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A Modern Kajira, Part 6: Punishment

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A Modern Kajira, Part 6: PunishmentMaster looked down at his miserable, disheveled kajira, his face grim. “What do you have to say for yourself, you dirty little whore?!”“kata is sorry, Master! Please forgive kata!” she begged, black tears running down her face.“I’m not going to forgive you, or at least not now. I warned you, and you disobeyed Me. There’s only one thing to with rebellious slaves, and that’s a whipping.”“Please, Master,” kata cried piteously. “It was an accident, You saw it on the monitors!”Master shook his head. “How do I know it wasn’t a ploy? How do I know that you didn’t fake slipping so that you could stimulate yourself? No, I don’t have a choice. It’s time for you to learn that your body is Mine, and that you get satisfaction only when I will it. Now bend over, your head to the floor and your hands clasped behind your head. It’s time you learned a lesson.” kata assumed the disciplinary position, sobbing quietly He smiled cruelly. “But first, I’m going to remove your dildo, just to drive the lesson home. Think of it: That nice, big rod sliding slowly out of your wet little heat. One more smooth, hard upstroke rubbing against your G-spot. Let’s see if you can handle that.” kata moaned in despair from her exposed position. She COULDN’T handle it! The bent-over position she had assumed had already stimulated her pussy to agonizing levels. With her head lowered, she could see that it was pink, swollen and dripping. Occasionally, her traitorous muscles would suddenly tense on the devilish rod like a hungry mouth, slavering over its phallic food. Any friction against the weeping walls would surely set her off.“Please, Master! Please don’t do this! kata will be good!”“No arguments. If you don’t want to come, I’d advise you to stay as still as possible.”kata closed her eyes, canlı bahis stood perfectly still and tried to think of something boring. She ran calculus equation after calculus equation through her head, and it seemed to be working, until…Master pulled it out. He pulled it out slowly, and the tip around, first against one wall, then another. When he reached the entrance of the vagina, he gave it a devilish twist before removing it with a popping sound.“NOOOO!!! Oh, god, NO! Master, i-i’m going to-OOOHHHHH!! MMAASSTTEERR!!!”The wave of pulsing heat crested, and her legs shook uncontrollably as her pussy contracted on nothing and small spurts of watery slime dripped onto the polished wood floor.Master laughed, and in a final act of torture He slid His thumb inside her while she was still coming and pressed down on her G-spot again and again like it was a button, all the while twiddling her clitoris with his index finger.kata screamed at the top of her lungs as her knees gave way and she toppled to the floor in a slimy, sobbing heap. Master prodded her with his foot.“Get up. It’s time for your punishment.” kata moaned and struggled to her knees. “Crawl over to the footstool and lie across it with your little ass up,” he commanded. kata began to crawl on her hands and knees to the footstool, but was stopped by Master’s hand in her hair. “On your belly, idiot! Inch like an inchworm so I can see your little ass and slave heat!”kata immediately sank to her belly and began to inch along, her ass cheeks and sopping pussy splaying open every time she lifted herself. She dragged herself to the footstool and slung herself across it, clasping her hands behind her neck. She could hear Master moving around in the kitchen, then water running. What was He doing?She waited with eyes closed and breath bahis siteleri coming fast. She heard Master’s brisk, heavy strides returning.“I’m going to give you five stripes for each time you came,” he said coldly. “You must count and thank me after each stoke. Each time you do not count or thank me, one extra stripe is added. Do you understand?”“Y-yes, Master,” whispered kata dully. She did not know what weapon He was using, and the thought tortured her. She knew that in the contract He had stipulated that His punishments would not draw blood or do permanent damage, but that was little comfort. An experienced Master would know many ways of making a girl feel pain without marking her.K-WWHAPP! The weapon, which kata now knew to be a wet towel, came down upon her bare ass, lighting up her backside with pain. The pain faded quickly, but she knew that after fifteen of these she would feel a more lasting burn.“One. Thank You, Master.”K-WWHAPP! “Two. Thank You, Master.”The first ten she bore stoically, with all the pain tolerance of the farm girl she was. By the eleventh, however, they had really started to hurt. She gritted her teeth, and her eyes filled with tears of pain.K-WWHAPP! “E-Eleven. Th-Thank You, Master.” Only four more to go.K-WWHAPP! “ T-Twelve. Thank You, Master!” Three more.K-WWHAPP! Another number, another gritted-teeth Thank You.K-WWHAPP! One more.K-WWHAPP! “FIFTEEN! THANK YOU, MASTER!” Her bottom was on fire now, but it was over, and she dared to breathe out.K-WWHAPP!! Sixteen? How could this be? Of course! The Mnemonic Blow! Despite her surprise, she managed to stammer out a “Sixteen! Thank You!”, then sagged against the footstool, breathing heavily.She felt Master’s warm breath on her neck as he bent down. She opened her eyes and looked up, expecting to see anger in güvenilir bahis them. Instead, she saw compassion and tenderness.“You’re a brave little slut. All the others were crying by the tenth stroke. I think maybe one day you might make Me proud. Now, get up and microwave the food, since it probably went cold during your punishment, crack Me open a beer and maybe we can have a good evening.”And then, strangely, remarkably, He kissed her blackened cheek and tenderly stroked her tender bottom. Shocked, she turned her head to the side, looking at Him with bewilderment that soon turned into joy. He noticed this and coughed embarrassedly, cursing his softness. How could He, the Master, be feeling compassion for a slave? No, this couldn’t be right.“Up you get, kajira! Get your slave ass to the microwave.”kata did obeisance before him and kissed his foot. A slight nudge under the chin told her that it was accepted, so she stood and hurried with little slave steps to the kitchen. She set the enormous microwave on “HI” for four minutes, watching intently to make sure that the alfredo sauce did not become gluey. The salad she had had the presence of mind not to dress until it was served, so the leaves had not wilted. She brought the dish of pasta back to the table and knelt beside Master’s chair, her legs fittingly spread.“Serve me, girl. Two scoops of pasta, two of salad. Not too much dressing.” kata stood and served Master, then sank to her knees again, watching Him intently. Master ate, not praising the food but not criticizing it either. He finished His salad and took a swig of his beer, then looked at his penitent slave.“Get yourself a plate and serve yourself. You may sit at my feet. You may be a disobedient slut sometimes, but I don’t let my slaves go hungry. Starved slaves lose their cleavage. Now go on,” he said fondly, “Get yourself some food.”kata beamed up at Him and rose to her feet, looking shyly through her lashes. She had experienced her first failure, but had also passed her first test.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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