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A Sexy Romp Through Space-Time

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A Sexy Romp Through Space-TimeI basically wrote this story just to see if I could pull it off. It is an unedited once over piece but it has gotten good feedback so I decided to post it and see what other people think.OF WIZARDS AND STARSHIPSA SEXY ROMP THROUGH SPACE-TIMEA cold and bitter wind blew through the darkened English countryside, carrying the promise of snowfall before morning. Across the land, Muggles and Wizards alike wisely chose to avoid the winter weather and instead found things to do indoors where it was safe and warm.Despite being wrapped in numerous layers of defensive magical spells, the recently rebuilt Hogwarts academy was not immune to the effects of the late December weather. At this late hour, most of the teachers and students had retreated to their beds to hunker down and get a little sleep before the busy day looming on the horizon. Tomorrow was the first day of winter break and most of the students would be returning home for the holidays, to celebrate with friends and family.Hermione Granger lay awake and restless in bed, her long curly red hair was damp with sweat while her pale naked skin burned with desire. Though she was alone in her bed, six other young women slept all around her, the entire female senior class of Gryffindor.At nineteen, Hermione was actually a year older than the other girls in age but a lifetime ahead of them in experience. If life had gone as planned, she would have already graduated by now but she had spent all of last year on the run from Voldemort and his followers and was forced to retake her entire senior year. Mostly she did not mind so much, she loved learning and Hogwarts was the closest thing she had to a home now. But on nights like this, when her body ached for the touch of another, she chafed at having to live like a student again after spending an entire year as an adult. This time last year she had been spending every night alone in a tent with two horny young men who were both more than happy to satisfy her every desire.For the sake their reputations, they had all three claimed later that nothing sexual had ever happened during their year on the run but the truth was far more complicated. Her thoughts drifted over fond memories of the three of them experimenting with every conceivable way they could come up with to satisfy one another. Of all the things Hermione had learned about herself over the last year, one of the biggest was that she loved sex a lot. Dirty, hot, explicit, pornographic style sex.Her aching pussy spasmed pleasantly as she recalled being on her hands and knees while Ron and Harry took turns thrusting themselves into her from behind as she used her mouth to pleasure the other one while her body shook through uncountable orgasmic waves until both boys finally screamed her name as they shot their hot loads all over her face and ass simultaneously. Unfortunately, the end of Voldemort had also signaled the end of her sex life, or it may as well have anyway.From getting fucked to the point of exhaustion nearly every day, Hermione was reduced to an occasional quicky with Ron in an empty classroom or broom closet, dodging teachers, students, and the occasional peeping ghost. Unfortunately, compared to his best friend, Ron was really not that good in the sack. She was usually lucky if he got her off more than once before pumping his seed wherever he decided to put it. A few times he had even shot off in her mouth and left without even pleasuring her in return. She loved the guy but, seriously, she needed to find a way to train him up in the sex department.As for Harry, his celebrity status made getting him into bed even more difficult, not to mention the fact that he was dating Ron’s sister Ginny, who just happened to be sleeping in the next bed over to her at this very moment. She had lured him off to into the woods once a few months back on false pretenses where they proceeded to fuck each silly for a few hours but then he claimed to feel guilty about cheating on Ginny and Ron and said they couldn’t do it again. Since then, he had managed to evade all of her best laid plans to seduce him, much to her growing frustration.In desperation, not to mention a desire to experiment, she had even gone so far as to seduce Ginny in the girls showers one evening. The younger girl had proved to be a more than willing conquest and had taken to lesbian sex with a passion that surprised them both. In fact, after herself, Ginny was responsible for more of her orgasms than anyone since returning to Hogwarts. The girl had quite the talented tongue, to say the least. Unfortunately, for some reason Ginny was loathe to bring a man into the mix, especially Harry, the man Hermione wanted to fuck most of all. Her eyes had lit up at the idea of the two of them screwing her brother but she was worried that he might not be into i****t and so balked at the idea. Hermione was pretty sure Ron would be game, especially after the way he called her Ginny while she was sucking him off in the empty potions classroom a few weeks ago, but she did not want to push the issue too fast.Thinking about all of the hot sex she was missing out on made her pussy ache and tingle with desire yet again. She had already masturbated twice since sliding naked into bed, the scent of her orgasm still clung to her fingers and wafted out from under her blankets whenever she tossed and turned. Yet, for some reason, each orgasm only made her want another.She debated climbing into bed with Ginny and licking the young minx to wakefulness before demanding satisfaction but the girl had a tendency to scream out during orgasm and other five young women sleeping in the room would not appreciate being awoken by a lesbian tryst. Besides, as much Hermione enjoyed playing with Ginny, right now she was craving a hard cock over a supple tongue.After another ten minutes of fruitless attempts to fall asleep, Hermione finally decided that it was time to use a bit of magic to solve her problem. After making sure that nobody else was awake, she quietly drew her bed curtains closed before reaching under her pillow for her wand and the small magical tome she kept hidden there.“Lumos” she whispered, causing the tip of her wand to flare up with enough light to read by. The book she held in her other hand bore the rather innocuous title of “A Witch’s Secret to Satisfaction” in a rather elegant golden script scrawled across the red leather cover. Though there were no obvious locks, she knew from experience that the book would not open on its own.She held the book nervously for a minute, warring internally on whether to proceed. Despite its rather innocent appearance, the spell book in her hand contained a plethora of very powerful spells, many of which hovered right on the edge of being dark magic. If the book were simply found in her possession she would have some serious explaining to do, if she were caught using some of the darker spells it contained she would be risking real punishment, not to mention the number of demerits that it would cost Gryffindor as a whole.However, the book was not technically on the banned reading list and she could probably use her position as a hero of the school to avoid any real consequences, at least publicly. Besides, she was not planning on using any of the spells it contained on anyone else, not tonight anyway. “Alohomora” she declared quietly but with authority as she touched the glowing end of her wand to the book, releasing the locking spell and causing it to spring open in her hand.The book opened to a familiar page containing a picture of a naked man. As she watched, the image moved briefly as so many magical pictures and drawings often did. In this case, the man went from having a small flaccid penis and a sad face to a huge raging erection and a wicked smile. The spell below the drawing was one she was planning to use on Ron sometime, it was designed to make the male it was cast on turn into a sexual dynamo by imbuing him with the spirit of a satyr for a brief time. There were a few awkward side effects if the spell were left in place too long or used to often on the same person but she could still use it on him sparingly and not have to worry about him growing horns or turning furry from the waist down. On the other hand, if the spell really gave him a twelve inch cock that never went soft, she could probably learn to live with furry legs and cloven hooves on her lover.Flipping past that particular spell she turned to one she had used a few times in the past with spectacular results, the “Witch’s Dong” spell. The picture above this spell was even more graphic than the first one. It showed a naked woman holding a wand in her hand. Then the wand turned into a large throbbing penis and leapt from her hand to bury itself between the woman’s legs as her eyes rolled back in bliss.She had used the spell on three different occasions and found it satisfying on all three. However, she had never before tried the secondary spell that the book suggested to cast along with it, the “Endless Wave” spell. There was no picture for the second spell nor any description of what it did, but Hermione was not dumb, she could guess by the name alone that it would probably heighten the orgasmic experience. Before, the Dong spell alone had been enough but tonight she felt like she needed something more, it was time for her to ride the wave.After peeking out one last time to make everyone else was asleep, Hermione tossed off her blankets and spent a few moments caressing her body in preparation for what was to cum, err come. She started by massaging her pert little breasts and pinching her sensitive and erect nipples just hard enough to make her breath catch in her throat. Next, she slowly slid her hands down across her taut smooth belly, causing the sensation of butterflies to erupt within her. In her minds eyes she imagined that she was putting on a show for several naked men and women who stood all around her, touching themselves as they watched her seductive movements.The fantasy drove her on as her hands glided enticingly over her shaved pubic mound. Her legs spread open slowly like the gates to heaven as the fingers of her left hand parted her outer lips, giving the cool night air access to her burning love button. The sudden chill on her inner folds brought her a shiver of pleasure and tore a quiet gasp from her open mouth. Her nimble pink tongue darted out to wet her lips just as the index and middle fingers of her right hand brushed against her aching clitoris, very nearly bringing her to orgasm with a single touch.She spent a few minutes gently rubbing and stroking that most sensitive spot before reaching down further to slide the same two fingers into her wet burning hole. She continued to grind her palm into her clit while slowly fucking herself with two and then three fingers until she was on the very edge of losing herself to her third orgasm of the night. At the last second she grabbed up her wand with her left hand and cast the Dong spell.“Penilous Extendus!” She managed to gasp out the spell correctly despite the quiver in her voice. Immediately, her long thin wand began to thicken until she could barely close her hand all the way around it. The narrow tip bulged even more, taking on the the mushroom cap shape of a man’s hard member. The wand no longer felt like wood, instead it felt like velvety skin covering something hard and hot that throbbed gently in her grasp.As soon as the transmogrification was complete, the wand/dong took on a mind of its own and leapt from her hand to fly towards her exposed vagina like a Bludger aiming for a Beater’s head. She barely managed to get her fingers out of her sopping hole before the magical phallus slammed home and began to give her the fucking that she so desperately craved.Hermione bit down on her lower lip to keep from moaning aloud as the possessed penis began to thrust faster and faster into her. A moment later her orgasm free and she moaned softly while covering her face with her empty right hand, even as the fingers from her right kept flicking across her swollen clit.During the lull while her next orgasm was building, she groped around until she found the spell book laying tangled in the blankets beside her. With her wand buried between her legs, Hermione had no source of light so she was forced to hold the book right up to the tip of her nose in order to see the spell word needed to cast the Endless Wave spell. It took three tries to get the incantation correct. Luckily the spell was designed around the thrusting motion of her wand between her legs or she never would have been able to cast the spell at all.“Orgasa Infinitus”As soon as she managed to grunt out the spell she felt it take effect. Her body arched up off of the bed as the largest orgasm she had ever experienced tore through her. Despite her best efforts to keep quiet, a primal scream escaped her lips, waking the other six young women in the room.“Hermione, are you okay?” Someone called out in the dark. She tried to answer but the intense pleasure kept pouring up from her quivering vagina with such force that she could not form coherent words.She vaguely registered the lights flickering on and her bed curtains being tossed back but in her lust filled state all she saw were the nude men and women of her fantasy standing around and applauding her performance.“What’s happening to her?” She heard a voice ask.“C-c-cumming!” She managed to scream out. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that she was in danger of being pleasured to death by the combination of spells that were currently ravishing her body but she could not bring herself to utter the spell that would stop them, she was not even sure that she could remember what it was.