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A Good Cure For Boredom…Part2

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A Good Cure For Boredom…Part2A Good Cure For Boredom… Part 2 The next few day’s were a blur for Jill, she’d finally got well and truly fucked and loved every second of it, she’d cheated on her boring Husband and loved the feeling of being such a slut,and even better there was more planned for next week, Tom, the man who’d fucked her wanted her again and planned to let his bi curious girlfriend loose on her willing body, God she could hardly wait for another round of cock…and everything else next time.She was watching more lesbian based porn, she wanted to know what to do and hopefully have done to her, yes, she would enjoy some of this, she’d often imagined going with another woman and now it was going to become a reality and it opened up a whole new path for her to explore., The genie was well and truly out of the bottle and it wasn’t about to be allowed back in anytime soon, far from it, in her mind she’d gone through a list of her friends looking for one who might enjoy an afternoon of fun with her.She decided that out of all her friends and acquaintances one was almost perfect, Lynn, she ran a clothes shop that she used whenever she needed any new clothes, not that she ever needed that many new clothes, well, until now, she’d decided to get some new clothes, slutty clothes and was going to call in anyway.She’d always thought that Lynn might prefer the girls to the boys,her short, tomboyish haircut and to Jills knowledge she had no man in her life, that and the way she looked at her whenever she went to the shop, it always felt like she was undressing Jill in her mind, well she’d get the chance to do it for real later today, Lynn closed early today and Jill would linger so she’d closed the shop while she pretended to to decide what she might want to buy, maybe getting her to help with a zipper so she got nice and close, then it would be up to her if she wanted to take things further, Jill would make it obvious she was available and more than up for some girly fun. In the back of the shop would do her just fine, she was wet and needed to cum without having to bring herself off with her fingers, no today it would be Lynn’s tongue that would do it for her she hoped. She dressed as slutty as she could manage, no knickers, no bra so she was really available, black boots, shortish skirt and a white blouse that showed off her freely hanging big tits, nipples already hard and poking out provocatively, a dab of perfume and some bright red lipstick and she was ready.She timed it just right, 10 minutes before Lynn would normally be shutting her shop she pushed the door open.Lynn glanced over, then looked again, Jill looked different and she’d already begun to mentally undress her as normal, she could feel her eyes on her ass as she browsed the racks, she even gave her a good look up her skirt by dropping a dress, bending at the waist to pick it up she lingered just long enough for Lynn to get a nice long look, she wasn’t sure if she could see all the way up but felt sure it would be enough to get her juices flowing, just as her’s were, she was conscious of the wetness between her own legs, her hole was aching for use again. She wasted a few minutes looking through the dresses and skirts, holding up a sheer black dress that would hide nothing, she asked to try it on, and headed to the dressing rooms.Quickly stripping naked and slipping the dress on, she undone the zip at the back, so it was low enough for Lynn to see she was nude underneath.“Lynn, can you come help me zip up, I can’t seem to get it to do up”She was stood with her back to the curtain so she would get a good look.The curtain was pulled back and heard Lynn catch her breath as she saw Jill barely dressed, she was looking in the mirror and saw where Lynn was looking, at her naked back and hardly covered bum, Lynn looked up and seen that she’d been caught out, Jill just smiled, even going as far as to let her tongue lick across her lips, just the tip sticking out as it moved slowly across her bright red lipstick coated lips, yes that’s right you slut I want it bad so come and make your move.Lynns hands were shaking as she pulled the zipper all the way up and when Jill ran her hands over her big tits, feeling how the dress fitted she saw her lick her own lips, oh yes she was horny and Jill knew it wouldn’t take much more to get her beyond any self control, she would have to do something, Jill smiled again.“It’s nice, but maybe the dark blue one would be better, I know you want to close up but be a sweetie and fetch it for me, oh unzip me too, i’ll strip this one off so it won’t take up much more of your time.”Slowly she pulled the zipper down…and down…and down, her whole ass on show now as she pulled it down much further than was really necessary for her to slip it off.“That’s OK Jill I’ll drop the catch and turn the closed sign around, then we can see what the blue one looks like…though the black fitted you…real nice, clinging in all the right places.”She hurried off and Jill heard the door being locked, nice and cosy, just the two of them.Slipping the straps off her shoulders she stepped out of the dress, naked and ready for some sexy fun.Lynn’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she came back and saw Jill standing güvenilir bahis nude in the changing room with her nipples erect and a sly smile on her face.