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Subject: A tale of three brothers – Chapter 4 – A BITCH AND A LOVER. Chapter 4 — A BITCH AND A LOVER. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es I was in Emil’s house at 11 the next morning, curious to know what he would tell me now. As soon as he saw me, he kissed my cheek and invited me in. He said he had many things to tell me, but first he would serve me coffee or whatever I wanted. I told him: coffee, please. I sat down till coffee was ready and soon he started to talk to me. -First of all I want to apologize, Austin. I did yesterday with Roy and now I want you to forgive me. I know my attitude towards you was awful and you really suffered. If I have to be an hour on my knees apologizing now, I would, believe me –and just then he went on his knees. -Stand up, Emil, please and never apologize again. Certainly it was hard for me having sex with you the day before yesterday, but it was because I knew you didn’t respect me. But it’s over now and I hope we’re never angry at each other. -Hug me, Austin. We embraced then both of us with watery eyes and how good it was to know I was recovering a brother I had never lost after all. But still embracing me, he told me something more. -And I also respect now the fact that my two brothers are a couple. It’s respectable cause it’s not a brother forcing the other; it’s consensual and you love each other and you can be sure the couple my two brothers have made up, I will always respect and just the same I congratulated Roy yesterday for having you, now I congratulate you for having Roy. -Oh, Emil, I love him but I really appreciate you now. I cannot help but cry rivers now hearing your words. -Be happy together, Austin. Now I wanna tell you more things. -Ok, tell me. -The day before yesterday, when I was coming back home in a state of shock, I had to cross St. Luke’s park, as I do every night. And then I sat on a bench to meditate and I saw something I wanna tell you. -What did you see? -I think you’ve never known my neighbours next door. They are Jerry Kirby and his son Rod. They live alone together. Well, when I was sitting on that bench, I thought I heard some moans and when I moved my head I saw both the Kirby under some almonds. I think they didn’t see me. They were both totally nude and they were jerking each other off, and not only that. They kissed passionately later and after they came I heard them say: “I love you, Rod”, and “I love you, Jerry”. The son was calling his father by his name. -And what did you think then, Emil? -I should have been shocked. I have lived incest that afternoon and now I was watching live incest with a father and his son. Curiously I was hard, but it was not because of sex. It was because of watching what I didn’t see the other day: incestuous love. I was totally moved. Of course I suspect there’s many incestuous couples around the world but having seen them made me reflect. Of course the Kirby will never know I know their secret and you’re the only one I’m telling this. But after having seen that, I started to understand you, Austin and the next day Roy came to tell me you were a couple and I almost kocaeli escort cried and kissed Roy in the mouth. -You kissed his mouth? -I did, Austin, and it was my way to make amends with him, and I wanna kiss your mouth later too. But I’ve got something more to say. -I see you embarrassed now, Emil, are you? -What I have to tell you is not easy, brother, but well, listen to me. Let me start by saying that working in construction is not my dream job of course and I will never get money enough with that job. And now remember Mr. Barnard gave us three his phone number. And I thought that it might be disgusting but that would be a way to earn money if I prostituted myself for him. -You’d do that? -Now you’re looking at me with disgust, Austin. -I’m not, Emil, it’s only a job and I had to work as a bitch two days ago. -So I won’t like the job just as I don’t like construction, but with this job, I could earn more, so I ended up phoning Mr. Barnard, and told him I would whore myself out for him. He told me he really likes me and would love to have me as his bitch, but I didn’t count on something, Austin. He doesn’t want me as his private bitch. I should also please my brothers sexually, that’s what he wants to see again, or at least one of my brothers. So I asked Roy, well… you know. But he refused. And I’m wondering, Austin, if you’d help me. He could even pay us both but now it would always be me giving you sex. -I can help you, Emil, if you really want –and just then Emil came to my lips and kissed me affectionately and told me he didn’t mind kissing a boy if it was one of his dear brothers-. But I don’t want Mr. Barnard to pay me again. I’ll go with you so you can earn money, that’s all. -But there’s something I’d like to do right now. You know, Roy was telling me how dirty you felt doing things because of money. And then I knew how dirty I would feel, but he also told me how you felt cleaner when you sucked Roy’s dick for free later and then I had an idea. I wanted to make amends with Roy and I told him I wanted to suck his cock. -Did you do it, Emil? -Yes, Roy told me I could do it if he could suck my cock at the same time. I hope you are not jealous now, Austin, for he’s your boyfriend. But we did 69. -Was it hard for you? -You know I’m not gay but I can tell you blowing our brother was not easy, but just because of his long dick, but the taste is good. And it was easier when my cock was sucked at the same time