Mar 26

A fine f amily pt2

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A fine f amily pt2″Do you want a ride?” Steve asked, being polite.”Uh, sure!” Wendy was thrilled to spend time alone with him.Steve knew she had seen his cock, and he knew she had a silly little crush on him. Could he have some fun with this cute young girl? She got into his car and sat quietly next to him, trying not to stare at his thick man meat dangling out in the open.”Can I tell you a secret, Wendy?” Steve asked.Wendy’s heart was beating so hard, she was sure Mr. Fine could hear it thumping in her chest. “Ok, I’d like that.””Sometimes, I like to park here and jack off.”Wendy’s eyes widened and she felt her beating heart skip a beat. Did Mr. Fine really just say what she thought she heard him say?”That doesn’t make you uncomfortable, does it Wendy?” he asked.”No, no…not at all.” Wendy couldn’t keep herself from constantly glancing over at his large penis. She wanted to touch it so bad…”Actually, that’s what I was doing when you saw me.””Mrs. Fine is so lovely,” Wendy said, fidgeting in her seat as she felt her panties moistening underneath her short skirt. “It’s hard to believe you would need to do that.”Steve smiled. “Yes, Linda is my perfect woman. If you must know, that’s what got me so hard this morning. I was saying goodbye to her, and we kind of started up in the kitchen before the k**s interrupted us.””Oh, I see.” Wendy nodded, showing interest in his predicament. “Isn’t that painful for boys, when they can’t relieve themselves?””Yes, it can be Wendy.””Mr. Fine, I’m sorry I interrupted you. Do you want me to leave so you can…finish?””Actually Wendy, since I probably am going to be late to work now, could you help me out? I’d finish a lot faster if you did.”Wendy nodded enthusiastically. Could her fantasy be coming true? “Yes, Mr. Fine!””Great!” Steve relaxed and thrust his hips up a bit, making his hard dick bounce. “Have you ever seen or touched a penis before, Wendy?”Wendy turned red and looked away, embarrassed. “No, I’ve never touched one. And I’ve only seen them when they’re…soft. Not like yours right now.”Steve gently touched her arm and guided her hand down to his lap. “That’s really sexy, Wendy. I’d love to be the first penis you touch.”Wendy looked into Steve’s eyes, the way a young girl would look at the man she secretly desired with all her heart. “Thank you, Mr. Fine.”Steve groaned as her fingers wrapped around his cock, and she gently squeezed. He had to fight the urge to cum, since he was already so turned on. But he had to last long enough to make Wendy’s first handjob a pleasant experience. He could ruin it for all of the boys she would jack off if he came too soon and didn’t allow her to enjoy herself.”Am I doing it right, Mr. Fine?” Wendy asked in a really sexy, innocent voice.”Yes, Wendy. It feels great! Do you know what happens when a man cums?””His sperm shoots out, right?” she asked, not missing a beat with her jacking motion.Steve nodded, gritting his teeth. “If we were at home and in bed, you could just let it fly and then clean it up. But since I’m weaing my nice clothes and we’re in a car, we don’t want to make a mess.””Ok, so what should I do?”Steve was dangerously close to cumming already, and had to practically choke the words out while he felt his balls tighten.”If a woman likes a man enough, she’ll usually catch the sperm in her mouth.””Really?” Wendy said startled, as if she had never imagined that before.”That’s right. Most women love the taste, and it’s perfectly healthy for you to swallow it too if you want.””Ok, I’ll try. Are you going to cum soon, Mr. Fine?”Steve threw his head back and let out a groan, her innocence driving him crazy even though her handjob was truthfully very inexperienced. Wendy caught on that he was probably ready to cum, so she bent down to his lap and closed her cute little mouth around the head of his penis to keep the sperm inside her cheeks. Steve grunted and let the cum burst free from his aching balls. He put his hand on her head, making her moan with delight, while he began firing off into her mouth. Wendy instinctively reached for his balls and gently caressed them while he came. When he had finished, Wendy swirled the cum around with her tongue before removing her mouth from his throbbing dick, and decided to swallow it since she knew that türbanlı bitlis escort was what he would like. After being able to taste it extensively, Wendy brought her head up and squeezed his penis gently while smiling brightly.”That was awesome, Mr. Fine!” she exclaimed. “Thanks!””Thank you, Wendy,” Steve sighed contentedly. “You’re a good girl, you know that?”She kissed him on the cheek. “Does Mrs. Fine do that for you very often?””Oh yes, a lot actually. She loves doing it, and I do it to her too.”Wendy was listening intently. “You mean, you put your mouth on her…vagina?”Steve nodded and licked his lips just thinking about it. “I really enjoy doing that, Wendy. And she tells me that it feels heavenly for her.”Wendy could feel her panties soaking through to the car seat. “Really…”Steve looked at his watch. “What time do you have to be in class?””I have about twenty minutes now. Why?””If you want, I could show you what I do to Mrs. Fine. It only takes as long as you want it to.”Wendy blushed. “You really want to do that to me?”Steve leaned closer to her and touched her cheek gently. “I would love to, Wendy. Have you ever had an orgasm before?””I don’t think so.” Wendy’s pussy was going crazy, as she was living out her wildest fantasy about her secret crush right here in his car!”I’m sure it would feel very nice for you. But I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do.”Wendy’s hand was still on Steve’s cock, which was spent but still inflated. “I would really like it