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Subject: A LESSON LEARNED PART FOUR A Lesson Learned A Lesson Learned Part Four � Van T Z Boi 2018 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Three “Ohh, ohhhhh,” Darius groaned and grabbed me close, our heated boy dicks mashed against each other and whether by accident or design we fell onto the bed. I felt his fingers caress my cocklet as much as I stroked his, our lips and tongues were once again locked. Our hearts were beating faster and faster. “We shouldn’t,” Darius sighed and then a loud moan emanated from his lips as I jerked his foreskin back and forth rapidly. End of Part Three Part Four I ignored his protestations, I knew well enough the power I had as he mewled and pouted and writhed before me. “Do it, do it,” Darius gasped breathlessly, “do it now. Frig me, frig me,” he urged. My fingers flew up and down his slim member, working the loose skin that brought so much delirious pleasures. Elated within myself, I watched as he writhed and wriggled, the flashing looks in his eyes informing me that what I was doing was giving him untold delights. I felt my own member respond, this was invigorating, elevating beyond measure and I pursued my objective with intense concentration. I observed his nipples peaking as mine did, I touched them; they were hot to my touch and hard at the peaks. I bent forward to kiss and suckle them, Darius groaned and grabbed at me, his hand forcing my head up for us to kiss. His lips were hot, a hotness I had not experienced before, this was astounding and I kissed back, our tongues played with each other, his hands caressed my body and I felt his skin heat up and there were tremblings and shivers that bore no connection with the temperature. “Frig me, frig me,” he repeated, his tone insistent, demanding and my nimble fingers rubbed all the more faster. Darius was breathing fast, panting and his body was jerking; all of a sudden I felt him tense, his body became as straight as a ramrod and then he convulsed, crying and mewling as his body shook from head to toe, his molten lips still glued to mine sucked heavily at my tongue almost swallowing it down his throat. I gagged; the sharp pulling pain in my tongue hurting and I choked. I could not breathe to gasp and my fingers fell from his throbbing member as I broke away. “NO! NO! NO!,” he shrieked and as I fell back his own hand flew to his member and he proceeded to rub it with extreme ferocity, he gasped and grunted and then jerked upward, I could see daylight between his arching back and the eiderdown and then he dropped limply downwards, his body shaking, quaking and quivering. He turned towards me. “Oh that was beautiful,” he whispered, his fingers played across my lips and I nibbled at them, sucking each one as he presented them to me. His wet fingers now tickled around my peaked teats, the moistness cooling and sending a thrill to join the others growing tingling inside me, his fingers continued down my naked chest, down my trembling stomach and I felt the warm moistness as he took my own member in his hand and started the pleasurable massage that I had come to know and desire. Such was my passion at this point that I was soon trembling much as he had done, I relished each touch, each stroke it was the same and yet different to our coupling in Mr Goodstock’s bed and I knew that this enjoining seemed much more appealing to me. I moaned and mewled as Darius’s fingers danced around my member, his fingers easing back my love skin, rubbing it up and down my slim shaft with tempos that ranged from slow to quick with many a different caressing pace in between. I jerked and grunted, gasped and blustered, it seemed like an age, a wonderful eon of delight but in short minutes I reached my peak, my blossoming and like Darius I yelped as the tingling delight exploded within me, jerking up off the bed much as he had done, before falling back into the comfort of the eiderdown and pulling him on me, kissing him gently, softly. “That was so beautiful too,” I also copied his words, they seemed so apt. Darius smiled and them with the alacrity that boys have he sat up and pulled me off the bed, “Come I have more to show you,” he dragged me away from the bedside and slightly unsteady as I had not yet fully recovered my equilibrium I tottered after him. “Come follow me,” Darius led me and naked we left the dorm and mounted further up those impressive stairs. We climbed to the topmost level of the building, the level beneath the eaves and attics; I could see the other House towers from the windows which allowed light into the inner stairwell. On the top landing there was another heavy door and Darius stepped inside and I followed. The