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A Hot Steamy Fuck

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A Hot Steamy FuckThe night was dark, it matched her mood….no moon, no stars, no one to hold her. Her towel wrapped around her body, shielding her from the night air. The cover was off the hot tub, the steam rose into the night air, dancing briefly before it was gone. Candles were lit on the railings…it would be a romantic setting if she had someone to share it with. She unwrapped her towel and discarded it on the deck. The cool night air sent a shiver through her body. She climbed the steps and slowly sunk into the hot steamy water, the warmth wrapped around her like a lovers arms. The bubbling waters tickled and licked at her skin. She sunk to her chin, letting the water melt her, taking her mind away . She felt lost, scared, confused. Deep in thought she closed her eyes…a single tear rolled down her cheek. The wind picked up and blew out the candles, a lonesome howl of a far off coyote filled the air. She felt so alone.She heard a rustle and footsteps, she opened her eyes..with the candles no longer lit, she could not see anything. Her pulse quickened, her breath shallow…”Hello?” she managed to say, just in a tone about a whisper. The only reply was the howl of he wind. She shrugged it off as her mind playing tricks on her. She sat back and again closed her eyes…she was thinking of him, how he made her smile, how he always seemed to know that she was in need of him. A deep sigh escaped her. It can never be she thought, he already belonged to another. Why are you doing this to yourself? she thought….there was no answer that made sense. Shaking her head she relcuntly opened her eyes and sat up. The nite was now quiet. ” Oh i need you” she spoke outloud..” Why cant i have you for just one evening?” A deep voice replied ” Im here” she was startled, She jumped- she was looking but could not see anyone “where are you?” “Im right here..” with that she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was a strong masculine hand. She melted at the touch. She started to turn around, she wanted to see him but he held her still “no, not yet” His touch was so welcome on her skin, she sat back and relaxed, his hands massaging her shoulders.. his touch was heaven. “Just a moment my love and dont turn around”. His hands were removed from her skin, although where his touch was her skin still burned with delight. She could hear a movement in the background..her mind was racing. She heard the striking of a match, she could see the glow behind her..”darling please close your eyes ” ” But…I..” she started to protest.He was torturin her with anticipation..”Please just do as i request.” he stated. She agreed. Even with her eyes closed she could see the glow of the re-lit candles. She heard more fumbling…whatever is he doing she thought…soft music filled the air “Please move toward the center and keep your eyes shut” he asked. she didnt question him this time, just did was was asked of her.She felt the water swish as he got in with her, heard him settle into the seat where she had been sitting, a nervous giggle threatened to escape , but she fought it. He reached for her hand and pulled her toward him, settling her on his lap, her back to him. “Open your eyes…” as she did, there were candles lit and burning with a soft glow sekabet yeni giriş all around. He had one arm around her, the other came around her and in his hand was a single rose “I remember you stating that a single rose was more romantic that a dozen, but this single rose pales in its beauty to you.” She struggled to chock back the tear that was fighting to form. He slowly turned her toward him, the candle glow made her look like she was sent from Heaven, his own personal angel…”how? when..”she had so many questions but no idea on where to even begin. His reply, a timid kiss upon her lips, she responded to his kiss with her own timidness at first, then need and desire overtook them both, the kisses grew more hungry, years of unanswered desire came rushing to the surface. She melted into his kiss, giving into her own passion for him.She responded to every kiss witha passion that frightened her. Her hands searched his body, pulling him to her. His hands, one on the small of her back, the other on the base of her neck, he pulled her head back, breaking the kiss…they were both breathless. He looked at her with a desire, searching her eyes to make certain she was ok. What he saw excited him. Her eyes were smoldering with such a passion, he was just looking at her, the reflection of the flames dancing in her eyes. Oh he wanted her, he needed her. He kissed the base of her throat, working his way toward her ear and the hollow of her shoulder. He was lingering in this area, enjoying the way her bod was responding. She was amazed at how he could get such a response from her, he was such an experienced lover, seemed to know all her “trigger” points. He could feel her heart pounding, he wanted her so badly, but he was also enjoying this time. He licked the tip of her earlobe, then gently nibbling, then moving to her anxiously waiting mouth. Kisses at this point were like fire.she couldnt resist any longer. She threw her arms around his neck, her nails digging into his flesh, not to hurt but to excite. She pressed into his kiss, feeling almost as if she would bruise her mouth due to the force between them. He grabbed her and pulled her slightly away from him. He stared at her body, her breasts heaving from her trying to catch her breath. She looked like a beautiful water nymph, and for this moment, she was his.No longer worried if she was good enough, no longer worried if he wanted her, years of raw emotion took over, feelings she had surpressed for years, both for him and anyone else, including her current situation rushed to the surface, making her feel like a raw exposed nerve. She clung to him, kissing him..her tounge darting in and out of his mouth. She loved the taste of him. She moved her attention to the hollow of his neck…she inhaled deeply, wanting to lock his scent in her mind forever…he quivered in delight, she pretended not to notice. Her tounge flicked his skin, again the taste of him fueled her passion, a moan of delight escaped her lips. