Eki 16

A New Morning

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Author’s note: This story is a continuation of my story “Saturday Night,” an account of two freshman friends in college losing their virginity together in her dorm room.

Despite the small, uncomfortable twin bed that Kris and I spent the night in after losing our virginity to one another, I actually slept pretty well. Several times in the night we’d both found ourselves only half asleep and wound up hugging, kissing, rubbing one another tenderly and touching one another between the legs. She was noticeably wet every time I felt her womanhood and I may well have had an erection all night.

“My God, your dick is so slick,” my brunette bed mate muttered as she stroked me once we were both at last fully awake around 830 am. We faced one another on our sides, hands on each other’s bodies as we lay beneath the sheets, Kris caressing my cock while I gently fingered her warm, wonderful womanhood.

“I think I was hard all night, so I was probably leaking precum nonstop.”

“Hmmm. I guess I never really knew about that. I mean, I know I get wet when I’m turned on but I didn’t know guys did too.”

“I guess it’s kind of funny,” I said as my mind made one of its free associations.

“What is?”

“When we’re aroused we guys get super-hard and a little bit wet, and women get really wet and a little bit hard,” I said, emphasizing the latter point by taking Kris’s clitoris between my thumb and forefinger, her eyes widening in surprise at the sudden uptick in intensity.

“I’m definitely wet, and you’re definitely hard. What should we do about it?”

“I know what I’d like to do about it. So, uh, do you wanna fuck?”

“How can I turn down such a sweet request?” Kris replied with a laugh, her smiling face newly gorgeous to me. “How should we do it?”

“Well, it’ll probably work best if I slide my cock into your pussy….” I began.

“Duh! But, like, from what I’ve seen in porn I don’t just have to be flat on my back while you grunt away on top of me.”

“Wait — there are other ways to do it?” I said, bugging my eyes out in feigned shock.

“Yes, but I don’t want it in my ass.”

“I hadn’t even thought of that, really. I mean, with the slop they serve down in the cafeteria I don’t even want to know what comes out of there….”

Kris cut off my attempt at humor by placing a hand on my shoulder and laying me flat on my back. Next, she swung a leg over me and placed her other hand on my other shoulder, effectively pinning me to the mattress. I might’ve complained, but I was too entranced by the way gravity was presenting her cupcake-sized breasts to me, elongating them nicely. I strained at the neck trying to get my mouth on them, and she quickly caught on and leaned forward a little more.

“That feels really nice,” she moaned as I licked and kissed from breast to breast, paying special attention to her pert, perky nipples while also beginning to move my cock around down below. “And that feels really good down there, too.”

“Wait, shit — let me grab a condom,” I interjected.

“We’re fine,” she replied, a small smirk on her features as she rose up a bit. “I’ve been on the pill for a few years. It helps with my cramps. I just wanted to be extra safe our first time last night in case you weren’t really a virgin and had some nasty disease.”

“You could tell that I was?”

“Well, it would’ve been a weird thing for you to lie about. But I think it’s pretty clear that neither of us really know what we’re doing,” she laughed as her hand went down to stroke my length and position it at her opening. “But hopefully we can learn fairly quickly. Make up for lost time.”

I reveled in the feelings as I thrust forward and my head parted her nether lips. Last night’s experience paled compared to the way I felt as our naked flesh joined together minus a micro-thin latex membrane between us. Kris slowly opened up to accommodate me, bottoming out with a smile. “You’re all the way in, right?” she asked, tentatively rocking her hips.

“I am,” I replied, circling my own hips to stimulate different areas within her, my cock rotating like an Atari joystick while our short hairs rubbed against one another. “How does it feel?”

“Incredible,” she replied, leaning forward and placing her hands in mine. She lowered her head toward me as I rose so we could share a long, deep kiss, our lusting bodies briefly conjoined in two places. “So full.”

“Your pussy feels so amazing, Kris. You’re so wet and warm and tight. I don’t think anything could ever feel so perfect.”

“Anything?” she teased, rising up and beginning to set a rhythm.

“Nothing,” I replied, dipping my hips into the mattress before thrusting up into her on her downstroke as we set a nice, slow pace that seemed perfect for a Sunday morning. “Nothing ever never.”

I was lost in a trance, giving in to my senses, listening to the gentle slapping sounds our bodies made as we tenderly joined together, enjoying the jiggle of her firm breasts every time I bottomed out inside izmit rus escort her, intrigued by the look on her face as she grinned and grimaced, digging my short nails into her hands.

