Mar 26

A Stripper Story

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A Stripper StoryIt like strippers (most of them). Actually I like all exhibitionist women who enjoy pleasing men and get pleasure from sex without drama or hangups. I also think public or semi-public sex is very exciting, especially with someone you just met and don’t expect to have any ongoing attachment with. This story is about one experience I had in a strip club.I was visiting Houston on business. I had heard and read on some review sites, that “extras” were available in some of the strip clubs in town. I had also read that some of the dancers were incredibly hot and totally freaky for sex. I picked a club, put on a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt, pocketed some benjamins and headed out.On entering the club, I was a little taken aback by the metal detector, throng of “managers” at the door, and the dark interior. That was overridden shortly, however, by the introduction of a waitress named Kristine, who I would come to know and love. On this visit, Kristine showed me to a comfortable booth with a nice view of the ground floor and main stage, but I could see that there was a large staircase leading to an upstairs level. I ordered a drink, and when Kristine returned with it, she asked if I wanted any company. I said I did, and she asked what kind of girl I was looking for. All I told her was “the kind of girl who enjoys working here and smiles a lot.” I tipped her $10 right then, just for making me feel comfortable.A couple of minutes later, Kristine returned with a girl she introduced as Angela. She had a beaming smile, but what really attracted my attention was her tasteful, yet very revealing evening dress, which had a very low neckline that revealed an amazing set of tits and a slit up the side that showed off her shapely, long legs. I stood like a gentleman and greeted Angela and ordered her a drink for her and another for myself. Before Kristine left with the drink order, she arranged the high back chairs around the table in a way that left the chair in back largely blocked from view. I sat there, expecting Angela to sit in the chair to my right, but instead, she slid into the “stripper fort,” put her arms around my neck, and sat down in my lap, giving me a nice throb as I felt her soft and shapely ass press into my cock. She gave me another one of those great smiles, and as I looked down at her amazing cleavage I knew we were going to get along just fine.While we were making small talk (“Is this your first time here?” “Have you been working here long?” “That dress really looks nice on you.”) and waiting for our drinks, I noticed that the slit on the side of Angela’s dress had opened all the way to her waist, but no panties were visible, so I correctly guessed that she was wearing a thong. I confirmed that by sliding my hand up her thigh all the way to her ass, which I stroked for a moment before gliding gently around her thigh to feel her silky undergarment. She showed no sign at all of minding any of my touches and seemed to be ignoring the growing bulge pressing against her ass. In fact, she pressed herself closer to me, and I could feel her warm tits against my arm.When Kristine returned, she asked if we might be more comfortable in VIP. I asked about that, and she told me the usual rate, but also that for a $40 tip she could let us use an unoccupied table. I agreed, and Kristine lead us upstairs as Angela held my arm like a prom date. When we reached the top of a long flight of stairs, there was a large room, with nearly no patrons in sight, a stage with a topless dancer holding a pole (who smiled seductively first at Angela, then at me, then pulled her panties to the side as we passed, flashing her pussy for an instant). When Kristine lead us to a very private booth in the back corner and arranged a couple of chairs as before, instead of a $40 tip, I gave her $50 and asked for another round of drinks for me and Angela, as well as a drink for the dancer when she finished on stage. I slipped into the booth, and Angela slid in next to me, allowing the front of her dress to flow down and open, revealing her tits completely. I asked her about money, and she told me not to worry, that she liked me and that she was sure I would be fair with her later. I winked and told her that I always liked to be fair, but that I didn’t want to take advantage of her (meaning that I didn’t want her to hit me with a huge bill later). She surprised me by saying that since she hadn’t done any dances I didn’t owe her anything, and that she just wanted to stay with me for a while and party. The she asked if would be OK if the girl on stage partied with us too. Of course I agreed!I put my arm around Angela and pulled her close to me and told her that I thought she was beautiful and sexy and that I hoped we were going to have a lot of fun. Since she wasn’t on my lap anymore, my bulging crotch was very accessible under the table. Angela reached under the table cloth and groped my cock and told me that the fun was just starting. With that I reached behind her back and released the bow that was holding up the top of her