“God that material felt so good against my skin, look at my nipples standing to attention, and…well I’m soaking wet, so frustrated too, been ages since I’ve been so wet and aroused.”She ran her fingers over her nipples and gave a little groan for Lynn’s benefit all the time staring into Lynn’s eyes.She was thinking it was now or never, will she go for me or just hand me the dress and pull the curtain as she left.She needn’t of worried, Lynn was hooked, the dress hit the floor as she grabbed hold of Jill, pulling her close and pushing her lips against Jill’s, tentative at first but soon they were locked together as she realised that her advances weren’t going to be rejected, hands cupping her cheeks as she began to grind her pussy hard into Jills mound, a hand sliding up to grab a handful of hair and pulling her hard on to her mouth where her tongue was exploring.Mmmmmnn, this was better than she’d hoped for, deliciously wet and already feeling herself becoming so aroused it was making her pant.And Lynn was being rough too, her hand had slipped down and in between her legs which Jill had obligingly opened to allow easy access, her fingers were being pushed right up inside the wet hole where she fucked it harder and harder, Jill was groaning now, fuck it felt so good to be roughly used like this, maybe she’d get it even rougher when things went a bit further.Her neck was being licked and sucked on, she hoped it wouldn’t be marked but was in no mood to try and stop anything Lynn wanted from her.She listened to all the things Lynn was saying as she fucked her wet cunt, how she was going to get it today, how she was nothing but a slut for the taking, yes, yes, God she wanted it all and was going to be used as Lynn’s willing plaything.She was near to cumming when the fingers were dragged out of her, groaning in frustration she was just about to beg when the wet fingers were pushed into her mouth, she sucked on them. tasting how creamy she was, fucking gorgeous, then her tits were slapped, one on each, she was shocked at how hard Lynn had done it, not at all playfull, it made her yelp, it felt like her nipples were on fire.Before she could say a word she was being pulled into the shop, naked for anyone to see as Lynn dragged her into the back office, the door slammed and she saw there was an old couch in there, she was already being pushed down, it was here she was going to be taken, and she did think that taking was what Lynn had in mind for her.“Spread those legs you dirty little bitch let Lynny see what you got waiting for her, I’m going to fuck you just like a whore and you’ll be begging for me to do you, I got a nice big strap-on I keep for just these occasions and you’re going to feel every inch all the way up you”Jill spread wide, one leg over the back of the couch, the other on the floor, every inch a slut for use, it seemed Lynn made a habit of fucking her customers back here and obviously liked to be the dominant one, she thought she was going to be rough fucked like it or not, her hand was stroking her wet slit as she watched Lynn strip naked and open a drawer to get her toy, and oh my God it was a big one, she was going to be well stretched to service the whole thing, she shivered at the thought of being taken by it, feeling it fill her up to breaking point, she was going to cry and beg today.Lynn was naked, tiny tits and flat ass, the opposite of what she was, and hairy too, no shaving her pussy she let it stay natural, she watched her put on the massive plastic cock and bit her lip as she thought how it would split her open, her asshole wouldn’t be able to take it she was sure, but had the feeling that she was going to have it in there whatever.“Well aren’t you the dark horse, out of all the women who come into my shop I’d never of guessed you would soon be laying on my couch waiting to get fucked, hubby not scratching your itch is that it?, well I’ll scratch it for you, soon you’ll be begging me to fuck you harder than you’ve ever had it up you, then you can get your tongue busy on my wet slit and asshole so I cum in your mouth, nice and wet when I squirt for you to swallow, and you will swallow it all, you won’t want a man after Lynny has finished with you, i’ll add you to my list of sluts, and when i call you, you’ll come running for it.”She watched as Lynn began to lube up the cock, plenty of KY to ease penetration, even though she was soaking wet she would struggle to accommodate the whole thing, it wasn’t just long, it was thick, her poor cunt was going to suffer today, just what she’d dreamt of, a real rough fucking.Her hair was grabbed and twisted as Lynn got close to her face, fuck it hurt and she couldn’t help herself, she screamed, that seemed to make Lynn happy.“That’s right you scream for me my little bitch, I like that and you’ll be doing plenty of it too, now get ready for the fuck of your life”.She took a deep breath as Lynn climbed between her spread thighs, the feel of the cold lube and then she felt herself being stretched, one slow push that buried the cock deep inside her, she could barely türkçe bahis take a breath as it filled her beyond anything she’d ever experienced before, grunting as Lynn started to ride her.