Mar 26

A Quickie in the Woods II

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A Quickie in the Woods IIHere I was again at the cruise parking lot, and again I was sitting in the van looking across the lot at the swimming beach, loaded with folks enjoying the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I was enjoying seeing the hot girls…and guys in their small tight suits!I noticed a grey truck park a ways up in the lot, and out got a mature guy, short, HWP, he looked toward me and then walked into the woods.I looked around, got out and locked the door, and took my path into the fun area.It took a few minutes to find him. If you have read my first story on having a quickie in the woods, you read that this was a heavily wooded area. I think that is the reason it was so popular with the “guys”.He was leaning against a large tree, and already had his cock out, and was stroking it, looking out over the water in the lagoon, just swinging around a little so that you could see that he was wanking.I walked closer to him, smiled, he returned it, and then I walked up to him and looked down at his cock.I put my hand on his, and moved it up and down a few times. he took his hand away, and put mine on his naked cock. He had a nice cut cock. Not huge, but very nice with türbanlı izmir escort a smooth, beautiful head.I stroked him for a few minutes, when he leaned over and kissed my cheek and put his tongue in my ear and giving me a wet long kiss. I about lost it right there in my shorts. I turned my head toward his, and we kissed long and hard. I stroked him constantly during all this, and he was pumping out precum like crazy.I bent down and put his cock in my mouth, and tasted his wonderful fluid. he sighed and put his hands on the back of my head. He didn’t push on me, he caressed me. I loved it. Now I was on my knees and we had moved behind the huge tree we were next to, so that we were out of view for most anyone in the woods.He pulled me up, kissed me, and then went toward my cock. He took it out, and stroked it to hardness, and looked into my eyes, and then he bent down and started to swirl his tongue around my head, and licked it like a ice cream cone that was melting in the heat.With the setting, the breeze, the smells and the feelings centered on my cock it was heaven. I just leaned against the tree and let him do what he wanted.He türbanlı izmir escort bayan slowly sucked me, and I felt him run a finger along my slit. He was searching for my boi cunt opening and I wanted to feel him in me, and I opened my legs a little to give him better access. He arrived! I felt his finger pushing on my opening, not going in but just teasing me by pushing on the opening. This guy knew what he was doing, and he had me begging for him to finger me or fuck me…just do something.He took his head off my cock, pulled down my pants to my ankles, stood up and held me close rubbing my ass checks as he pulled me to him and planted a kiss on my lips. I was beyond excited. I broke off the kiss, dropped to my knees, and sucked his cock to the base and deep throated him over and over. His cock was just made for putting all the way down my throat.In less then 2 minutes he started to really moan, and doing that studder dance that us guys do when we are ready to cum. This time he grabbed my head and pushed it on his cock…no caressing this time.He swelled in my mouth, he stopped tip toeing,let out a low long türbanlı escort izmir growl and I felt him blast a load on my tongue followed by three more jets of great tasting baby juice. I ate it all….I was in my happy place.He jerked around with me still lightly sucking his cock as he came down from his orgasm. He was now again caressing my head as I licked and cleaned him.He pulled me up off his cock, gave me a strong long hug, and he said come up to my truck. He then left me standing there, nude from the waist down still hard.I thought WTF what about me?!?I jerked my cock a few times, and realized I was not going to cross the great divide to the big O, and I pulled up my shorts and walked up to the parking lot.He was standing by his truck, waving me over.I walked over and he said that he was really sorry, but he had to go, and he knew he left me hanging and wanted to pay me back at a later time. he gave me one of his business cards, and on the back he put his phone number. I looked down at it, and he held my hand for a moment, squeezed it hard, and then said he had to go.He started his truck and drove off.I went back to my van, put the card in my card holder, started the van and drove off.A few days later, still pissed that he didn’t help me, I called him to see if he was going to do what he promised. He was excited that I called, and we set up a meeting at his house the following Thursday night. Now that was better I thought, maybe I could get a good fuck out of this. Ah but that is another story that I will post soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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