dress, and her tits were türbanlı malatya escort bare. I was surprised when she leaned over and kissed me deeply (I didn’t think strippers ever did that with customers), which encouraged me to reach out and feel her tits and stroke her nipples, which immediately became erect. She started to jack my cock through my slacks, and I asked her to slow down unless she wanted me to have a big bill with the cleaners. She smiled and said that it would be better if we waited for her friend anyway, but somehow she managed to slip out of her dress and set it to the side, so she was now wearing nothing but a thong.Shortly after, I was introduced to Donna, who had just finished dancing on the stage. Donna came to the table, and she kissed Angela full on the lips as they squeezed each others’ tits. Angela whispered something into Donna’s ear, and Donna smiled and giggled, then came around and sat on the other side of me. When Kristine returned with our drinks, I was flanked by two hot strippers wearing only thongs. Kristine served the drinks, asked if I wanted to keep my tab running (I said sure), and I tipped her another $10. While I had out my roll of cash, I leaned over to Donna and whispered into her ear that I enjoyed her “special dance” and the peek that she had given me as I slipped a $20 into her g-string. She pressed her bare tits into me, and gave me a big kiss and told me that I was going to get a lot more than a peek. Not wanting her to feel left out, I leaned back to Angela and handed her a $20 as I slid my hand up her thigh and felt her pussy through her very damp panties as I whispered to her that we were all going to have a very good time tonight. Kristine was taking all this in with a big smile, then asked if we needed anything else or if we would like some “privacy” for a while. I told her that we were good for the moment, but that she was welcome to drop by anytime, then I whispered to her that it would be appreciated if she kept a lookout for any unfriendly managers or anyone else that might bother us. She kissed me on the cheek, and told me to have fun, then left us in our dark corner.What happened next wasn’t expected. Donna and Angela could not wait to get my belt loose, my pants unbuttoned and unzipped and my cock out. I grabbed a napkin off the table and sat on it with my pants around my ankles and two hot sluts stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. My left hand was between Angela’s legs, and I pulled her panties to the side and felt the wetness of her slit with a finger, which I slid up to her clit, prompting her to make a hissing sound as she lifted her ass off the couch. Donna wasted no time leaning over and putting my cock in her mouth as I reached around and fondled her ample tits, which were not as big as Angela’s but had huge areolas with puffy, swollen nipples. As I rolled them between my fingers, she started vigorously sucking my cock and bobbing her head up and down, and I had to tell her to slow down so we could enjoy each other a while longer. She responded by looking up at me, sitting up and offering me her lips to kiss, while holding my cock toward Donna, who took the hint and went down for some cock sucking of her own. While kissing Donna, I was able to feel Angela’s tits for the first time, and though they were implants, their sheer size and feel were amazing.After a few minutes of this, I suggested we enjoy our drinks, although my left hand was between Angela’s legs and the fingers of my right hand was now enjoying Donna’s dripping pussy. While they each took sip of their drinks and nuzzled me with their tits and kissed on my neck cheeks and lips, I continued sliding my fingers into their wet and slippery pussies. Angela asked me if I had a condom, and I told her I didn’t. She seemed surprised, but told me that she could grab “a few” (really?), but they would cost $10 – I gave her $20 and watched as she walked away toward the dancer’s back room in nothing but a thong with her enormous tits swaying, and her ass bobbing. I looked at Donna, and she was watching too, so I asked her if she liked that. She smiled and told me that she and Angela loved to be together, and that adding me to the mix was just icing on the cake for them. I was feeling no pain.While Angela was gone for a few minutes, I took the opportunity to get to know Donna. That meant that she climbed on me and worked a lap dance rubbing her g-string covered pussy against my bare cock while I licked and sucked her puffy nipples, then pulling the g-string to the side and doing a wet and juicy stripper slide that was so hot that I thought she was going to suck my cock into her cunt bareback (not a good idea in a strip club). I could tell that she loved feeling her clit against my cock though, and when I reached around and felt her ass she sped up the pace, which encouraged me to wet a finger with her pussy juices then rub the wetness on her asshole. When I did that, she leaned forward and forced her tongue deeply into my mouth as she bounced up and down stroking my türbanlı malatya escort bayan cock with her clit and very wet pussy. We were so close to fucking that when Angela returned she thought we