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A model called SCJ

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A model called SCJI once met this model on one of my trips and we hit it off, so we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet again in the future. for now will tell her SCJ.Hey CJ was very sexyHey CJ was very sexy very light-skinned it from the island of Jamaica she looked almost Chinese and I wish I could’ve had her read on the plane. A few months after we metA few months after we met she called me and told me that she was coming to my city to do a photoshoot and we agreed that we would meet, maybe have dinner, and hopefully I would get in that ass. Do youThe afternoon that we were supposed to meetThe afternoon that we were supposed to meet she called me from theThe afternoon that we were supposed to meet she called me from the play she was shooting karabağlar escort in and told me she wasn’t feeling very well, she was actually feeling down. I thought to myself there goes the day and there goes my piece of Jamaican ass. No sooner then I had that do it she told me to stop and I wish you were shooting add so we could at least send out for a while before she had to go. she explained that her husband was stressing her out and that he wanted her home immediately so she had to catch a flight right after the shoot. I figured what theI figured what the hell at least I don’t have to dress upI figured what the hell at least I don’t have to dress up. Still want some jeans and some jeans and sneakers, karabağlar escort bayan and made my way to the hotel she was shooting at. When I got there I was surprised to see her in some sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. however, she was covering her beautiful face with a mask.I sat down and watched her to do her thing, and during a quick break I commented on how interesting it was she chose to use a mask.The photographer intervened and said “i made her wear the mask because I couldn’t get her to smile. I think she needs a hardI think she needs a hug, you should give her one.”SCJ agreed saying “yes, please, come give me a hug.” And she removed the mask to reveal her beautiful face. As I was hugging escort karabağlar her I can get the distinct sound of the shutter on the camera. And then the photographer said “that’s a great shot. how about you takeoff your shirt?”So I took off my shirt and hugged her again, and that’s when I heard the photographer say “yes that’s nice how about a little kiss?”No sooner the photographer said that SCJ started to kiss me. The photographers voice lowered to sexy whisper as she continued to give directions, And with each of her directions, the shoot got …Well let’s just say it won’t end up on vogue magazine. It was such a turn on being with this beautiful woman I’m having another woman take pictures of us. Week later I received an email with a few of the shots and she said that the last one was of her and the effects of us getting it on. And just like the story of Chyna the weed smoking Asian, this my friends wad the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship which I will surely share with all of you. Until then, enjoy the few shots I posted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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