Ağu 04

A Night Along the River

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It began as a typical summer evening for me, spent fishing at the river during the months between high school and college. On many nights after work and on weekends, I’d drive to a little-used, densely wooded and overgrown park that was technically closed after dark, but where nobody enforced the rule unless you were causing trouble for the people who lived along the periphery. A steep, eroded trail led to a bend in the river where it confluenced with a small, fast-flowing creek. It was a very productive spot, especially for rough fish like carp and catfish, and a good place to relax and get away from the commotion of town life.

Usually my friend Sam, our neighbor’s son, would tag along with me. That particular night he went to a party instead; I was invited but chose not to go because I didn’t know most of the other people who would be there. His loss, I thought. As the sun went down, the boat traffic stopped on the river and the calls of songbirds and cicadas made way for the night shift chorus of frogs, crickets, and in the distance, a barred owl. A waning moon, just a few days from the full was already up well above the horizon, proving enough light to see without bothering with a lantern. The mosquitoes started to be a nuisance, so I started piling twigs and small branches to make a bonfire, preferring the natural smoke to Deet as a repellent.

Fishing was slow – just a few light nibbles, and I was thinking of heading home when I saw bright headlights from what looked like a station wagon at the top of the hill by the parking lot. Not many people fished there at night, so I assumed that it was Sam when I heard somebody coming down that way…”Sam, is that you?” In case it was police looking to run me off or tell me to put out the bonfire, I preemptively reeled up my lines.

A girl’s voice answered instead, “Mark?”

“Yes, it’s me, who’s there?”

By the time I asked she had walked down within view, I could see that it was Judy. Judy was a quirky girl, someone I’d see and occasionally exchange words with in school, but apart from the fact that she had also graduated that year and had been in one of my classes, we didn’t really have much to do with each other. While in high school, Judy had a reputation for sleeping around and for chasing any guy who took her fancy, a rumor I never cared much about one way or the other.

“How are you, Judy? What brings you here? Did Sam come along with you?”

“No, he’s still at the party, probably getting laid with Karen (laughs)…he said you were down here, thought I’d come by and say hi, that’s all. What have you been up to this summer?”

“Not much, found a job helping with shipping and receiving at Wilson’s – the electronics company down Route 44, getting mentally ready for college, I guess.”

“Why didn’t you come to the party? Was hoping to see you…here, I brought you a beer.” Judy laughed again, I could tell she had her fair share of drinks. Not drunk exactly, just disinhibited.

“I don’t know, not really my thing I guess…” I paused to feed a few more branches into fire, which rose and hissed as the kindling kolej escort lit the bigger pieces of wood. Judy stepped towards the fire, the light shining on her face and profile. Judy had a roundish, almost heart-shaped face with pale, very white skin. She was large-boned and thick but not fat, almost my height, and with large, round breasts. As she bent down to poke a stick into the flames, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank-top, leaving very little to the imagination, and her tattered jean shorts hugged her thick but firm white thighs tightly about midway down to her knees.

“I guess you like what you see?” she laughed, looking up at me with a teasing smile.

“Oh, uhm…” I mumbled incoherently and apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it…I’m flattered that you’re checking me out. You know, I always had the biggest crush on you in school, what can I say, I like smart, shy guys.”

“I’m not shy, I just like to mostly keep to myself, do my own things on my own or with a friend or two, not…”

“Yeah, I know, you’re not the party type. I’ll bet you’ve never kissed a girl yet, or been out on a date, and I KNOW you’ve never…well, I’ll just say you’re missing out on a lot of fun in life.”

“To each his own, but I will take you up on that beer you’re carrying.”

She popped the tab and walked up beside me, “Let’s share it,” taking the sip and handing it to me. As I took a gulp, Judy gently put her hand on my shoulder and let it slide down my arm. At first I drew back a little with the excuse of wanting to set the beer down, for as Judy correctly mentioned, I had next to no experience with girls at the time, much less one that seemed to be pursuing me. The word around school had been that a date with Judy was more or less a guaranteed sexual experience, and I had no idea of what to expect.

Judy smiled, laughed a bit and said, “Come on now, don’t be so bashful – I saw you checking me out.” Gingerly at first, I followed her lead by reaching forward until we had our hands on one another’s side, then around to one another’s backs. Judy leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips, I parted my lips slightly as our mouths slowly met and merged. Instinctively, I opened wider and let her tongue winds its way into my mouth.

Stopping and pulling back for a second to gauge my reaction, she asked, “Did you like that?”


We repeated, this time with my tongue finding its way along the line of Judy’s teeth and along the inside of her cheeks. My hands meanwhile had a mind of their own, kneading along her back and sides and towards her chest along the edges of her breasts, without quite touching them even under the thin fabric of the tank-top. I could feel a rush of warm energy building around my groin, Judy looked down and noticed my pants sticking out at the fly and giggled, then responded by deftly, almost casually, taking off her tank-top and tossing it aside onto the stump of a fallen tree.

Judy’s breasts were magnificent: round, firm, and so white they almost glowed against the light kurtuluş escort of the fire, they were accented by large areolas and erect red nipples. I reached over and touched the tips of her breast cautiously, then started caressing them all over with one hand while moving my other hand around the small over her back to pull her back towards me. I was so preoccupied with the sight and feel of her bosoms that I barely noticed that Judy had unbuttoned my thin, short-sleeved flannel shirt and that her hands were now working her way down to my pants and belt.