“Is she being ****d by that floating penis?” Another voice asked.“No, look at that book! I think she did this to herself!” That was definitely Ginny talking.“We need to get her back down on the bed and break the spell.” Someone uttered.Hermione realized that she was hovering a few feet above her mattress, writhing in mid air as her wand continued to drive itself in and out of her. It was so hard to focus on anything else as her entire body seemed to be aflame with passion. It felt as if every inch of her body had become an erogenous zone, a feeling that expanded exponentially when she felt several hands grab her and pull her down to the bed. Every touch sent another explosive orgasm through her already convulsing flesh until she felt herself starting to lose consciousness from the stimulation overload.“B-book.” She gasped out between screams of pleasure. She felt someone push something into her hands and the pleasure from the touch almost made her drop whatever it was. Finally she managed to open her eyes and see that she was holding the magical tome in her spasming fingers.Struggling to push back the pleasure for just a moment, Hermione managed to get the book turned to the page she wanted. Reaching between her shaking thighs, she grabbed the end of her wand and jerked it out of her pussy with one last groan of pleasure. She suddenly felt cold and empty inside and had to fight the urge to cram the throbbing phallus back inside of her.Just as her control began to slip away she managed to scream out the dissolution spell.“Pareth Endictu”She had just a split second to realize that she had said the spell wrong before the entire world vanished before her eyes.Captain’s Log: Stardate 43325.4We are entering the third month in star system Delta Nine orbiting the pleasure planet of Dionysus Four. Our science team continues to study the strange objects from old earth that continue to appear randomly in orbit around the planet despite the issues caused by the radiation given off by systems strange pink sun.Earlier today two new objects appeared simultaneously, a Sperm Whale and a bowl of petunias. Both specimens were killed before we could retrieve them but we continue to study the remains in hopes of discovering more about how they came to be here.We are still forced to keep our shields operating at maximum power at all times in order to block out the and even that is barely enough to keep the worst of the effects at bay. Whenever we drop our shields even for a brief time, we run the risk of the entire crew falling prey to the intense sexual stimulation caused by what the locals refer to as the “Lust Rays”.Some members of the crew have been relieved of duty and Lt Commander Troi has been confined to her quarters for her own protection as her empathic abilities have overwhelmed her and left her in a constant state of intense arousal. After the incident with the holo-deck and those poor three ensigns she got her hands on, (See attached video file) I decided that I could do without her council for the duration of the mission.Dr. Crusher continues to work on a medical cure for the radiation effects but so far her efforts have been unsuccessful. If she does not have a break through soon, we may have to abandon our mission or resort to drastic measures.End Log EntryUpon ending his log entry, Captain Jean-Luc Picard took a moment to enjoy the rest of his Earl Grey tea before returning to the bridge to take command. The effects of the so called lust rays were easier to deal with when there was nobody else present to interact with. It would not due for the rest of the crew to see their captain breaking down and banging members of the crew at random. It was hard enough dealing with Ensign Crusher giving him those damn puppy dog eyes after what happened between them when the shields failed last time.Thinking of young Crusher’s tight ass got Jean-Luc turned on all over again, which was even more annoying as he did not normally go for other men, at least not publicly. When that damn radiation had hit so suddenly he had lost all control and, as there were no women on the bridge at the time, Ensign Crusher had taken the brunt of his lustful desires. Unfortunately, the boy had liked it a little too much and now kept trying to find reasons to be nearby in case the shields failed again.Realizing that there was no way he would get through his entire turn at the helm without a little relief, Picard decided to watch the video of Deanna Troi m*****ing the three Ensigns and take matters into his own hands. He was five minutes into the video and just about to blow shoot his load when the yellow alert light started flashing and the call came out for all hands to report to their stations. With a curse, Picard jerked his pants up over his engorged cock and made his way from the ready room to the bridge.“Captain,” Riker, his bearded second in command said, as he stood to greet his commander “our instruments are giving readings which indicate that a third object is set to appear sometime in the next few minutes. We are moving to intercept the object immediately.”“Very good number one,” Picard said as he eased into his chair, “do we have any indication of the size of this object?”“Yes Captain, our scientists are giving a ninety five point three percent chance that the object is either an actual person or something of the same general size and shape.”“Interesting, if it is indeed a human then we will need to be prepared to drop shields and capture it the moment it appears. With luck we can catch this one while it is still alive, unlike the whale which is already starting to stink up the cargo bay.”“Indeed sir.” Riker agreed as he dropped into the councilor’s seat on Picard’s left.With foreknowledge that the shields would need to be dropped, Picard quickly remanded the yellow alert and instead sounded the general quarters alert, ordering all non-essential personnel to the comparative safety of their private rooms. It would not stop all of the crazed sexual encounters aboard the ship but it should keep them to a minimum.“Lieutenant Commander Data, please report to the bridge immediately.” After the last incident on the bridge, it was decided that Data should be on hand whenever the shields were down. As an android, he was the only member of the crew unaffected by the lust rays and could therefore take command of the Enterprise if everyone else proved incapable. He was also strong enough to stop Lieutenant Worf, should the half Klingon lose control of himself. Klingon Sex tended to get a little rough and Worf had already sent two women to the sickbay for sexually related injuries, one of them twice.As the Enterprise raced through space to reach the position where the latest object was predicted to appear, Picard spent the time trying to clear his mind of sexual thoughts and calm himself for the upcoming assault. Unfortunately, no mental image that he could summon was repulsive enough to completely destroy his amorous desires. Even the thought of Worf’s three hundred and fifty pound Klingon grandmother dressed in a leather bondage corset and little else, an image he had once been forced to endure seeing first hand, was not enough to make his turgid erection flag. In fact, the disturbing memory became rather erotic in retrospect and he suddenly regretted fleeing her quarters that night.“Lieutenant Worf, when is that lovely grandmother of yours going to come for another visit?” He asked his security officer in his best nonchalant tone of voice.“Umm, as she was permanently banned from the ship, per your orders, there are currently no such plans whatsoever.” Worf replied, the curiosity plain in his voice. Picard had never informed the Lieutenant, or anybody else for that matter, about the way the old Klingon tried to seduce him. He simply made it known once the woman was gone that she was no longer welcome.“I am hereby countermanding that order, Lieutenant. family is important and your grandmother is a lovely woman. In fact next time she is aboard I think that I would like to spend a bit of time with her myself.”“Yes captain.” Worf replied, obviously still confused. “I will send her a message inviting her to visit as soon as I am off duty.”“See that you do.” Picard replied, his mind running rampant with dark fantasies about the old bag’s sharp teeth and bony skull ridges, not to mention her ridiculously large breasts with the pierced nipples and her big flabby belly. He could not believe that he had not wanted to have sex with her the night she offered herself up to him. If he did not get to bed her before she died of old age it would be one of the greatest regrets of his life.“Captain,” Ensign Crusher piped up, “we have reached the coordinates specified by the science team.”“Very Good. See if we can maneuver the ship so that the object materializes inside the cargo bay. If it is another living entity I would rather not leave it floating outside in space.”“Aye, captain.” The young ensign replied as he began manipulating controls to get the ship into position.“Transporter room,” Picard said aloud after tapping the sensor on his chest, “this is the captain speaking. Be ready to lock onto any object that appears outside of this vessel in the next two minutes and beam it directly to Cargo Bay three.”“Aye, captain.” Replied the sultry voice of Lieutenant Amanda Cox, the newest member of his engineering team. The woman was every bit as sexy as she sounded over the intercom and more than one crew member had tried to bed her long before they took up their current assignment. Picard was one of the few who had succeeded in that quest.“Incidentally captain, I was planning to beam something else over to you as well.” The wanton blonde sex kitten continued. “Would you prefer to have it in your ready room or do you just want me, I mean, the package, sent directly to the bridge?”“Um, I will get back to you on that as soon as we are done dealing with the situation at hand.” Picard replied. The entire bridge had heard the bold Lieutenant’s Freudian slip and more than one crew member was chuckling aloud. Ensign crusher, on the other hand, looked rather jealous.“Very well. Don’t wait too long though, this package is rather hot and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Transporter room out.”“May I recommend you have the ‘package’ delivered here to the bridge sir.” Riker suggested with a smile. “That way, if there is enough to go around, we can all get a piece of whatever it happens to be.”“I will take that under advisement, number one.” Picard replied with a nod. There was most certainly enough of Lieutenant Cox to go around, if he were inclined to share. She was no three hundred and fifty pound Klingon but she did have a great ass and hall of a set of gravity defying D cup tits.“Captain, sensors indicate that the arrival of the object is eminent, shall we lower our shields?” Crusher asked anxiously.“Make it so.” Picard replied with a nod of his head.The effect of the lowered shields was almost instantaneous. Picard felt a sudden a****listic urge to rip off his uniform and fuck the nearest willing or semi-willing warm body.While taking a deep breath to focus himself and master the sex craved b**st raging inside his head, the captain spared a moment to examine his command crew. Surprisingly, not a single person on the bridge had actually given in to the powerful urges they were all feeling. Picard was both surprised and pleased as this was the first time the entire bridge crew had shown so much self control. There were still obvious signs of sexual arousal, to say the least, but everyone still had their clothes on and were managing to keep their hands to themselves.To his left, Riker was slowly massaging his erect manhood with one hand while working the small tactical command board attached to his chair with the other. Ensign Crusher had stood up from his chair and was now bent over his console at the waist, wiggling his ass invitingly while glancing back over his shoulder at the captain.The officer on Comms, Lieutenant Chin, was even closer to the edge. Her eyes were closed tightly while her right hand slid inside her pants and buried between her legs. Her left hand also seemed to have a mind of its own as it slid her shirt up and began tweaking on her rock hard nipples. The science officer seated next to her was watching the display and clearly struggling not to pounce on the beautiful Asian woman. Picard gripped the arms of his command chair like it was a life line in a storm as he fought his inner sex fiend for control while watching the woman pleasure herself.Just as both he and the science officer were about to lose control, commander Data stepped over to the softly moaning Comms officer and whispered something in her ear. The woman shuddered visibly before opening her eyes and realizing where she was. With obvious reluctance, Chin pulled her hands away from her body and readjusted her uniform so that she was properly attired once again. She furtively licked the fingers of her right hand and whimpered softly before finally composing herself completely and returning to work.“Captain, I think we have a problem.” Riker said, drawing Picard’s attention away from the sexy young Comms officer.“What is it, number one?” He asked.“I believe that there has been a slight miscalculation. The incoming object is not going to manifest in the hanger bay as we had hoped.”