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A Feather’s Touch

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Sally took the call and walked out of earshot. As I felt comfortable with where we were, irrespective of the fact that we were obviously growing into a relationship, I still respected her privacy. She was inside where I could see her, but not hear her through the sliding door leading into the house from the entertainment area.She looked at me a few times smiling and once blew a kiss, though I could see she was in a somewhat serious conversation with whoever it was. I could see her slowly moving toward the door and it seemed the conversation was ending. The last she said before disconnecting was, “I will chat to Vernon and let you know.”She stepped outside, her eyes still on her phone, and said to no one in particular, “Hmmm, not a happy puppy.”I didn’t probe and waited for Sally to talk first. It was Gillian and apparently, she wasn’t happy with whatever Sally shared with her, but I gathered it might be about Sally and my budding relationship.She took her wine from me, “Thanks Babe. Gillian…,” she said and sighed. “She’s not too happy with us being together but she’s invited us over to her place in Blaauwberg tomorrow if you want to?”I’ve met Gillian once before albeit very briefly. At that point, I gathered they were in some kind of relationship. It was also during one of those brief and soon smothered times when I was feeling attracted to Sally.I was having a drink and dinner in the same Grill where she and Sally had dinner. Sally didn’t realise I was there at first, but I noticed them and eyed both surreptitiously. If you had ever seen two exquisitely beautiful women together, then this was one of those times. Gill was someone I would fuck in a heartbeat. She was the type I hunted, fucked, and discarded.There’s a saying, a beautiful woman is the worst fuck, but I brought the worst of sluts out of women like Gill. Though I trusted few I did have a FWB or two, but dalliances were not often enough to threaten a relationship. Women like Gillian were used for a night and then shooed out the door. I seldom or ever bedded them twice.Once Sally realized I was in the same establishment, she did not hesitate to introduce Gillian on their way out. From what I could remember from that night, Gillian was a little blonde bombshell with a lithe body and seemingly well-proportioned tits. Her blouse that night indicated enough to draw my eyes and she noticed my interest. From her smirk, it was clear she didn’t welcome my interest and to me, she was just a piece of meat to be ogled. But now, that same piece of meat has invited me and her former girlfriend to spend the day at her very opulent beach house. Awkward?As Sally had previously mentioned, Gillian’s divorce left her substantially bursa escort well off. Her house was on one of the most pristine beaches on the Cape West Coast. Not that the area where I had my humble abode was anything less than where Gillian stayed. Most properties on the South Coast were an older style and more established than the new pristine developments on the other side of the cityGillian had a small clothing and swimwear boutique in the area, and she did well enough for herself on top of her settlement. Though, her lifestyle wasn’t one of money but rather of affordable comfort. The Cape had its typical early summer heat which left the evenings very pleasant to be outside, so we had our dinner outside while the sun set. The meat, red wine, and Sally’s salad made for a perfect combination, and it was the ideal setting to just let our conversation flow and relax after the week.Sally sat to my left, close enough to have her feet on my knees within easy reach to aimlessly touch and caress her. She seemed to enjoy this, looking relaxed and unbothered by the heat outside.I was just in shorts and a light buttoned-down shirt while Sally wore a loose tee-shirt over loose white Bermudas. The area was paved around the pool and thus made shoes an unnecessary extra. According to the app on my phone, the pool was a luxurious thirty degrees, which might still feel cold on the skin when entering but comfortable once in the water.I got up and shed my shirt. “Feeling like a dip?” I asked Sally.“Isn’t the water cold?” she asked warily.“Just when entering but once you’re submerged, it’s actually quite pleasant.”She took a sip of wine before making a decision. “Let me just get my suit,” she said, getting up.“Why do you need your bathing suit?” I asked as I slipped my shorts and briefs over my buttocks.Sally giggled. “Okay, skinny it is then,” she said as she pulled her tee over her head. I was treated to her full bare breasts and felt my cock twitch in the evening air. I could not help but slip my hand around her waist and pull her into me.My half-hard cock laid flush against her upper leg, and she gasped at the warmth of my member against her skin. Her firm buttocks soon filled my hands, and she slipped her arms around my neck. “Why is it that I never see this extension to your body in a flaccid state?” She whispered in my ear.