I felt amazing sensations all along my length, my entire cock tingling in new ways as Kris and I continued to unite and then slide away until just my head was inside her before I once again pistoned back into her delectable depths. I wondered then whether I was inside her or if she was enveloping me. Our union felt like the entirety of the world, an amazing new place that I never wanted to leave.

But despite what I myself wanted, my semen was eager to leave me, to travel through me and into Kris’s womanhood, my sperms blissfully unaware that they would have mere minutes to live before they perished in her eggless womb. I tried to will them to stay with me, to delay my climax for as long as possible.

“What’s wrong?” Kris asked with a look of mild concern as I stopped my motions.

“Trying…not to…come already,” I said through gritted teeth.

“This again? I told you, it’s a compliment. I’m just so good at sex that you pop in like two minutes.”

“Not…funny,” I said, laughing in spite of myself when she started rocking back and forth on me while I held myself still, buried inside her to the hilt. “Hey, that’s…a good move. I don’t feel a ton when you do that so I may not pop in the next 10 seconds.”

“No, it’s a great move. Makes me feel so full and gives just the right amount of friction.”

“Let me try a little something while you’re at it,” I commented, freeing my right hand and feeling my way to the point of our union, then upwards to Kris’s clitoris, gently rubbing her bud.

“Holy shit, that feels great! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.”

“I’m *trying* to keep it up, dammit,” I laughed.

“Oh fuck Tony this feels great, that’s perfect, no, not that fast….” I began to thrust into Kris once more, challenging myself to find the coordination needed to maintain a good rhythm with my hips while continuing to caress her love button in just the right manner. Her face broke out in a big smile as we began to increase the speed of our coupling. I could actually smell our sex as sweat broke out on my forehead and the sounds produced every time our bodies drew together became louder.

Kris, too, became louder, began to produce guttural, gasping sounds that I found both intriguing and just the slightest bit terrifying. Her reactions weren’t cartoonish the way they often were when actresses climaxed in porn; she was singing her own unique and beautiful song and I was honored to be playing a role in her symphony. “That’s it, beautiful, let it flow, let it go,” I muttered. I thought I felt my balls begin to tighten, and confirmed it by touching them with my pinky finger while my thumb continued to play with her clitoris. A moment later, her finger joined my thumb on her button.

“Oh, fuck,” I began.

“Shit, I’m coming!” she gasped, cutting me off, pressing down on my chest, a radiant smile on her face.

I removed my thumb, grasped her ass in both hands, held her still as I thrust into her with maximum effort a dozen or so times, grunting as my cum pulsed into her with each forward motion, every nerve blazing as her wonderfully tight pussy spasmed around my raging cock. I finally broke into laughter as I stopped, spent and drained, and laid flat, play-acting that I was dead.

“That good, eh?” Kris asked with a sly grin before covering my mouth with hers.

“Best fuck I’ve ever had,” I chuckled, breaking off our kiss and wrapping my arm around her, holding her tight against me, still inside her.

“Ever? You mean Rosie Palm and her five sisters aren’t as good?”

“Not nearly. Your pussy is way better, Kris.”

“I like your cock more than my fingers, too,” she said, kissing me again.

“Can we just stay in bed all day?” I asked, not entirely kidding even though I had a paper due tomorrow.

“Erin usually doesn’t come back from visiting her family until early evening, so it’s tempting. But I do need to hit the books at some point. Plus, as filling as your dick was, I think I need to grab some breakfast.”

“Yeah, I guess I could eat,” I replied as Kris rolled off of me and began to gather her clothes. I sat on the side of the bed, watched as she dressed.

“What’s that look?” she asked.

“What look?”

“You look…sad?”

“God no. It’s just that…I’ve just enjoyed spending the night naked with you. And now…you’re all dressed,” I said as she pulled her sweatshirt back over her head and reached for her shoes. “Your ass looks great, by the way. Even in sweats.”

“You’re biased. I’m your first piece of ass, after all.”

I stood, walked the three steps over to Kris, wrapped my arms around her and turned us so we were facing the mirror together. “I think we look pretty good together,” I said, smiling as I kissed her ear, rubbing my face against her head, my long blonde bangs izmit escort intermingling with her curly brunette ringlets. “Can’t we just order room service?” I joked, rubbing against her, beginning to rise again.

