soft stiff waist. He didn’t get any reaction from her. She lay on her back looking at the roof without any moment. After a few minutes his hand started to move up. When it reached the edge of her boob, he waited. Still there was no reaction from her. So he slowly moved his hand over the boob and started massaging them one bye one. Then he started to maul them. They were big and his one hand was not enough to maul them. Suddenly my wife closed her eyes. My son continued his expedition. Then stopping his expedition he suddenly got up and reached for her lips. At first he started to kiss her slowly. Her lips showed no moment. She is rigid. Then slowly he got on top of her. His total body was o her body. Her boobs crushed under his chest. He kneaded her boobs and waist while kissing her lips. As he doing for the first time, he hasn’t observed her rigidness. As he did his work she remained passive. Then suddenly putting all his weight on his mom he made his waist go up and slowly moved his underwear down. I can see his erect dick. It was not big enough but at 15 it was enough to go for fucking. Then slowly he tried to make space between her thighs. Then wile kissing he started to lift her petticoat. My wife as though she understood his intention, pushed him aside and spoke for the first time leaving her rigidity- “no fucking. You bastard get away from here…” she was about to say something and I knew it was my time to enter. So I went to bed, as my dick was rock hard because of my son and wife’s fore play, I took her by lips and continued a passionate kissing. Then once again I moved her petticoat up and pounded her mound for another 20 minutes. While fucking her I thought – you bitch you become wet and hard by your son and don’t allow him to fuck. Acting smart you bitch. My mind saying this I was enjoying and was fucking her more hard. All the time it was hard for me to restrain from coming but I could restrain hardly and we both came at a time. Her cunt was and hard. I saw my son masturbating looking at my wife. She also took a look at him. I thought it will take time for her.To be continued………

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