Nis 14

A Friend In Need Ch. 1

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Renee had always gotten me incredibly horny. She was definitely a sensuous and sensual woman! She just had to look at me and I got a hard on. The first time was when she was working a bar out on Long Island. I came in one night just about closing time and she was working, she spotted me and looked over and grinned, I almost came then, I went up to the bar and she leaned over and gave me a kiss, and what a kiss, tongue and all. I was ruined for the rest of the night, I knew I had to have her that night. After she had closed up, she said, “Do you want a ride home now, or would you rather go someplace?”

I said, “I’m not really ready to go home yet” She kind of laughed and said, “How about my place then” She was living on the island then. I said I would love to go to her house! We got there and went inside, as soon as she closed the door, she turned to me and said, “I have been waiting for this for a long time, I want to show you what a real fuck is!”

We started kissing and I started caressing her huge tits! She said to me, “Come on to my room, I want you now!” As we went into the back bedroom, she was leaning against me, and I knew she was as hungry for me as I was for her. Before we had got into the room she had her arms around my neck and her sweet red mouth was devouring mine, her tongue probing. I could feel the warmth of her body as she pressed her firm breasts against me. Grinding her hips on my swelling bulge. My balls ached and my prick was bursting out of my pants as she got down on her knees in front of me and unzipping my pants said, ” I want your cock in my mouth, I want to suck your dick and lick your balls, then I want you to shoot your hot come down my throat, soaking my tonsils”. My dick jumped out at her the swollen head bouncing against her drooling lips. She looked up at me and with a wicked look in her eyes opened her mouth and almost swallowed me whole. This was all my wet dreams come true and I almost shot my bolt there and then as one little spurt escaped, she moaned softly as my come mingled with the saliva foaming around the corners of her cocksucking mouth.

She took my prick between her lips and started working it over. “Suck it you cock loving bitch” Her mouth was around my knob and her tongue was working on my prick hole. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock and started deep throating me. I was out of my mind, I said to her, “Oh Jesus, Renee, that feels so good, don’t stop!” The way she was sucking I had no doubt that she was really enjoying it! She was really giving me great head and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out, “OH FUCK, LOVER, SUCK MY DICK SWEETHEART, YOUR HOT MOUTH FEELS SO GOOD WRAPPED AROUND MY PRICK!”

Renee deep throated me, taking all of my cock down her throat, all the way to the base, I was going out of my mind, “OH GOD, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT! OH YES… OH CHRIST…!” I had a hold of her head, fucking her mouth and going nuts, “OH RENEE SUCK MY COCK, OH YES SUCK IT YOU SLUT, SUCK IT!” She was sucking like crazy and jerking the shaft, finally I let out a yell and jammed my prick as far as I could into ataşehir escort her mouth yelling, ” I CANT HOLD OUT I’M GOING TO BLOW MY LOAD DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT!” it was more than I could take, and I really started fucking her mouth and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was soaking her tonsils with my hot come! ” OH GOD SWEETHEART I’M COMING! YES… YES… YES… OH FUCK! SWALLOW MY COME LOVER, SWALLOW IT ALL! OH… YES… YES!!”

I kept coming and coming and she tried to swallow all she could. We collapsed on the bed, and started making out, I started kissing her tits, playing with her pussy at the same time. I wanted to bury my face in her gorgeous tits! Her nipples were hard as a rock and as big as my thumb, Renee has one of the loveliest sets of tits I have ever seen, perfectly shaped and exceedingly suckable! I kept sucking on her nipples, then worked my way down to her pussy, I looked up at her and said, “now I want to show you how good it can feel, I want to lick on your luscious pussy and drive you crazy!” I pulled her panties down over her ass then all the way off.

