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A New Taste Part 16 (3 Course Meal)

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A New Taste Part 16 (3 Course Meal)Phillippe asked me to attend to him one Friday lunchtime. I decided to take a holiday day off work because I would also be meeting Harrison in the evening. Two delicious cocks and no work stress would be a naughty and delightful day. I had requested that Phillippe take some photos of me pleasuring him so I could share them with my younger lover.I waited in the street watching the world go by. Exactly on time Phillippe crossed the street and gave me a nod. He unlocked the doors and I followed him inside without a word. We hurried to the back office where I had twice swallowed his hot semen before. To my surprise Phillippe took all his clothes off and as usual placed them neatly aside. I had only seen him naked from the waist down and I must say I was impressed at the shape he was in. His penis was a magnet for my eyes but I studied him for the first time as a whole specimen. He was a strong figure, quite a hairy chest and well formed buttocks. His member was clearly disproportionate to his body and I wondered if he let people see it at the gym. I imagined he took pride in it. I imagined the women who had made love with him and what they thought when It was unzipped. I could almost see a moist pussy allowing it inside and I wondered if he would ever want to enter me?He looked at me. “What are you thinking Ben?”“I’m thinking that I am infatuated with your penis. I think it isn’t normal.”“I think you are an aesthete Ben. You are a lover of beauty. You have developed a deep appreciation for a certain sort of penis. It is no different to any natural aesthetic appreciation. I have always known I have something special between my legs and I am choosing to share it with you rather than merely exploiting you. I can be frank with you Ben. Your adoration of my cock satisfies my ego. Your adoration of my cock satisfies a submissiveness in your character.”My chest was rising and falling as he spoke. His honesty was making me want to cry. I knelt down rather than reply. He walked forward completely naked, confident. I stared at it. It was soft, not even semi erect, but it was beautiful. I gulped. “Tell me what I want to hear Ben.” He asked.“I need to taste you Sir, I need to swallow your cum Sir. Please may I suck your beautiful cock Sir?”He took his member in his hand and rolled the foreskin back.“Lick it, taste it.”I did as I was told, precum dribbled güvenilir bahis from my cock onto my thigh. I was deeply aroused.I held his floppy dick with both hands and drew it into my mouth. Oh what a precious experience every moment was with this hung beauty!I cupped his low, large testicles and knew that some of that weight would be in my mouth shortly. He grew and grew and thickened and heated up until I was sucking on the most beautiful mature erection. I lost myself in cock lust.“Are you ready?” He said.I pulled off him. “Deep throat?” I asked.“Yes. very inch of it.”I breathed calmly and began working my way down. As preciously I patted his bottom and he gripped me and helped me complete the mission. I withdrew dribbling and blushing. “Lie on the floor on your back.” He demanded. I did as I was told.“Head back, open up.”He knelt above me and his magnificent length hung on my face until he found the right position to stick it in my willing mouth.“I am going to fuck your face Ben. Do you want that?” I couldn’t speak with his flesh filling my maw but I tried to vocalise my approval. He immediately started sliding into my throat and I concentrated on sustaining his pleasure. It was intense. The view of his dangling balls was intoxicating and the feeling of submission to his thrusts was leaking a great deal of fluid from my untouched cock.I gagged a few times as he really pushed deep and he let me up. I was in a state. I gathered myself together as he masturbated. I watched this display open mouthed. “I love watching you stroke it.”“I know.” He said. “I know.”He began to take a few photographs. “Hold it to show the length then suck it.” I looked at the lens and sucked thinking of Harrison seeing the images later that day.“We are running out of time so I better unload. You must work me to climax. Make me cum Ben. I will tell you when it is about to happen and you will throat me at that moment. Don’t let me down. Understand?”“Yes Sir!” I practically begged.I gave it everything it had. I pursed and slobbered, I licked and probed and soon he told me…“I’m cumming!”I slid down his shaft and his right hand slipped behind my head and eased my to the base. The peristaltic waves of his ejaculate rose from his crotch and passed through the centre of his erection, rippling and tingling an electric thrill across my lips and tongue as they clamped about his shaft. The liquid türkçe bahis pulsed beyond my ability to taste it and I sensed it like food going down into my stomach. He made sure I had no choice but to take it all. I was turning beetroot as the last grunting blast spat into my throat and he let go. I felt it leave my mouth with the relief and satisfaction of a sword swallower. I couldn’t taste his cum at all.He swayed and looked up at the office ceiling experiencing some post orgasm wobbles. I drew breath and looked at the glistening dick softening before me.Some cum hung in a drop from his large piss hole.