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“A Lover, Sister, Friend, Twin”

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I started at the Law firm after graduating from Depaul University of Chicago law school second in my class. I Moved into a lush downtown apartment and settled into my new career. One night quite by surprise I found a new love, my neighbor/friend Lisa, Dancing with her at a club on Rush Street, our bodies grinding together, lust and desire, kissing her the first time was magic.

We moved in together and things were wonderful for awhile. Walking around in our panties, making love, hot showers together, we were a lesbian cliche’, I loved her very much. As time went on Lisa became controlling and abusive, why I didn’t throw her out the first time she hit me I don’t know, but finally with a strength of will I didn’t know I had, I ended the bad relationship.

I am free and alone now experiencing a sexual awaking something new and exciting behind every door.

I was summed to a meeting with the managing committee of the law firm, nervously, I walked to conference room. As a Junior associate attorney my responsibilities are gathering information for legal cases and assisting senior attorneys in forming arguments. I facilitate the research process and interview key individuals involved in a case before going to court. I help complete court and administrative paperwork. I argue motions I have helped prepare and sometimes question witnesses with whom I have worked with.

Dressed in a black Alexander McQueen business skirt suit on my five foot two frame, black pumps on my cute little feet, red hair pulled back, I knocked on the door. Very nervous at what waited behind that door.

“Cheryle, don’t bother sitting down this will not take long,” the managing partner, a striking grey haired man, said in a gruff voice. “We are very pleased with your work here and we’ve decided you should take lead on a case,” sliding a folder across the large conference table in my general direction.

I picked the folder up, thanking them for the opportunity, I headed back to my office. The case involved a porn actress, Melody Lane, who was filming a movie here in Chicago. I had a meeting with her tomorrow over lunch at the Dearborn restaurant so I wanted to do has much research I could.

The case was fairly cut and dry she had a contract and the production company had violated that contract. I will not go into details for confidentiality reasons. Still it is good to know everything about your client so there are no surprises. I would watch some of her movies/videos tonight when I got home so I could familiarize with her work.

Arriving home and striping off my work attire, hanging it neatly in my closet, I poured some wine and sat down to watch Melody Lane perform. The first video showed her naked playing a guitar, a fellow musician, very erotic, almost like looking in a mirror, my beautiful twin. The next video showed her naked sucking her own cute toes before inserting a black butt plug in her tight ass. Her naked body looked allot like mine, redheaded twins, small breast, red pubes neatly trimmed in a cute triangle, long red hair framing her beautiful tender face.

My desire and wetness growing watching her, like I watched myself in my bedroom mirror. My hands found my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing and squeezing them. Bringing one of my breast to my mouth, teasing it, flicking my long tongue over my hard nipple. Taking my time enjoying the show as she revealed her cute little shaved penis, stroking it playing with her hairless balls. I let my hand slide down slowly over my stomach through my red pubes to my wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my labia. Inserting one, then two fingers, inside me slowly moving, in and out, my wetness growing. My other hand following the same path to find my clit rubbing it gently the whole time watching the scene play out on the computer screen. My juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out.

I was so turned on my juices trickling down my ass crack sent shivers up my spine. Looking at that read headed slut on the screen butt plug in her tight ass jacking her small shaved penis. Hungerly I sucked fingers fresh from my own pussy imagining it was her beautiful cock. Mesmerized by the little red headed slut with a cute little penis.

My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, my scent filling the room. Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of my ass to my brown flower rubbing my juices on my tight asshole. Probing the entrance, gently, poking one finger inside my ass thrusting in deep. Then out, then in, adding another finger and a third driving hard pounding my ass. Rubbing my swollen clit the first waves of sheer pleasure encompass me.

The sounds coming out of my mouth surprised me. Something primal taking over, losing all rational control, I submitted to Melody Lane. The idea of submitting to her giving my self completely over, serving only to lust and desire, pleasure. Bringing my fingers up to taste my ass, şişli escort “you dirty slut” I heard her say, licking them eagerly. I’m yours take me, make me cum for you, while I watch you perform.

So soft between my fingers I love my cute little red bush, Melody has a small one too. Sliding down, past my other hand still rubbing my swollen clit, touching my labia gently. Plunging my fingers in hard, deep ready to cum for you Melody. Watch me as a shattering orgasm shakes my body, my cute little toes curl, screams and moans escaping my lips. While your first squirt of white cum squirts out in your hand on my computer screen watching you bring it to your sweet mouth tasting it.