“Where is it going to appear then?” Before Riker could answer, there was blinding flash of light and the air was filled with a strange combination of scents. The smell of burning ozone, like that of intense phaser fire, was mixed with the scent of sweat and sexual release. As he blinked to clear away the spots in his eyes he found himself kadıköy escort looking down on a scene so erotic and otherworldly that he thought for a moment his sex addled mind must be playing tricks on him.A beautiful young woman lay on the floor at his feet, completely naked and writhing in obvious ecstasy. She had long red hair that wreathed her head in a mess of sweaty curls as she thrashed about. Her smooth pale skin was slick with sweat and her small pert breasts were heaving as she struggled to catch her breath while still in the throws of orgasm. In her left hand she held a small book, while her right grasped a twelve in long penis that seemed to have a mind of its own as it wiggled in her grip. Her legs were spread wide, exposing her neatly shaved pussy as it throbbed and leaked out her love juices all over her soft inner thighs.The smell of ozone faded but the intoxicating scent of the young woman’s open sex seemed to fill the bridge and completely overwhelmed what little self control the crew still had. In that instant, nothing else mattered beyond getting between those perfect thighs and burying himself to the hilt inside of that dripping wet honey hole.He was closest the girl but Riker was a bit younger and managed to get to her while Picard was still trying to tug his uniform down over his steel hard cock. Surprisingly, Riker chose to lead with his face rather than his manhood as he dropped down between the young woman’s legs and began devouring her steaming hot sex. He licked at her sweet little hole as if it the fabled elixir of eternal life were pouring out of it. Even though the woman was barely conscious, she moaned appreciatively at Riker’s cunnilingus skills as her hips bucked against his mouth.“You can lick her clean when I’m finished.” Picard told his second in command as he grabbed the man by his shirt collar and dragged him back. Riker pulled his fist back as if to swing on his commanding officer but then stopped himself before crossing that line. Instead he started pulling down his own pants as he moved towards the young woman’s open mouth.Picard sensed the rest of the bridge crew gathering around as he lined up his manhood with the hot young quim laying open before him. In the back of his mind, a tiny little voice of reason was screaming that what he was about to do was wrong but the captain was beyond reason. The overpowering urge he had felt when banging young Wesley’s tight little ass was nothing compared to his need to sate himself on the young stranger laying open before him.“Command override.” He heard commander Data shout aloud. “Security measures Data Alpha One.”The throbbing head of his cock was just beginning to part the perfectly formed wet lips of the young woman’s pussy when the room began to spin and darken. He tried to thrust his hips forward in desperation but his body refused to respond to his sexually driven urges.“Damn it Data!” He cursed aloud just before he blacked out. His body collapsed on top of his intended victim, his still hard penis pressed firmly against her inner thigh just centimeters from his goal.Hermione awoke slowly from a dream that she was being ravaged gloriously by Ron, Harry, and several of their other classmates at the same time. As her mind shifted from dream to reality her eyes suddenly snapped open and arousal was replaced by fear.She found herself still naked, laying on a rather comfortable surface in a pitch black room. Her last memories were a jumble of lust filled fantasies interspersed with some flashes of rather terrifying reality. She remembered using the spells she found in that damn book on herself and the spectacular results that led to her roommates catching her in the throws of passion. Then there was her attempt to abort the spells with the key word, which she had butchered the pronunciation of. Somehow that slip of the tongue had cast a different spell altogether and sent her spiraling off somewhere. The sensation was similar to the time she convinced Ron to fuck her while they were apparating, only this did not end in a splinching incident. Instead she vaguely recalled finding herself naked in a room full of strangers who all instantly pounced on her with obvious sexual intent. Everything went dark just as an older man with a bald head and a British accent was about to have his way with her.Without any visual cues, Hermione reached out with her other senses to try and figure out where she was. The only thing she had to protect her modesty, not that she had much modesty left at this point, was a thin sheet of some strange slick feeling fabric. The room she was in, she assumed it was was a room of some sort, was set at a comfortable temperature and her lack of clothing did not leave her chilled. The area was almost silent, other than a feint knocking sound somewhere to her left. The sound was not exactly rhythmic but it was persistent. It seemed to be coming from close by and while she did not find it threatening, the thumping did have a sense of urgency to it.She tried to sniff the air for any strange scents but all that she could smell was herself. She reeked of sweat and sex so badly that she suddenly wanted a shower.Her pussy ached slightly from the battering her wand had given it but not nearly as badly as the time she had let Hagrid have a go at her with his enormous cock. Overall, she felt well fucked and more satisfied than she had in months. Despite the satisfaction, she still had a strange aching for more sex, probably a residual effect of the spells she had used on herself. She was also incredibly hungry and thirsty, two needs that overrode her desires for both sex and a bath.Deciding that laying in bed was not going to help solve any of her problems, Hermione swung her legs over the edge and felt with her toes until she found soft carpeting and a firm surface to stand on. Slowly, wary of both traps and poorly placed furnishings, she rose to her feet. As she did so, lights in the ceiling began to glow and slowly brightened until she could see her surroundings. The room she found herself in was so strange that she had to sit back down for a moment.The chamber was laid out like a studio apartment with the bed she occupied on one side of the room, a living area with a couch and chair in the center and a small dining table on the far side. There was, however, no sign of a kitchen or even a muggle microwave so she assumed that food must be delivered.The walls of the room all looked to be made of metal with no windows anywhere to be seen, though there was a strange recessed area above the bed that looked like it could be opened. There were three odd panels that she assumed must be doors but there were no handles or hinges, leaving her at a loss on how she was going to get out. If she could find her wand she could easily spell her way out but she was not even sure that the magical device had made the journey with her. For all she knew, the thing was bouncing around in her room, inserting itself into every available orifice in some weird search to find the pussy it belonged in.With little else to hold her attention, Hermione decided that she should at least figure out what the knocking sound was. The noise was coming from what appeared to be a futuristic metal dresser of some sort. There were panels along the front where drawers should be but, like the apparent doors, there did not seem to be any handles. However, when she brushed her fingertips across the nearest panel, the drawer opened with a feint whooshing sound.“Interesting spell design.” She mumbled aloud. The drawer she had opened contained a stack of neatly folded red and black shirts. Pulling the top one off of the stack, she unfolded it and examined it more closely. She did not recognize the material it was made out of or the style of the pattern. The top of the shoulder area was black with a slightly raised collar. From the point of the shoulders down, the fabric was blood red until it reached the abdomen where it turned black once again with a strange off kilter line. Over all, the strange utilitarian design and the fact that it was one of several shirts in the exact same pattern led her to the conclusion that it was some sort of uniform.“Well, it is better than traipsing around naked I suppose.” She declared before pulling the weird shirt over her head. Once she had the thing on, it became clear that the shirt was made for a man. The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves were so long that she had to roll them up to free her hands. However, even her not so expansive breasts were stretching the front of the shirt rather alarmingly. The fabric was quite thin and her perky nipples jutted out quite proudly. The shirt was just long enough to cover her ass so long as she remained standing. If she were forced to sit down or bend over, her lady bits were going to be on full display.The panel slid closed with another gentle touch and Hermione slid her hand across the next drawer, where the knocking was coming from. The moment that the drawer slid open, there was a sudden flash of movement as the object locked inside sprang into the air and made a beeline for her crotch.The young witch had just enough time to realize that the object was her wand, still in its penile form, as she clamped her legs shut just before it could penetrate her yet again. After a few moments of wrestling with the twelve inch long phallus she finally managed to get both hands wrapped around its thick warm base. Keeping a firm grip with one hand, she began to vigorously stroke the vein wrapped shaft up and down its length.“Ejaculus Incarnae” she practically shouted as her hand rubbed up and down the still thrashing wand in a blur of motion. A blast of pure white light burst from the bulbous tip of the wand followed by six more bursts of steadily less intensity. Finally, the magical cock stopped trying to escape her grip and began to shrivel until it collapsed down to its regular wand sized proportions.“That was… something.” She said as she blinked and rubbed her eyes to shake the dazzling effect of the blinding flashes.“Are you alright?” Asked a distinctly male voice. Hermione jumped at the sound and scrambled to cover her naked lower half with one hand while turning and training her wand on the owner of the voice at the same time.“My apologies, I did not mean to startle you.” The man said politely. “I was merely returning to check on your condition.”The man was unarmed, his hands held up and open to show he meant no harm. He was dressed in a shirt that matched the one she had borrowed as well as plain black pants and shoes. His skin was a strange jaundiced color and seemed unnatural somehow.“My name is Data, Lieutenant Commander Data.” The strange looking man continued. “I brought you here to my quarters after the unfortunate incident on the bridge. I felt that it would be safer for you to be here until we can get a few things sorted out.”“Wait, where are we exactly? Aside from your quarters, obviously.” She asked. She lowered her wand slightly but still kept a firm grip on the hilt in case this Lieutenant Commander Data made and sort of aggressive move.“We are currently aboard the United Federation Starship Designate NCC-1701 D, known to her crew as the Enterprise.” He informed her, his voice remaining calm and soothing the entire time, despite that fact that he was making no sense whatsoever. “I could give you the name of the planet we are currently orbiting as well as the name of the sector of space we currently reside in but I am afraid that you would find such information useless as you have no frame of reference with which to apply it.”“What?” Hermione asked. She was a quick study but the terms he was using made so little sense that she was having trouble piecing together what he was trying to tell her.“In truth, your location is space is not nearly as disconcerting as your location in time.” The man continued. “If you are who I believe you to be, you have managed to displace yourself chronologically by several centuries.”“Slow down,” Hermione said, holding her hands up to stop the strange man, “are you saying that I just traveled through time?”“According to all of the data at my disposal, yes that is what I am attempting to convey. Of course my theory does center around the point of you being who I believe you to be.” Data replied, his voice the same flat tone that was quickly becoming annoying. How could the man be so calm in the face of such a stupendous situation?“Ok, I’ll bite, who do you think I am?” She asked, hoping that he had the wrong girl.“I believe you to be Hermione Granger, close friend of Harry Potter and one of the wizards responsible for defeating the one known as lord Voldemort. If I am not mistaken, you have displaced yourself sometime shortly after that particular battle, during the period in which you were finishing your education at Hogwarts academy.”“Yeah, that’s me.” Hermione admitted with a sigh. “Wait a minute, how do you know so much about me?”“The answer to that particular query is rather complicated and would probably be easier for you to grasp if it were delivered by a fellow wizard. In fact, the leader of the Enterprise cabal should be along shortly to speak with you.”“So you are not a wizard?” Hermione asked, her boundless curiosity overriding her current concerns for her own well being, as it so often did.“No, I am incapable of performing what you refer to as ‘magic’, though I have mastered several sleight of hand tricks as part of an earlier experiment. Perhaps you would like to see a few while we wait for Guinan to join us?”“Umm, no, I’m good.” She replied, waving him off before he could begin his first trick. “I would rather you tell me a how a muggle like yourself happens to know so much about witches and wizards? In my time, we usually tried to keep your kind in the dark about our existence.”