Then, I started kissing around her pussy, I could tell from the way she reacted that no one had ever eaten her twat before, I licked all around her lips, then spread them and started licking the inside of her slit, she kept moaning, “EAT ME BABY! OH YES EAT MY PUSSY, OH… OH… OH… FUCK!” She was starting to get quite damp, and was squirming around, “MMMMMM EAT IT, OH SUCK ON MY TWAT, OH YES BABY, SUCK ON IT!” I spread her cunt lips and started sucking like crazy on her pussy, she was going nuts and bouncing up and down off the bed, “OH GOD, GARY YOUR TONGUE FEELS GREAT, OH YES, LICK MY PUSSY, YESS, EAT ME, OH SHIT, YES, EAT ME SWEETHEART! YESSS GARY, LICK ON MY CLIT, OH GOD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, SUCK ON IT, OH YEAH, OH GOD, MMMMMMM, OH SHIT YES… YES, OH GOD YESSSSSS, EAT ME BABY!” I alternately flicked my tongue inside her twat and then licked her clit.

I was sucking and licking her clit. I had her cunt lips spread and was eating her for all I was worth, “Eat me Gary, eat my cunt, oh yes suck on my twat! Oh fuck, that feels so good, your tongue feels so good on my clit, Yes… Lick my clit!” she was like a wild woman, shrieking and yelling. I rammed my tongue up her cunt like a prick, she loved it. I could feel and taste her love juice all over my face. My face was soaking from her pussy juice and she was coming so hard she was almost crying, “Oh god, eat my cunt hole lover, oh yes… Yes… Yes!!” she was grinding her pussy so hard into my face I was almost suffocating.

The more she came the more I kept sucking on her twat. I kept licking and sucking. “MMMMMM, YESSSS, FUCK OH SHIT, YESSSSS, OOOOOH, UNGHHHH, ARGHHHHH, YESSS!!!” I kept kissing her bush, flicking my tongue across her labia, driving her nuts. She was bouncing up off the bed, I couldn’t believe how hard she was orgasming, “EAT MEEE, lick on my clit, oh fuck, yes… Yes… Ooooh!” I kept licking and licking and she was moaning thrashing her head from side to side, “Fucking hell, shitttttt! Eat my cunt, oh kadıköy escort yes suck on my twat!” I loved eating her pussy it tasted so good! And she really loved it. I spread her twat lips as far apart as I could so I could really get at that delicious pussy, sucking on her twat hole and flicking my tongue across her clit, driving her wild.


My face was soaking from her pussy juice and she was coming so hard she was almost crying. She was grinding her pussy so hard into my face I was almost suffocating, “God yes, sweetheart you are the best, suck on my twat, oh Jesus, your tongue…!” I had my tongue shoved up her cunt and was fucking her with my tongue. I spread her cunt lips and sucked on her fat clit. As I worked my tongue around she was really worked up, and moaning quite loudly, “OH SHIT YES… ANNNNNGH… I’M COMING AGAIN YES… YES… OH FUCK!” She was going wild, “OH… OH… MMMMMM!! YES! ARGHHHH… NGHHHHH… FUCKING A! OH SWEET JESUS, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, YESSSSS, THAT’S IT, YESSSSSS!!!” She was really coming now, practically gushing pussy juice, moaning and screaming. She finally collapsed on her back and just lay there holding my head against her twat, as I gently kissed around her engorged clitoris, as she sighed and said, “Fuck me now, I want your hard prick in me now!”

She didn’t have to ask me twice, I had wanted to fuck her for years, so I crawled up between her legs and slid my prick in her soaking wet twat. I started to fuck her slowly but she was having no part of it, she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my ass and started urging me on, ” FASTER GARY, FASTER, FUCK ME!” I was pumping and pumping, in and out of her soaking cunt, “FUCK ME, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR BIG BONER, PUMP ME BABY, PUMP ME!” We were really getting into it by now, sweat was pouring off of us, “FASTER, SWEETHEART, FASTER, OH GOD, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER, MAKE ME COME BABY, I’M ALMOST THERE, THAT’S IT, FASTER, RIDE ME ROUGH LOVER!”