Exhausted, spent, I laid in bed dreaming of our meeting the next day. What should I wear, would she think we looked like sisters/twins too, for some reason her cute little penis danced in my head. I was her attorney what exactly did I want to happen?

I showered in the morning, soaping and shaving my legs, preparing for my special meeting, I applied my make-up, making sure it was just right. I stood before my large closet for a long time, the outfit had to be perfect, business slutty. Choosing a red skirt suit and matching heels covering my Victoria’s Secret rad lace panties and bra set.

The morning dragged on, preparing for my lunch meeting, Melody’s cute penis dancing in my head, as the hour neared I loaded my brief case and headed out to the busy downtown streets. Entering the lavish Dearborn restaurant I spotted her sitting in the corner. Walking up to the table where she was sitting sipping a white wine. I introduced myself and shook her soft hand wondering if that was the one she came in last night.

We ate and talked, I laid out my plans to force a settlement, she seemed so pleased. We joke that we looked like sisters, she touched my hand, talking to her the attorney persona drifted away and the slut came to play. I slipped off my heels rubbing the sole off my foot against the top of Melody’s. My toes playing their own game under the table rubbing Melody’s leg. Her barefoot finding mine a sensual game of footsie has we drank coffee after finishing lunch.

Melody’s foot finding it’s way under my dress rubbing my pussy with her cute little toes, sliding to the edge of my seat, I met her toes with enthusiasm. Working there way inside my red lace panties her toes rubbing my pussy. Fucking me with that wonderful foot, moaning softly, hoping no-one would notice, my juices covering her foot. She held my hand watching me being pleasured by her foot. Grinding into her toes, feeling them poke into my wet pussy.

Staring in her beautiful eyes, her red hair draping a soft tender face, beautiful. Trying to hold it together has she fucked me under the table with her toes. Waves of pleasure crashing over my body, public, erotic, what was I doing? A prisoner of my lust and desire. My orgasm erupted around her foot shaking me to my core in the crowded restaurant.

After a few minutes, I smiled, and excused my self to use the facilities to freshen up.

“I’ll go with you,” Melody said with a sly smile.

My heart racing as we walk toward the ladies room. Once inside the bathroom we were all alone to my surprise. Entering a stall, Melody following close behind, I turned to express shock at what had just happened. But her lips found mine her long tongue dancing in my mouth what a wonderful feeling. My hand playing with her small breast, she stroked my face with her soft hands, what was I doing.

Stepping back from me she lowered her jeans a cute little bulge in her black panties.

“Like what you see,” noticing me starring.

I looked away, blushing, she reached out and caressed my hand, kissing my neck softly. Her mouth moved to mine we kissed our tongues intertwined. I was so turned on, what was I doing, it felt so good, almost natural, I tingled all over, I wanted more. My hand slid inside her panties stroking that small shaved penis with the little red patch above. So smooth, rubbing her sweet smooth balls, my hand exploring my sister’s semi hard dick.

I felt Melody apply slight pressure on my shoulders pushing me down, OMG, I was going to suck a beautiful trans dick, I felt myself drifting down to my knees, what was I doing, kneeling down on the dirty bathroom stall floor. How did I get here on my knees rubbing her beautiful clit/cock wanting to taste Melody’s cum. Something primal took me over, I wanted to be her bathroom slut, I wanted to make Melody cum, I dove in licking & sucking her cock and her balls, I heard her moaning. My hand slipped to her ass which I probed with one finger then two, my mouth still devouring her cock, we both moaned in pleasure, grabbing my head with both hands grinding her cock into my face. She was so hard which encouraged me any thoughts of were I was drifted away all I want was to give her an orgasm swallow her cum. Her groans grew louder she started bucking her hips, Melody squealed in delight, holding my mecidiyeköy escort head firmly in place wave after wave shook her body squirting cum in my mouth and all over my face.

Rising to my feet she licked her cum off my face, then kissing me gently on the lips, she whispered, “You want to be in the Movie.”

After fixing my face in the bathroom mirror Melody and I returned to the table. I called my law office to check in and let them know I was going to spend the rest of the day with Melody preparing her case. I paid our check and we headed to the movie set.