were fucking and complained that we had started without her. I assured her that we had not, then whispered into her ear that she would be the first to feel my cock inside of her if she wanted that. She pulled out a handful of condoms and put them on the table, took off her panties and put them on the table and started to roll a condom onto my cock. Donna wasn’t planning to be left out, and she also took off her g-string, so both girls were now totally naked.Right then Kristine dropped by to check on us, and when she looked into the booth she had a clear view of everything, and she gave me a big smile. She asked if we needed anything, and I told her only if she wanted to stick around and join the fun. She said maybe next time, and quickly left the area.Angela wasted no time stepping up onto the booth, straddling me, and lowering herself down onto my cock. Her pussy was very tight, and my cock was totally swollen, so it took some effort to work it into her. I whispered to Donna that we should suck Angela’s tits together, and she hungrily lapped up the right tittie while I sucked Angela’s left tittie as my cock speared in and out of her pussy. Soon I was about to cum, but I held back. Angela was getting very hot, and she started moving faster, and I could tell she was about to cum, so I told Donna to rub her clit. That pushed Angela over the top, and she had an orgasm and moaned so loudly that it could almost be heard over the club’s loud music. I then asked the girls who wanted my first cum shot, and they said they wanted to share! I lifted Angela off my cock, stripped off the condom and tossed it into a crack between the cushions of the booth, and as they both licked and sucked my cock I started to cum in jets, blasting into first Donna’s mouth, then Angela’s mouth, then onto both of their faces. I came so much that cum was shooting and dripping everywhere. The both laughed and licked each others faces and tits, and even my legs until every drop was gone. Then Angela nicely wiped my cock, balls and legs with a napkin from the table. Donna said “no fair,” and I whispered to her that she was next for fucking, but that we should take a little break so we could all catch our breath (and let my cock recover a bit).As though she had some kind of monitor, as we all sat together in the after glow of Round 1, Kristine showed up and asked if everything was OK. I asked the girls if they wanted another round of drinks, and they were very happy with that. I told Kristine that she should take a little break and have a drink with us, and she agreed and sped off to get the drinks.While she was gone, I leaned over the Angela and asked her if it was true if she and Donna enjoyed each other, and she said definitely. I suggested that maybe it was time for her to switch to the other side of Donna and show her some attention and mentioned that it seemed to me that Donna had liked it a lot when I rubbed my wet fingers on her ass. Angela said that Donna loves ass play, and she slid out of the booth and went around to Donna’s side as I had suggested. Donna saw what was coming and leaned back with her head in my lap and spread her legs wide open so that Angela could have full access, and Angela put her face directly into Donna’s pussy and I could see her tongue flicking across Donna’s clit and sliding up and down her pussy, licking up all the juices that had been accumulating there. The Angela ran her right hand up Donna’s thigh and slid a finger straight into her ass, which was drenched with pussy juices that had drizzled down her crack. Angela finger fucked Donna’s ass and sucked her clit while I gently stroked and pinched Donna’s puffy nipples, and Donna quickly had an intense orgasm, arching her back upward and letting out what might have qualified as a scream if it was not so immediately recognizable as cry of orgasmic bliss. Right then Kristine returned with our drinks, and she slid into the vacant spot to my left as she looked over, clearly enjoying the view of Donna’s pussy and Angela’s face covered with her juices. She had also thoughtfully brought a stack of clean napkins, and she handed one to Angela who wiped her hands with it. I turned to Kristine and thanked her for making this such a special evening, and I gently kissed her lips. She sighed and told me that she wasn’t available, but she really wished she could be. I pulled back the table cloth and showed her my cock, which was now totally hard again, and said this is what you are missing. