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A Forbidden Love Story Part I

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A Forbidden Love Story Part IShe waited at the bar for him.  A man next to her began to chat.  “Hi lady.  How are ya?””Fine.”  She replied curtly.  “My name is Bill.””Okay.”Bill’s expression changed as he took a sip of his drink.  “Never seen you in here before.””Yep.”Bill got the message.  He turned to the bar tender holding up his glass.  He had thought about buying the lady a drink but now changed his mind.  Sally looked very sexy in her thigh high skirt and black panty hose.  Her shapely legs were very sexy.  Her white silk blouse was pressed against her nippily tits.  Braless her nipples gave away her free jiggling orbs.  Every move brought excitement for those who could see them jiggle underneath the fabric.  When she walked it was amazing!  Her blouse was somewhat sheer and if the light was right one could see her dark circles underneath.   She waited for her son who was to meet her there.  He was coming in from out of town to visit before moving in with her the following week.  She waiting anticipating their evening together and a few days of catching up.  She began to wonder if he didn’t get lost.  But then she looked out and saw his truck pulling into the parking lot.  She threw a ten on the bar and got up.  She marched out, tits bouncing, and met him in the parking lot just as he got out of his truck.  “Oh honey I missed you so much.””Hi mom.”They embraced and before he knew it she kissed him full on the mouth.  It was a wet romantic kiss that told him she wanted him badly-now!  “I missed you so much mom.””Let’s get out of here Tommy.  My car is over there so follow me back to the house.””Okay.”Once inside the house Sally made herself a drink and gave Tommy a beer.  She kicked off her heels.  Tommy had sat down on the couch.  Sally came to him and sat right down in his lap.  They began to kiss once more.  Once they came apart she whispered.  “Take me to bed and fuck me like you want to.  I want you so badly.”  Tommy kissed her deeply and moaned.  “You feel so good mom.  Let’s go.” Sally began to unbutton her blouse.  “Let me do that.  It’s been so long.  I want to unwrap your beautiful sexy body and savor you sweet flesh.  I want to taste you again.”Her perfume was familiar to him.  It reminded him of what they did in the past.  All those reckless encounters.  She had taught him everything about taboo se, naughty sex.  Once he had her unbuttoned he pulled the shirt tale from her skirt.  His hands cupped her ample breasts and he began to suckle them.  Then he moved down to her zipper.  The skirt was easy.  Once unzipped it fell to the güvenilir bahis floor.  Her black triangle nestled under her sheer panty hose.  His hand rubbed the fabric covering her hairy muff.  He found her clit and pressed it while rubbing.  “MMMMMM.”  “God you look so good mom.  Just like before.”  Tommy knelt down in front of her.  He planted his face into her crotch and began licking her pussy through the panty hose.  He took in the odor of her womanly scent that drove him crazy with lust for her nether treasure.  He was always powerless when he saw it.  She used her body well and controlled his heart with it.  But she was in love with him as much as he was her.  Slowly Tommy peeled her hose down exposing her black muff.  Again he buried his face into her muff.  His tongue found her flesh and he flicked her clitoris with his tongue.  Then a finger slid in.  She was practically ready to come right then.  “Come on baby.  Get undressed and take me.”Tommy stood up.  Sally undid his belt.  Then Tommy took over and unzipped.  In no time he stood naked.  Sally knelt down holding his big cock.  Tommy was very well endowed at eight inches.  Much larger that his father.  Sally took it into her mouth and innocently looked up into his eyes as his cock slid deep down her throat.  “Oh mommy!”When she came off Tommy laid on his back in the bed.  Sally climbed on top and in the sixty nine position they began pleasuring each other.  Tommy loved how her pussy tasted.  Her scent mixed with her perfume brought back memories of their first encounters back home.  How she had seduced him just after puberty.  She had changed him and brought him into manhood in her own perverted way.  Tommy was now a full grown man at twenty four.   Sally was forty two and still a fine looking woman who could turn heads.  Tommy had gone off to join the service and was now home after four years.  His training as an air traffic controller had brought him full circle back to her as planned.  He had always taken his leave to go see her.  She often took vacation to visit him at the base.  Now nothing could get in the way of them being together, living together, and loving each other as they chose.  Tommy’s tongue did it’s magic.  He licked her slit from her clit to her sphincter.  He would circle her hole and drive her crazy.  It was one of her hot spots that she loved being probed by his talented tongue.  He loved how cute her tight little hole looked.  She was always very clean.  But her pussy put out such a strong scent.  It could fill the air in the room with the aroma of sex.  türkçe bahis She sat up grinding her ass into him while holding his throbbing phallus.  