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A sissy nappy boy’s dream comes true

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A sissy nappy boy’s dream comes truePure fantasy with only the first and fifth paragraphs being true….My wife is away for a month, overseas with her sisters and friends. Being a crossdressing sissy nappy boy, I’ve been running amok. I’ve been wearing nappies almost 24/7 and 99% of my time is spent dressed only in women’s underwear and usually with a wet nappy underneath. I have a fetish for the old lady style of granny panties, full slips, DD bras, girdles, shapewear (full body suits and high waisted control panties) full slips and full length nylon panties. Sue has been gone for nearly three weeks and I have become somewhat complacent. I often have the front and back doors open to keep fresh air coming in. I try and keep an ear out for any visitors but sometimes when I’m watching x rated videos, I forget to turn down the sound. And this is what led to my fantasies coming true…I was sitting at the computer, my back to the front door, watching a video on Xhamster of two young crossdressing twinks in panties and lingerie fuck each other senseless. I was completely engrossed in it. Their young toned hairless bodies with enormous cocks, ramming each other in the bottom. It was enthralling. I was wearing a women’s full length white cotton leotard. Under that I had on my DD cup bra, with the cups filled with white nylon full slips to give me huge breasts. I was also wearing a very, very wet nappy under the leotard which was full of skin cream. I use that partly to stop nappy rash but mainly because it makes the nappy so, so squishy. I had wet it numerous times over the last 4 hours and it had leaked a lot, making the upper parts of the leotard legs soaking wet. A nappy is no fun unless it leaks. And over all of that, I had on my very frilly, very lacy, bright pink adult baby dress which came down to the tops of my legs. Without any warning I hear a voice behind me….”Well, Hi Dave…” Oh fuck me. My heart stops. I spin around in my chair from the computer and see Jill standing at the front door. Thanks to the way the house is lit up in the late morning, there is absolutely no doubt she can see me in all my full glory. I am royally screwed and I freeze like a deer in the headlights….Jill is an old, old friend Sue and I have known for years. We have knocked around with her through thick and thin. Her husband, who used to be my best mate, turned out to be a d**g fucked asshole who treated her badly. We were so happy when he finally left. After he did, Jill would visit us often and share a joint with us. When we were renting a place that had a pool, we would often swim naked and then lounge around the pool with no clothes on. I always had trouble trying not to get an erection. Jill was no raving beauty but she was one of those women who just oozed sexuality. Her eyes, her voice, the way she moved…she was very, very attractive in an a****l way. Because Sue and her were so close, Jill knew that I wore panties. And she had caught me a couple of times when we stayed with her while we were building our first house, outside the shed we were staying in, wearing only a short white t-shirt and pink nylon frilly panties. She never made a fuss, she just knew that was who I was. I loved her for it. (This paragraph is entirely true)So here I am. Dressed as a complete sissy boy, frilly pink dress and all. I had been hard as a rock in my nappy, watching that video. Now I could feel my cock shrink back to almost nothing as Jill just stares at me, open mouthed. “Oh shit, Jill. I’m so sorry! I…I didn’t hear you coming. I…oh fuck. Oh please Jill, you can’t tell Sue about this! She’ll…”“Ssshhh…” she said quietly and put a finger to her lips as she walked towards me. “It’s ok. This is your own house after all. You can do whatever you like” I stood up as she approached and she came right up to me, staring into my eyes. Oh, that look! She can stop a bull elephant in its tracks with that sultry gaze. I found myself speechless.“I knew you were into panties, but wow! I never knew you were this kinky!” she said. “Look at you! You are a very, very kinky little boy, aren’t you?” I went to answer her but she stopped me by putting a finger to my lips this time. “Just be quiet while I look you over” she said.She took a step back and ran her eyes over me from head to toe. “Turn around for me” she said.“Jill, I…” I said but she silenced me with that look again. “Just be quiet and do what I ask” she said. “I want to have a real good look at you”I turned slowly around, full circle, and stopped when I was facing her again. She came closer and reached for the hem of my dress. I went to stop her but she brushed my hand away and kept going. She lifted the front of my dress, all the way up to my huge fake boobs. She touched one, and then let her hand lightly trail down the front of my body, stopping when she got to the enormous bulge from my wet nappy.