I kept pumping and pumping and she was bouncing for all she was worth, all the time moaning and yelling loud enough to wake the dead, “OH YES, YOUR COCK FEELS WONDERFUL, OH CHRIST, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, KEEP FUCKING ME, OH… OH… JESUS… MMMMMMM… OH… OOOOOHHHH GODDDD, OH” I felt great fucking her cunt, and she was really getting into it, “FASTER YOU BASTARD FASTER, I WANT YOUR HOT COME IN ME NOW, YES… I’M ALMOST THERE… OH GOD, YOUR DICK FEELS FUCKING WONDERFUL! OOOOHH!” I was stroking harder and harder, ” FASTER, FASTER, OH YESSS, FUCK ME! FUCK ME, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR BIG BONER, PUMP ME BABY, PUMP ME! FASTER, bostancı escort bayan SWEETHEART, FASTER, OH GOD, THAT’S IT, FASTER, RIDE ME ROUGH LOVER!” my cock was sliding in and out and let me tell you she was getting a good ride, “OH YES… I’M COMING… YES! OH YES… YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY CUNT! YES… YES… RIDE ME BABY, RIDE YOUR SWEET LOVER, YES… FUCK ME… FUCK ME… OH JESUS… OHHHHHHHH! MMMMMMMMM… MMMMMMMMM…!!” my dick was plunging in faster and faster as she started coming, “OH YES, YOUR COCK FEELS WONDERFUL, OH CHRIST, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, KEEP FUCKING ME, OH… OH… JESUS… OOOOOHHHH GODDDD, OH” I didn’t know how long I could continue without coming, she was insatiable, “Oh fuck me, fuck me, give me all of your big boner, pump me baby, pump me!”

I kept pumping my cock into her pussy, “YES… YES… OH GOD… HARDER LOVER! OH DEEPER, DEEPER, YESSSSSS… WORK IT SWEETHEART, WORK IT! OOOOHHH! YESSSS… THAT’S IT HONEY… GOD YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME… ALMOST… YESSSS!” I kept fucking her harder and harder and I could tell she was about to come again, when she screamed out “OH FUCK YES, I’M COMING NOW!!! OH YES… YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY CUNT! YESSSSS… YESSSSS… ARGHHHHHH… UNGHHHHH… GODDDDD!!!!!” I was pumping and pumping, in and out, “YES… YES… YES… I WISH THIS COULD LAST FOREVER, I LOVE FUCKING YOU, YOUR THICK PRICK FITS MY CUNT SO NICE!” I was busy ramming my cock in and out of her twat! “FUCK ME SWEETHEART, FUCK ME. YES… YES… HARDER LOVER, HARDER!” I could feel her cunt contracting with orgasm after orgasm, and I kept stroking, building to a massive climax for both of us “STROKE THAT COCK OF YOURS IN ME OH YESSS!”

I was almost out of control as she yelled “OOOOHH… OOOH… YES… YES… FUCK ME, I’M ALMOST THERE, I’M COMING, BABY! YESSSSS… MMMMMMM… YESSSS!!” I knew it wouldn’t be long I could feel my self starting to come, “YES… YES… YES… MMMM… YES I’M COMING… YESSSS! OH SHIT YES… SHOOT IT… SPLATTER YOUR HOT SPUNK IN MY PUSSY…!” The come started blasting out of my cock, and I could feel my balls spasm with ejaculation, “OH FUCKING HELL… GOD… YESSSSSSS!” I was spurting and spurting, I must have come gallons, she kept screaming, “SHOOT IT, COME ON YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD SHOOT YOU FUCKING LOAD, SPUNK ME YOU BASTARD, YESSS… OH YESS… YESSSSS… ARGHHHHHH… UNGHHHHH… GODDDDD!!!!!”

I finished shooting my load into her lovely pussy. I came so much that I thought my insides were coming out through my dick. I lay there for a while then she said, “one more thing before you have to go home” and then she leaned over and took my prick between her lips and started working on my Johnson, sucking to beat the band, squeezing my nuts and stroking the shaft, I rolled her over and started fucking her mouth with my prick, pumping faster and faster pushed her backwards on the bed and sat up and straddling her chest and she squeezed her tits around my cock and I started pumping back and forth, it didn’t take long before I was ready to come started stroking to beat the band, this had always been one of my favorite fantasies, fucking Renee’s lovely titties, I was in heaven, finally I lost all control, I thought I was going to pass out with ecstasy, I started shooting gobs and gobs of come all over her beautiful tits! A fitting end to a wonderful night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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