Ağu 08

A Proper Good Morning

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I wish to dedicate this submission to Wildebird, my online love, with you, this story would not be possible. Your inspiration, eloquence, and sensual flair bring these words to life every time I read it. Thank you, Wildebird….

“Hey…” he whispered softly into her ear, his warm breath stirring the curling wisps of hair that rested on her cheek. Morning sunlight was streaming in through the large eastern window, almost blindingly bright as it illuminated the snow-covered branches of the trees out back. The outdoor temperature on this frigid Saturday morning would be barely above 0, he knew, but it was a comfortable 68 in their room…..and a toasty 105 under the covers with his lady. They were spooning lovingly under the covers, their limbs jumbled together casually and their bodies snugly pressed.

“Mmm…” she murmured in soft response. She rolled over halfway to face him, and looping her arms around him she began smothering him with tiny butterfly kisses all over his face and neck. His hands found her body easily, one caressing her face, the other finding its way under the bodice of her camisole. He began gently caressing her perfectly rounded breast, her nipple rousing rapidly to his gentle touch.

Her lithe form surrendered to him, back arching as she pressed into his touch. Knowing exactly what she would like, he shifted his body to lay upon her; Smiling warmly, his face hovered over hers and he began to kiss her. gently at first, then gradually becoming forceful, his tongue seeking hers. She snaked her hand down his back, under the waistband of his pajama bottoms, and grasped his buttocks.

“You’re so warm…you feel very, very good…” she murmured against his lips, her hands kneading the muscle there. Her nails dug into him a bit as his kisses ignited a fire within her.

She used kurtköy yeni escort her foot to kick the covers off them, then drew her legs up and wrapped them around the small of his back. Now she could feel the length of his manhood as it pressed firmly against her rapidly moistening opening. She sighed in reluctance as he pulled away from her, sitting up and back onto his heels.

She had put on her cute, “I’m put out” face…lower lip pooched out, quirky wrinkles between her eyes. “No pouting, love; gotta get these off,” he said, smiling devilishly. He slid his pajamas down over his legs and tossed them onto the floor. Flashing back her own impish, flirty grin, she took the same opportunity to slide her sheer, soaked panties off, and then, putting on a display for him, she slowly lifted her lacy camisole top over her head and tossed that aside as well, wriggling her body slowly from side to side as she enjoyed the touch of fresh air against her taut, aroused nipples. She gazed warmly at his tumescent cock, and wriggled forward on her knees to him. Now with total access and complete abandon, she took firm hold of his shaft and guided him directly to her overheated sex, pulling him back down with her. He pushed slightly forward so that his pubic region came into direct contact with hers, pressing the full length of his manhood slowly in to completely fill her.

Softly moaning now, she again wrapped her legs around his back and raised her hips to meet his as he started to glide himself partly out and then fully back into her warm wet pussy. Each lunge into her depths produced a soft whimper from her, and she moved in perfect step to their slow dance of love to meet each of his thrusts, their rhythm in place now, the tempo of their tango slowly rising.

One hand was grasping kurtköy sınırsız escort his neck, caressing him as she began to whisper into his ear.

“You feel fantastic inside me…filling me so completely…massaging me deeply…I want you to come now; let me feel you release deep inside me, fill me with your seed…please, love…”

The sweet urgency in her softly worded plea melted his restraint. Grunting, he picked up his pace, thrusting firmer, deeper, faster into her. Her heels dug into his back, her fingernails gripping his neck, his ass, just to hold on for the ride she was getting. As he neared his pinnacle, his shaft swelling within her even as her pussy walls tightened around him, she cried out loudly in her ecstasy, the powerful waves of her climax washing over her completely. She clenched her muscles tightly, her pulsating pussy gripping his manhood, trying to hold him in place as he thrust deeply and roughly into her one last time. He lifted himself up, supporting himself on open palms, looking in wonder on her angelic face as he began to fill her with stream after stream of his seed. She felt every volley as his semen filled her, the overflow seeping out around his still-erect shaft. She kept herself clenched tightly, holding him in place as he finally released his last, but still remaining firm, slowly pumped himself into her warm, wet pussy.

As they eased down from their flight, breathing gradually returning to normal, he slowly slid himself out of her, his semen almost flowing freely along her thighs and ass as it pooled onto the bed underneath her. She sat up and reached for his cock, grasping him firmly in her hand, leaning forward to take him into her mouth, relishing their commingled juices. He caught his breath at the sheer pleasure of her lips kurtköy sarısın escort and tongue enveloping his cock, gently ‘fucking’ her face with his hips as her tongue slid up and down his shaft, her sexy mouth engulfing his length with each lunge. His sensitivity did not allow her to continue for much longer, and he finally receded from her mouth to lay beside her on the bed.

He leaned over and kissed her deeply, lovingly, as his hand found her sticky, warm mound. His fingers smoothed out the ‘landing strip’ of her pubic hair, their joined juices matting her hair down.. When he reached her clit, she gasped, arching her back, shivering at the sensation. He began a circular motion with his fingers, occasionally dipping one finger inside her to gather some moisture, then drawing back to glide and swirl his fingers over her clit and hood. Any lingering inhibitions she had fled; in complete abandon she reached up to pinch her nipple, pulling it away from her chest as his intimate, persistent touch swept her towards another, more powerful orgasm.

She raised her hips to a beat as his fingers found her most sensitive spot. She rolled her head and gently nibbled on his ear as he focused intently on her rapidly approaching climax. His fingers rolled with increasing pressure over her clit at a blistering pace for a few more seconds until her writhing body raised off the bed with a jerk and then back down again, until her cries of pleasure filled the room as her orgasm overtook her body completely. Her hips lunged uncontrollably as he kept applying pressure to her mound. Unable to bear the overwhelming feelings any longer, at last she grabbed his hand and pulled it up to her chest, clutching it and holding it firmly to allow him to feel her heart beating.

The two lovers lay together in silence, even breathing together as one now. Their love for each other spoke volumes as they gazed deeply into each others’ eyes, both smiling at the pleasure they’d just been privileged to share with each other. The rising sun now flooding the bedroom with warmth, they both arose and headed for the shower together, ready to meet the day as the team they had become.

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