“Oh Fucking Hell, I can’t take it, please Lynn don’t make me have it, Pleeessseeeeeeeee”.She should of saved her breath, she was going to be fucked, it was strange having it pushed into her, and by a woman too, fuck, she was going to regret this later, she would be sore for days after she’d finished, all the time she was being fucked Lynn was telling her she was nothing but a slut, or whore, fuck yes that’s what she was now, only she preferred to think of herself as a slag, something all the bad girls were always called at school, and she was being a very bad girl.Lynn was right about one thing, Jill was soon screaming as her cunt was being destroyed by the big, thick cock being shoved as deep as Lynn could get it into her gaping hole, and begging for it to stop, but that wasn’t going to happen until Lynn decided it would stop, she was grinding into her hard, Jill was being bruised as her mound was being banged against Lynn’s, she just kept going at her, then the slapping started again, her face and tits both red from the slaps they were getting, her tits were being given the worst of it, they’d be bruised in the morning but she did like the pain in a weird way and would never try and stop the abuse, she’d wanted it rough and fuck she was getting it rough, even though it was hurting her she felt the familiar fluttering start and knew it was only a matter of a few minutes at most before she was going to cum.Lynn must have sensed it, she was teasing her, telling her to beg to be allowed to cum, slowing down and just letting Jill feel herself filled, and beg she did, pleading for it harder and deep, to be used like a slag, fucked like a dirty little slut, anything to get the release she desperately wanted, with a laugh Lynn banged her harder, she soon had her gasping in pain and in pleasure, yes she needed it like this, then it happened, with a scream she was cumming, and she squirted, it only happened rarely but they were always the ones she enjoyed the most, she’d be drained but oh so fucking happy.She was still panting hard when she felt the hard plastic cock pulled out, before she knew it Lynn had it pressed against her red lips, she wanted it sucked and pulled Jill onto it by her hair, she opened wide to receive it and soon tasted her own juices that had coated it.“That’s it, you suck what you’re given, taste your slut juices, get it down your throat and choke on it, come on bitch you’ve done it before, every bit of it or I’ll have to make you do it and you won’t like that I promise you”.And choke she did, it filled her throat and she struggled to get it all down her, her eyes were watering and she was trying to get enough air into her lungs as Lynn forced her to gag on it, her nipples were pinched and pulled hard something she always enjoyed but Lynn was doing it so hard it made her gasp, then it was out of her mouth and she gulped in the air.“Aren’t you the dirty slut, surprises me really, I had you down as a once a week girl and then only because you had to, but nope, you’re a good little slut aren’t you Jill, just the kind I love to have on my couch, well here’s the deal, you eat me real good so I cum hard and I won’t flip you over and ruin that cute asshole of yours..even.though I would like nothing better, but next time, and there will be a next time, it’s mine to do just what I want, think of it as Lynny being kind to you”.She was going to be spared the agony of having her ass split open this time at least and was determined to give her the best orgasm she could, her first taste of her own sex was about to happen and she could hardly wait.Lynn took off the strap-on and slapped her legs to make her move, she really did enjoy slapping her sluts that was for certain, she just knew she’d have the marks to prove it, she’d have to hide them for at least a few days, she could still feel the beating her tits had got, that and the groping and pinching had made them sore, she took a quick look, yes, they were already showing some bruising, well there was nothing she could do about now.Lynn was sat legs wide open on the edge of the old couch and then pulled them back, she was dripping wet, her clit was erect, it poked up through the dark hair, she saw her asshole too, she was going to tongue it she knew, something else she’d never done before, it really was turning into a week of firsts for her.“Come on then, what the fuck you waiting for, an invitation or something, get that tongue in my asshole you dirty little bitch, then my cunt, and don’t forget you do me good or your ass will be taken hard and deep by that nice big cock”.She licked her lips and brushed her hair back off her face and took her first lick of an asshole, she soon got used to the taste, it wasn’t unpleasant at all and she started to poke her tongue in as far as she could get it. She must of been doing it good because Lynn was groaning as she was licked.“Good girl, now lick me out, taste how good it is, all wet and open for you, finger my ass while you do it, I love that”.Finally she was about to taste her own sex, and Lynn was really güvenilir bahis siteleri wet, her creamy juices were running out of her slit, she took a sip and almost cried, it was gorgeous, totally different to her own juices, why had she waited so long for this, she was soon covered in her juices as she lickeed and sucked on the sopping mess, tongue flicking her clit and darting in and out of her open hole, she gorged herself on it and Lynn pushed her head down making her do it, the groans getting louder as she was worked on..