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it and said damn, I would like to feel that, but I have to keep up with my waitress duties or I’ll be fired. I told her that if she would just continue keeping the drinks flowing, keep a sharp a lookout and let us know if anything happened, I would take good care of her. She downed her drink and went back to her türbanlı escort malatya waitress duties.We all worked on our drinks for a few minutes, but Donna was insatiable and wanted my cock inside of her. She jumped on top of me, and I had to remind her to get a condom from the table or else she would have fucked me bareback and went home with a load of my cum inside of her. She seemed not to pleased with the condom interruption, but begrudgingly rolled one on, then she proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. Donna was a fuck freak, and it was all I could do to keep her from knocking over the table. I started kissing Angela and sucking her tits, then told Angela that we should do whatever it takes to make this the best fuck of Donna’s life. That’s when Angela proved that she was the nastiest slut at the table. While Donna was sliding her cunt up and down on my cock, leaning forward so her clit was rubbing against my cock and hitting against my pubic bone, Angela knelt under the table and started licking my balls, my ass and Angela’s ass, and she kept going back and forth so her tongue seemed everywhere at once. This was a huge turnon for both me and Donna, and as I felt Donna start to grind out a huge orgasm, I started shooting my cum deep inside of her. She pushed her pussy down on to me so she could feel me cumming even deeper, and I could tell we both were wishing that we hadn’t needed a condom. Not to be left out, at the peak of our simultaneous orgasms, Angela pushed a finger into Donna’s asshole, then surprised me by pushing a finger from her other hand into my asshole! That started my cock surging cum jets again as she milked cum from my prostate.When Donna leaned against me, exhausted, Angela sat back on my left side and told her to get off my lap. Angela then pulled off the condom and licked and sucked my cock until it was glistening with her saliva, drooling from her lips. Then she really surprised me by taking the filled condom and squeezing my cum from it into her mouth. Donna leaned over and they kissed deeply while Angela’s mouth was full of my cum from my cock and the condom. That was one of the sexiest things I ever saw two girls do.Things were going to have to wind down, as I was running out of energy, and unless I was going to take these two back to my hotel, I was going to have to let them get on to other customers. I gave each of them a $250 tip, and they were thrilled with that. I then asked them to have Katrina bring my bar tab so I could close things out. I kissed each of them deeply, tasting pussy and my own cum in their mouths, and they gathered their belongings and left me alone in the booth.Shortly after, Kristine arrived with the check. We had spent a couple of hundred on drinks, and I gave her the cash for that, along with another $20, telling her that she was the best waitress I ever had. She looked at me with some disappointment, and at first I though that she felt that I wasn’t tipping enough. I asked her if something was wrong, and she said that she wanted a little something extra. She reached under the table, and unzipped my pants (I had “recomposed” myself after the strippers left) and pulled out my cock (which immediately made me hard – again), pushed the table back a couple of feet, stood in front of me with her back to me, raised her skirt up around her waist and sat back onto my lap. Then she reached down and before I could think of what was happening (and before I could insist she use a condom) she slid my bare cock into her pussy and I felt her muscles inside lock on to me. I could not believe that this was happening, but as she rocked back and forth I could feel that she was going to have a quick orgasm and she did. That turned me on and I thrust upward and my cock sunk deeper into her, and I felt her have another shuddering orgasm, then I reached around and pulled the top she was wearing up until her tits were bare for my touch, and I felt her have yet another quaking orgasm. I knew that this had to be quick so she could get back to her waitress duties (and so the dancers would not figure out that she was fucking, which they might have thought would take business from them), so I pumped upward and spewed a final shot of cum deep into her pussy, this time totally bareback, and I felt her having yet another orgasm as my cock sprayed into her. As she stood up, she turned, and I reached for my cash. She nodded her head “no” and said all she wanted was what she got – a good fuck and a pussy full of cum. She sat next to me and as she put her panties on told me that she was hoping to get pregnant by her boyfriend, but that he had not been able to knock her up. She was hoping that she would be pregnant from my sperm inside her, and she told me that she would hold it in as long as she could. She said I seemed like a good guy, and her boyfriend would never know that the baby was not his. She then assured me that I would not have any responsibilities or even hear from anyone, since no one would ever know. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had been snipped, so there was no chance I made her pregnant, and I have never told her, even after she mentioned to me on a subsequent trip to the same club that her attempt with me had failed.As for Angela and Donna, they continued to work at the club for a long time, and we had some repeat engagements with a lot of variety, and I also met them outside of the club for an overnight party once, but that is another story.

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