“Ew, don’t get your boy stuff on me,” she laughed, playfully slapping at my slick, semi-erect cock, briefly taking hold of it. I gasped at her touch, eliciting a raised eyebrow and a chuckle. “Down, boy! I have to do laundry; I think these are like my only clean pants.”

“I already got it *in* you; what’s the big deal if it’s *on* you, too?”

She rolled her eyes, pushed me away gently. “Get dressed, you clown. I seem to have worked up a real appetite.”

“Alright,” I said, swiftly dressing. “Off we go?”

Kris nodded, locked the door behind us and slipped her fingers into mine as we walked down the hallway, weaving our way between empty beer cans, pizza boxes and one particularly unpleasant puddle of puke one of our drunk floormates deposited on the linoleum floor overnight after too much partying. We passed through the crash door and descended down a few flights of steps and the hallway to our destination, where a half-asleep work study student checked our IDs and granted us entrance to the cheerfully painted cafeteria.

As usual, the place was all but empty at 9am on this Sunday but they still cooked up enough food to give multiple portions to all 1,000 students in the entire dorm. We went our separate ways to grab our food. When she came over to sit with me I saw that Kris wasn’t kidding about her appetite; her plate was piled high with scrambled eggs, sausage links and fried potatoes. I’d opted for cold cereal, milk and coffee.

We sat across from one another eating quietly, exchanging secret smiles. I was in a bit of a whirl. Twelve hours ago Kris was just a funny, somewhat attractive co-ed who lived a few doors down who liked to banter with me. Now, we’d shared one of the most special experiences of our lives.

“You’re not your usual chatty self.”

“Neither are you,” I replied, sticking my tongue out.

“Nice tongue. Too bad you don’t know how to use it.”

“Damn! I’ve always been told I’m a good kisser.”

“Oh, your kissing is great. It’s your oral technique that needs work,” she said with a laugh.

“Sure, says she who barely managed to get my head in her mouth.” Kris opened her eyes in feigned surprise, then reached her hand across the table to take mine as we both laughed like little kids. A few other sleepy diners looked our way, but no one else from our floor was in the cafeteria. So far, we were each other’s sweet secret, just another Saturday night coupling in a building that had certainly seen more than its share of them over the years.

“You’re fun,” Kris said with a light, playful tone in her voice before shoveling a few final forkloads of her breakfast into her mouth and washing it down with a swig of orange juice. “Feel like a quick fuck?”

“So far it’s the only kind I seem to be capable of….” And like that, we practically ran back to her room.

The moment Kris closed and locked the door I pulled her sweatshirt up so it covered her head and began kissing all over her chest, pulling her white cotton bra aside to access her nipples, which quickly hardened as I licked and kissed them. Blinded by the garment around her head, she had no visual cues to prepare her for the tactile stimulation I was delivering. She laughed for a moment, then began to moan as I kissed down her belly. I continued kissing and licking until I was kneeling before her, her back pressed to the door as I pulled her sweatpants and wet panties down around her ankles. I proceeded to kiss all over her pubic thatch and part her labia with my right hand, sliding my middle finger completely inside her warm wetness several times.

“Dude, that’s hot,” she moaned, pulling her shirt the rest of the way off of her head and then running her fingers through my hair. “But you know I’m still full of your cum from like a half hour ago, right?”

“Oh, shit, I didn’t even think about it,” I said with a laugh. “Yeah, I don’t think I’m into that. Sorry.”

“That’s more the kind of thing your roommate is probably into,” she said in reference to my proudly out roommate Blake, one of her best friends on our dorm floor. “Now come back up here.”

“Wait, he’s into pussy now?” I joked as I kissed my way back up Kris’s body, removing her bra on my way up before our mouths joined together yet again.

“No cheating,” she mumbled, catching me with my eyes open as I watched us in front of the mirror.

“You cheated too,” I replied through both of our mouths.

“Only because you did.” In the moment, I really couldn’t argue with her logic. “You know, for someone who said he wanted to fuck, you sure do have a lot of clothes on,” she smirked as she pulled my shirt up and over my head.

“I do. In fact…let’s try something new.”

“I told you, no anal.”

“Um, no. Not what I had in mind. Just give me a second.” I turned around, kocaeli escort walked a few steps over to Erin’s desk, grabbed her chair and carried it over near the door. “I saw this in a porno once. You kneel on the chair with your arms on the back of it and I do you from behind.”