“I am not a ‘muggle’, per se.” He replied flatly. “In point of fact, I am not human at all. I am an android built by my creator as part of a grand experiment to analyze and understand the human condition.”“I see.” Hermione replied, her mind wandering over the possibilities. “So you don’t have human emotions?”“Unfortunately, I do not. A part of my overlying mission is to attempt to develop such traits, or at least a facsimile thereof. To date I have been rather unsuccessful in my attempts.”“Why don’t you come over here and talk to me a bit more?” Hermione asked as she deliberately opened and closed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her still damp womanhood. The horniness she had felt tingling through her body when she awoke was not dissipating as she had expected. Instead, it seemed to be building in intensity, especially now that she was not alone. If this android creature had the right equipment, and to judge by the bulge in his pants he certainly did, maybe she could put him to use satisfying her until this other wizard showed up. After all, if he did not have emotions it wouldn’t really be sex, it would be like masturbating with the greatest sex toy ever made.The rational part of her mind was screaming that this was ridiculous, she needed to find a way to get home, not fuck some random future robot man. However, there was something about the way Data looked as he approached her that made her want to ignore everything else and tear off his uniform to see what was hiding underneath.“You look a bit flushed, are you feeling unwell?” The android asked as he sat down next to her on the bed.“No, I’m fine.” She replied just a bit too quickly. She could feel her pulse beginning to race as she leaned in closer to the man beside her.“Just out of curiosity,” she asked as she rested her hand on his knee and leaned in close enough to press her breasts against his arm, “are you fully equipped?”“I am afraid that I do not understand your query.” he replied, turning his head at an awkward angle to maintain eye contact with her.“I mean,” she slid her hand up his leg to grab the rather sizable bulge in his crotch, “does this do everything a normal man’s does?” She squeezed and massaged Data’s cock through his pants, hoping to get a response.“Now I understand, you are asking if I am capable of performing sexual intercourse.” Data replied. “In answer to your question, yes, I am quite capable. In fact, I have found that the act of intercourse activates a series of nano-fibers with built in electrical impulses that, if I were human, I might categorize as pleasurable. Would you care for a demonstration?”“Less talking, more fucking.” Hermione replied huskily as she squirmed out of the shirt she was wearing and began pawing at the waistband of Data’s pants.“Very well, though I have found through experimentation that many females enjoy it when the male partner makes sexually suggestive comments during the act of intercourse. In fact, many like to be called degrading names that they would find offensive in other situations. I have a rather vast library of so called ‘dirty talk’, would you like me to use some of it while I am inside of you?”“Maybe later.” Hermione replied, sighing in frustration. “For now just get your clothes off and fuck me.”“As you wish.” The android stood up and went about efficiently removing his clothing while Hermione laid back on the bed and gently stroked her clit as she waited to see his robot cock. When he finally dropped his pants and stood facing her, she was not disappointed. His penis jutted up and out proudly, measuring at least nine inches in length and even thicker than her wand had been. Her mouth started to water just looking at the perfectly designed piece of man meat hovering in front of her. She could not decide if she wanted to suck it first or just get straight to the fucking. The android made up her mind for her when he grabbed her ankles and spread her legs even farther apart with a force of strength that both scared her and turned her on. Without hesitation, he lined his impressive manhood up with her open and waiting love tunnel and proceeded to slowly drive it into her.“Oh my god!” Hermione moaned aloud as the thick android dick pressed into her, spreading her vagina nearly to its limits. She was so turned on that her first orgasm wracked her body just as Data’s pelvis came to rest against her throbbing clitoris.He held himself above her and began to slowly slide in and out of her aching opening. She let him continue at that pace for a few minutes before urging him to go faster. Soon she realized that he was just like a sex toy in that he would do exactly what she told him to, nothing more, nothing less. When she told him to suck on her nipples he did so without complaint but she had to tell him when to switch from one side to the other. He fucked her steadily at whatever pace she wanted, never tiring, but never losing himself in his own pleasure either. Every time he drove her over the blissful edge she found herself orgasming alone while he continued to drive his beautifully formed cock in and out of her.His seeming lack of pleasure only bothered her peripherally however, she was far too wrapped up in the glorious feelings that he was giving her to worry about his issues. She did not really care if he was bored out of his mind, so long as he kept making her cum like this.Eventually she did get bored enough to try a few different positions, however. When she pushed him off and got on her hands and knees he asked if she wanted anal sex but she quickly shot that idea down as she considered how thick his cock was. Instead she reached back between her legs and guided him back into her dripping wet pussy, where he belonged. She let him pound into her backside for a few minutes before switching things up yet again. She was just getting into the rhythm of their third position, female dominant, when a chirping noise echoed through the room.“That is the sound of the door chime, it is most likely the wizard Guinan” Data informed her.“He can wait a moment.” Hermione panted in response as she pounded herself up and down on the shaft buried between her legs.“Guinan is a woman.” Data told her matter of factly.“I do-don’t c-care.” Hermione moaned as yet another orgasm started deep inside her and ripped its way out. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her body began to shake with pleasurable release. She beat her fists against her robot lover’s chest as she slammed her hips down on his pelvis and ground her engorged clit against him.Hermione thought she heard the chirping sound of the door again but she was too distracted by her own pleasure to pay it much mind. Her body felt as if an electrical current was passing through it, starting at her aching clitoris and shooting up her torso to her achingly hard nipples. Somewhere in the background she thought she heard the door chime once again but she was too lost in her own bliss to care.“Enter.” Data said loudly.“What?” She asked breathlessly, thinking that Data was talking to her.“Well this is certainly an interesting sight,” said another strange voice from across the room, “a time lost witch and a one of a kind android fucking like two horny teens.”Hermione slowed down and composed herself well enough to have a look at the new arrival, though her hips never quite stopped gyrating around the still hard cock buried inside her. The newcomer was a woman of indeterminate age, with ebony skin and long dreadlocks tied in a loose ponytail down her back. Her face was rather plain with a wide mouth, currently stretched in a wicked grin, a broad nose and dark hooded eyes. She was of average height and her build looked to be neither too thin nor too fat, though it was hard to tell as she was covered head to toe in deep purple robes. With her arms crossed as they were even her hands were hidden from view, each tucked up inside the opposite sleeve.“Greetings Guinan, please come in.” Data politely, his hands never straying from Hermione’s breasts. “Would you care to join us?”“As tempting as the offer to get a taste of the legendary miss Granger for myself may be, I believe we have more pressing concerns at the moment.” Guinan replied sardonically. “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to disrupt your experiment for awhile commander.”“I assumed that would be the case.” Data replied. If the android had been capable of emotions Hermione would have sworn that his voice held a tinge of regret.“What experiment?” She asked breathlessly as another orgasm began to build between her legs.“The sexual conduct experiment that he has been running on the entire crew for three months now, as well as on you since your arrival.” The dark skinned woman replied.Before Hermione could ask what she was talking about, the woman pulled a strange metallic looking wand from her sleeve and aimed it in their direction. There was not even time to dive for cover, much less grab up her own wand to cast a defensive spell.“Erotimus Shelta” The older witch called out as she flicked her wrist. A shower of pale blue light shot out of the tip of her wand to wash over Hermione. Suddenly, the burning need for sexual satisfaction began to fade, even as one final orgasm shook its way through her suddenly worn and aching body.“Oh my god!” She shouted, suddenly realizing just how insane she had been acting. She flung herself away from Data and scrambled to cover her nakedness with one hand while groping for her shirt with the other.“What in the fuck did you to do me?” She asked both Data and Guinan at the same time once she had managed to tug the form fitting shirt into place.“I must apologize.” Data said first as he rose from the bed and began to gather his own clothing. His android penis still bounced in front of him, hard and ready for use, but Hermione no longer felt an overpowering urge to pounce on it. “My intent was not to have intercourse with you against your will. As you are a witch, I assumed that you would realize what was happening and could shield yourself like the others. When you propositioned me I believed that it was a matter of choice for you.”“I thought you said that you couldn’t cast spells.” She pointed out accusingly as she scooped her wand up from the floor and pointed it at the man. “How did you manage to whammy me with a sex spell?”“He didn’t.” Guinan volunteered.“Then who did, you?” She asked, turning to face the other witch, her wand held ready to duel.“There was no ‘sex spell’ cast whatsoever. The sexual desires you have been feeling are the result of a particular type of radiation being given off by a nearby star.” The witch went on to explain the strange pink sun and its effects on sentient beings. Even as someone who used magic every day of her life, Hermione had a hard time believing the story.“I don’t know, this whole ‘sex ray’ thing sounds like some lame excuse to get everyone naked and horny.” She replied when the older woman was finished explaining. “I mean, if these things are real, why aren’t you shielding the rest of the crew like you are me?”“That would be commander Data’s experiment.” Guinan replied, nodding towards the now garbed android.“Indeed. When we first arrived in this system we used the ships shields to block out the radiation. However, I realized that, if there was a catastrophic failure of the shields for any reason, the entire crew would immediately devolve into an uncontrolled mob of sex crazed lunatics. The danger of this happening is miniscule in the short term but, as our mission could take as long as a full earth year or more, is quite real in the long term. This vessels photon shields are not designed to remain functioning at full power for such long periods. Also with the shields up, there was no way to capture the physical objects that we were sent here to study.Due to these considerations, I decided to conduct an experiment that would hopefully help the crew become immune from the effects of the radiation. I have been steadily decreasing the power of the shields, allowing small doses of the sex rays to slip through and irradiate everyone. Currently, the photon shields are running at thirty five percent, though I have written a sub-routine into the ships software that makes it appear as if they are still fully engaged.”“So you are trying to build up their immunity, like to a d**g?” Hermione asked, rather impressed by the whole idea, despite herself.“That is the general concept.” Data replied.“How is it working?”“The results vary between individuals but there has been a general increase in ability to maintain decorum with the shields down, at least for short periods. I believe that, if not for your appearance on the bridge, we might have made it through the last unshielded period without any significant loss of self control. Unfortunately, such an attractive and sexually inflamed woman appearing naked and moaning right at the captain’s feet was too much stimulation. I was forced to enact security measures designed to incapacitate the crew and extricate you from the bridge once it was clear that the entire bridge had lost control of themselves.”“Alright, I don’t know that I buy everything you are saying but, at this point, I have little choice but to play along.” Hermione finally declared. “What I really want to know is how wizards ended up in space and, even more important, can you help me get back home?”“The answer to your first question is rather complicated. I can give you the basics but I will need to keep the details from you in order to avoid altering the time line once we get you back home.” Guinan told her.“I’ll take whatever information you can give me, especially if üsküdar escort it helps get me out of here.” Hermione replied.