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A Housewife’s Memoirs: Part Two

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Asa Akira

My husband has been in Europe for the last month on business, so for me it’s been a busy time here at home. I haven’t been able to get back to my computer until now, although I’ve been pretty active in the bedroom.I’ve been with Ricky, Tom, Frank, Stan, Jack, Edyth, and Maurice. They were mostly ordinary clients, nothing special. Stan wanted to talk about his new business more than he wanted sex. Tom was from out of town and had the impression an escort would show him around town. I told him I could do that, but perhaps there was something better I could do for him. Eventually he caught on and chose the latter. Frank was a widower who lost his wife a month before I met him. He reminded me of my grandfather. Then there was Ricky who was on his cell phone bragging to his buddies about the blow job he was getting. He even sent them a picture. Jack’s wife had just divorced him, so he was a basket case. Edyth was a bitch from Brooklyn. However, Maurice was anything but ordinary.I told my friend Christi all about them. She told me how much she adored what I’d done in Part One and encouraged me to write more. Christi giggled when she said, “You know, Laura, I think you should take Betty up on her invitation, maybe she’d be up for a three-some.”Christi surprised me with that. She always told me how good sex was with her husband, elaborating on and on about his huge cock. It made me jealous, and even helped me decide on becoming an escort. I looked at her saying, “I had no idea you were bi, Christi.””Me neither until I read your story about Betty. After I read it, I grabbed my trusty rabbit to get myself off. By the way, what made Maurice so special?”Monsieur MauriceThere was a time when I dreamed of falling in love with a Frenchman. Maurice wasn’t really French, but he was kind and romantic like I had imagined a Frenchman to be, especially with his kisses. I just called him my French lover.He wasn’t demanding although he knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was my pussy. After a get-to-know you cocktail, we headed to the bedroom. We passionately kissed, then undressed each other like devoted lovers who were catching up after a long absence. Slowly, Maurice gently laid me on the bed, turned me on my back and carefully parted my legs like the chivalrous Frenchman I had imagined. He pressed his hips between my thighs and pushed his cock against my clit. For a moment, he used his dick to massage my sensitive places until finally pushing the head of his erect penis past my pussy lips. Entering me was a tour de force, easing into me, pulling back, in again until eventually going deep. His rhythmic thrusts were slow at first giving me mini-orgasms until his momentum increased giving me one strong orgasm after another.He was giving me so much pleasure I had forgotten that it was my job to pleasure him. Maurice was an amazing lover. He was a guy who knew when to “hold ’em and when to fold ’em.” He held ’em for a long time. I locked my legs around him forcing him deeper until he let out a grunt of pleasure while he spray painted my insides.He ejaculated so deeply, his cum was still inside me when he was ready to go a second time. He said he loved the feel and the squishing sound of a cum filled pussy. We did it in the usual positions the rest of the night, always passionately giving each other mutual pleasures. For me, it was the kind of dreamy romance a girl imagines. He didn’t leave for home and his wife until four in the morning.Football PartyI got a call late Saturday afternoon. It was Mr. Stellers. His call was unusual bahis siteleri because all of our appointments are made at our website. This time was different. He was unusually stressed.”Hey Laura, I need your help. It’s an emergency.””What’s up?” was my reply.”Mia was to entertain at a football party tomorrow afternoon, but she miscalculated and well, you know, it’s that time of the month for her. Would you be available to be her sub?””I’m available but my husband is home, and it’s awkward.””Well, the party is in the burbs less than ten miles from you. Just tell hubby you’re going shopping.””Yeah but you know I don’t like making house calls.””Look the money is good. It’s just a couple of guys wanting some female company. The game is only three hours long, so you wouldn’t be away for long. Help me out here, babe.”For some reason I agreed, and I’m not even a football fan. “What time is the game?” I asked.”The game is at three-thirty tomorrow but be there at three. The guy’s name is Spencer. One more thing, the property is gated, so you’ll need a password.”I wrote down the address and the password and went “shopping” at a palatial home in the suburbs. I gave the security