Being a rather skinny, awkward young man of barely 18 at the time, I shrank back a little at being undressed by this girl who I barely even knew, but she reassured me by saying, “You feel nice – I really like the way you touch me.” Judy moved my hand back onto her breast and then undid my belt and unzipped my fly, then bent over and pulled my jeans down to my knees. My erect cock strained at the fabric of my briefs, which Judy wasted no time in pulling down too. She gently caressed my hardened flesh, and squeezed a little to rub the glistening bead of secreted lubricant from the tip of my cock.

Judy’s head was now about level with my stomach, I could no longer reach her breasts, but she compensated by brushing them along the end of my cock as she got down on her knees. Judy moved back and forth to find a comfortable soft spot in the sand and arched her torso forward. My hands straddled her shoulders and then the short black hair of her head as Judy’s lips and the tip of her tongue moved from the crown of my phallus down along the shaft. She then made a ring with her thumb and forefinger to hold my cock at its base and to help her work it into her mouth and deep down her throat. Judy moved and bobbed her head excitedly as I gasped in a combination of disbelief and pleasure. At moments Judy would stop and give a playful glance back up at me to be reassured that I was enjoying this and as eager about it as she appeared to be. She would also sometimes stop and make a sloppy slurp to catch up on all of the spit that had pooled, which I found strangely arousing.

My initial embarrassment having given way entirely to lust and excitement, all I could say is “Now let’s get your shorts off…”

Judy’s tongue worked a circle around the crown of my cock before taking it from her mouth as a final tease, and she stood up and said “Wow, I thought you would never ask…” with a care-free laugh, unbuttoning her tight, tattered jean shorts, dropping them to the ground, and kicking them aside, her white sneakers still on. As she stood up, I could see the black hair of her pubic mound highlighted against the white soft skin of her crotch and thighs. The black hairs gleamed a little in the firelight and the moonlight, hiding once-forbidden and mysterious female flesh that I had hitherto only fantasized about.

Embracing again, my right hand found its way between Judy’s thighs, eagerly exploring the wet, fleshy lips of her engorged pussy. My cock was now so hard that it was uncomfortable to the point of being painful, maltepe escort becoming even more so as Judy ground her crotch against mine as though to tease me. I could detect a distinct smell, musty but not unpleasant, almost salty, as the juices of her pussy enticed me with their pheromones. Aware of my excitement, she pushed me to the ground and mounted me to take control. Judy’s thighs straddled my hips, and she twisted her upper body back and forth so that the tip of my cock was now sliding along the edges of her pussy lips. Judy looked straight into my eyes and kissed me again, as though to ask “Are you ready?” without words, and then bucked her hips forward.

I slid right in. It was warm, wet, and velvet-smooth, unlike anything I had experienced or even expected. Judy began to pump her hips, slowly and gently at first, and then more intensely, enveloping me deeper with each downthrust and carressing my phallus with every upstroke. Judy’s thighs grasped my hips more tightly still, and she went from sitting upright to leaning forward onto me, giving me a beautiful view of her ample breasts as she fucked me. Taking the lead yet again, which was to be expected given her experience my lack thereof, Judy threw her arms around me and turned me over onto her, and flung herself onto her back..

Now that I was mounted above Judy in a missionary position, I instinctively started to pump my hips and grind as deep into her as I could muster. Judy was moaning with evident ecstasy, sweetly panting her “Yesses” and “more baby, more baby” a “harder…harder there!” and an occasional “oh shit!” and “fuck me!”

I obliged that request of course, my teeth clenched in nearly unendurable pleasure while Judy spread her legs wide to let me in deeper still, grabbing herself at the knees. I massaged her breasts and caressed her nipples as we fucked, and then reached down to hold her by the buttocks as my cock throbbed in hot spasms approaching climax.

As with the entire encounter, we threw caution to the wind once more, and with a final thrust I came in her, sending hot spurts of semen deep inside of Judy’s pussy. We stayed coupled as my organ still pulsed inside of Judy’s, our bodies intertwined and joined as a single sweaty, pungent sexual coil. In the background, a bullfrog bellowed and a whip-poor-will’s call interrupted the moment, and we separated our bodies.

“That was great, Mark.”

“I…I hope I did OK, I have to admit that I didn’t really…well…”

Judy laughed and said, “Yes, yes I know. You did great. Did you like it as much as I did?”

“Yes, of course…” and we kissed again passionately. She then added that no guy should go off to college a virgin, no matter what.

Our bodies were dripping in sweat from the humid night air and from our coupling, and I suggested that we wash up a bit in the tributary creek. “It’s much cleaner and cooler than the river, come on.” We rinsed off, dried one another off with my shirt, and got dressed.

Judy then kissed me again, this time the kiss of a friend rather than that of a lover and said, “Hey, I need to go. I’ll be seeing you around this summer – you should go to our next party. Or, better yet, you just invite me to the river the next time you go and need some company.”

I smiled knowingly at her before she turned around and walked back to her car, and would remain forever grateful for the tryst.

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