“Okay, the short version. Even back in the time you come from, the muggles had begun pushing technology to point that they could do many of the things we did with spells by using machines. As things progressed, they became even more efficient with their tech and we magic users realized that it was just a matter off time before they created a device that would let them see through the illusions we hid behind to keep our kind safe. There were three different possible solutions to our problem but after much heartfelt debate and not a few unfortunate duels to the death, it was decided that we should insinuate ourselves into this growing technological world and use our magic to guide the muggles and protect our secrets at the same time.Eventually it became clear that mankind needed to expand beyond the earth or we were going to wipe out our entire species. Luckily, by this time many powerful wizards were living among the muggles, posing as engineers and inventors. Those wizards and witches worked together in secret and pushed technology in the right direction. Just eighty years after the time you come from, mankind built their first star ship capable of interstellar travel. That first ship was unfortunately stolen as soon as it was finished and disappeared into the far reaches of space. Two years later we managed to build another vessel and launched it into space just in time to run into our first alien encounter with the Vulcan’s, a race of humanoid people who celebrate logic above emotion. The Vulcans continue to be one of our closest allies even to this day.Since that time, mankind has launched thousands of ships into space. In every single case, at least one wizard has been on board from the initial launch until the ship was retired or destroyed. In the case of larger ships, such as the Enterprise, there is usually an entire cabal aboard to help with the logistics involved in keeping everything running correctly.”“So this ship is actually run by magic?” Hermione asked incredulously.“Not completely, no.” Data replied. “Most of the tech actually works without your magic.”“Indeed,” Guinan agreed, “other than the so called ‘warp drive engines’. Those are pretty much entirely magical in nature. They blatantly ignore several laws of physics and more than one person has pointed out that they do not make much sense. However, they work so well that most muggles don’t ask too many questions and accept whatever nonsense we spoon feed them on the subject.”“Okay, I’ve got the idea. Now, the real question is, can you help me get back home?” Hermione asked.“I believe so, but it is going to take a bit of help from the rest of the cabal. Why don’t you go clean up a bit and then we can go meet them?” Guinan suggested archly. Suddenly Hermione remembered just how ripe she was smelling, as well as how empty her stomach happened to be.“Good idea, I’ll take a shower if you want to point me in the right direction. Is there any chance I can get something to eat as well?”“I am sure that can be arranged.” Data replied. “The facilities are through that door on your left. Simply disrobe and step into the bathing cubicle. The computer will do the rest.”With just a bit of trepidation, Hermione walked towards the door the android had indicated. It opened with a feint hissing sound as she approached and she stepped across the threshold. The futuristic restroom was actually comfortingly familiar in that a way. There was a sink and a toilet as well as a paneled side area that was clearly meant to be the shower. Everything had the same streamlined sci-fi look as the rest of Data’s chambers with its metal walls and spartan functionality but at least she knew what everything was for and could figure out how to operate it.She pulled off her shirt and tossed it on the floor near what looked to be a clothes hamper and stepped up to the nearly opaque front of the shower. Unsurprisingly, the door slid open with the same hissing sound that everything else seemed to make. What was a surprise was the fact that there was no shower head or controls for the water. The box was just that, a big empty cube with only a drain on the floor to indicate what it might be for.Recalling Data’s instructions, she entered the enclosed cubicle and stood above the drain, waiting to see what would happen next. The door closed on it own after a moment and several ports suddenly opened in the ceiling. Several tentacle-like arms dropped from the openings to surround her and immediately began going to work on her naked flesh. Several arms ended in small nozzles that sprayed her with warm soapy water before others moved in spongy heads and began to scrub her down from top to bottom. Another appendage began massaging her scalp and washing her hair with a sweet smelling shampoo.Hermione was just beginning to relax and enjoy the strange shower when two of the sponges began to scrub her breasts while one of the water nozzles slipped between her legs and shot a firm stream of water across her aching clit. She went from relaxed to horny at the flick of a switch and suddenly her mind lit up with all of the possibilities such a shower design could provide.Her vaginal walls quivered with anticipation but the nozzle between her legs began to move away from her sensitive inner core. Before it could get too far away she grabbed the hose and aimed it back at her pussy. The device tried to pull away but her grip was firm and after a moment it stopped squirming and remained where she was aiming it. Almost immediately, an orgasm began to build inside of her as she worked the sprayer back and forth across her clit. Just before release could overtake her, a voice spoke up, startling her.“Does the user wish to activate the stimulating massage function?” The voice asked. It took a moment but finally Hermione realized the voice belonged to the computer running the shower. In another time and place the talking machine may have been interesting but just now she was more captivated by what was said rather than what was talking.“Did you say stimulating massage?” Hermione asked aloud. She had been a bit distracted when the computer spoke so she wanted to make sure she had not imagined what she thought she heard.“Affirmative.” The computer responded. Hermione could not help but notice the voice sounded feminine and rather sexy.“Yes, please activate the stimulating massage function.”“Function engaged.” The computer stated.Immediately several more tentacles dropped from the ceiling, many of these much thicker than the first set. The thicker appendages wrapped around her waist, arms, and legs and picked her up before she knew what was happening. Hermione suddenly found herself dangling a few feet above the floor, facing up towards the ceiling. The thick appendages held her aloft easily while the two around her legs kept her spread wide open, exposing her sex to anyone who might be watching. The young witch actually felt a moment of panic as she realized that she was now completely at the mercy of a machine that was probably capable of doing her serious bodily harm should it choose to do so.She was just about to order the computer to stop when half a dozen tentacles began rubbing and caressing her body while applying a warm oil of some sort over her exposed flesh. The sensation was so amazing that she changed her mind and decided to let the computer have its way with her.During the next twenty minutes the long slender appendages attacked her body with a wide selection of tools. There were roller balls that worked on knotted muscles, brushes that felt like a thousand tiny fingers as they caressed her skin, vibrating heads that swept across her erogenous zones but never stayed in one place long enough to get her off, and other devices that she felt but never managed to see.Finally, two nozzles with unmistakably phallic heads attached slowly came down from the ceiling and slid between her taut inner thighs. A moment later she exploded in a violent orgasm as both devices penetrated her at the same time, one in her dripping wet pussy and the other in her tight little ass. The one in her anus had shot a load of warm oil from its tip as it entered her, easing the pain that normally came with anal penetration.If not for the tentacles holding her aloft, she would have collapsed to the floor as the crushing power of her orgasm tore though her slender young body, leaving her gasping for air. The twin dildos continued to plow in and out of her holes with wild abandon, sending wave after wave of pleasure from her center out to the tips of her fingers and toes. She lost track of how many orgasms ripped through her as she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasure.“That looks like fun.” A voice whispered from right beside her, causing Hermione to open her eyes. Guinan was standing next to her, close enough to reach out and touch her dangling body. The first thing she noticed was that the older woman had removed her ridiculous hat, then she realized that was not all the dark skinned woman was missing.“You’re naked.” Hermione said, stating the obvious as she tried to get her mind to focus. The twin nozzles were still working their magic between her legs so she was having a bit of trouble with coherent thought.“It seemed like the proper attire for the situation.” Guinan said with a smile before bending down and pressing her lips to Hermoine’s in a kiss smoldering with passion. The older woman’s tongue probed her mouth as another orgasm shook her body causing her to moan into the kiss. When she broke away and rose Hermione got a great look at the older woman’s large breasts, capped with beautiful dark nipples the size and shape of Hershey’s Kisses. She ached to suck one of those nipples into her mouth but Guinan taunted her, dangling them both just out of reach.“Come closer!” Hermione moaned like a woman possessed as she strained to reach the succulent breasts swaying just out of her reach.“I’ve got a much better use for that sweet little tongue of yours.” Guinan replied as she stood up completely. Hermione suddenly realized that her head was exactly level with the older woman’s nicely trimmed pussy. She licked her lips in anticipation as Guinan straddled her face and lowered herself until her sex was pressed tightly against the younger woman’s pretty face.Hermione immediately began lapping at the woman’s open sex, seeking out her already engorged clit as Guinan ground herself against the younger woman’s mouth. After a few moments the older woman shifted a bit, leaning forward and allowing Hermione to breathe as she strained to keep contact with the delectable dark crevice above her. It was not until she felt her own button being flicked and sucked on that she understood the older woman’s real reason for moving.It only took a few moments of stimulation for Hermione to explode in yet another orgasm as she screamed into the pussy pressed against her face. Guinan’s thighs clamped around her head a moment later as her own vagina gushed with orgasmic release. Hermione was once again lost in ecstasy as she lapped up the wonderful juices that flowed over her face and down her chin. The older woman’s orgasm tasted rich and tangy on her tongue, driving her hunger for more.This pattern continued as both women orgasmed several times, each one more powerful than the last. Finally, Guinan pulled herself away from Hermione’s insatiable tongue and collapsed to the floor. The younger woman would have been happy to keep going and said so as she stared wantonly at her dark skinned lover.“As much as I would love to take you back to my quarters and spend a few days with you in my bed, there are more pressing issues to deal with.” Guinan sighed as she struggled to catch her breath. “Computer, end stimulating massage function.”At the older woman’s command, the twin dildos immediately stopped their assault on Hermione’s sex and retracted back up to the ceiling. The other small appendages also stopped massaging her body and pulled away as the thicker ones holding her aloft slowly lowered her to the floor before releasing her and withdrawing as well.As soon as she hit the floor Hermione flipped over and started advancing on the older witch who was still leaning back against the wall trying to catch her breath. Before the other woman could stop her, she clamped her lips around one of those dark chocolate nipples and began to suck on it while her fingers slid up between her legs.“Oh hell no, I need a break.” Guinan moaned as her body began responding to Hermione’s renewed attack. The dark skinned woman made a gesture with her right hand and suddenly her wand appeared. She pointed it at Hermione and hit the young woman with the shielding spell again.“Erotimus Shelta” As before, the overpowering urge for sexual release suddenly shut down. Hermione quickly released Guinan’s nipple and jerked her hand back from between her legs as if they had been burnt.“I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened.” The young woman said as she struggled to pull herself together. “The spell was working just fine and then suddenly it wasn’t and I kind of lost control.”“It’s my fault actually. I forgot to warn you that too much direct stimulation to your erogenous zones will overload the shield spell. I’m guessing the shower hit you in just the right way to get you excited and send you over the edge.”“So why didn’t you reactivate the spell when you found me all tied up and fucking the shower?” Hermione asked curiously.“Honestly, you looked so damn good that I couldn’t resist you. It’s been years since I’ve been able to enjoy that sweet mouth of yours and I was curious to see if the younger you was as good at eating pussy as the older version.”“Wait, what?” Hermione scrambled to process the older woman’s words. “Are you saying that you know me here in the future?”