“Because when you’re this close to me it would never be in a flaccid state, Sweetheart. Now, come on let’s get in the pool and cool off a bit.”Sally wriggled out of my embrace, “Wait, we need to get wine. No use floating around the pool and not having anything to sip on.” She went inside and returned with a fresh bottle of wine, grabbed our glasses from the bursa escort bayan table, and after placing them close by, slipped into the warm water with me.As I filled our glasses, Sally embraced me from behind, her firm nipples drawing lines over the skin of my back. It was hard concentrating on getting the wine from the bottle to the glass when you have a beauty like Sally caressing you with her soft skin.I was seconds away from filling the second glass when she wrapped her small soft hand around my cock from behind me, her other hand, cupped my balls and I could feel the blood rushing through my organs.“Whoaaa, hold on a bit now,” I urged her. She bit me lightly on my shoulder before sliding against and around my body and accepting her wine.‘It’s so easy getting your dick hard. Power women have over men is simply amazing.” She giggled.Just suddenly, the air around us grew palpable and our eyes met.Sally gently laid her fingertips on my forearm and sighed deeply. “I’m so glad I have you,” she said with soft eyes. Without breaking eye contact, I reached out and placed my wine on the side of the pool.It was a very tender moment as my fingertips found the sides of her face and I leaned in to softly capture her lips. I heard glass on concrete a moment before Sally laid tender fingertips on my chest.Our kiss completed itself and as I opened my eyes and gazed at Sally’s features up close and personal, I noticed an errant tear slowly making its way down her cheek.The tips of my thumbs barely touched her skin as I gently swept the tear away. “What now Darling,” I enquired. “Why are you crying?”She sobbed, “I’m just a silly girl, it’s nothing.” She looked away but I turned her face back to mine.“Talk to me, please?”“It’s just… I’m so happy and so scared it may be too soon to feel this way Vernon, but…” Her voice trailed off again and she turned to look out into the distance, far beyond the recent sunset.“But what?” I asked her.“Vernon, I love you so much, have you any idea how much?”“Perhaps not but, no, it’s not too soon. We’ve had this conversation already. This, what we have now, is just a continuation of what we refused to admit, what we denied ourselves to have. I feel the same, and Darling, I love you just as much.” I retorted before claiming her lips as mine.Sally slid her arms around my neck and gave all she could to our kiss. My hands rested lightly on her slender hips and as our kiss deepened with growing desire my hands slipped around her waist and pulled her against me.Sally could feel me, hard and demanding against her groin and she uttered a long ‘hmmmmm’ against my lips as she felt me pressing against her. My hands cupped her buttocks firmly and pressed escort bursa her even harder against my stalk.I sensed her weight shifting and could feel her right leg searching against the back of my calve. The insistent rubbing of her mons against me as well as her leg action told me one thing and crouching slightly, I lifted her by her buttocks. The action kept my cock flush to her groin and as she was lifted higher, my cock grazed first her clit, before sliding between her labia. She was warm and slippery and as I pushed against her and she pleaded, “Enter me, please?” She sighed deeply as her legs wrapped around me.My cock found its own way home and Sally sobbed as my glans pushed against her inner lips, putting pressure on her velvet sides as it sought entry to her inner recesses. She snuggled deeper into my neck as my cock progressed into her.I was almost to the hilt before she leaned back and urged her groin against me to have me completely within her warm sheath. “AAARRGHHH,” She groaned as she accepted all of my hardness inside her. I could feel her cervix kissing my glans as if to say, ‘welcome’. Sally remained in a reclined position to have me as deep as possible for a few moments longer. During those moments her body was partially submerged and reflecting crystal clear in the warm water of the pool.I have always been amazed at the buoyancy of breasts in water. Sally once in passing shared she had difficulty getting a proper bra as with some brands she wore a 34C and with others a 34D. Nonetheless, I was awestruck as I observed her breasts bobbing and becoming rounder and seemingly fuller in the water.Supporting her back with my left arm, my right hand cupped the full orb and started manipulating her dark pink nipple.Sally gasped and her eyes snapped open. “You know what happens if you play with my tits?”“Yes, I do but, right now I can’t help myself nor care if you cum on my cock. Anyway, if you do cum on my cock now, it will be the first nipple orgasm you get with me all the way up inside you,” I whispered. I felt her clamp down on my cock. I wasn’t sure if it was the idea or my manipulation of her nipple but leaned forward and sucked the unoccupied nipple into my mouth.Sally sighed deeply as my mouth fully engulfed both nipple and soft skin. Her pussy contracted again, and it caused my cock to twitch inside her.Releasing her from my mouth, I pulled her up, trapping my hand on her breast between us as I held her tightly against me. I kissed her, slightly capturing her bottom lip between my teeth.“Tell me please?” I whispered against her lips.“Tell you what?” She breathed her hot breath against my mouth.“I had always been fascinated about what makes women better lovers to a woman, than men. How do I compare so far?” I smirked as I leaned back to face her. “What makes such a relationship tic? What makes it different? Perhaps you should tell me about your gay past while I continue down here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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