“Now, I know that bulge cannot be your tiny cock, can it” she said. “I’ve seen your cock lots of times and it’s just not that big. So what’s making that huge mound between your legs, hmm?” “I…I’m…wearing a nappy” I said quietly. güvenilir bahis “I thought so. Sue told me you had…expanded…your fetishes. She wasn’t very happy about it, was she?” she said. “No” I replied quietly. “She went ballistic”“Yes she did. She told me all about it. And now here you are, doing it again. She wouldn’t be thrilled to know that, would she? And she would be very, very upset to know you’d been caught like this, wouldn’t she?”“Jill, please…” I began but again, she silenced me with a finger to my mouth.“Oh, don’t worry. I’m just playing with you. I would never, ever tell anyone. And besides, if I did, that would probably ruin my plans….” she said, with a mischievous grin. “Your plans?” I replied. “What plans?”“Ok, I’ll be straight up front with you” she said. “I remember being very turned on when I first saw you wearing panties. You probably hadn’t thought about this but I am just as kinky, if not more so, than you are. I have a very strong sex drive and vanilla sex just bores me stupid. I want to try everything! I tried to get Kevin to wear panties and lingerie, or fuck him with a strapon, or piss on me or just anything out of the ordinary. But he wouldn’t even consider it. He was the most boring man when it came to sex. I used to get so horny all the time but I had no release. I would masturbate several times a day, every day, trying to scratch that itch”“But just playing with myself never really fulfilled me. And then that day, the first time I caught you wearing panties outside your shed….oh, wow! I hadn’t been so turned on for years. I could feel my cunt get instantly wet. It was kinky of you and I loved that! I noticed your dick starting to rise, you didn’t hide it very well. After I left you, I went back inside and rubbed myself through my soaking wet panties. I squirted so hard when I came, I had to change the sheets! And remember the next time I caught you? How I talked and talked just to keep you from going back inside? I’m surprised you didn’t notice the wet patch between my legs. I was dripping so much juice from my cunt! Fuck, I loved it! And yes, I did see a little wet spot on your panties as well. You were just as turned on as I was, weren’t you?” “Well…yeah…I was” I replied “Really turned on. I tried and tried to think of something else so my dick would stop growing but it was no use. I just loved the fact that you were seeing me wear women’s underwear. It’s a huge fetish for me, as you well know. I felt guilty though. It was sort of like cheating on Sue. That’s why I stopped going outside in panties unless I knew for certain you weren’t home”Jill laughed. Or more accurately, she smirked. “You think just because I wasn’t home, I couldn’t see you?” she said. “Have you never heard of….home surveillance cameras?”My heart suddenly sank. I was starting to get hard in my nappy again, from the way Jill was talking. But now, the penny dropped. And it dropped hard. I’m pretty sure my penis simply disappeared up into my body. Because I now had flashbacks. Long buried memories of all the things I did at that time, thinking no-one would ever see or know just how kinky and perverted I was. Whenever Sue went to work and I had seen Jill leave in her car, so I knew I was alone, my dick got instantly hard. Because I could then dress up and play outside to my heart’s content. I would get my stash of panties and lingerie and sex toys, dress myself to the nines and go outside. I would try on all sorts of combinations. Panties, bras, slips, teddies, girdles…everything. I would often piss in whatever I was wearing because I loved doing that. Feeling the hot piss run down my legs always made me feel so good. And sometimes, I would raid Jill’s laundry basket for her dirty panties. I would piss and masturbate in them, then rinse them out and dry them before Jill got back. I did so many kinky perverted things in hers and my panties and lingerie. I shot load after load of cum in them while outside. And I used to fuck myself silly with dildos and butt plugs. And many, many other filthy, perverted things.And now, the realisation dawned on me. Jill had seen it all.Jill was just staring into my eyes. She was pretty much reading my mind. I think she could actually see and hear my thoughts. She was smiling in that so, so seductive way that only she can. Her eyes were literally smouldering, her gaze boring into me.“Yes, Dave” she said. “Yes, I saw it all. I was amazed at your…creativity… at times. I never thought a man could be so….perverted. Kinky. Filthy…” I was now close to tears. My life was crashing down around me and I began to sob.“Oh, no!” she said, walking towards me, and embracing me now. “You’ve got it all wrong! You don’t understand! I fucking loved it! I would replay the tapes over and over and I would masturbate over and over, squirting all over my bed as I watched you. I would fuck myself silly with my dildos, just like you did. Don’t you get it yet? I am just as kinky and perverted as you are. And to be honest, I haven’t caught you entirely by accident today. I planned this. I parked the car up the türkçe bahis road and walked quietly up the drive and as quietly as I could to the front door. I’ve been watching you for a while you know”Suddenly, this day has gone from the worst of my life, to being one full of potential. Jill was rubbing my back as she consoled me and now, I noticed her hand going down towards my puffy nappied bottom. I just stood there while Jill continued to massage my bottom through my wet nappy. She started to get right into it, and then she brought her other hand around to the front, cupping and rubbing the bulge there. I was getting hard again, and more than a bit turned on.