“It’s complicated and probably best not to get into it.” Guinan replied, looking a touch chagrined, as if she had already said too much. “Knowing too many details about your future could cause some serious temporal issues.Besides, this story is supposed to be all about sex and eroticism, if we start delving into too many of those kinds of details, the readers are either going to get bored or start arguing in the comments section over the science behind space-time and which rules we are violating. We are going to get enough of that from the whole ‘sex ray’ business. No, I think it would be best if we just forget this entire conversation even happened.”“Um, okay.” Hermione agreed reluctantly. “So what are we going to do about getting me back where I belong before we screw up the space-time continuum completely?”“I have a theory on that but we need to meet with the cabal first. They may think of something that I haven’t.” Guinan replied as she slowly stood up and stretched luxuriously.Despite the shielding spell, Hermione barely fought back the urge to caress the older woman’s taut body and taste her one more time. Instead she backed away as far as possible before rising to her own feet.“Shower, dry.” Guinan commanded. Suddenly the chamber was filled with warm blowing air that whisked the water from their bodies and hair, leaving them both completely dry in less than a minute.When the shower door opened the two witches strolled out and exited the room altogether. Guinan’s robe was laying in a pile on the floor where she had quickly discarded it before jumping in the shower but the older woman seemed to be in no real hurry to put it back on. Hermione found herself staring at the other woman’s firm but well rounded ass she she followed her out of the room.“I must say,” Data declared as they emerged from the bathroom, “that was an intriguing display of both female masturbation and sapphic passion. It will make an interesting point in my thesis when I am finally ready to publish.”“How do you know what we did in there?” Hermione asked curiously.“I had the computer record everything from the time you started the shower. Currently I am running a program that will render the entire event in holographic form, allowing it to be viewed on the holo-deck in full detail.” The android replied with his usual straight forward nature. He motioned at a blank wall and a picture of her standing naked in the shower suddenly appeared in sharp detail.“You filmed me in the shower without asking my permission?” Hermione asked incredulously. “Don’t you think that is a bit invasive?”“As you appeared here completely nude, it was logical to assume that you are comfortable being seen in such a state. If that deduction is in error I apologize.”“I am not always nude back home, I just happened to be in that state when the spell sent me here.” Hermione declared defensively.“Interesting. Nevertheless, the video was made. Would you care to watch the raw footage?” He asked.“There is no time for that right now.” Guinan replied as she finally pulled her robe over her head to get dressed. If she was upset about this blatant breach of privacy she gave no indication of it. “Did you take care of the clothing issue as I asked?”“Of course.” Data replied, pointing at a pile of cloth sitting on the bed.With a nod from Guinan, Hermione unfolded the clothing and held it out for inspection. The material was the same as the uniform shirt she had borrowed earlier and even held to the same black and red color scheme but the similarities ended there. The top was sleeveless with a plunging neckline and was cropped short enough to show off most of her midsection. The rest of the uniform was even more revealing. What she first took for a wide belt actually turned out to be a black skirt that, even setting below her hip line, would barely be long enough to cover her ass. If she were to bend over there would be nothing left to the imagination for anybody standing behind her. The ensemble was finished off with a pair of shiny black knee high boots with four inch heels.“Um, is this uniform for the military or a hooker?” She asked incredulously.“Under our current operating conditions, the captain has allowed for a more lax uniform code. While that particular outfit pushes the boundaries of acceptable dress code in normal situations, it is rather conservative compared to what some women are wearing aboard ship at this moment.” Data explained.“It’s true,” Guinan agreed, “I’ve seen many crew members of both genders walking around in next to nothing. In fact, I’ve seen more than one person walking around completely naked on their off hours up in the forward lounge.”“Well, when in Rome…” Hermione declared with a sigh as she began to shimmy into the body hugging skirt.“We are not in Rome.” Data pointed out succinctly.“It is an idiom Commander, not a literal statement.” Guinan replied.“Ah.” The android replied with a nod before turning back to his task at the computer. The dark skinned woman shot a Hermione a quick glance cautioning her to drop the subject.Stifling a giggle at the strange conversation, the young witch finished dressing quickly. Once she was finished she still felt self conscious about the lack of covering but she had to admit that she also felt rather sexy in the outfit. Having no pockets or sleeves, she was unsure of where to place her wand until the older woman suggested she tuck it down the side of her boot where it would not draw attention but was still within reach should she need it.“Commander, please keep yourself available in case we need you.” Guinan commanded the android as she ushered Hermione towards the exit.“Of course.” Data replied without looking away from the screen in front of him.The door slid open as they approached and the young woman found herself facing an empty hallway that looked like something one would expect to find in a futuristic apartment building. The area was brightly lit with walls paneled similarly to those in Data’s quarters, only these were a bland beige in color rather than metallic silver. The floor was carpeted and only a few shades darker than the walls and ceiling The hallway was wide, at least six feet across, and curved away gently in both directions so that she could not see where it led. Before she could ask which direction to go, Guinan grabbed her by the arm and guided her to the left at a brisk pace.“Should we encounter anyone else here in the passageways, just do as I do and everything will be fine.” The older woman muttered quietly, despite the deserted area around them.“Are you expecting trouble?” Hermione asked, suddenly worried. The other woman was acting as if they were in a dangerous situation for some reason.“Not the kind you are thinking of.” Guinan replied mysteriously. Hermione was about to ask her for clarification when the unmistakable sounds of passionate sex reached her ears.A few paces farther and they came to another passage that linked up to the one they were following on the right. When they reached the intersection Guinan tugged lightly on her arm and turned into it. The new hall looked exactly like the one they had been traveling in with two exceptions; first, this hall was straight rather than curved and second, it was filled with at least a dozen other people, most of whom were engaged in some kind of sexual act right out in the open.Hermione was so shocked by the scene that she stopped dead in her tracks until Guinan tugged at her arm to get her moving again. A part of her wanted to blush and turn away while another part wanted to abandon her quest to get home and join in on the fun.“We have to keep moving,” Guinan whispered in her ear, “there is no time to get dally here.”“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Hermione lied as she tore her gaze away from the two men holding a woman sandwiched between them. The men were both rock hard and the woman between them was screaming out in orgasm as she bounced up and down on their thick cocks, one buried in her vagina and the other in her ass. The three paid little attention as the two witches strolled past close enough to to touch them if they had chosen to do so. A bit farther down the hall they past two men, one on his knees servicing the other, followed by two women making out while they rode the face and cock of a man laying on the floor beneath them. They made it past each group without a problem, everyone was so wrapped up in their own sexual gratification that they did not care about anything going on around them. Unfortunately, at the next intersection, their luck ran out.Three men were standing in the hall to the left as they approached but they were not engaged in sex like the others. Instead, they stood there, watching everyone around them and slowly stroking themselves.“Hello ladies,” the biggest of the three men said as he stepped out of the adjoining hall and directly into their path, “you look like you could use a little help.”“We are fine thank you.” Guinan replied shortly as she tried to step around the man. The other two guys stepped out next to their friend to cut the two women off.“Yes, you are fine.” The first man replied with a leer as he continued to stroke himself unabashedly. “Well if you don’t need any help, how about giving my friends and I a hand?”“Or a mouth.” One of the others spouted off.“Or some pussy!” The third one practically shouted.Guinan pulled Hermione to a stop just beyond the reach of the three men and examined them coolly before responding. The young witch found herself hoping that the other woman was going to agree to help the men, she had not sucked a nice hard cock lately and she was barely able to stop herself from dropping to her knees and deep throating the nearest one. Images of the three men penetrating all of her aching holes at the same time raced through her mind, causing her pussy to quiver with anticipation.“I’m sorry boys, I wish we could help but we are on duty and the captain as demanded our services on the bridge.” Guinan finally replied, dashing Hermione’s hopes as much as the men’s.“I’m sure the captain wouldn’t mind if you took a few minutes to help a crew member or two. The biggest man replied as he stepped forward and reached for the older woman.“There are several men in the brig these days who have been reduced to butt-fucking one another because they interfered with the captains orders.” Guinan stated sharply, bringing the man up short with his fingers just inches from her shoulder. “Perhaps you would like to join them there and see what kind of help they might offer you.”The man pulled his hand back as if he had stuck it in a fire and quickly backed off a few steps, pushing his cohorts out of the way in the process. The other two scrambled to clear a wide path for the two women. Hermione could not help but notice that their penises had deflated as much as their bravado.“Sorry ma’am, we meant no offense.” The leader of the three said quickly, raising his hands as if to fend off an attack.“None taken,” Guinan replied smoothly, “though if I hear about any other women being coerced into giving you boys what you want, you will find yourselves in the brig and tied face down to your bunks faster than you can scream for mercy.”“Yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.” The men muttered as they quickly backed away to flee down the hall they had been lurking in a minute before.“That certainly took the wind out of their sails,” Hermione said with a laugh, “so to speak.” Now that the men were retreating, the urge to give them what they had wanted was quickly fading. In fact, she was somewhat embarrassed to admit that she had felt the desire at all, even to herself.It’s a good thing it worked. Even with the blocking spell, if he had touched me I would have been on my knees with his cock in my mouth before he could have asked again.” The older woman confessed with a sigh.“Oh thank goodness, I thought it was just me.” Hermione said, laughing even harder. Guinan chuckled as well as she took Hermione by the arm once again and led her away.The pair made it the rest of the way to their destination without incident, though Hermione had been tempted more than once to join in with the various sexual depravities she witnessed. The door Guinan finally stopped at looked just like every other entryway they had passed and Hermione was not at all sure that she could find it again if she were turned loose on her own.When Guinan stepped up to the door it did not open like Hermione expected. Instead the older witch quickly looked around to make sure nobody was looking before drawing out her wand and casting a quick unlocking spell. The door finally slid open and the older woman bustled her inside before anyone else could walk by and get a look inside. Hermione found herself standing in a room that looked completely out of place on a spaceship but would have fit in perfectly back at Hogwarts.The walls were paneled with what looked to be dark mahogany and a fireplace blazed away in the far corner. Candles in sconces on the walls and s**ttered throughout the room provided the lighting for the room rather than the ships lights she had witnessed everywhere else so far. Between the flickering lights, bookcases and tables were crammed all along the walls, each filled with a plethora of texts as well as components for creating potions and other magical artifacts. The center of the room was a large clear space with a wooden floor branded with dozens of magical symbols. Hermione could feel the energy bleeding off of the nearly everything in the room, it was a dull quiet thing, almost like white tuzla escort noise. Back at Hogwarts it was so constant that one did not even notice it until they left and it was gone. Here, where magic was not so prevalent, the sensation was so distracting that it blocked out the tingling ache for sexual gratification that had been haunting her since leaving Data’s quarters.There were three other people in the room when they entered, two men and a woman. One man, an older gentleman with curly red hair that reminded her of Ron’s, was sitting in an overstuffed chair with a book in his hands. He was clearly doing his best to ignore the other two, a black man with a weird visor over his eyes and a younger Asian woman with long black hair tied back in a ponytail. The black man had the young woman on her knees and was pounding his very hefty cock in and out of her pert little ass with wild abandon.