room encompassed the entire floor area, there was the vast fireplace at the end where the chimneys ran and there were many large fourposter beds set around the walls with a number of couches in the centre. Many were occupied by naked boys and youths, all Middle and Senior Boys; I could tell just by looking and they were all engaged in exactly what Mr Goodstock’s and Darius and I had been doing. My eyes were drawn to one bed, a blonde haired boy was kneeling on the bed, an older boy knelt before him and the boy sucked furiously at the member being slid in and out of his mouth, at the same time three boys were kneeling at his rear and to my spinning eyes I observed that they were taking turns in inserting their members into his what I now knew to be his boy pussy. Mentally I counted the ten thrusts each of the youths delivered before surrendering their place to the next in line. I could not take my eyes away from the sight as the boy was pounded from both ends at the same time, the boys rotating from mouth to pussy as their ten thrustings were concluded. Darius touched my arm. “That’s George Sandwell,” he spoke softly, “he’s the House slut,” I knew the word to be insulting but he said it without rancour, “he is still one of Mr Goodstock’s favourite `companions’ but he needs, desires more than Mr Goodstock provides. I have never seen him with less than four cocks to service and once they are wasted he will seek more. He prefers those old enough to provide him with spunk and,” he leaned close to add in my ear, “he has to have a monitor beside him at mealtimes to ensure he eats rather than sucks cock to get nourishment. The Housemaster is of the opinion that he needs to work through his lusts until he reaches the point of saturation and can then contain his extremes so at the moment his debaucheries are indulged. Be careful Martin, I warn you that you could so easily find yourself in his place. The lusts and desires that Mr Goodstock has awakened in you could bring you to the same desperations, take care my friend,” he kissed me gently on the cheek. I noticed that some of the beds had closed curtains and Darius explained, “Sometimes those who wish to `love’,” I was fascinated by the use of the word in this instance and my heartbeat quickened momentarily, “do not wish to be seen, the heavy curtains are excellent at providing a space which cannot be observed or overviewed, they also can muffle sounds and words which participants might not wish to be overheard,” he smiled as thought recalling such an instance that was personal to himself. I observed one of the curtains moving as if a wind was whirling inside the enclosed space, Darius caught my gaze, “probably a limb or two,” he chuckled quietly. We proceeded down the long hall in the direction of the fireplace. We walked amongst the beds and sofas, I gazed more than wide eyed as I observed the activities of my seniors and elder peers and the tingle inside me itched and itched for a scratching. Before the fireguard several large rugs, all constructed with thick pile, some shaggy, some aliken to a sheeps curly fleece, all suggested considerable comfort. The rugs were displayed in a semicircle around the hearth; a number of them were occupied by more naked and enthusiastic couplings. I was entranced by the play of light, the low flames from the fire sending diffuse levels of flame colourings which played across the naked and in some cases sweat covered skins. Darius stood by me as we warmed ourselves by the fire; it did not blaze but gave out a warming steady heat from the glowing coals. I watched unabashed at the positions and couplings that took place around me. My eyes and mind were boggling at the many and varied positions and couplings that were taking place before my confounded eyes and the warming itch inside me rose to another level. “This room is where I actually sleep,” Darius informed me, “I can share any of these beds with any of my housemates” he turned towards me and I distracted from my observation found myself being addressed eye to eye, izmit escort “we are a loving community here and since you have been bedded by Mr Goodstock the likelihood is, if you wish to continue enjoying the delights that Mr Goodstock has exposed you too then you will probably be invited to join us at Portcullis House as a House member and you will be very welcome. In the meantime I am authorised to offer you the opportunity to visit and visit often to further explore, if you want, what has been awakened inside you.” I stared at Darius and then scanned the room, the heavy scent of sensual musk of youths in heat and the aroma of male rutt wafted in the air sending messages swarming up and down my spine. I could imagine