Walking down the magnificent mile to MILA luxury apartments:

The MILA is a premier luxury apartment building that is not only in one of Chicago’s most iconic neighborhoods, but one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the world. The Loop, named so for the looping El Train is the central hub for everything from fashion and shopping to art to culture and dining.

That’s why they decided to spare no expense when designing and building the luxury apartments on Michigan Ave. To honor the esteemed location, they even named the luxury apartment building MILA, which pays homage to its ideal location at Michigan Avenue and Lake Street.

With the forty-one-story luxury residential development, with a Modern, glass facade, floor-to-ceiling windows in residences, impeccable views all around. We rode the elevator to the penthouse apartment, inside were cameras, lights, sound equipment and a crew.

Melody introduced me to the producer, a short stocky man bald man chewing a cigar, she explained her scene idea. Melody Lane seduces her sister after she comes home at work. He looked me up and down and said “that will work.”

We sat in chairs as the make up technician worked on our faces. A contract was given to me which I gave a quick read and signed. The producer explained the scene that would take place in the living room.

I entered the scene through the door Melody laying on the couch in a sweater and panties.

“How was your day, SIS,” the line spurring the fantasy in my mind.

“Long, I was on my feet all day,” the line I had said a thousand times.

“Take off your heels and pour some wine I’ll give you a nice foot rub,” Melody said with a beautiful grin. Fantasy to reality, I pour some wine removing my heels and suit jacket. Facing her on the couch my bare feet now in her hands she rub and needed them.

Lowering down I felt her warm breath on my toes, her tongue licking between them before sucking each one in her warm mouth. Laying my head back on the comfy leather sofa her hands unzipping my skirt. Lifting my hips she slip my skirt and panties down my legs.

Melody’s fingers played with my pussy, I was in heaven her hot warm mouth sucking my toes, Her fingers probing my wetness. Moaning loudly, cameras rolling, I freed my perky breast. Pinching my nipples, face distorted in pleasure, Melody Lane seducing me.

Melody stood, walking to stand just in front of me holding her cute cock, mesmerized, I dropped to my knees before the beautiful penis, just inches from my face. “You want to suck it Cheryle?” Melody said with desire. I lick her smooth balls before taking her in my my mouth sucking eagerly “That’s it baby – feels so good,” She Screamed. Melody stroking my long red hair gently, as I slobbered on her cock and balls. I was so turned on by Melody’s penis, so wet, I wanted so bad to please her so bad. “Deep throat my cock,” she ordered.

Forcing my mouth down until my nose was in her cute triangled red pubes. Saliva drooling out of mouth, Melody started moving her hips fucking my face moaning loudly. She pushed deep down my throat holding my head there “Look at me Cheryle” I raised my blue eyes to meet her gaze staring down at me “You look so hot – do you think it’s wet enough?” Melody asked. Nodding struggling to say yes with a mouthful of her cock. Releasing my head I pulled back drool dropping from my chin to her dick.

“You did such a nice job,” she whispered tenderly, stroking my long red hair.

I Turned around putting my face in the floor and my ass in the air. Pulling my ass cheeks apart, presenting my ass for entrance, I felt a lubed finger poke inside my tight ass. Lubing my ass with one, then two, adding a third, it felt wonderful her slick fingers working in and out of my ass.

As Melody’s member made it’s entrance inch by inch slowly entering me, I moaned, the pain turning to pleasure. Deeper, slowly deeper, then out, I felt empty, then she was in my ass again. Finding a rhythm I moved back to meet her thrust into my ass pleasure radiating out through my body. What a great surprise, Melody’s magic penis, a red headed slut with a nice cock.

Melody pounding my ass, pulling my long red hair, calling me a “Slut”, she was really into her role and I was loving it too. Reaching up to rub my clit, feelings of pleasure filling my brain. Panting, moaning, screaming her name, “Melody!”

“Harder, Faster, make me your istanbul escort whore!!” I squealed.

When Melody’s penis started pulsing, my knees gave out, collapsing to the floor, Melody going with me. On my stomach, Melody laying on top of me, working her penis in and out of my ass, nibbling my neck. My orgasm shook my body, my toes curling, pulling out she shot her hot cum on my tight little ass. I felt her tongue licking it off, tickling me, erotic and great fun, I heard the director yell “CUT SCENE!”