guard the password and drove to the front door where a young boy, who barely looked old enough to drive, parked my car.Spencer met me at the door and welcomed me except to say, “You’re not Mia. Where’s Mia?”I explained that she wasn’t feeling well, and I was filling in.”Uh, you give the same service as Mia?” he asked.”Of course.””Well, you’re a little older than what we usually get at our football parties.” If Mia was an example of the escorts Spencer hired, I thought, he was right. Mia is only twenty and had been working for Everleigh since high school graduation.”Turn around,” Spencer demanded. “Let’s see how you look.”I turned my back to him. He came up behind me wrapping his arms around my upper body, grabbing both of my boobs.”Hmmm,” he said as if he was squeezing melons for ripeness. “I guess you’ll do.” Go in there to the bathroom and ditch your bra and panties before you come out to meet the boys.”I did as he said. Leaving my underwear behind, I buttoned up a tight lavender blouse making sure my nipples poked at the thin material. The short short skirt I wore barely covered my ass. My stiletto heels made me look six feet tall.I was received enthusiastically by the boys, but it wasn’t a couple of boys like Mr. Stellers said. It was one boy and three men. There was Spencer, a black stud, and a squirrelly dude wearing a bad toupee. The boy with fuzz on his face was the kid who parked my car.”What’s your name honey?” the toupee guy asked.”I’m Stella,” I lied. I never use my real name when I’m working.”The game starts in a minute. Sit over here on the couch while I mix you a drink. What are you having?” Spencer asked.I said wine is fine.”Okay Stella,” the stud said. “You are just what is needed to dress up this dreary house of Spencer’s. Maybe you would feel more comfortable if you would loosening up a few buttons on your blouse.”What he meant was he was going to help me unbutton the top four buttons leaving my blouse loose and opened enough to show most of my breasts. I sat crossing my legs with the skirt hiked up to my hips when Spencer brought me a class of white wine. The game was underway. The thing was, the game wasn’t the only attraction that afternoon. Later, I became an important part of a different game, the half time entertainment.The game was tied after the first quarter. I watched the it from time to time, but kept one eye on the canlı bahis siteleri kid who didn’t seem interested in football. He looked a little nerdy to me and couldn’t sit still. He would occasionally take a quick glance at me, then turn away. Eventually, he went to another room to play games on his cell phone.In the second quarter, Spencer took it upon himself to loosen my blouse further leaving it hanging unbuttoned from my shoulders while he did a little more testing of the melons. Mr. Toupee sat next to me opposite Spencer, and let his hand play along my thigh pulling up my skirt until he found the end zone. He wasn’t shy about penetrating the goal line. Making sure his fellow football fans knew of my condition, he loudly proclaimed, “My god she’s wet! Where’s Danny? She’s smokin’ hot and ready to go the distance.”At half time, Spencer brought the boy back into the room. The kid’s name was Danny, and was objecting the whole time. “Uncle Spence, I really don’t want to do this.””Well, Danny, this is the time for you to become a man.” Danny was clearly uncomfortable with that idea. “I promised your mom that we would bond like men when she asked to have you join the party. If you leave here as a virgin, your mom is gonna disown me. Anyway, it’s a family tradition and is what my dad did for me.””Yeah, but you’re not my dad.””I’m the best ya got since your dad ran off with that bimbo wife of mine last year.”Danny avoided looking at me until I said, “Hi, Danny. I’m Stella. I don’t bite.” It brought a glimpse of a smile that faded quickly. I had his attention so I opened my legs, and played with my pussy. His face flushed in a deep red.”Yes nephew, Stella will take care of you. She’s your fuck toy today, so don’t get your balls in a knot over this. Just stand in front of her. She’ll do the rest.”With his resistance withering away, Danny nervously asked, “Don’t I have to put on something? You know, a rubber or something?””You don’t have to worry. This lady is safe and you don’t want to ruin all of the fun of feeling what’s hidden inside that hot cunt.”The black stud interrupted and said, “Hey, Spencer, give it to the kid straight. This ain’t no lady. He’s gonna fuck a whore.”I didn’t like his comment but decided to keep my mouth shut rather than acting like a whiny bitch. After all, there were my tips at stake.Almost at a crawl, Danny crept in front of me. I kissed his hand and rubbed his arm trying to get him to relax. I asked him to give me a hug. Reluctantly, he came closer to give me