myself doing all these things that were displayed and practiced before me; I had already experienced some with Mr Goodstock and Darius; my body was awoken and wanting and now it craved, demanded the satiation required to stifle the so insistent itch. Before I could speak the heavy main door opened and a tall naked figure entered. I watched as the muscular youth strode towards the fire, a number of heads moved and I saw hands beckoning the figure. The youth ignored these entreats and continued his athletic stride. Closer I could see his taut torso, his strong legs and the fat length of his member that dangled above his heavy looking testicles, something about him caused the tingling inside to roar and I turned to ask Darius about the newcomer but he had already stepped forward his arms outstretched. “Thierry,” his cry of welcome was tinged with an undertone, one which I would come to express myself in time, a tone of subdued invitation to violate my body. I could see that Darius’s boy member was fully engorged and pointing proud of his slender body. Jealousy hit me as I watched the two embrace. Darius, after the longer than needed kiss and caressing grasping, broke away and grinned at me, “Thierry,” he addressed the youth, “this is Davenport Martin Cavendish of whom I spoke, by the way he prefers to be addressed by his second name,” he grabbed my hand and held it out to the athletic youth, “Martin this is my brother Thierry. Thierry Johnstone Senior” Up close I could see his physique clearly in the warm light of the fire, I recognised him from watching one of the inter-house football matches; he was an astute player and I noted he was applauded by all members of Houses present when he made an accomplished move or tackle. His body so close was entrancing, the muscular tone taut, his nipples pointed, the flat planes of his stomach shadowed where the hidden muscles moved, the thatch of his pubic hair, a well-groomed patch of curly hairs, the long dangling member, the skin at the end wrinkled but a flash of pink was glimpsed as he moved to extend his hand. I had also observed some of the fencing matches and whilst I did not recall having seen him fence, my imagination wondered what his remarkable body would look like encased the in tight fitting protection that fencers wore. “Welcome Cavendish,” he smiled and for once I delighted in the way he said Cavendish. I grasped his hand, the grip was pleasantly strong, he did not seek to dominate me as some Middle and Senior bullying boys do. I held the hand longer than should be necessary, he made no attempt to prise me off him. So close now I encountered his aroma, he smelled of sandalwood and something else, the special something else emitted by excitement. “I came from my fencing practice seeking release,” his eyes and face smiled at me, `he has showered and used sandalwood soap,’ my brain detected the origin of his overriding aroma. He cuddled Darius and continued, “I knew I ought find my brother here,” he squeezed Darius tight and I could see his member swell, Darius’s boyprick was a’pulsing and a’bobbing, rubbing up against his brother’s thigh. “But upon seeing you, this glorious apparition of boybeauty,” I felt my face blaze red at his words, “perhaps if you would allow, I would be happy to welcome you into Portcullis, spend my seed in you, christen your portal on this first happenstance of your introduction into the delights that Portcullis holds for those so disposed.” His smile was so dazzling that at first I did not comprehend his words but the closeness of his body was wreaking havoc on my senses. “Do Martin do, go, go with him, he is a beautiful lover in bed,” Darius urged me more than enthusiastically. Enthralled and entranced I allowed the hand that took hold of my arm to propel me towards one of the vacant beds. Dazed I stood by the side of the empty fourposter as Thierry walked around and pulled the heavily embroidered curtains closed, the swishing sound as they dropped weightily into place seemed distant to my confused state. He lifted me onto the bed, the sheets and coverlet being already folded neatly at the base of the bed and as I moved into the middle of the vast expanse, sensing the coolness and superior quality of the sheet beneath me, he pulled across the final curtain. We were now in a dimmed cocoon, light barely made it way through the heavy brocade of the curtaining. In the dimness I sensed movement followed by the sound of a striking match; Thierry was suddenly lit by the glow of a lamp which was positioned on a shelf above the headboard. In this mellow light he looked amazingly handsome and I observed with a sudden clarity the distinct differences between him and his brother, close