His tongue hit her clit and he sucked the fleshy nub into his mouth and began flicking it with his tongue sending shivers of excitement through her.  “Oh God!  You’re gonna make it shoot!”  Tommy’s tongue teased then pleased.  She let out a primal scream as she squirted intensely soaking his face with pussy juice.  She quickly turned the other way holding his cock up and lowering her dripping cunt down onto him.  “Oh God!  It’s so good!”  Sally leaned forward.  Her large breasts dangling onto his face.  He loved her big tits and how they bounced.  Even when she walked her tits bounced and jiggled.  She went deliberately slow grinding into him occasionally gyrating.  Her sexy wide hips worked magic for him.  His cock throbbed deep inside her ready to blast a huge load whenever she wanted it.  But she liked to savor the moment.  He was breathing hard.  Her eyes watched his face.  She smiled.  He whispered, “I love you Sally.””I love you too honey.””It’s so good to be with you again.  I’ll never leave you again.”They kissed breathlessly.   Once they broke off she began to buck on him.  Back and forth slow and steady for a bit.  He would get used to the pace then she would turn it up a notch.  Again he would manage to keep it going.  But she kept going faster and faster driving him to his destination.  They both moaned and gasped as they fucked.  Her tits were flailing about.  So damned sexy.  She was so voluptuous.  So beautiful in full glory fucking her man and enjoying his stiff cock.  “Come baby.  Shoot it up inside my pussy.  Fuck me!”  She was in full throttle as the young man hollered out not being able to hold back any longer.  He couldn’t help but fill her pussy now.  “Oh God!  Mommy!  I ‘m coming!”Sally loved it when he called her mommy in the throws of passion.  It eased her guilt and turned the taboo nature of it all into motherly love in her mind.  Tommy lusted for her.  Once he finished they kissed yet again. “Wow!  Was it ever this good?””Oh yea.  The first time you came in my pussy it was so hot.  Remember how I squirted then.””We have so many memories.  I’m so glad we can keep making them.””We’re not done yet.  It’s only six.  Let’s go have dinner and we can pick this up again later.””That sounds like a great idea.”     After dinner they fucked for two more hours.  Then they fell asleep.  The next day they were to find his new place of employment at the airport.  He was to meet his new güvenilir bahis siteleri boss at nine sharp.  “Mr. Nelson I’m  Tommy Alexander.””Hello there young man.  I’m Freddie.  Follow me and we’ll get you started on paper work.  “This is Julie our administrator.  “Hi Julie.””Hello.”  Julie was smoking hot!  She sported a helluva cleavage.  Her body was ample but well proportioned.  Her smile let Tommy know she liked what she saw.  His smile said, ‘I want to fuck you.’  As he filled out the dozen forms he sat across from the voluptuous woman sometimes watching her as she got up to make copies.  Her legs looked so sexy.  Her dress covered her big bottom but his imagination could fill in the blanks.  Those tits were amazing!  After all the paperwork Tommy stood up.  As he handed her the papers Freddie appeared.  “All finished?””Yes sir.”He looked up into Tommy’s eyes with an odd expression.  “You called me ‘sir’.”Yes sir.””See that Julie?  A man straight out of the service knows how to speak to his boss.  You’re going to be fine here Tommy.  Lets go talk in my office.”The two discussed Tommy’s qualifications and schedule.  Freddie made it clear that Tommy was the low man on the totem pole and would likely work a lot of nights to start.  As time passed he would earn merit points and seniority.  But that took time.  The two shook hands and Tommy had one week before starting the new job.  Freddie made it clear that if something went wrong with Tommy’s move to call him for arrangements for more time.  After the weekend with Sally Tommy headed back to base three hours away.  Every night he called Sally and they talked about the logistics.  She was going to drive there in a few days and help him move his things.  Once she got there he introduced her as his girlfriend Sally.  His friends thought he was stud for having a hot older woman to date.  She was allowed to stay in his room and that night they made a lot of noise for the boys to hear.  He fucked her good as some listened outside his door.  The next day was moving day.  He took Sally to the mess hall where they had breakfast.  The U-Hall was already loaded and hitched to his truck.  They hit the road.It was raining hard back home.  They had to wait to unpack.  In the interim they made love.  The sound of the rain and her warm wet pussy felt so good to Tommy.  “I could stay like this forever baby.””Then do it.  Fuck me forever.””I wish I could marry you mommy.””Oh honey that’s sweetest thing you have ever said to me.”They locked together in a passionate kiss.  So wet and so desperate.  The passion flowed electrically between them.  Tommy waited for the rain to stop before filling her silky cunt with his come.  Then they dressed and began to unload his things together.  It would be the beginning of a new life for them both.       

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