a motherly type hug. “How old are you, Danny?”His voice quivered when he said, “I’m almost seventeen.”I guess that makes you almost a man. We’ll spend a little time together making it official, okay?” He just nodded.While we had that short conversation, I loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans. He tried to turn away at first, but his uncle turned him back toward me. I lowered his pants past his knees and pulled down his briefs. My god the kid was hung. Even with a soft and limp dick, it was clear he was going to be a fun fuck. There are some cocks a girl just can’t wait to suck. Danny’s was like that.His balls had contracted tightly to his body and were shielded by his immense penis. I cupped his nuts to give them warmth so that they would hang down naturally. Although Danny’s balls had relaxed, his cock was still flaccid. I had my work cut out for me.”Come a little closer, Danny. Let’s have you step out of your jeans before I kiss your beautiful manhood. We’ve got to get you much harder for this to work.”I lightly kissed canlı bahis the head of his dick; it twitched imperceptibly. Another trick that always works on guys is to tickle their balls which seemed to get Danny more receptive. As his cock grew, I wrapped my lips around the fat bulb at the tip. His arousal grew like I knew it would, and he was gaining momentum. Each second he got harder and harder, longer and longer until it stretched out like a balloon being inflated. It would be difficult to deep throat that magnificent pole.When I had him halfway down, he began making guttural sounds that I recognized as a guy that wasn’t going to last long. His precum began coating my tongue, so I had to back off if he was going to get inside me before letting it all go. I squeezed his dick hard, hard enough for him to lose some intensity.”Danny,” I whispered. “I want you inside me. I need you. Please, I want you so bad.”Danny moved between my legs looking for the opening. He fumbled without success until I held his hard shaft, and put it in a few inches. “Oh, oh, Danny. Push it in. Push it in deeper,” I told him.I can’t say how far he was in, but Danny began a few minor thrusts as if he wasn’t sure of going in further. “More, Danny, fuck me. Fuck me harder and deeper,” I begged.The other men in the room urged him on, encouraging him with each thrust. “Fuck her Danny. Give it to her until she screams.” I let out a scream when he pushed in all the way, partially for effect, partially with pleasure. That’s when the soft clicking sounds began from the men’s phone cameras.Danny was on the edge and wouldn’t last much longer, although I wished he could make it through the third quarter. I couldn’t get enough of his hard beefy cock.”Ah, ah, ah,” he moaned. “Oh,oh,” he gasped as his pulsing cock spurted multiple shots of his youthful cum into my wet responsive pussy. I absolutely loved the warmth of his cum streaming into me. There was a certain glow I felt when his semen filled me. We both were gasping for breath when he fell on me. I hugged him and said, “You did great, Danny.”This time he gave me a sheepish grin that stayed on his face. The others in the room clapped him on the back saying “Good goin’ kid,” and “You da man.”When he pulled out, a steady flow of cum poured out of me. The bystanders loved the view, telling me to keep my legs open and kept snapping pictures, even a video. I finally went to the bathroom to clean up.When I returned to the TV room, I left my blouse and skirt in the bathroom, wearing only my heels. The second half had just begun, and it wasn’t going well for the home team.Because the game was not working out as they had hoped, the men turned their attention to other pursuits as the fourth quarter began. Their interests turned to me. The men had dropped their pants and sat on the couch like the three musketeers with their cocks at attention. They passed me around like a bowl of potato chips starting with Spencer, passing me over to the toupee, then to the stud. Each got a half dozen solid strokes before passing me on to the next one. I soon learned it was a game they played. The first to cum would be ejected from the game for what they called unsportsmanlike conduct. I had completed three rounds when Mr. Toupee was the first to leave.I was dripping cum from Toupee when I was riding Spencer’s cock for the fourth time. Apparently he was taking too long when Stud yelled, “Come on Spencer, there’s another guy here waiting his turn.””Okay, Stud,” Spencer replied. “Let’s double team her.”Moving over to Stud, I pushed his thick black cock into my slushy well fucked hole. After riding him for a short time, he motioned Spencer to join us. “Come over here and help me properly fuck this whore.” In other words, I was about to get my first DP.

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