“I’d like to see you in just your nappy and bra” she said. “That would be so erotic!” Her eyes gleamed as I took my dress off and started to remove the leotard. Shortly I stood before her, wearing only a very wet nappy and my nightie stuffed bra. While I was undressing, Jill did the same and was shortly completely naked in front of me. She came towards me again and this time, she put her legs either side of one of mine and started to rub her wet cunt up and down my leg. At the same time, she put one hand down the rear of my nappy and went straight to my anus. Because of all the skin cream, her finger slipped straight into me. I moaned a little with pleasure. With her other hand she was rubbing the front of my nappy, harder and harder. This had the effect of moving my rigid penis around in the warm squishy creamy confines of my soaked nappy. I finally took the initiative and reached down to her cunt with one hand. She was soaking wet. I put two fingers inside her and started finger fucking her vigorously. She moaned loudly and thrust herself hard and down on my fingers. I put my other hand on her ass cheeks, cupping her bottom and pushing her onto my other hand. She then turned around and spread her legs and bent forward at the waist.“Play with my bottom Dave” she said huskily. “Do whatever you want to with it”I got down on my knees and parted her cheeks with my hands. I leaned into her and started to lick her anus. She cooed with delight “Oh yes! Yes! Lick my bottom you kinky pervert. Put your tongue inside me!” I curled my tongue and went in as hard as I can. I managed to penetrate her only a little bit but it drove her wild. She was panting and moaning. At the same time, I was fingering her cunt, her juices dripping down my arm. She pulled away suddenly and turned around. “Pull out the front of your nappy, I need to pee” she said. I did as I was told and she came close, thrusting her cunt out and bending at the knees. She stood like that quietly for just a moment and then, she started to piss down my nappy. It was a dribble at first but then turned into a gushing stream. I managed to catch almost all of it in my nappy with only a few drops hitting the floor. The feeling of her hot piss running down over my hard cock and then pooling in my nappy between my legs was euphoric. There was so much of it, my nappy started to leak a little around the legs. This was my major fantasy coming true, having someone piss in my nappy. When she finished pissing, she straightened up and then pushed her hairless cunt into my face. “Lick me clean, sissy boy” she commanded. I licked and sucked at her cunt for all I was worth. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me harder into her. I was putting my tongue completely inside of her cunt and I could feel her start to shake and quiver. Without warning she came, her juices blasting from her cunt in a powerful jet of clear liquid. I swallowed some before she pulled away, raining her cum all over the front of me, soaking my bra and nighties, and topping up my nappy even more.As her orgasm subsided, she sank to the floor and lay on her back, legs spread, her pussy glistening with juices, as she fought to regain her breath. I was still on my knees, trying to process what had just happened. From the time she first started fondling my bottom until she came had only been less than 5 minutes. She must have been well and truly on heat well before she even got here.“Ooohhh fuck me!” she said. “That was so fucking spectacularly brilliant! Finally, I got to act out my fantasy. Or at least, part of it” “Part of it?” I asked.“Yes, only part of it. The best is yet to come. I’ve always wanted to have my way with you while you’re dressed as a sissy. I want to experiment on you. Find new and different ways to make you feel more like the sissy slut you really are. And that is what you are, isn’t it Dave”I hesitated for a second but she nailed me again with her eyes. I was powerless under that sultry, sex filled, lustful, perverted gaze. “Yes! Yes, I am a sissy slut and I fucking love it!!” I yelled. We both fell about laughing then, giggling like schoolgirls.“Oh boy, you are everything I hoped you would be Dave. A first class, world beating, filthy perverted sissy slut. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you! But first, I think we need to clean you up a bit” she said, her gaze moving to the bulging piss and cum filled nappy hanging low güvenilir bahis siteleri between my legs. A puddle of juices was growing on the floor.“We’ll use the kitchen table as a changing table” she said. “Grab some towels and lay them on it, then get your soggy ass up there. Where are all your sex toys?”