“Oh you dirty bitch, that’s just perfect, I bet you’ve been eating girls for years, cheating on your limp dicked husband every chance you got, oh fuck yes, that right, bite my clit and tongue it hard, you’re certainly earning your reprieve from getting fucked in the ass i’m going to cum any second”.Even though she was expecting it when Lynn started to squirt she was surprised by how much she was spraying, she had it in her eyes, her hair and it was running down her face, fuck it tasted so good, salty, quite strange, but delicious too and she was happy to swallow as much as could get, clamping her mouth onto her cunt as it sprayed into her mouth.Lynn was thrusting herself onto her face as she moaned and groaned, telling her what a dirty girl she was, and how she would make her a regular fuckbuddy from now on, something she was more than happy to be, oh yes, she’d be visiting the back room as often as she could, even the thought of what would be done to her ass couldn’t stop her coming back for seconds. She was kept down between her legs for about another ten minutes, Lynn came twice more, and squirted everytime, she envied her the ability to do that, she very rarely managed it but she hoped it would happen more often as she got fucked by anyone who wanted to have a go on her in the future, she decided she wouldn’t refuse anyone from now on.Lynn finally had enough and used her foot to push Jill off her cunt.“That’s enough for now my eager little bitch, I’ll tell you when I want more, you certainly love licking wet cunt don’t you slut, that’s good because you’re going to be my regular little whore for a while, I’ve not had one for a couple of months and I was getting bored of doing it for myself, but now that’s going to be your job”.That was music to her ears, she could see herself becoming a regular here, she wondered how many others had been roughly fucked on the old couch, quite a few she imagined, Lynn didn’t seem to be someone who would pass up any pussy that came her way, she was a dyke and a predatory one at that, always looking for the chance to take what she fancied.“ I have a couple of friends I might introduce you to at some point, you’d be just their cup of tea, maybe a little daytime party is going to be arranged soon, I can close the shop and you will open your legs for them, fuck you’d be so sore after what we’d do to you, but I’m sure that’s exactly what you want isn’t it Jill”?She felt herself blushing, Lynn had it spot on, it was what she wanted, to be used by anyone in whatever way they wanted and left sore but oh so satisfied, she’d have to be very careful around Lynn that was for sure, her love of the slapping and bites could end in tears if anyone saw them, but God, she would love to just let her go to work on her, getting marked up so bad.“Come here, get that ass up here and bend over the arm of the couch, don’t worry I’m not going to fuck it, not today anyway I just want to see how tight you are”.Jill was soon over the arm, legs pushed open and Lynn probing her tight hole, she felt the fingers pushing into her and she was gasping, fuck she was rough, not caring if it hurt or not, it was making her bite her lip so she didn’t cry out, all the time Lynn was commenting on it, how hot and tight it was, barely used, how it needed to be stretched before she fucked it, Jill told her she had started wearing her butt plug to stretch herself, Lynn just laughed and told her buy a bigger one because she didn’t think it was up to the job.Then with a final few slaps of her bum that brought tears to her eyes she was told to get dressed, she had to walk back through the shop to get her clothes, nearly getting seen by a young couple who were looking through the shop window.Lynn was sat on the couch, legs still open, smoking a cigarette with a sly grin all over her face.“Ever done watersports”?Her jaw dropped, she wasn’t talking about pissing was she, a shiver ran through her body, yes that’s exactly what she was talking about, oh fuck.“Next time I think we should have some fun, I think you’ll love it, but for now fuck off and make sure the shop door is locked, I have a few calls to make to those friends I mentioned, there’s some cards on the counter, pick one up on the way out, it’s got the shop number on it, call me”.She waved Jill away, dismissing her as she picked up her mobile.Outside, she took a deep breath, well what a strange day that had turned out to be, she’d been fucked twice in a week now and was starting to enjoy herself, feeling deliciously wicked and more than a little sore, she took a slow walk home, thinking about what she was letting herself in for, laughing out loud, more of the same she hoped, she put the shop card in her bag, she would be calling the number very soon, that party sounded perfect, but she had one thing she needed to do before going home, a new butt plug was needed and she knew just where to buy one…and maybe a few other bits and pieces too….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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