Our eyes met in the mirror and a smile slowly came across her face. “Kinky. The mirror is a nice touch.”

“Mmmmm, yes. Speaking of touch….”

“Gimme a second to get out of my pants.”

“Nope. They stay down around your ankles.”


“Mmmmm hmmmm,” I muttered, sliding my sweats and boxer briefs down, then placing my hands on Kris’s hips and rubbing myself around her delectable pale ass, the contact between my head and her bottom making my erection increase in fullness.

“Do you ever not have a boner, dude?”

“Not when I’m in class…except when that hot TA sits in during my art history lectures.”

“You like artists…damn!” she replied, surprised as I was at how easily I was able to align myself and slide completely into her depths in a single fast stroke. “Fuck, that felt good!”

“You’re telling me,” I replied, watching our reflection in the mirror as I started thrusting into her, amazed at how tight she felt with her legs so close together.

“I want it hard. And fast.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wasn’t kidding about a quick fuck. I want you to try to pound me as hard as you can.”

I knew I wouldn’t last long doing it this way, but who was I to argue? I held tightly onto Kris’s hips, kept her still while I pumped away, my cock a blur, my balls slapping against her every time I bottomed out. I was astounded by how wet she was, how such a snug fit could still feel frictionless at the same time.

“Shit, I can’t believe how good this feels,” Kris muttered, looking over her shoulder at me, the sheer bliss on her face increasing my arousal even more.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before. Fuck, Kris, your pussy is amazing.” She turned her head away from me, back to the mirror. Our eyes met there, locked on one another as her breasts swung freely in time with my thrusting. I extended my right arm, palmed her right breast, a perfect fit in my hand, studied Kris’s face as she reacted to this new sensation, wondered how it felt for her to receive this simultaneous stimulation.

“Oh my God, yes, play with my tit,” she said suddenly. “This feels so fucking hot, Tony.”

I continued jackhammering away, every bit of my length ablaze, my forehead beginning to sweat again in the overheated dorm room as my heart pounded. I moved my left hand onto Kris’s other breast, cupping them both as she pushed up on the back of the chair and straightened up. I loved the way we looked reflected in the mirror, the way our facial features moved as we gave in to our shared lust, my eyes squinting, brow furrowed, lips pursed as I felt myself on the verge of my climax, her own feelings similarly dancing across her face.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, surprising myself by pulling out, grabbing my cock and stroking it, an amazing tingling coursing from my balls up to my heart as I came all over Kris’s back and ass until I petered out, my final few drops of semen dribbling onto her bunched-up cotton panties.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Kris smiled over her shoulder at me. “Pretty hot. Literally. Your little swimmers feel really warm on my skin.”

“Yeah, I just suddenly felt like that was the thing to do,” I replied somewhat sheepishly, feeling less bold as my cock began to lose its hardness. I reached a hand out, helped Kris get off of the chair and embraced her standing up. “I’m sorry we didn’t get you there.”

“I’d say you got it all over me, actually.”

I let go of her, took her hand in mine as we stood face to face. “You know what I mean. I wanted you to come too.”

“I know. It’s okay. I asked you to rail me. And you totally did. It felt amazing. I loved it.”

“For real?”

“Yes, silly. We’re tricky, we women. We don’t always just explode and shoot stuff all over like you guys.” With that, she kissed my temple, then down to my cheek, my jawline and finally my lips. I dropped her hands, ran my digits up her ass and back, unwittingly smearing some of my cum into her skin as we explored one another’s mouths hungrily for a good half minute before finally breaking off.

“Ready for another round?” I teased, placing her hand on my semi-resurgent teenaged cock.

“Jesus, you really are a walking hard-on, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm,” I replied as she gently slapped at me.

“Down, boy. I’ve got some college-ing to do today.” She winced, briefly. “And I’m actually a little bit sore down there.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Be proud. Last night you popped my cherry, and after this morning’s action I’ll probably end up walking funny for the rest of the day,” Kris laughed. She reached down, pulled her underwear and pants up as I did the same. “The wetlands are now closed. No further explorations will be allowed today.”

“Okay. See you at dinner?”

“Probably. But with the usual crowd from the floor. I don’t want to be one of those annoying couples that cut themselves off from everyone else.”

“Ooooh. Are we a couple now?” I teased.

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