Mar 26

A special party for 5 Episode 4 (Finale)

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A special party for 5 Episode 4 (Finale)Pervert has cummed a few times, he feels like he could only cum one more time, yet there are still two girls left. He had a great idea, a wonderful, perverted, sick idea, so he got his plan into motion.Maria showed up thirty minutes late, which gave Pervert enough time to set up his master plan. He opened the door and there she was, wearing a purple top and a light blue skirt, with a belt above her belly.Pervert wanted Maria for a long time, he and Lizbeth are perfect for his plan. He showed her in and told her to wait in the living room. He went to the kitchen and prepared a special cocktail, a mix of a few things that would make any woman extremely horny. He used these cocktails in parties, to get with girls who didn’t want to have sex with him. He knew Lizbeth wouldn’t mind fucking with him, but he wanted every girl that night to agree for one special, final scene.Lizbeth arrived on schedule, and Pervert took her to the kitchen to tell her his plan. She smiled and nodded, agreeing to it. He gave her the cocktail and sent her upstairs, to his room.Pervert sat on the couch with Maria and gave her a glass of wine. She took a few zips and spoke to Pervert for a few minutes. In a while, she began feeling dizzy and confused…”What…I feel strange…” She said while holding her head…”You must be feeling tired, how about we go to my room?””Where’s Lizbeth? Why? uh….” Maria was already too absent to even question anymore, and Pervert grabbed her by the arm and helped her up, leading her slowly to his room. When he opened the türbanlı gümüşhane escort door and Maria walked in she collapsed.”Huh?” Maria slowly opens her eyes, and when she sees where she is, she finds herself on a bed, tied up face-up, completely naked…”Good morning Maria…” Pervert suddenly says startling her…”What? Where?” Maria’s confused, and out of nowhere someone moves next to her. When she turns to her right she sees Rebecca naked, but she’s not tied up.”Say hi to Maria, Rebecca” Pervert commands and Rebecca grabs Maria’s face and begins kissing her deeply. Maria shuts her mouth in disgust, but Rebecca keeps sticking her tongue out, licking her lips. “Don’t be shy Maria, Rebecca is just saying hi.” Pervert laughs, and Maria notices a slurping sound coming from somewhere. When she notices, she sees Pervert there standing next to her naked, with Lizvette and Lizmary sucking his cock.”Lizvette! Lizmary! Rebecca! What are you doing!?” She struggles to keep away from Rebecca, but she just continues to try and kiss her.”Rebecca, since she’s not so eager to kiss you, why don’t you just lick her pussy?” Pervert commands and Rebecca smiles and nods. She moves down between Maria’s legs, and begins licking her pussy.”Noooo!!!!!” Maria struggles, but she’s tied up, she can’t close her legs. “S…stop…n…no!…ah,,,,,oh….no….ah…no….oh””Looks like Maria likes her pussy licked. Why don’t you lick her ass too?” Pervert commands and Lizvette lifts Maria’s legs, sticking her tongue in her ass.”Mahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan Maria screams and moans silently.”Let’s all join in…” Pervert says and the girls jump to the bed. Lizmary and Lizvette suck Maria’s tits, while Pervert positions himself next to Maria’s face and sticks his cock out, and places it over her face. “Suck my cock you whore…” Pervert commands and she keeps her mouth shut.”No!” She shouts and Pervert gives her a smirk.”I guess I’ll need and extra helping hand…Lizbeth!” He calls and Lizbeth shows up, completely naked, with a huge dildo sticking out of her ass. “Open her mouth for me” He commands and Lizbeth smiles and nods. While she fucks herself with the dildo up her ass, she closes Maria’s nose with two fingers, making her lose air and have no choice but to open her mouth to breathe. Maria opens her mouth and Pervert quickly sticks his cock inside her mouth.Maria chokes on his cock while he fucks her face. Lizbeth bends over and Pervert sticks that dildo up her ass at the same time as he fucks Maria’s face.”Bgbhkfgh!!!!!!” Maria screams with a mouthful and tears in her eyes.”That’s right, I only have one more cum left, and you two need to share it.” Pervert sticks his cock out of her mouth and then takes the dildo out of Lizbeth’s ass. She positions herself right above Maria’s face, and Pervert sticks his cock in her ass, right above Maria’s face, and she can clearly see his cock entering her ass.Her ass juices drip from her ass landing on türbanlı escort gümüşhane Maria’s face. Pervert fucks Lizbeth’s ass hard, while Lizvette and Rebecca suck her tits, and Lizmary continues to lick Maria’s ass. “Oh yeah, get ready you fucking whore!” Pervert sticks his cock out and Lizbeth quickly turns around with her mouth wide open. She holds the sides of her mouth to open it wide and her tongue sticking out. “Fuck….FUCK………..FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!” Pervert screams and cums hard on Lizbeth’s mouth, filling it completely, so much it drips out and some of it land over Maria’s face. She holds the cum in her mouth and Pervert plugs Maria’s nose, trying to get her to open her mouth again. When Maria runs out of air she opens her mouth and Pervert holds her chin to keep it open. Lizbeth holds her hair back and comes close to Maria’s face, opening her mouth and letting all of Pervert’s cum drip inside Maria’s mouth. When all of the cum is out she spits inside Maria’s mouth and kisses her, with a lot of tongue, tasting Pervert’s cum inside her mouth. Pervert grabs Maria by the next really hard…”Swallow it…” He commands. She cries and closes her eyes, slowly, swallowing his cum. “Open your mouth…” He commands, and when she does all the cum is gone, she swallowed it all. “Good girl…”All of the girls come close to Maria’s face and kiss her with a lot of tongue. Pervert also kisses her, and they all continue to make out over the bed. Maria’s lost in the lust of the experience, forgetting she didn’t want it. She was captured by Perverts perverted nature, and she cannot escape. They are all now his fuck toys to play with, to destroy their assess, to use them as he sees fit. To stick toys in all their holes. To tie them up. To drop hot wax over their skin. To spank them hard, to hit them with whips. To spit on them, to p’ss on them, they are now his whores, they are nothing but fuck dolls….just like Pervert likes them.The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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