Mar 26

A happy wife with a little help

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A happy wife with a little helpMy wife as far as I know has only had two cocks in her life, mine and one previous. Due to a host of reasons, my dick actually getting hard is a rapidly fading memory. I had gotten her some big vibrators and dildos, but she would usually get things over with before we ever got to them, or express her distaste. Besides, if 4 or 5 is the best I can manage, I did not want to use a huge cock on her and then be the Volkswagen in the airplane hangar. One day she was being bitchy, a sure sign that she needed a good fucking. After the k**s were asleep and we went to bed, I woke up to take a leak, and decided to see what happens when she can’t see how big the cock is. Now, this thing is 8 or 9 inches long, and as memory serves, I’m about 5 inches at most. So, I strapped this thing on and crawled into türbanlı istanbul escort the sack. One would think this is all pretty easy but strapping the thing on the first place is a one foot hopping challenge. In addition, when your dick is all of a sudden twice as long, it seems to catch on everything possible; the bathroom door, the sheet, the blanket and the bedspread. I finally got into position, only to have to roll over to get some lube from the nightstand, at which point the darn thing again catches on everything. With all of this activity, I suspect she knew something was about to happen. Having a new 9 inch dick changes some of the dynamic in the sack. You don’t have to scootch up too close to achieve contact, for one thing. I rubbed her pussy with it, türbanlı istanbul escort bayan and then slipped in the head. This thing is bigger around than I am, but she took it. Now, our bodies area good six inches away at this point, so I scotched a little closer, keeping the cock in her pussy, and gave her a little more. She was now reacting, and so I started fucking her with about 3 inches of it. She was reacting more, so I started giving her a little more. I was fucking her with a little less than half of the thing. She came, but I kept the cock in her, and took a break. I think I dozed off with the cock still in her. To my surprise, I was awakened by her pushing back to take even more of the cock! “That’s pretty hot,” I thought, and so I gave her some more, türbanlı escort istanbul about half. She really started fucking it then! She started pushing back onto the cock as I was shoving it forward, and soon she was past the halfway point and moaning for all she was worth. We kept fucking, and pretty soon, she had taken 3/4 of the cock, about 7 inches, and was really getting into it. Every time I’d give her more, she’d fuck it and then cum, and I’d slowly pump her dripping cunt until she was ready for more. This kept up until she had taken something over 3/4 of it, and I was pretty tired. She came and came, and since it was hollow and my dick was in it and her juices were all over the place, I finally pulled my dick out and came all over her well fucked pussy. I took the huge cock off, and stuffed it under the bed. The next morning all of the bitchiness was gone, and she mentioned that she was sore. Well, hurrah, that had not happened for a decade or so. A couple of days later, I took the cock out from under the bed to wash it, and she happened to see it in all of its glory, with a look of combined shock and happiness. We’ve had some fun with Gigantor since, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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