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A hard package to deliver

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A hard package to deliverWhen I was at high school I started a job as a delivery boy.On the second week I got my delivery list and set off for the daily round.The last package was to be delivered at a huge manor house. I pressed the buzzer at the main entrance and waited. I pressed the buzzer again and a young girl’s voice asked who it was. I told her I had a parcel for her and then she let me in.I drove along a large drive to that manor house, I knocked on the door and a beautiful girl in a bathrobe answered. She was about my age and she apologized for keeping me waiting… she was in the shower.She took the parcel and asked me to come inside whilst she checked it.Then she turned around to give me the signed sheet and her robe opened to reveal a body that made me stare her perfect boobs and a fully shaved pussy. I felt my young cock went rock hard in just seconds…She tried to cover up but I said why bother now … I had seen all…Then she approached me and rubbed my lump in my trousers. She slowly unzipped me and pulled my cock out rubbing it slowly.I bent over her and took her robe out from her nice body. I licked her nipples as she took care of my cock.She led me into the living room and made me lay on a sofa between her spread legs. I invaded her wet slit with my hard dick in just one motion…I moved slowly inside her as she begged to be fucked grabbing my firm ankara escort ass.Then I drove my cock fully deep into her and she moaned loud and groaned as I fucked her hard and fast.After few minutes pumping her pussy, she shook her body and then she cried she was cumming. Feeling her juices on my cock, I finally emptied my load deep in her warm cunt.She kissed me, saying it had been a special delivery. I got dressed and she went with me to the door. I kissed her goodbye and drove back to the depot.The next day my boss called me to his office and gave me a special parcel.I recognized it was same address. According to that young girl, I had forgotten something the day before and she wanted me to pick it up…The only thing I could remember leaving was a warm load in her pussy…I got her phone number and I called her while I was on my way to her home.Then I asked what I had forgotten there and she said a pussy that needed a good cock in her again…I hurried up before that little slut could change her mind…When I arrived there, a different woman’s voice answered after I pushed the buzzer. I explained the reason of my visit and then she opened the gate to let me in.As I reached the door a slender and attractive older lady was waiting for me.I imagined she had to be her mother. She asked me to come in and shut the door behind me.I stood in the antalya escort doorway and she looked at me with an evil grin.She said she knew I had fucked her little girl the day before…I looked in amazement that she had told her Mom. I apologized for doing it.The old lady said then I needed to fuck her too; just to check if I was so good as the little bitch had told to her mother.In just two seconds that woman undid her dress in front of me.She stood there fully naked; a perfect shaped body, long killer legs, nice tits and a sweet bald pussy that begged to be fucked.Before I could open my mouth to say an excuse, she led me into the living room and sat facing me. Then she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and started to suck it.Suddenly she looked up at me and said she hoped I was good, because she was a wild woman hard to satisfy…I smiled and pushed her back. Then I knelt down between her spread thighs and started licking her wet pussy.I found easily her swollen clit and drew it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. The old lady moaned and cried in ecstasy as she held my head in that position, as I feasted on a pussy that tasted as sweet as sugar…I pushed two fingers in and quickly pushed them in and out making her cum.She begged me to fuck her, but I told her all in good time and I would fully satisfy her pussy. I escort bayan slowly worked my fingers in and out as I licked her clit every so often rubbing her clit fast bringing her close then stop. I told her to get on her hands and knees onto the floor. That old bitch was now under my control. I shove a finger to probe her rear door and then pushed my cock into her asshole teasing her tight ring and driving her crazy as she begged me to fuck her pussy with my rock hard dick…I left her asshole and slowly pushed my cock into her wet warm pussy.I started sliding it in and out; making her crazy. Her soaking wet cunt began to cum again and again. I stopped motioning for a while and then I rammed my cock in like a rocket; very deep inside that warm cunt. I banged her cunt as she screamed with pleasure, begging me to fuck her harder. She suddenly screamed loud and I could feel her having an intense orgasm. Her juices hit my cock as I rammed in deeper, exploding in her pussy like a crazy man.She collapsed onto the floor gasping for breath as my hard cock slipped out. I grabbed her hair and demanded her to suck my cock clean.That old bitch seemed to be under my spell, as she fell down to her knees and engulfed my dick with her mouth.I told her she was the best sucker I had in my life and she said I was the best dick she had ever fucked…Before leaving I told her I would call soon for a good fuck from her and even I would fuck her daughter in front of her…The next day my boss called me and told me the lady and her husband were fully satisfied with my delivery service…I knew those bitches would be very satisfied with my future deliveries…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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