together their similarities were evident but alone and apart his beauty set him apart from Darius and I felt his hidden power reaching out to me. “You are more beautiful than Darius described,” Thierry whispered and I shivered, trembling with both trepidation and expectation as his fingers stroked down my chest. His touch against my nipple sent a strong surge sounding through me and I gasped at the delicate and sensual touch. His lips followed down, nipping at my pointed and hardened teat and I clutched at his head, forcing him against my body with increasing pressure. He pulled back, releasing my arm from his strong grip, “Not so fast my beauty,” he grinned, “we have plenty of time at our disposal,” and his lips moved close to mine, panting slowly I immediately allowed the penetration of his tongue inside my mouth; another wave of heated warmth spread through me and the itch hidden between my legs scratched at my senses, demanding, insistent. Lazily I kissed back, taking his pace as he kissed me all over, my head resting on the pillow as he devoured my body with his lips and tongue. I turned over at his behest, his lips, tongue and fingers continued his exploration and I was lost at sea, drowning in the excess delights that flooded my mind, body and senses. Too young to understand the meaning of being a good lover in bed I delighted and relished every touch, every kiss, every stroke, even the sensation of his breath as it wafted over my skin. He prised open my legs; they melted wide at his touch, his finger stoked tenderly over my anus, the nerves prickling the skin to wrinkled ridges, the opening parting under his gaze. “How beautiful your boypussy is,” he sighed and I drew a deep breath as his words sent a further glow of delight pulse and roar within me, I could feel his breath once more as he breathed over my portal and then the moist touch of his tongue was another thrill of chilly niceness that made me squirm, his hands grasped my plump cheeks to both hold me in position and spread me wider for his examination and my exquisite ecstasy. I moaned softly into the pillow as his tongue lavished and ravished me. I lay there relaxed and yet alive in the most encompassing way imaginable as his expert tongue, lips and fingers frigged my anal beauty. All the time his whispered comment about my boypussy sent me rapturous, I could barely make out the words such was the roaring in my ears of the waves of joy that abounded me, the chills both icy and hot racked my body and mind and every touch made them heighten the demanding twitch inside my pussy. He turned me back over and the look in his eyes, a blaze of extreme passion blasted my own eyes and I drank in his excitedness and feasted on his scent. Oh his scent, a heavy must tainted with the sandalwood and hormonal desire of a teenager in his prime. Even today when I come cross the aroma of sandalwood I am brought back to that hidden embroidered cave where I surrendered myself to my Adonis. The heady perfume of his excited body exulted me, I inhaled the mixture of his teenage essence, it inflamed my senses and obliterated my mind. I opened my mouth to his as we kissed, his hands moving down to caress my chest and my member, the heat generated as his fingers eased back my foreskin and touched my glans set up a fire that could only be quenched in one way. My cocklet pulsed and throbbed and I thrust upwards against him, the sensation of his skin against my pricklet awesome beyond extreme. “I think my little beauty is more than ready,” he straddled me, nuzzling his lips at my earlobe and I squirmed, his hands now lifting and spreading wide my legs. I lay pliant as his arm slipped beneath me, the topmost pillow under my head, moved down the bed and I was repositioned on the warm sheet, my legs raised higher on the soft pillow and split wide open. I stared up at him as he knelt between my wide open legs, his gaze concentrated on my boypussy. “Oh what delights await us,” he sang in a low voice, the trill echoing inside my head. I stared at his member, the fleshy tube I had observed had lengthened, standing proud and swollen, the foreskin tight, caught partway down his gleaming cockhead, the slit pulsed and a further bubble of clear liquid dribbled across the purpling expanse. I lifted my finger, my limbs felt strangely heavy and I touched the bubble and transferred the liquid to my tongue, `Oh the taste,’ to recall the first time I tasted his heavenly essence yahya kaptan escort is beyond me now but then the sugary aroma, tainted with his must and the honeyed flavour of his intimate essence was mouth-watering. His flavour incensed my taste buds, mere food would be a nothing compared to the delight that taunted my