if you did that to me.”Steve smiled, knowing his wife Linda would go absolutely crazy when he told her about this. They had toyed with the idea of a threesome, specifically with another woman, since Linda had a lesbian experience as a young girl and had always wanted to try it again. He kicked himself for not having thought of this before!”Lean back against the window,” Steve instructed, while he reached below her skirt to remove her panties.Wendy’s heart was beating fast again, and she felt like she might pass out. Was this really happening?Steve took a moment to inhale the scent of her panties, but was much too distracted by the real thing in front of him. Her cute little cunt was nearly bare, except for a small tuft just above her clit.”Do you shave your pussy, Wendy?” Steve asked.Wendy was embarrassed, now that he was looking at her private parts. “…Yes.””It looks great!” Steve pulled her legs all the way apart and lightly touched her clit with his thumb.Wendy jumped, but didn’t resist. She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes tightly, holding her breath while this handsome man touched her vagina.”Are you ok?” Steve asked, a bit concerned at first.”I’m fine,” she whispered.Steve realized she was just incredibly aroused, since this was her first time. He wasn’t going to penetrate her, even with his fingers. He just wanted her to have a wonderful first sexual experience.”Do you masturbate often?” he asked.Wendy hesitated, but for some reason Steve’s thumb softly circling her clit not only made her shiver in excitement, it made her want to tell him anything.”Yes. Every day.””That’s a good girl,” Steve smiled. “It’s very healthy for a young woman to enjoy herself. Are you going to think about me the next time you do it?”Wendy nodded firmly, but still didn’t open her eyes.Steve was very proud of himself, but he knew that every second that passed was a chance they could be caught. So he leaned his head down and went right to business.Wendy gasped sharply as she felt his wet tongue touch the opening of her vagina and split her lips open as it dragged its way up her pussy to her clit, where it pressed harder for just a second. She never imagined that anything could feel this good. She was sure she was soaking the seat already, and she was only getting wetter.”That feels so good, Mr. Fine!” Wendy breathed.”Thank you for letting me do this, Wendy,” Steve said. “You taste incredible. I would love to do this for you any time you want. All you have to do is ask, ok?”The thought of repeating this wild escapade was too much for Wendy to bear. Her legs began to quiver and she let out a deep moan that she couldn’t control. Steve saw that she was cumming already, and he latched his lips onto her clit and türbanlı bitlis escort bayan sucked while his tongue lashed at her little nub over and over. Wendy practically leapt off her seat when he did that, and she instinctively grabbed onto his head and held him against her mound as her climax overtook her body completely. The more he sucked on her clit, the more her pussy tingled as the waves just kept coming.Finally she couldn’t breathe and she had to let go of his head, releasing him from her pussy. Steve gave her one last lick with his tongue, and savored her taste while she calmed down.”Oh my god, Mr. Fine!” she panted. “That was amazing!”Steve sat up and kissed her neck, making her shiver again. “It was great for me too. Thanks again, sweetheart!”Wendy’s eyes met his, and suddenly she was kissing him on the lips. She found the taste of her pussy on him intoxicating as her tongue swirled around his. They made out for a good minute, but as Steve’s hand found its way to her pert little breasts, she suddenly realized how late she would be.”I’m so sorry, Mr. Fine, but I have to go.”Steve just smiled. “No problem, I hope you enjoyed yourself.”Wendy struggled to get her panties back on, and as she was about to open her door, she looked down to see Steve’s penis completely erect again, with a drop of semen at the tip. She bravely leaned over and took him into her mouth quickly, to taste him and also give him a small thank you. Steve groaned and held her head in his lap for a wonderful moment, and then she withdrew.”You’re such a treat,” Steve said. “Will you come over to our house again real soon?”Wendy beamed. “Sure! Thanks Mr. Fine!”She waved as she hurried away. Steve didn’t care that he was now late for work. He had to sit in his car for a good five minutes to calm down after all that excitement.Now that her house was empty again, except for Kevin who had disappeared into his room, Linda could finally shower and get ready for the day. Truthfully, she was looking forward to getting off with her showerhead more than getting clean. She stripped off her robe and started the hot water in the shower. It was her usual routine to masturbate every time she took a shower, ever since her husband had installed a delightful adjustable massage sprayer. It worked wonders on her pussy, when she wasn’t in the mood to use her fingers.Thinking about her son while she wet her body down, Linda wondered if she was doing the right thing. She knew what people would say if they knew how she had acted towards him, but she also knew how frustrating, according to her husband, it was for young men to be so horny when they had such attractive female family members. Linda herself could recall times with her own family where she had felt attracted to her brothers and even her father, and didn’t know what to do to make the feeling go away. She didn’t want her son to have to go through that, and she could keep the situation under control if it started to get bizarre.After she felt sufficiently clean, Linda removed the shower nozzle and spread her legs. She enjoyed looking down past her flat