“May I have that?” I requested.“Yes, you have earned it.”I held his penis and my tongue explored his hole and savoured his manly flavour. I sucked a few inches until he pulled away. He began to dress and I watched his buttocks as his pulled on his boxers.I stood and adjusted my penis, I was pretty much erect. He noticed my bulge as he smoothed out his sleeves. “Are you going home to masturbate?”“No I am going to wait. I will meet my… my..” I stumbled over my words.“Your boyfriend?” He completed my sentence. Once again I found myself standing in a London street with a wet patch in my trousers, a nice wad of money in my pocket and the secret knowledge of the semen that was sitting in my digestive system.I wandered about from shop to shop for a while then thought I should head to my precious evening with Harrison. Then I received a text from Nick…’5.15 at the garage. Don’t be late.’I was going to decline but It occurred to me that I had an opportunity for a personal first. Three cocks in descending size, all beautiful, all mine to swallow. I made my way to Nick’s garage. It was a class contrast and I loved it. I was kneeling on the garage floor in the dark like a servant when Nick raised the door and unbuckled his jeans. “I fucking need this.” he exclaimed as he pushed his jeans down. I licked my lips as I saw it. “You missed my spunk Ben?” he said as he pushed his dick in my face. I worked my tongue under his skin and was pleased to recognise his taste. I licked his length and sucked on his magnificent low hangers. I throated him again and again stopping to nibble on the side of his thick shaft and probe his slit. I wanked him and licked up his strings of precum. I made him moan. His cum load took me by surprise, splashing across my cheek I quickly popped the swollen güvenilir bahis siteleri pipe into my open mouth and felt each splash drench my tastebuds. Fuck he had such a fat, delicious cock. I must have swallowed a pint of his semen over the time I had served him and I wasn’t done yet.I cleaned him up thoroughly and he studied me with a certain post orgasm indifference as I kissed and sucked his deflating cock. When he was zipped up I told him how grateful I was for him putting me in contact with my other men.“You are welcome, I can feel your gratitude.” He said.I left the garage with an ache. I was deeply aroused and wasn’t sure a wank would help me feel normal. I headed to Harrison’s place.He answered the door all charm and cheekiness, tightly wrapped in his bathrobe. We embraced and had a quick kiss. It was such a different situation with Harrison. He was kind of my girl. His hand fondled my cock and balls and he found I was damp. He moved back.“Have you cum in your jeans babe?”“No but I have something to tell you about my day so far. I have been busy.”“Oh tell me more!”I rubbed my tummy.“Is it full of cum?” He asked. “Have you been sucking the big boy?”“Not just him…” I answered lifting my eyebrows.“NO WAY! Two cocks?”“And I want a third.” I said sternly.“Really?”“Yes, and I want it now. Ok?”“Ok.” He opened up his bathrobe and his smooth body was all mine. His pretty dick was semi erect. A rubber cock ring was placed at the base. Black hold-ups graced his slender legs. I knelt down and throated him immediately. I gurgled and lapped his perfect penis and he stiffened to steel in my mouth. I pulled off him and twanged his spring against his skinny belly. I engulfed it and slobbered my extended tongue on his tight balls. My eyes signalled him and he willed the most fierce and powerful splats of sweet spunk down his perfect pink barrel and shot the bullets into my mouth. He shook as it left him.I kept it in my mouth. It is a thrill to taste his living seed.I stood up holding his still stiff cock in my left hand. I opened my mouth and showed my tongue playing with his semen. I swallowed. “I couldn’t cope without this.” I said as I stroked him awkwardly. I meant it. His cock was precious. Not huge like my earlier encounter but nevertheless ideal. I could bathe in his cum. In my guts three mens cum fuelled me, I ached through denial and my thigh was drenched in my own lubrication. I licked my sore lips.“Right.” I said and undid my jeans. My cock was clearly wet and in need of attention.My beautiful boy said nothing but dropped his robe and bent over the kitchen worktop presenting his delicious bum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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