tongue and mouth. `What a waste that most of that would be inside my pussy hole,’ was my abstract thought; it was no wonder that in later couplings I would suck and swallow as much as I could and also at every opportunity that presented itself, but I digress, see how the power of sensual memory is; it distracts me even as I write and I reach for the handkerchief that I have kept all these long years as it invokes his presence, long gone from my embrace and yet I continue to gain the hint of his special personal perfume. Again I am diverted, I apologise dear reader and now return you to that enclave within the fourposter bed, join me once more as I lay spread-eagled, expectant and willing. He knelt there, his magnificent member standing proud above me, acknowledging my worship as I swilled more and more of his juice both inside my mouth and down his satiny shaft. I caressed his sac, the heavy inner ovoid’s clearly defined within the ridged skin, my finger tickled by the sparse hairs that covered his bulging sac, his masculine spheres were hot to touch, a warmth I recognised as similar to the heat inside me. His member was I judged to be some full seven inches erect; the width a good five inches around at his ridge. I gently eased his sticky silky foreskin down, the tauter foreskin sliding easily with the aid of his juices. I sat up slightly so I could smell his organ, the sweet honeyed aroma of his juices was mixed with the must taint, the combined perfumes heady and exhilarating, I inhaled the heavy scent, my senses further enhanced and raised to a greater level of expectation. His member was so beautiful I simply had to kiss it, first my lips met the sweet outer taste of his juices and then the spongy hardness of his purpled tip. I took him readily into my mouth, suckling at the engorged head, swallowing him as far as I could. The texture and feel and smell of his impaling inside my mouth was wonderful and for a moment I considered sucking him to fruition but as the thought crossed my mind my inner tingle became more demanding, `here,’ it argued, `here is the weapon needed to destroy me, to swish me to deathly blossoming.’ “Wet it little one,” he whispered, “I am bigger than any who have invaded you, Mr Goodstock has a slightly longer member than me to view, but I assure you I am both wider and once I am inside you I will grow and grow to fill you and satisfy you in ways unknown to you.” My eyes boggled at his words, my mouth was too filled up to reply so my lips, tongue and mouth made my words unnecessary. I slavered madly at his member the combined juices and saliva escaping and dripping down the side of my mouth. Thierry suddenly withdrew and I recall lunging to recapture his manly delight but his hand on my forehead forestalled me, his fingers moved down to my mouth and chin as I lay immobile, he wiped the excess of drool from my face and caressed it over the pulsing lips of my boyparts; the stickiness of his touch chilling my thrills once again. A final kiss and then he spread my legs wider on the pillow, my head resumed its position on the other pillows and I waited trembling as he adjusted his position. I watched as he directed the head of his member downwards towards my porthole; the exquisite touch as his purpled tip made sticky contact was thrilling beyond measure but more was to come. “There might be pain,” he warned me as he proceeded to push inside me, I felt my boytunnel opening, spreading wide as his wider head pushed slowly inwards; then as he forewarned the pain came sudden and sharp as I was split, torn open. I grimaced and clutched at the sheet, my fingers scrunching the material, he did not stop, he continued his progress. I stifled my cry; I did not want the others outside our cocoon to know my discomfort or distress. The pain came to an excruciating sharpness and then suddenly faded; this time he waited, his massive glans just inside, my anal lips folded over the bulbous shape and they rested, throbbing around his shaft. I looked up at him; he was leaning now on his two hands which were splayed either side of my head. “We wait,” his soft words comforted me “a few seconds whilst you recover yourself.” I waited with baited breath and then sensed the tautness of his shaft where my boypussy lips encased it. I wriggled slightly and he smiled, “I think you are recovered,” he said happily and slowly he dropped his weight down, his shaft now sliding inside me. Oh the delight and rapture of that slow descent into glory, my nerves so much alive relished as the satiny pole slipped through them, the waves of sensual joys resounding upwards. I could see his own smile of satisfaction as he came downwards on top of me. His shaft came to a halt and