Mar 13

A meeting

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A meetingWe had arranged to meet at my work as Sarah kept telling me she wanted to be my assistant during our many chats online. I had made sure my office was closed and told her to text me when she was outside so I could open up and let her in and I was very excited and looking forward to finally meeting in person. The text came and sure enough she was stood outside the door looking around to see who might see her, looking classy in a long wool coat dark tights or stockings and low heeled knee boots, mmmm I thought she remembered. As we came inside I kissed her on the cheek with my hand on her back and she shivered slightly, I think we were both unsure how to play this having talked about meeting for so long but being unable to do so. “how was the train trip” “it was good” come into my office it’s a little warmer there” we walked through, her in front of me and I held the door for her, “let me take your coat” she shrugged it off revealing a knee length dark blue skirt similar in colour to the boots and a white shirt, that looked be fighting to keep itself buttoned, Sarah was a size 12/14 but with lovely big boobs that I had lusted over for some time. “sit” I motioned to the chair in front of my desk. Sarah is very submissive and likes to be told what to do. “so why are you here?” I asked, I could see her cheeks colour and she squirmed a little şahinbey escort in the seat as she was shy about answering despite both of us knowing the reasons. I wanted to hear her say it. “errrrm you know!” she said in a timid voice, “do I?” I questioned, “ I may suspect but I need you to be clear about what we are doing – you do know why you’ve just sat on a train for hours don’t you?” “I’ve come to see you” she tried to answer but with avoiding the question specifically, I wasn’t going to allow her to get away that easily. “tell me exactly!” I said firmly but with a smile. A deep breath was taken and I was sure her buttons would burst “I want you to use me” she said with her eyes down, “use you? – how?” she then looked me straight in the eye and said “fuck me and do whatever you please?” that was it, she had made the move, “good girl” I replied, beaming. I stood and moved around the desk trailing my hand up her arm and over the front of her shirt glancing her nipples which seemed quite prominent now, “you do realise that in not answering properly straight away that you will need to be punished?” “yes” she answered. I walked back to my desk having retrieved what I wanted from on top of the filing cabinet. “stand” she obeyed, “lift up your skirt I want to see if you remembered all of it” she did willingly exposing dark stocking clad legs with deliciously pale creamy thighs above, suspenders, some dark blue satin and lace knickers with a suspiciously darker patch in the front, I think she was enjoying the anticipation or the vibrations on the train were more intense that I had ever remembered. “you did – good girl” this made her beam, “undo your shirt” she slowly undid the buttons and sked if she was to take it off “of course” she hung it on the back of the chair, her tits looked delightful spilling out of the top of the bra that matched the knickers, as she knew how much I loved them she asked “would you like me to take it off? Or just expose them?”” leave it on for now I replied” and at that she scooped them out, the bra making them even more high than usual, I cupped them and teased her nipples while she stood then kissed her softly on the mouth before moving to suck on her nipples my other hand cupping her ass cheek, god I had waited a long time for this. “hold your nipples out for me “ she cupped both with her dark nipples protruding and I started, spanking her nipple with the ruler I had gone to the filing cabinet for, a proper old school wooden one, stiff and firm, she was surprised but moaned as I did it “I think 10 would be enough for disobeying a direct question” I then moved the ruler down to run it up the length of her pussy seeing her squirm with delight, she was struggling to stand still and not break free, I knew she was desperate to taste my cock but that would come in time. “bend over the desk and lower your knickers” straight away she stepped forward dropped her knickers to her knees and leaned over the desk, what a view that was, I had to photograph it and grabbed the camera taking a quick few shots, then grabbed the ruler and with one hand stroked her ass cheek before slapping it hard with the ruler “mmmmmmmm” came the response from her, more stroking and spanking every time she moaned and groaned with encouragement, I was seriously struggling to keep my cock in check and was desperate to just fuck her there and then but new it would be all the better for waiting. My ruler rubbed the slit I could see was glistening between her cheeks and I trailed a finger up over it, “you are a good girl aren’t you” “yesssssss” was the response as my finger plunged into her wet slippery hole, then a second finger before long 3 were in here, vigorously plunging in and out as she squirmed and tried to push back slaps ringing out on her ass as I finger fucked her hard, she was close to cumming and pushing and squirming, I knelt and spread her cheeks while my tongue sought her clit, biting her lips softly and pushing my tongue inside, she tasted divine! I knew she would at that she shuddered and came noisily, another few slaps on her ass to keep her going then I decided it was my turn………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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