“Hang on, we’re almost done here.” The man announced to the newcomers without breaking his rhythm. The young woman did not bother to look up, she was too busy stroking her clit furiously as her lover pounded himself into her. Less than a minute later she began to scream in orgasm as her body shook convulsively. A few strokes more and the man pulled out to shoot a large ropy load of cum all over the woman’s ass and back.“They’ve been going at it like that for the last hour.” The red haired man complained in a thick Irish accent. “Even after I told them we needed to start finding a spell to send that one home, they just kept on going.” He made it clear with a hand gesture that Hermione was the ‘one’ in question, as if it had not been clear.“O’brien, You’re just mad that I can bang your wife better than you can.” The black man said as he stood up. Before he could take another step, the woman on the floor spun around and took his still semi-erect cock in her mouth. She moaned wantonly as she licked it clean and only let it go when Guinan cleared her throat pointedly.“I will have you know that I can fuck her just as long and hard as you just did, I simply have more self control at the moment.” The older man argued.“Prove it.” The other man challenged.“Fine!” He replied. “Get that ass over here woman.” He stood up and Hermione noticed for the first time that the one called O’Brien wasn’t wearing any pants. The Asian woman immediately crawled over and began to suck on his stiff rod with the same passion she had applied to the other man moments before.“We really do not have time for this nonsense.” Guinan declared pointedly.“Oh don’t worry,” the dark skin man replied, “this won’t take him long.”“Oh ha ha, you are so funny Laforge. Keep it up and I’ll never let you get between my wife’s legs again!” The man named Laforge looked ready to comment further but Guinan cut them both off before the argument could escalate further.“Do I really need to remind the three of you how important it is to maintain at least a bit of self control? Troi is already locked in solitary confinement and shielded from using her magic because she let these sexual urges overtake her completely. I do not ask for celibacy from you all but I do demand that you put duty before personal satisfaction.”The three wizards looked abashed as they mumbled apologies and the woman even released her grip on her husband’s throbbing cock with one last wistful stroke.“So, is that her?” Laforge asked finally, while looking Hermione up and down. She suddenly had the feeling that the visor covering his eyes was letting him see more of her than she would normally be comfortable with. Judging by the way his member twitched towards erect, he liked what he was seeing.“Obviously it is.” O’Brien answered. “It’s not like you’ve never met the woman before, even if it was the older version.”“That is quite enough on that subject,” Guinan snapped, “there are more than enough temporal issues at play here without telling this young woman anything else about her future. Now, have any of you made any headway in researching the spells I asked you to look in to?”“I was doing just that when these two interrupted me with their ridiculous nonsense about who could satisfy me better.” the female wizard spoke up.“Did you manage to discover anything of use before you ended up on your knees Keiko?” Guinan asked with a hint of a smile.“I believe so, though the spell I found requires an energy source that we do not have available on board.”“Show me.”The young woman rose lithely to her feet and sauntered naked to a nearby table with a pile of spell books s**ttered across it. A small jolt of electricity seemed to arch across Hermione’s womanhood as she watched the other woman bend over the table to expose herself wantonly to the entire room. Guinan led her over to the table where she barely resisted the urge to drop to her knees and bury her face between the cheeks of Keiko’s heart shaped ass and devour her. Instead, she stood to the woman’s left while Guinan stood to her right, forcing the men to go around to the other side of the table to see what they were looking at.“This is the only spell I could find that deals with time travel.” Keiko said, her finger tracing over the spell in question. “According to the text, sending something forward in time is fairly easy but sending something the other direction takes a lot of energy. Usually it takes a full cabal just to send something back a week or two, much less the nine hundred years we are talking about in this situation.”I see…” Guinan muttered as she began reading the spell herself. Hermione knew that she should be reading as well but the warm naked body pressed up against her hip was too distracting.She felt her hand rising, almost as if it had a mind of it’s own, to caress Keiko’s smooth ass. The other woman sighed softly in response to her touch and pushed back against her palm, encouraging Hermione to go further. Without thinking, Hermione slid he fingers over until the tips were slipping along Keiko’s warm wet slit, causing the young Asian woman to gasp and wiggle. Her fingers parted the other woman’s inner folds in search of her clitoris, earning an even louder moan when she found it.“Oh hell.” Guinan said aloud when she realized what was happening. “Would you two please knock it off.”“Please, don’t stop yet!” Keiko begged as Hermione started to pull her hand way guiltily. “Just let me cum one time please!”“Oh fine,” The older woman sighed, “finish what you started. But be quick, we still have a lot of work to do.”Hermione did not wait for further invitation, she immediately fell to her knees behind the prostrated woman and began licking and kissing every inch of exposed flesh. When he tongue found its way to the other woman’s clit she attacked it with vigor, silently demanding that the woman reach the orgasm she had begged for moments ago.“Oh God, Oh Fuck, Oh God yes right there!” Keiko’s moans built into screams as the orgasm ripped mercilessly through her body. Hermione held her up by her hips as she continued to devour the other woman’s fragrant sex hungrily. Finally her tongue slowed and she loosened her grip, allowing the other young witch to slowly slide down into her lap. Keiko kissed her passionately and whispered lustily about wanting to return the favor even as she panted and gasped to catch her breath.“Ladies, I think you’ve just given me an idea.” Guinan said thoughtfully as she stood above them staring down with her hands on her hips.“Yeah, us too!” Laforge agreed as he and O’brien came around the table stroking their rock hard members in anticipation. Before either man could lay hands on anyone besides themselves Guinan stepped into their path.“That is not what I meant,” the older witch said sharply, “at least not exactly.” She crossed her arms under her large breasts and stared the men down, cowing them into stopping short of their goal.“Oh, well what was your idea?” O’brien asked, his right hand still wrapped firmly around his turgid member as if it were glued there. Laforge was locked in the same pose as he tried to peek around Guinan to see the two young witches still entwined in each others arms.“I have an idea of where we can get the energy we need to send our young visitor back to her own time. I seem to recall a rarely used spell for gathering and converting different types of energy so that it can be used to power spells that would normally be difficult, if not impossible.”“What’s the catch?” Laforge asked suspiciously. “Why isn’t such a spell commonplace?”“The ‘catch’ is that the spell is very volatile and dangerous. The energy cannot be stored for long without destroying the vessel used to contain it, as well as the wizard who cast the spell to begin with. There is rarely enough ambient energy in the area to make casting such a spell worthwhile.”“So how is our situation any different?” Hermione asked as she worked to untangle herself from Keiko’s embrace. The other young witch kept trying to push her over onto her back so that she could get between her legs and the red head was having a difficult time resisting.“Our situation is different because we have an entire ship full of people just begging to release every ounce of sexual energy that we can squeeze from them. All we need to do is drop the shield around the Enterprise and the crew will give us all the sexual energy we can use.” Guinan explained in a tone reminiscent of the professors back at Hogwarts.“Oh, that s-sounds like-like a great i-idea.” Hermione gasped out distractedly. Keiko had managed to work a hand down between her legs and was strumming her thumb across the red head’s sensitive clit while working two fingers into her steaming hole.“Oh enough already!” Guinan declared with an exasperated sigh. Her wand appeared in her hand and she quickly waved it over the other two women.“Waterous Chilleous!” Instantly a downpour of ice cold water manifested directly above the two young witches, soaking them and causing them to gasp for reasons other than sexual. The pair screamed in shock as they sprang apart and scampered to get away from the freezing water.“That should cool your ardor a bit.” The older witch declared with a satisfied smile.The other two women glared daggers at her but neither one dared to speak out. Hermione was not sure that she could speak without her teeth chattering. Instead she looked desperately around for a towel or a blanket as she tried to shake the cold water off of her body and out of her hair.“Evaprorous Emedie.” Guinan chanted as she hit them both with another spell. The water vanished instantly from both women and the floor leaving them still slightly chilled but no longer drenched and freezing. The smile on the older woman’s face was even wider and the two men behind her were struggling not to laugh out loud at the entire scene.“Was that really necessary?” Keiko finally asked Guinan as she stared down her husband, daring him to make a sound.“Clearly you were not going to stop on your own so, yes, it was necessary.” Guinan replied coolly, the smile never leaving her face.“Well what about those two?” Hermione asked, pointing at the two wizards who were still stroking their cocks unabashedly while eyeing all three women as if they were meat to be devoured.“Here, let me help you boys.” Guinan said, turning back to face the men. Her wand vanished and she reached out to take a hard member in each hand. The men smiled lasciviously in anticipation but the smiles quickly turned to grimaces of pain as their eyes bulged out in shock. Rather than stroke the men Guinan was squeezing them booth as hard as she could and digging her nails in to boot. It only took a moment for the men to start begging for mercy and when she finally released them they were both completely flaccid.“Don’t worry,” she told them with a seductive smile, “I’ll kiss them both and make them feel all better later. But first we have more work to do.”It took another half an hour of research to find the spell Guinan was thinking of followed by two hours of work to redesign the spell to suit their needs but finally they were as sure as they could be that the two spells in question would work together the way they needed them to.“Computer, locate Commander Data and ask him to join us here at his earliest convenience.” Guinan commanded once they were ready. The android officer arrived a few minutes later fully dressed and carrying a strange looking weapon in a holster on his hip.“What’s with the phaser?” Laforge asked curiously.“I have surmised that you will want me to lower the shields completely. It may, therefore, become necessary to stun individual crew members in order to keep situations from getting out of hand.” He replied simply.“How did you come to that conclusion?” Guinan asked curiously.“I have spent a considerable amount of processing time considering the problem of how to return our visitor to her own time. I know that it will require energy and I am aware that the energy released during sexual intercourse is often harnessed to cast spells. It was not much of a leap in logic to assume that you would want to use the energy of the crew to cast your spell.” he explained.“Both logical and correct Commander.” The dark skinned witch responded with a touch of respect in her voice. Data nodded his head in a rather human like gesture at the compliment as she went on to outline the plan.“For the spell to work we are going to have to return to the exact same place in space where Hermione first appeared. As the ship has not moved, that means we will need to be on the bridge. Normally that would be a problem because we are forbidden from casting obvious spells in front of muggles. My hope is that, once the shields are down, the crew will be far too distracted to notice what we are up to. Should anyone happen to catch on, they will have to be dealt with before they can cause a problem. We will trust in Commander Data to stop them in the moment but we will need to go back and erase any errant memories to protect our secrets.When the shield goes down we will need to keep our own protection in place for as long as possible, so that we can cast the spell as soon as there is enough energy available. Hermione, you will remain unshielded so that you can access the energy directly. It is important that you give in to the desires and take part in the festivities but you will need to maintain enough composure to say the spell when the time comes.”