Eyl 07

A Summer to Remember Ch. 01

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Muffles voices from outside sifted through the pink-orange light of sunset in the summer. Hot sticky air had the party guests wafting fans and drinking the ice cold pink lemonade that Jezebel was pouring into a pitcher for the third time that day. Rubbing off the condensation of the pitcher onto her hands she pressed them against her forehead and large pale, milky white breasts that peaked out of her knee-length white summer dress, though conservative in it’s appeal, on her body it seamed like a tease, especially with the blood red ribbon tied around her waist. Jezebel was a curvy sort of girl, heavy breasts and generous waist with a thin waist, nothing like the picturesque models of today, but she was the epitome of female sensuality, her skin was pale and milky, her hair a dark brown that had natural red tints only brought out in the sun, the same sun that caused her hazel eyes to glow like molten gold.

Jezebel was startled by the screen door creaking open and then slamming shut. A pink blush crept across her face as she turned around to see her neighbor Mr. McKee, standing there, red hair tousled gently, a lazy grin on his pale freckled face. Laughing at her own shocked face, Jezebel smiled and waved at him, a tiny voice in the back of her head whispering; Gods he’s handsome, and so young, such a shame he was widowed so soon after having that cute little girl, only two now.

“Well, to what do I owe the honor of you in our kitchen Mr. McKee?” She asked, an over-the top curtsy following her grand remark. They shared goofy grins as she nodded to two cherry pies. “If you wouldn’t mind helping me I’ll give you the first slice.”

As she turned back to the pitcher and added a few slices of lemon for decoration, she felt his large hands circle her waist, as he whispered in her ear, “Well, my dear, I’d love a slice of something a bit sweeter, all dressed in white, by the way, call me John.” Heavy breath brushed her neck as a hot tongue licked her earlobe.

Struck like a deer in headlights, Jezebel stood there, unable to move or say anything as his hands began to snake their way under her dress. One moment he was there, the next gone, followed by a large thud behind her. Glancing back, she saw her step-father, Grenne Hammeltooth, pinning John McKee against the refrigerator door, a shower of nick-knack magnets rained down onto the pearly white linoleum.

A low growl tore out through Grenne’s throat as he clasped his hand round John’s throat, an action which made Jezebel blush, “Touch my baby girl again and your very reason for wanting her will be nailed to your fucking forehead, limp and pathetic in its ugliness, now get the hell out of my kitchen before I tear you a new one.” John fell to the floor and scampered off as soon as Grenne released him.

Grenne looked at his step-daughter, though they were only fifteen years apart, her mother being twenty three at the time of conception, he viewed her as his own blood, something that few step-fathers would, especially after her mother died, only two months after Jezebel’s eighteenth birthday, but he let her stay there with him, just five months after her mother’s death and Jezebel felt closer to her Step-father than even her true father, a dead-beat asshole izmir escort bayan who tried to steal then pawn off her mother’s wedding ring after they were divorced. Her eyes filled with tears as she ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“Hush now baby doll, it’s all right, I’m here.” Frowning, he kissed Jezebel on the forehead, a loving movement that slowly turned into a protective gesture. “He was just another asshole that couldn’t keep it in his God damn pants!”

After pulling away from him, Jezebel wiped her eyes and carried one of the pies as her step-father carried the other and the lemonade. Her golden hazel-eyes gleamed with pure adoration as she watched him.

Later that same night:

“…hmm hmm hm, side of glass you are on…fuck what are the words?” Frowning, Jezebel tossed her hairbrush into the drawer, her dark coffee locks slightly frizzy reflected back to her in the mirror, she inspected the face they were framing, the high cheek bones, small English nose and full juicy lips, she admired her beauty yet didn’t let her pride in it consume her. She pulled her brown locks back in a very loose bun, a few shorter locks hung forward and brushed her collar bone as she pulled up the empress style night gown she so favored, silky and red with a hem that reached just below her soft round globe of an ass, which tonight, in lieu of her highly active habit of masturbation, was unrestrained by any sort of panties, not even the few wispy thongs or teasing lace boy-short style panties that could be found in her dresser.

“Jezebel! Can you come in here for a moment? I need to talk to you about something…” Called Grenne.

Jezebel slipped out of her bedroom and into her step-father’s room. “Yes?” She smiled and stood in the doorway admiring him; his skin, tanner than hers but still smooth and undamaged by the sun he so loved; his eyes, blue as the ocean; and his hair, dark brown and gently waving, it reached mid-back length and was as smooth as silk, at thirty three he was as handsome as any boy in her graduating class, maybe even more so.

Grenne sat his hand down on a book, something plain and brown with silver lettering, yet the name was far from ordinary; Erotic Literature XXX. Looking down, Jezebel felt ashamed at having borrowed that from his personal collection, and now obviously, he had found out. Grenne pat the bed beside him, she hung her head and reluctantly sat beside him.

“Dear, I know you’re eighteen and having at least some kind of sex life is to be expected, but I’m not happy when a piece of literature like this up and disappears from my public library, I don’t want you to find out that I have things like this and I don’t want you to be getting this material from me.” He rested a warm hand on her cheek.

Her face felt hot and she repressed the hot anger she felt building. “Daddy, you can’t continue to treat me like a little girl, you married mom when I was five and I’ve always looked up at you as a father, but in this matter I don’t feel like you have anything to say! I’m eighteen and if I want to get off on a book I will, I’ll leave you a book next time I borrow something I’ll leave a note.” She stood and looked down at him. A cool breeze blew through the izmir escort open window and her dress fluttered up showing the slickly shaved nakedness of her sex.