The crew applauded as we were handed silk robes. “Let’s take a sower,” she said with a smile. taking my hand in hers and leading me to the bathroom and a hot shower. The hot water gleaming off Melody’s naked body, our hands washing each other, exploring every inch of our bodies. I felt amazing, my little body tingling, hot water, soapy hands.

Suddenly Melody spun me around in one quick motion my hands found the wall of the shower to brace myself. Melody dropped to her knees diving in licking me from behind her nose tickling my asshole. She slowly brought her tongue to flick my brown star it felt wonderful, no-one had ever licked my ass before, with such expertise, my knees were shaking. Melody’s fingers entered my pussy, in and out, she fingered my pussy, as she probe my backside with her long tongue.

I was out of control the sounds escaping my lips were unrecognizable I never felt this way before. Melody had me on the verge of another orgasm I was never so wet juices sliding down my thigh. I thrusted my ass back into her face her long tongue plunged deeply in my bowels, her fingers banging my cunt, wave and waves of pleasure hit my body. I shook uncontrollably, screaming in joy, the hot water, her long tongue, fingers, sensory overload.

Back at my apartment after an amazing day we laid in my bed cuddling together. She stroked my long red hair, drifting off to sleep, holding each other, my legs wrapped around her. So warm, so soft, I could feel her sweet breath on my cheek.

I woke Melody with a kiss, “Hurry get dressed I want to show you something,” pulling her out of my bed. Down the elevator, through the lobby, out into the night. Boarding the “L” in the last car, Riding the L, starring out the window at the Lake Michigan, putting my arm on Melody’s soft back, rubbing softly. She laid her head on my chest, I instinctively stroked her beautiful long red hair, a tender moment between lovers on a train at four AM.

Looking up kissing my soft red lips. We kiss, lips parting, I felt her long tongue, arms rapping around each other in a warm embrace. The train keeps rolling down the line, kissing, my hand finds it’s way under your shirt. Cupping your breast, rubbing, squeezing, teasing – your hand slides under my skirt, inside my panties rubbing my wet pussy.

Her fingers entering me slowly, in then out, my wetness growing. lifting you shirt, kissing and sucking, Melody’s small breast, flicking the nipple with my tongue. Fingering my pussy, fumbling to get her jeans open. Sliding my hand inside Melody’s panties, rubbing her shaved balls. The train keeps rolling down the line. Staring into each others eyes. moving to meet her fingers pace increasing. Stroking Melody’s penis our moans filling the empty train car, the slurping sound of Melody’s fingers banging my wet pussy.

Beautiful music of lovers on a train, feeling her throbbing penis twitch and pulse squirting white goo all over my hand an orgasm shaking my body. Bringing my hand to her mouth she licked it clean, what a wonderful ride with Melody Lane.

Waking up on that cold Chicago morning snuggling close to Melody for warmth. Her long red hair covering her sweet face morning sun peeking through the black curtains. Stroking her soft back gently listening to her soft breathing.

My mind turn to a little morning exercise, a little fun, down the small of back to the crack of her ass. Playfully rubbing Melody’s asshole, she stirred just a little, moving slowly to her soft little penis. Her balls so smooth, just tenderly touching, willing that cock to life.

Turn your ass over, baby, let me ride your cute dick, I guarantee I’ll have you groaning. My tight cunt on that sweet little cock, climbing on, I’ll ride you rock hard.

Drive you wildly insane. Make you scream my name, wrapped in the pleasure of a morning ride, bouncing on Melody’s beautiful pole.

I’m going to nibble on your ear and massage your smooth hairless nuts. while you’re rubbing all over my tight little butt, I’ll slow my speed to tease a little bit, the head of your dick with my wet pussy lips, indeed. up and down, down and up, feeling fantastic with a little exercise in the morning, what a ride.

Her cock coming to life in my little hand, feeling it growing, Melody opens her eyes knowing what I have planned. Rolling her on her back, straddling her waist, guiding the head of her cock to my wet pussy lips. Rubbing it back and forth with my slick slit.

Taking just the head in, my tight pussy stretching and sucking, lowering slowly on the now rock hard shaft. Sitting on Melody’s hard cock, rubbing her hairless balls with my hand, slowly rising up. Starting my sweet morning ride, bouncing like I would riding a horse, Melody’s hands on my breast.

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