“So have fun but not too much fun?” Hermione asked, trying to make light.“This is important girl.” The older witch said seriously as she drew herself up to stare down imperiously at the younger woman. “If you fail to cast the spell correctly it may not work at all, or worse, it may send you spiraling off into space-time to end up who knows where. The odds of you ever making it home at that point are slim indeed. Such a loss could cause irrevocable damage to this time line as well as your own life.”“I understand.” Hermione replied as meekly as she could manage. Despite the seriousness of the situation it was difficult to focus with the other woman standing so close and still smelling faintly of the soap from their shower earlier. With a start she realized that she had been reaching out to caress the other woman’s breast and snatched her hand back.“I think I’m feeling the effects of the rays again already.” She declared self consciously as he cheeks reddened.“In that case, we should not delay.” Guinan replied bemusedly as she gathered up her wand and motioned for the rest of the cabal to get dressed.The group managed to reach the bridge uns**thed, though not without a few close calls. At one point Guinan had been forced to drag Hermione away from three men with raging erections who begged for just one of the women in the party to stop and open up all three of her holes for them. Another time, Data was forced to stun a female crew member who would not take no for an answer as she tried to rip La Forge’s clothes off despite his protests.Even on the bridge the sexual tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Nobody was actually fucking at the moment but it was clear that everybody wanted to be. There were eleven people on the bridge altogether, six men and five women, and none of them were completely in uniform. One woman, a brunette with an amazing pair of breasts, was completely naked, sitting in her chair working as if it were her normal mode of attire. Meanwhile, the guy next to her ignored his own computer and stared, slowly stroking his exposed dick and licking his lips hungrily. At the back of the room a large, manlike creature with dark skin and a strangely ridged forehead was standing at a console with his hands behind his back while a pretty blonde girl stood beside him, jacking him off with one hand while trying to do something on her computer with the other. The rest of the bridge crew were in similar situations throughout the room with few if any actually getting any work done despite being at or near their stations.The captain and the first officer were in their chairs in the middle of the room, watching the view screen at the front and slowly massaging their own cocks through their thin uniform pants. The first officer was shirtless while the captain had no shoes on but was in uniform beyond that. The screen they were watching kept flickering to different images of places inside the ship, many of which showed people having sex in various interesting ways.“Ensign, go back two.” Picard ordered hoarsely. He was so engrossed in the videos that he did not even notice the rather large group of people who had entered the room. Images flashed on the screen and settled on a group of three women pleasuring each other in front of a man tied to a chair with a gag in his mouth. As they watched, the bound man’s erection throbbed and shot a hot load of cum into the air without being touched. The women all giggled and dove onto the man, licking up every drop they could find. When they were satisfied that they had gotten it all, they backed away and returned to playing with one another, leaving the still rock hard man and tied up in the chair.While everybody else was engrossed in the video, including Hermione and the cabal, Commander Data glided across the bridge to the computer he had referred to as the science station and began typing n commands.“Brace yourselves.” He said aloud, though only the witches and wizards took note. Hermione was not sure what the others did, she assumed they focused on their shielding spells, but all she could do was grab a hold of a nearby railing.Suddenly the young witch was swept up in a wave of sexual hunger unlike anything she had ever imagined. Her need for sexual release became all encompassing as she tore at her clothes with one hand while reaching for the nearest warm body with the other.Guinan, the target of her lust, pushed her hands away and spun her around nudging her towards the captain who was likewise trying to get his own clothes off as quickly as humanly possible. Needing no more prompting, she quickly covered the distance between them and helped the older man out of his clothes by tearing them off as she dropped to her knees to swallow his huge hard cock in one move. The man moaned as he grabbed her by the side of head and fucked her mouth for all he was worth while she dug her nails into his ass cheeks to encourage him. She felt another cock pressed against her backside for a moment before it slammed into her with bruising force. She screamed in pain and orgasmic bliss around the cock fucking her throat as she held on tight.She was not really aware of time passing but it did not seem long before the captain moaned aloud and began pumping a load of hot cum into her mouth. With effort, the young witch pushed the older man back far enough to pop his member out of her mouth so that she could stroke it as his seed continued to spray out, painting her face in pearly white cream. The sticky goo caught her across the eyes, forcing her to close them as she giggled with pleasure thinking of how she must look.Moments later, a third hunk of man meat started jabbing at her open mouth from her left side while a hot tongue started gliding over her face from the right, licking off the captain’s parting gift. She turned far enough to give the new member access to her mouth and a long thin cock began trying to fuck her face like a jack hammer. When her eyelids were cleared off she discovered that the penis belonged to the skinny young ensign while the tongue belonged to the naked brunette with the nice tits. As soon as her face was clean the woman shimmied underneath her and began to lick Hermione’s engorged clit while the bearded first mate continued to pummel away on her from behind. It was not long before both men moaned in unison as they filled her mouth and pussy with matching loads of hot cum.The young man in her mouth was still spurting seed as she pushed him away roughly so that she could bury her face in the delicious open snatch spread out beneath her. She proceeded to lose herself in sapphic bliss as her tongue and the brunette’s seemed to become as one. They were so in sync with one another that it was almost as if Hermione were licking her own sweet pussy. Her body smashed through another brutal orgasm at the same time as the vagina grinding against her mouth bathed her face in lady cum.“Hermione, your wand!” Guinan shouted from somewhere nearby.“Ooh, good idea!” She shouted back. She did not know where she had left the thing but she knew how to make it come to her. “Penilous Extendus!”“I meant for you to call it to you, not fuck it!” The older witch shouted. “Oh well, I suppose that will work too.”She felt someone grab a hold of her hips as if to slide into her from behind but before the new player could penetrate her open hole her wand shot past him under the Dong spell and buried itself in his target orifice.“Fine,” the stranger grumbled, apparently more frustrated than surprised to see a flying phallus cock block him, “I’ll take the other hole.” Hermione didn’t care what he did at that point, her wand was already fucking her just the way she liked, hard and fast, and she was building towards yet another orgasm. Luckily, the woman underneath her had the presence of mind to grab the man’s hard cock and get it wet with her mouth before he tried to dry fuck her rose bud hole.A minute later, the young witch felt her back door being spread open as she was double fucked as the brunette went back to licking her clit with abandon. It did not take long before she was screaming into the other woman’s dripping muff as her body shook with the force of another mind blowing orgasm.After that Hermione’s world became a shifting kaleidoscope of sexual depravity as one orgasm blurred into the next. She was riding a wave of pure sexual bliss that she hoped would never stop. Most of the details were lost in the blur of lust though she could recall a few highlights. For instance, she remembered being held aloft at one point by the dark skinned alien as his massive inhuman cock plowed into her ass while another man worked to cram his cock into her already wand filled pussy. That period of triple penetration was one of the few times that the pain from the rough use actually managed to cut through the pleasure of sexual fulfillment but it only heightened the experience as she egged on both man and alien to fuck her harder.Sometime after the alien had shot his seed into her aching ass, her wand transferred to her backdoor, where it continued to pound into her with mindless efficiency, leaving her battered pussy open for use. She was riding the captain cowgirl style in his chair when she felt a hand slap her across the face. The sting caught her attention but she never slowed the gyration of her hips as she bounced herself towards yet another sexual release.“Damn it woman, pay attention!” Guinan practically shouted into her face. Hermione thought it strange that the dark skinned woman was still dressed, though it was clear by the tears along the front of her robe that someone had tried to help her out of her clothes at least once.“I’m s-sorry, was I ignoring you?” Hermione panted. She reached for the woman to pull her in for a kiss but the older witch batted her hands away.“I have been yelling at you for five minutes now!” Guinan said irritably as she shrugged off groping hands that tried to caress her from behind. “I am the only one still holding on to my shield and I can’t hold out much longer, it is time to cast the spell!”“Oh, the sp-spell!” She groaned as the captain grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her even harder. He was clearly building towards an orgasm but she wanted to get hers first.“Can’t we, can’t we, uh oh can’t we do that tomorrow?” She whimpered, she was so close and she just knew this was going to be the best orgasm of the day as long as she got there before the captain.“No, Hermione, it has to be now if you are going to make it back home where you belong. I need you to focus!”“Oh, oh god, alright I-I’m focusing.” She muttered. “Yeah, right there, that’s it baby.”“Damn it girl!” Guinan roared as she grabbed Hermione by the hair and yanked hard enough to get her attention. “Say the spell or I will drag you off of that cock and lock you up alone in chains so you can’t ever have another orgasm again!”The sharp pain at her scalp only heightened her sense of pleasure but it did draw her back to reality well enough to process the older woman’s dire threat. The orgasm was coming though and would not be denied.“Retreatus Timeous Orgasmo!” She screamed just as the orgasm ripped through her, destroying all ability to think, much less focus.The world blurred around the edges and suddenly the sensation of the captain’s throbbing member vanished from between her legs. She moaned in despair at the loss even as her body quivered with delight. She was cold, then hot, then cold again surrounded by nothing as she hovered in the ether, naked and alone. Time seemed to slip around without touching her until she found herself back in her room, floating several feet above her bed. Gravity suddenly decided to take hold of her once again and she dropped down to the mattress with a grunt as her wand was crammed even further up her poor brutalized anus.“Orgazmus Endius!” She gasped out, her throat suddenly raw and sore. Her wand withdrew, leaving her backside gaping and sore to match her poor bruised pussy. Her entire body ached as if she had been in a fight with half a dozen black wizards yet she had never felt quite so satisfied in her entire life.“Oh thank goodness you’re back!” Ginny practically shouted as she pounced onto the bed. “We were about to go fetch a teacher!”“No, don’t do that.” She croaked, collapsing back onto the bed.“What the heck happened to you?” The other girl asked as she looked Hermione over, her eyes so big they were about to pop out of her head. “You’re covered in bruises and cum! Were you ****d or something?”“No, nothing like that. It’s a long story, I will tell you all about it in the morning.” She replied, struggling to get under the covers.“Are you sure you’re okay?” The younger woman asked concernedly as she nudged Hermione to move over so she could slide into bed next to her.“I’ve never been better, or more satisfied.” Hermione mumbled contentedly as she snuggled up to her friend. Unbidden, her hand slid under the younger woman’s shirt, gliding up until her fingers brushed Ginny’s sensitive nipple. The other girl whimpered softly at her touch, sending sparks of predatory passion throughout Hermione’s body in response.“Well, maybe I’m not completely satisfied yet.” She declared quietly as she slowly slid under the covers to begin planting kisses down Ginny’s stomach towards her sweet young pussy. The night was still young and it would be a shame to waste such an opportunity after all.

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