Her cheeks were red as fire as all the anger was flushed away into an unbearable embarrassment that froze her where she stood. Grenne’s eyes grew large and he stared at the pale smooth pussy above trembling thighs. His throat felt tight, parched and he almost had to reach up and physically turn his head away.

“Leave. Now.” Grenne said as he stared at the lamp so hard it could make the porcelain crack.

She tried to stammer an apology then simply ran out of the room, clumsily stumbling down the hallway and into her room and collapsing down into her bed. Him seeing her like that, it made her feel a whirlwind of emotions, and none of them made her feel any better about what happened.

After a while she stood, opened her door a crack and set her fan a few feet from the opening. She drew her shades and lay down on her bed, her mind flashing picture after picture like a slide-show of horrors; the incident with Mr. McKee, the book and then her dress, oh god her dress, how could she have let something so foolish happen? But still, there was a moment there, a long moment, when the way he looked at her made her wish that he wasn’t her step-father and she could think of him in ways she shouldn’t.

Jezebel looked around her and slid her hand down to her wet cunt, she gasped as she felt her hard clit slip between her fingers. Blushing she slipped off her red nightgown and pinched her nipples to two hard cherries on top of pale white mounds of pure heaven with one hand and massaged her tiny pink clit with her other hand. Within just a few minutes she was at a, literal, screaming climax.

Grenne awake to a scream in the middle of the night, his hand was on his stiff cock, his eyes sleepy and tired. Standing up, he made his way to Jezebel’s room, not bothering to close his robe. Peaking through the cracked door he saw Jezebel, her breasts shaking with each heavy breast, hand between her shivering legs. Immediately his hand went to his throbbing cock, absentmindedly stroking the smooth head.

Jezebel glanced towards the door and squinted through the darkness then quickly covered herself up, “Daddy? Is that you?” She held her breath and closed her eyes.

Grenne quickly tied his robe together and knocked on the door, “Honey, can I come in?” He pushed the door open, not waiting for an answer. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he hung his head and ran his fingers through his hair, “Dear, I thought I heard a scream, is everything all right?”

Jezebel saw her night gown on the floor, just out of reach and paled at the thought of him seeing her naked again. “Yes, must have been a bad dream…” Grenne, in tying his robe so quickly, did an awful job and Jezebel could see his glorious cock without any difficulty.

Grenne took a deep breath and looked away “Remember how you used to snuggle into bed with your mother and I when you were little?” He smiled then looked down, ashamed of what he was about to suggest.

Jezebel blushes and looked at her step-father with lustful eyes, “Yes, I miss that, I wish we could again…” she covered her escort izmir mouth and closed her eyes, ashamed.

He put his lips to her forehead and smiled. “We could again.”

She murmured a soft please and scooted over in bed, in a way she hoped he wouldn’t notice she was naked, but in another she hoped he would take full advantage of her. Grenne slipped under the covers and held her head against his chest, a sweet moment that was only ruined by his throbbing cock pressing against her thigh, a soft gasp escaped her lips.

Grenne looked into her eyes, now a soft amber color, “There’s no hiding it, I want you like a father shouldn’t want a daughter, but I will have you.”

Jezebel backed away to the edge of the bed and gasped “No, I admit I thought about it, but that’s wrong!”

He closed his large hand around her thin delicate throat and pulled her toward him, kissed her roughly and pinned her down underneath him and threw his robe to the floor. “Like I said, I will have you, whether you want it or not”

She gasped and looked at his body, even in the dim light she could make out his handsome body, not extraordinarily physical fit, but strong enough to pin her down. He slid between her legs and into her with ease, he moaned and dug his nails into her hips as her tight virgin pussy squeezed his cock. Squeezing her throat he growled lowly, “Call me Daddy!”

She gasped and murmured, “Yes…Daddy”

He smiled and thrust hard into her. “Mm, that’s my good girl.” Grenne licked from her collar bone up to her earlobe and nibbled it. Thrust after thrust, Jezebel fought less and less until he was able to massage and suck her gorgeous large breasts.

She moaned and arched her back, digging her nails into her perfect back and dragging them down to his firm buttocks, the muscles shuddering with every thrust, the feel of her nails digging into him like that almost made him cum, but no, not yet, first he had to make his baby girl have her first man-induced orgasm first. She arched her neck and gasped softly as he sank his teeth deep into her pale neck and sucked, leaving a wine colored bruise.

“Daddy, choke me, please, wrap your hands around my neck…” Staring at her wide eyed, he did as she instructed and felt her little pussy tighten as she gasped his name. Smiling, he fastened his lips to hers and kissed her deeply.

Pulling back for just an instant, he drew her legs up onto his shoulders and began to fuck her like she’d never even dreamed was possible, with each thrust his cock slammed into her and then, he moved his experienced fingers onto her hard little clit, he massaged it to the point of abuse and then she moaned louder and loader until she had the best orgasm of her life, it sent goosebumps across her skin, her pink nipples standing hard and erect.

Grenne moaned and thrust deep into her, his climax nearing. He pulled back and wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled her head to his cock, spurting wave after wave of his cum into her ready and waiting mouth. He panted and rested against his hand against the wall above her. Stroking her hair softly, he purred praise to her and smiled, his cock already hardening again.

“Daddy, can we sleep now?” She looked up at him, hopeful and happy, a line of cum trickling out of her sweet mouth.

Grenne smiled wickedly. “Oh sugar, we’re not even close to being done.” As he said this, his cock was already hard enough that it bobbed against her chin.

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