“In the bedroom in the box next to the bed” I answered over my shoulder as I waddled off to get the towels. By the time I got back to the table and laid out the white fluffy cotton towels, and got up on the table and lay down on them, she had brought the box out and was looking through it.“Goodness me, some of these are huge! Do you use them all?” she asked. “Mostly. I still can’t get the bigger ones all the way in but I’ve been practising” I replied“Well, we’ll see about that” she said as she started to untape my nappy. As she pulled the front of my nappy down and laid it between my legs, my cream, piss and girl cum covered cock sprang to attention. She licked her lips and grabbed it with one hand and started to masturbate me.“You know, Kevin’s cock was massive but on the rare occasions I could get him to use it on me, he always went so hard and fast it was more pain than pleasure. I tried anal with him only the once. It hurt so badly. But this sissy little cocklett, this I can see fitting my bottom rather nicely” she said as she continued to wank me. “But first, let’s see what fit’s in your bottom, my little sissy boy”She rummaged through the box and came out with a small butt plug and the bottle of lube. She squirted lube on to her fingers and started massaging my anus. She then inserted a finger into me and slowly moved it in and out. I lifted my legs higher and spread them further, exposing myself fully to her. She took the hint and removed her finger and put the butt plug in. It was the smallest one I had and it slipped in easily. “Seems like you have been practising, haven’t you?” she said “Your sissy boy cunt is loose like a well-used vagina” She took the small one out and grabbed a medium sized one. It went in reasonably easy and I couldn’t help moaning as she moved it in and out of my hole. With her other hand, she continued to rub my swollen cock. I started thrusting into her hand.“Don’t you cum yet, sissy boy!” she barked. “I want your boy juices inside of me, not wasted anywhere else, do you hear me?”“Oooohhh yes, yes” I moaned “But I can’t hold off much longer! This is so fucking hot!”“Ok, well we better get thing moving along then” With that, she took out the plug and grabbed a large, realistic looking heavily veined dildo. She brought it to my ass and started to work it inside of me. She added more lube and twisted and turned it as she worked it into me. I lifted my legs up over my head, fully opening my ass to her. It finally popped all the way in and I nearly screamed in pleasure. I was bucking my hips against the dildo, forcing it as deep as I could. She pulled my legs back down and brought them together, holding the dildo tight inside me. She then climbed up and straddled me, her dripping cunt only inches above my cock.“I would let you fuck my cunt but I think you’ll cum too soon. I want the first of your sissy spurts to go up my bottom” she saidShe lowered herself down and grabbed my cock. She guided it to the entrance of her anus and pushed down slightly. With all the cream and cum and piss coating both her and me, my cock slipped inside of her easily. She didn’t come all the way down, rather hovering just high enough for my engorged penis to not fall out. I started to involuntarily thrust myself up and into her. She started fingering herself again, her fingers moving rapidly over her cunt lips, making a wet slapping sound as she rained cunt juice down onto my belly. I was now pistoning into her as hard as I could, our bodies slapping together and making all sorts of sucking, squishing, wet sounds. I was in seventh heaven and was now on auto-pilot, just thrusting blindly into her. Nothing could have stopped me at that point. Jill was breathing very hard and moaning constantly, making little mewling sounds of pleasure and ecstasy. Then I felt the first twitches and that deep, deep down feeling somewhere behind my cock. It was unstoppable. After just a few more thrusts, I came deep inside of her. I thrust up and stayed buried in her as my cock blasted cum deep into her bottom. I have never had a cum like it. I lost count but I think I ejaculated about 10 or 12 times. Jill orgasmed again at the same time, showering me again with her hot, slippery cunt juices. She fell forward on to my chest and my cock slipped out of her. I could then feel all my cum pouring out of her bottom and running down between my legs and into the nappy. We lay there for some time, trying to catch our breath. Our bodies were slippery from all the piss and cum and the cream from my nappy and we just squirmed quietly together in little movements, making the most of the afterglow. Eventually, we had to get up. We stood next to the table, looking at the wreckage of our uncontrollable lusting. A wet nappy, sex toys and drenched towels. Without thinking I put my hand on Jill’s bottom and cupped her cheeks and she did the same to me. We then both had the same thought and slipped a finger inside of each other.And staying like that, we walked towards the bathroom……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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