I felt the swelling inside of me grow and then my inner spot was rubbed up against. He was poised just slightly above me, our skins barely touching; I could feel his body move gently, his hips working slowly back and forth. The delights and pleasure continued to mount and I gasped as the pleasure built and built, the tingling inside me, one I knew well now became overbearing and torturous, I panted and grunted my body writhing as then the white heat blasted and I moaned and mewled as the beautiful delights of boyhood passion flowered and were harvested as never before. I had come to my joy, my fruition, orgasm and he was not yet fully inside me. I mewled and sobbed as the delights continued and then ebbed as his body became still. “What a beautiful love tunnel you have, so ready to please both me and my cock and yourself,” he smirked but I took it not in a bad light. He spoke truthfully and proud and I blushed as he spoke. My body wanted more, my mind craved for more and the words of warning that Darrius had spoken came into my thoughts. `if this was anything like Sandwell felt then no wonder he seeks it incessantly.’ His gentle thrusting was bringing me back to the tingling heat again, the tingling itch became pronounced and I moaned as the sensation flooded through me. It was incredible, his bulbous head was smoothing over my hidden nub, his shaft as it slid back and forth activated the nerves around my entrance, I sighed and then another sensation rocked me, Thierry had altered his position slightly, now his taut stomach muscles caught at my pricklet, I gasped as my nerves were assaulted from another direction. Thierry was using his stomach to manipulate my pricklet with his stomach musculature as his cock worked me from the other two sources of pleasure. My mind whirled, spun, the bright lights were incandescent in my head as the waves of pleasure rolled relentlessly at my centre, the storms of delight approaching from three different directions. I wheezed, gasped and wriggled in response to the delightful and wondrous excitements. The tingling itches and warm jolts of pleasure expanded, stretching my poor untrained body to heights not reached and I was gripped in the throes of an ecstasy that bound me with ropes of pure enchantments of boypleasure. My mind soared as I reached another level of joy, I flew along the tingling joys winging my way to release. Like a little bird I flapped my wings and then the joy unfolded and caressed me and I swooped, swooned, my eyelids flickering as the joy was so intense, so unbelievable sensational that I fainted with the extremity of my experience. I came too, I was not sure how long I had been lost in pleasure but Thierry’s weight compressed me against the mattress. My head was turned to the side as the top of his chest pressed against my head. I realised I felt full, the sweet sensations between my legs were still there only now I was aware of the fullness. Thierry was moving, faster now, his long swollen manhood working its magic on my little nub and my pussy lips. I sensed my body responding, my hips slowly moving my torso, it was then I realised that Thierry was fully inside me; his balls were banging softly against and underneath the stretched skin of my hole. His breathing had altered, it was harder and I felt it and something else in my chest. The other rhythm intrigued me and I suddenly knew it was his heartbeat I felt, heard through my own chest. I groaned loudly and my hands clasped his arms, his movement halted. “Back with us from the land of pleasure, eh little lover,” his words were sweet to my ears and he moved, his member jerking inside me as he altered his position so we could kiss. “Oh that kiss; so sweet and yet instructive,” the strength of his lips on mine, me young in my years, he senior to me but demonstrably superior in respect of what was happening between us and his years still young in the expected age of man. His member jerked heavily within me as we kissed, his hand now frigged my boydicklet and I writhed whilst glued to his lips, my mouth sucking at his intrusive and insistent tongue. My tingling itch inside me scratched away at my nerves, insistent and intrusive in its own measure. His must enveloped me more and more and I swooned within its scented embrace. His member was becoming more insistent and he gently eased me back on the bed, his weight was better distributed, his elbows bent to take the true heaviness and now he fucked me. His prodigious fleshy tube swelled and pulsed within me, his moistness coating my passage, his pathway to delight. I trembled and quivered as the passion within me grew higher and more intense. I could hear him breath and feel him as well, his weight was