stomach, which she was very proud of, and seeing the small bit of hair she had above her cunt. She used the fingers of her free hand to spread her pussy apart, and directed the water jet onto her clit. Immediately the rush of hot water felt wonderful against her genitals. She could always tell by how horny she was how many orgasms she would be able to have this way. Today felt like three at least.Unbeknownst to her, Kevin had never recovered from their encounter just moments ago, and had waited in his room until everyone else left before coming to see his mom. He had to talk to her and see what exactly she was offering to do for him.When he entered his parents’ bedroom and heard the shower running, his already hard cock jumped. Here was a good opportunity to see if his mother would really let him stare at her naked while he masturbated. It would be so exciting to jack off in front of her, with her watching him. He tip-toed into the bathroom to see if she was in the shower.Kevin’s mouth dropped when he could see through the glass shower door that his mother was indeed in the shower. The body part she appeared to türbanlı escort bitlis be cleaning was spread open, clearly exposed to his view.”Mom?” he gasped.Linda was surprised as she looked up to see her son standing there. She felt a moment of embarrassment, but it was soon gone when she saw that her son was still naked from his shower earlier, and his cock was standing straight up. She didn’t even bother to stop what she was doing with the shower head.”Yes, Kevin?” she asked calmly.”Uh, I don’t mean to interrupt you…” He stumbled for words. “I just wanted to…talk. About earlier.”Linda was a bit fuzzy already from how her pussy was feeling from the water spray, and she didn’t want to stop just yet.”Can it wait just a bit, honey? I’m kind of in the middle of something.””Ok…” Kevin was frozen in place, except for his twitching cock.Linda smiled to herself. “Why don’t you sit there on the toilet and wait until I’m done, ok?”Kevin did as he was told. He sat on the toilet facing his mother, who was a mere two or three feet away, and watched her clearly getting off with the shower head. It was really arousing to see, especially since he had never thought of his mother masturbating before. He just figured his dad kept her well fucked, which he could sometimes hear from his room. Maybe his mom was just that much of a minx!”Are you aroused again, sweetie?” Linda asked, her voice a bit husky now as her climax started to build. Having her son watch her do this was so naughty!”Yeah, I guess so.” Kevin grabbed onto his dick and squeezed.Linda moaned loudly, not holding back while her pussy ached and throbbed until it finally exploded in pleasure. She literally humped at the shower nozzle, digging her clit into the stream of jetted water. It felt so good, just like it usually did every morning.”Wow, mom!” Kevin commented. “That looked awesome!”Linda panted as the water started to work more magic on her swollen cunt. “It felt awesome. Did you enjoy watching that?””Oh yeah!” He was absently stroking himself now.”Well, I promised you could look at me any time you wanted. I do this every morning, just so you know.”The thought of his mom getting off in the shower was so fucking sexy, Kevin couldn’t hold back anymore. He started stroking his massive boner with enthusiasm.”Do you have any juice left, baby?” Linda asked, seeing what her son was doing. “This will be your third time already.”Kevin’s hand was a blur over his thick meat. “You’re just so sexy.”Linda blushed, and the thought of her son getting off on her made her pussy throb again. After a few seconds, she burst into another climax, and started moaning and really getting into it for her son’s benefit. She loved showing herself off like this, even if it was a little perverted.”Oh mom,” Kevin grunted. “You’re gonna make me cum!”Linda was still in a haze from her wonderful orgasm, but she didn’t want him to make a mess of the floor.”Come here, Kevin. Quickly!”Kevin obeyed, trying to keep himself from exploding. When his mother opened the shower door and got down on her knees, presenting her glorious tits to him, he had only seconds before a violent eruption.”I don’t want to have to clean up your mess, so just cum in here,” she instructed, meaning she wanted him to cum in the shower, but of course she knew where he would end up spewing.With her kneeling right in front of him, there was no where else to cum except on her. And the look she gave him as water dripped off her tits finally broke his willpower. Kevin threw his head back and shouted as his cum rose up in him. In huge bursts, his cock spurted all over the place, and all over Linda. She closed her eyes and her mouth opened slightly as she felt the blissful euphoria of being covered in cum. Her son ejaculated thick and heavy globs onto her breasts and neck, and a little bit on her cheek. Kevin was almost whimpering as he stroked himself off onto his own mother.”Good boy,” she cooed, looking down to see his cum decorating her big boobs. She touched and tasted it, feeling how thick it was.”Oh god,” Kevin said, squeezing out the last of his cum and shaking it off over her nipples. “Mom, you are so fucking amazing!”Normally, she would have scolded him for such language, but somehow that didn’t seem appropriate to do right now. She took the shower nozzle and sprayed herself off, cleaning his cum from her body.”Did that feel good, Kevin?” she asked in a very motherly tone.He just smiled and continued to stare at her spectacular naked body.”I’ll take that as a yes,” Linda said, sucking her finger while her son stared at her. “Now let me finish showering. I still want to cum some more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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