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed, his breathing was shallow and deep…every flick of her tounge, every kiss from her pouty lips, every time she drew a deep breath, she was bringing him closer. She seemed to know his body, his weaknesses, sekabet giriş his deepest needs. Her fingers traced a burning trail from the tip of his chin, over his throat and down his chest. She could feel his heart pounding. She entangled her fingers on one hand in his chest hair, feeling his skin twitch against her touch. The other hand skillfully slid around his neck, she pulled his mouth again to hers, but she didnt engage him with a kiss, instead, she used her tounge and teased him, darting it in and out of his mouth. That was all he could handle.He took her into his arms and lifted her slightly, the heat of her body mixed with the coolness of the night air….the steam rose off of her body and danced toward the darkness. His attention drawn toward her breasts, her nipples taunt as the night air kisses her body. He took his lips and kissed her right breast while fondling the left one so as not to make it feel left out. He skillfully teased her nipples with tounge, teeth an fingertips. She arched toward him, needing more, moans escaping her…sultry, almost a growl at times. Her body’s responses excited him. God, she was beautiful and he couldnt believe, that for this moment, she was his to do what he wished.The hand that was on her left breast now slid around and down the small of her back, resting just above her ass, his mouth turned its attention to the left breast, her right still warm and tingling from its attention. As he paid the left breast its much needed time, his hand slid further down her backside, stopping just below the bottom of her ass, his hand gripped her firmly, squeezing in delight. Her bodies responses to his touch was mind blowing. Why had they waited all these years to have this encounter? Why had they not acted back then? As if she could read his mind, she whispered…” good things come to those who wait…” With that being said he took both hands and grabbed her ass firmly, lifting her to straddle his engorged cock, but he was afraid at this point he would rip her in half, he wanted her…needed to just take her, devour her body with is own. He took a deep staggering breath, and closed his eyes. Her body seemed to just fit so perfectly with his, he slowly entered her, oh! restraint was so difficult.Her body arched, he felt her tighten as his cock went into her further. She was so hot and inviting, he had to resist thrusting, he wanted this to last as long as possible…they may never have this chance again. She started to grind on him. OH Shit! he was gonna blow if she didnt stop, but he didnt want it to stop. A low moan escaped him. He grabbed her hips and held her still…his cock was pulsating inside of her still…”You have to stop darling, not that i want you to, but because i desparatly need you to” She looked at him, her eyes glassy as tears threatened to spill over her long lashes, the hurt look crushed his heart. He kissed her hurngrily, brusing her mouth with passion, both breathless when the kiss finally broke. “Please make love to me, I need you” she begged, her voice quivering, needing him. that was all it took. he took her and stood up, turning her around so her back was to him, her up against the side of the tub, her ass begging to be spanked, sekabet güvenilirmi her hair flowing down her back. He took his position behind her.. a hand on her hip, the other the small of her back.His cock feeling its way back inside of her. As it found its wasy, he slowly started to reenter her, she started to arch her back. His hand that was on the small of her back pushed her back down, as the hand that was on her hip pulled her back as he forced into her, hard and fast. She squeeled in delight, he thrust again, the hand on the small of her back reaching up to grab her hair. He wrapped his hand in her hair, like he was holding onto the reigns of a wild stallion, his fingers digging into her thigh with every thrust, her being “spurred” by his fingers, her hair pulled, adding to the pleasure. Oh My GOD! he had never had anyone react to him this way. He could feel her hot cunt tighten and release with every thrust. He altered his force and speed, feeling himself growing near…”I am going to cum on your chest and face;;” he instructed her. He thrust a few more times, feeling himself nearing the brink. Quickly he withdrew his cock and spun her around to face him, he was pumping still not to lose his load. She however took over with this process…her hot mouth enclosed around him, she sucked on him with an expertise he had never had before. She was swallowing is shaft, caressing him with her tounge. His head fell back in ecesty, he couldnt help it, he grabbed the back of her head and helped her with the motions…”baby…im gonna blow…” he tried to pull out of her mouth but she stopped him by gently,yet forcefully clamping her teeth on his dick, the pain and excitement of her swallowing him sent him over the edge. He grabbed tighter on her hair, thrusting as much as he could, feeling her taking him deeper and deeper. He was barly able to tell her…”here i com…” before he shot his load into her mouth. He could feel her swallowing, not only his cock, but the warm cum as it thrusted from him. His body shivered in delight, he felt lightheaded. She continued to suck him, caressing his cock with her tounge. My god, she was so skilled, he could feel himself getting hard again. “Baby…” she continued to suck and swallow him, deep throating him.”Sweet Jesus!” he cried in both deligh and sheer amazement. He was geting hard again, she was bringing him back to the brink of cumming again. Such skillful use of a tounge and mouth, he had never, ever had anyone that could bring him back to this point so quickly.His breath was shallow, staggered…his heart beating out of his chest, his head pounding to match the heart beat. She took his balls in her hand, caressing them . With her other hand, she grasped the base of his cock. She was now licking his shaft, her tounge running along the main vein, licking him like a little k** enjoying a lollipop.He started to shake, he was going to cum again, there were no two thoughts about it. This time he blew, it ran down her lips, dripping like sweet honey..continuing to rund down to her breasts. She released him from her clutches, he collapsed in exhaustion. He had never felt so satisified as he did at this moment. He pulled her to him and held her close. The warmth of the water surrounding them.Somewhere along the way, the had drifted off to sleep, the chirping of the morning birds along with the rising sun stirring them both. He gently woke her, kisisng her gently, then got out of the tub and made his way back to his life……

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