comforting and yet purposefully dominant His member moved with increasing force and directness, the thrusts still gebze escort as long but they became more urgent and quicker. I felt his teats harden and point, the split tips rubbing against my shoulders, strange how I can remember such details even this late in life. His voice rose a notch, his panting a grumble, a grunting and I was washed ashore on the flood of emotions as he dug his toes in and rammed his cock inside me with palpable force. I cried out at the sudden ache, so sharp as I was forced into the mattress, the pillow beneath me whooshing as it too was pummelled and then I felt his member blossom, the wet spurts shooting deep within me and I too quivered as a short tingle blew though me. I clutched at him, feeling his strength ebb away as he slowly became a weighty mass, his weight making it hard to draw a full breath, a breath I needed. I struggled and he woke from his trance. “Sorry little one, but your love bud was beyond beautiful,” he rose up, his weight becoming less. Scared I was about to lose him I grabbed at his body, trying to keep him within me. He chuckled and I thrilled at the sensations his laughter caused within me. “I’m not going anywhere just yet,” he bent his head to kiss the tip of my nose; I felt an unexpected thrill tingle me and his member jerked gently, knocking against my overwrought bud but it was wonderful. He leaned to one side, I felt the strange pressure, it was for a moment or so uncomfortable then his hand worked its way underneath me and suddenly he was on his back and I lay along his length, my legs astride his thighs but his member was still deep and penetrating within me. I was at first flustered but soon settled down enjoying the beat of his heart and the movement of his chest as he breathed. I stared up at him from my vantage point. His face was out of kilter here but I saw only with rose tinted eyes, the lust that drove Sandwell coursing through my own veins. “Better?” he raised an eyebrow and I nodded, still too full of emotion to speak. We lay like that, not quite asleep more of a doze and in time my own heartbeat matched his and my breaths took on his familiar rhythm. I became aware of the buzz of those behind the curtains. I could not quite discern the different voices then but the sighs and moans and grunts told me a lot. It was beautiful inside our cocoon, two boys lost in the joy of boyhood delights. In time I inhaled his odour, the taint of satiation flavoured the scent, and I wondered after tasting his juices what his seed would taste like but that would mean allowing his cock to escape the embrace of my boyhaven and this was one port that insisted on sheltering him from the storm. I was insanely jealous of all those who had offered him such a berth, this ridiculous envy lasted a mere second of thought but it was an envy that would inhabit my senses many times, sometimes lasting longer than a second, but at that moment he was mine, his member was mine and I was possessive to a point of madness. Thierry started and his head came up, he smiled at me and then holding me across my back he scurfed up the bed, his head found the pillows and his arm went backwards to rearrange them under his head, the one on which I had lain was pushed to the side and inserted under his shoulders. “Little one,” his whisper called me, “it’s time for you to do the work,” I felt his cock swell and pulse within me. Slowly and with his aid I found the position that pleased both of us. Avidly I recalled as much as I could of the similar coupling I had seen Darius undertake with Mr Goodstock. Astride Thierry’s member I had access to his marvellous taut body, he was so different and yet similar to Mr Goodstock but the differences excited me more. I reached forward to place my palms on his teats, the touch of the soft nubs with the darker pigmented skin was a further delight but as I found my position I was aware that the change of position had caused his member to stroke me inside. My eyes widened and he chuckled at my amazement. “First time on top eh?” his laughter thrilled me as it also made his dick swell and rub around inside me. “I told you I would take you to pleasures new,” he smiled, “try leaning back.” I did as he asked and again a wonderful tingle commenced as my movement caused a similar reaction. Enthused I started to experiment, moving my young body in all and every direction I could think of; all the while his lazy smile and the flashes in his eyes told me that he was enjoying my exploration and experimentation just as much as I was. “Now all the way up, grasp me and put me back inside,” Thierry commanded. I did as he asked, the sight of his seed streaked member