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A Special Birthday Present From A Loving Husband

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I’d not long qualified as a masseur but had been a nudist for many years so I decided to place an ad in a nudist magazine. I thought I would enjoy working with like-minded people and that nudists should be a good market. I advertised for both clients visiting me and me going to them. I did state in the ad that I was not offering sexual services. And I intended to keep to that… Honest!!! However, I soon realised that a lot of husbands who called had no intention of actually booking a massage and were ringing just to have a fantasy over the phone about me screwing their wives (who were, surprise surprise, never there at the time!). While I can see the appeal of that idea, I couldn’t afford to be a free fantasy line! So, I started insisting that I spoke to both of them before taking a booking. This strategy worked well and one autumn day, a couple, Michael and Anne, called me to ask about my services. A nude massage was to be the wife’s birthday present! On arrival at their house, I was greeted at the door in a friendly manner by Michael. It was early evening, just after dark. Seems they didn’t want my arrival to be too obvious to the neighbours. I went in, lugging my massage table and a small bag with oil, Mp3 player and the table-covering into the living room to find Anne’s very pretty face smiling at me from the sofa, dressed only in a gown. She had collar-length blond hair and, from what I could see so far, an average build and my eyes were drawn to the curves of her breasts where the gown didn’t quite cover all of her. “Remember you’re here to give a massage!” I chided myself inwardly.Her smile bahis şirketleri was genuine but I couldn’t help detect a little nervousness. As I set up my table and covered it, I did my best to put her at ease with some gentle chit-chat, including asking her if she’d had a massage before. She told me she had been to a few salons but never experienced a nude setting like this. “Well, I think you’ll love it,” I said. “I know I much prefer working this way,” I told her as I got out of my clothes and stood by the table, giving her a chance to inspect her present. They both seemed pleased—I was happy to see. Michael sat on the sofa beside Anne and gave her a little kiss.“Ready?” he asked. She took a deep breath and said, “I suppose so!” She stood up and opened her robe, letting it slip off her and left it on the sofa. She looked even better than I’d imagined through her covering and told myself once again to focus on the job. That was a bit difficult, given her pert breasts, pleasing, shapely figure and neatly trimmed pussy. I could see she wasn’t used to being naked in front of another man, especially with her husband looking on. Her embarrassment was only slight, but it was there and made her look cute and appealing.“OK,” I said with a smile, “Face-up first please, Anne.” She lay down as requested and I pressed play on my Mp3 player and speaker, letting some soft, meditative music drift into the room. Standing beside her, I took one of her hands in mine and just held her for a minute, letting her get to know the hands that would soon be exploring her body. A couple of deep breaths in and sighs out later, bahis firmaları she nodded that she was ready.I started with the front of her legs, applying firm pressure from her ankles to the top of her thighs, then returning with a very soft touch all the way back down the sides. I repeated this a few times then ran up the outside with the pressure and stroked lightly back down the front. That done, I began kneading her muscles, which naturally pulled each leg towards the sides of the table, opening her up slightly. I worked closer and closer to – but didn’t touch – her pussy.”Too soon for that,” I told myself, “if she would even want me to!” As far as I knew, I was only here to give her a massage. I could see I was going to have to watch my thoughts. Michael seemed to be enjoying the start of the show, though, when I glanced over to check.I moved on to her arms, using similar techniques, asking if the pressure was ok, which she assured me it was. Next was her tummy, my flat palms gliding in circles and crossing the top of her mound. I kept checking her face to watch for any reaction. All good so far! I stood behind her head and slid my hands down between her breasts, reaching the top of her mound again, then parted them and slid back up her sides, caressing the side of her breasts on the way. She let out a faint moan with each stroke but otherwise laid still. I was also aware, though, that leaning over her to perform these movements meant my cock was right beside her face at some points. Her silky skin and the very sight of her figure had given me a semi-erection. I wondered if she was aware kaçak bahis siteleri of this and how she might react if she opened her eyes suddenly, but I just carried on trying to do my best for her. I glanced over at Michael again. He was just smiling happily.After then spending some time on her lovely face, I decided to test the water, so to speak, and ran my hands over her boobs with gentle strokes. Sensing no adverse reaction from her, I massaged them a little more properly for a while. They were nice and firm and she clearly enjoyed the attention I was giving them. Her nipples became stiff and erect and her moans got slightly louder as she relaxed into the touch. My semi was growing into more of a three-quarter by now! I then turned her over and did the back of her legs, then finally her back, which I always leave till last… or almost last in this case. She was resting the side of her head on her folded arms and her smile got me hopeful that she was enjoying everything – so far at least! An hour had almost passed by when I reached the concluding movement and I let her just lie quietly for a moment, allowing the effects of the massage to sink in. When it felt right, I asked her to turn onto her back again. She lay there, face up and looking very happy.“How are you feeling?” I asked, hopefully.“Amazing!” she answered with a smile. “Beautifully relaxed. And you helped me with how relaxed you are,” she said.“Oh? How do you mean?” I asked.“Well,” she began with a little nervous chuckle, “I noticed how you were getting…aroused… now and again,” she said, glancing at my semi-hard cock and smiling. “But you seemed totally comfortable about it. No embarrassment. That helped me,” she explained.’So she had noticed!’ I thought to myself.“Well, what can I say?” I said. “You have a beautiful body to work on!” I flirted, making her giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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