flexing before me making me curious just as little boys are, the bubble of his sweet honey juice did make my mouth water and I was unable to stop myself from dipping a finger in the clear squidginess, the taste was slightly saltier, due no doubt to the seed compound that was being excited upwards from his balls but it flavoured my mouth and excited me more so. Thierry grunted and thrust upwards, I immediately grasped his member and lowered myself down. I did it too fast and he slid inside, opening me up wide as I sat down on his body. The sensations as he slid inside were squashed together in a flurry of jots and tingles. “Don’t pout,” Thierry admonished me and I blushed as I had not realised I was being so childish. I sat up and his member once more slid out, this time I tried to do it slowly and was rewarded with successive waves of pleasant smooth joys and then a hard jolt as his bulb bounced at and past my boynub. Instantly I repeated the motion, attempting to slow the pace and experience the longer delights that this produced. Thierry smiled at my attempts but then as I gained knowledge and intuition he too moaned and growled his own joys. I began to move faster, my need growing, the ache as the wide head of his member was a distant memory for me by now, the torturous pleasure as my anal lips were expanded and retracted just a further level of delight and joy. I was so intent on my own activities I did not observe Thierry’s growing desires and passion. Thierry dealt with that in a most sure and dominant fashion. Thierry’s hands grasped my hips as he thrust forcefully upwards, forcing me down onto his member, the organ pulsed and swelled inside me and pushed roughly past my nub, I squealed as the intense tingling recommenced and I trembled, quivering with the delight that rode in and over me as his continued to hold me as he thrust upwards, the feelings mounted and mounted and I squealed and mewled as his heavy assault continued. As he plundered my body I thought about his fencing talent, did those practiced lunges give him the thrusting strength I was so happily and ecstatically experiencing. He grunted and gave me a blazing look from his flaring eyes. “Frig yourself,” he commanded, immediately my hand flew to my cocklet and taking my foreskin in my fingers I started to administer the extra pleasure to my boyhood. I rode him, saddled as his complete direction, he gave me more and more instructions as how to move my body, how to manipulate my torso to so and so effect and excel the pleasures within not only himself but my body too. His pleasuring became pronounced and I thought he was close, so I redoubled my movements. He lay grunting and panting underneath me, his hands slipping from the control of my hips, then he pushed my hand off my member and held me tight, stopping my movement. “Time for a special lesson,” his eyes flared again. I was still; stock still as he explained what I had to do. Slowly, painfully I tried to accommodate his expressed desire. I took deep breaths and thought about my tiny nub, the thing that tingled inside me. “Try to make your internal muscles move,” he asked, “it will be difficult at first but you can practice when you are on your own, sitting at your desk in a quiet moment, standing in the queue or in the quadrangle,” I stared at him as he had spoken but my mind was already attempting what he proposed. I concentrated intent on his words. The bud inside me was protesting, it wanted attention and the pole it rested against was not providing the badly lusted for stimulation. I breathed hard several times and as he had suggested made my anus work as though I was trying to pass a large turd. At first nothing happened but as I increased the exertions then I felt the muscles further up my canal respond and heaven on heaven my bud was tingling as I moved it against the stationary organ. “That’s it, that’s it,” Thierry crowed triumphantly, “again, again,” he insisted but I was already beyond that, the sensation was truly enhancing and I repeated and repeated the contractions, relishing in the waves of heated desire that ransacked my body and no doubt his as his face expressed his delights with intense clarity. End of Part Four To be Continued…???????????????????? (So is it to be heaven or hell for young Cavendish? Will he become like slut George, will he have an assignation or affair with George and what else has the proficient Thierry to teach our young student? Well then if you do want more and really want me to continue Cavendish’s educational story then you have to write and tell me or this could really be the end. Don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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