and I didn’t feel dirty after all. So now I also wanna suck your cock, Austin, before I suck it as a bitch. Will you let me? -We will also 69, Emil, take it or leave it. I also want to know what I can feel sucking your cock for free. -Ok, Austin –he said whipping his dick out and inviting me to do the same. So when my dick was out, I went straight to my brother’s cock and was first to swallow it. Now Emil respected me and nobody was paying me and it was really hot. I was in love with one of my brothers but was blowing the other with no cash flow. Emil never doubted; he’d already done it with Roy and now wanted to do the same with me, knowing he would have to suck my cock very often if he finally accepted becoming Mr. Barnard’s new incestuous bitch. Besides I noticed in the motions of his tongue that he also wanted to apologize. Now I didn’t need any more apologies but even so my brother was changing and I liked him more. He even told me he would be happy whenever he had to suck my cock, it had a good taste. He’d feel dirtier doing it in public and getting money for it but he was determined. darıca escort -But don’t suffer, Austin, your dick has a good taste. That made me shoot my first load in my elder brother’s mouth. And tasting my semen I could also taste again Emil’s spunk. Now each brother had blown his other two brothers. -There’s something more I’d like to do with you, Austin. I didn’t ask Roy cause his schlong frightened me. I also want you to fuck me now, please. -Ok, Emil, what’s the position you’d like? -You choose. -Then lie on your back. I wanna see your eyes. Once he was lying on his back, I hesitated to do it, but he urged me. -Come on, Austin, fuck me. I want this job, disgusting as it may seem. But now it’s not public. It’s just that you will make my ass ready for the job. Fuck me, my dear brother, please. I went tentatively in and I noticed that although my cock was not as long as Roy’s, it was hurting him but he told me of course he was expecting to feel some pain but I should go on. -You were really brave, Austin, when you were first fucked by Roy’s dick and you were not in love with him yet, I think. So Austin, never mind the pain and go on fucking me please. Mr. Barnard has told me that we would have just a session a month, for 1000 euros and I must blow you and you must fuck me. I went on but fortunately he soon told me that now it wasn’t hurting him but added. -I know both my brothers enjoy being fucked now. Go on a little longer, please. I also wanna know if being fucked can be funny. I told Emil that I couldn’t hold on much longer, but even so he told me he was enjoying now, more cause I had asked him whether I could touch him and he had told me I could. Besides it was him who spontaneously kissed me now. Oh, Emil was so sweet that in that moment I finally had to fill his ass with cum. He told me good and thanked me. -Thanks, Austin. Now if you agree, Mr. Barnard told me that we could go to his house again the day after tomorrow. I have your cell phone. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can visit him in two days. -Thank you, Emil, and never worry about your future job. It’s a decent job and I will help you. Now I must return to my boyfriend. I put my clothes back on and said goodbye to Emil but he gave me a new kiss and in a quarter of an hour I was again with Roy. -Well, did Emil surprise you? -Oh, Roy, I could never expect what he would tell me –I said, sitting on the couch. Roy started to lustfully stroke my crotch-. I knew then he had sex with you yesterday and well, I have done everything to him today, even fuck him. And I will help him in the job he wants to have. Lecherously Roy pulled down my pants and instantly started to give me a new blowjob. -I’m not jealous, Austin. It makes me horny to know that each of us three has had sex with both his brothers now. Hope you’re not jealous either. -I’m not jealous, my love. I am moved after having told you I have cheated you with Emil, you are sucking my cock. Of course I will be next. -I wouldn’t be jealous even if you cheated me with other boys or girls –knowing that I had to cum and filled Roy’s mouth again of brotherly sperm- and of course it would always be wonderful to have sex with Emil. I suspect he wants to have more sex with his brothers –he said when I was already blowing him again. He took little to cum now. It’s as if both of us got really horny knowing our other brother respected us now and had sex with both. Of course that night we also fucked each other in bed and when his dick was in my ass, he told me he gölcük escort did not want to ever fuck Emil for it would hurt him and he was still bewildered that I could stand his schlong up my ass over and over again. When I fucked Roy, he told me he didn’t want to go to Mr. Barnard again. If he had said to me a couple of times, he would prostitute himself for me; he’d also do it for Emil, but not before Mr. Barnard. I understood Roy, of course. I bathed his dear ass with jism and later we lovingly slept together again. The next day Emil came to pick me up to my new house. I was living now at Roy’s for my house was smaller. I was saving money for a bigger house when I did that stupid thing so Roy’s house was small and not luxurious but I decided to live here. So I walked again to Mr. Barnard’s though I would not be the bitch today, my brother Emil would. He was nervous and told me, but he was determined to do it and he was ambitious. Edmund Barnard even told us that he would give Emil 2000 euros a month; he could afford it, if Roy came to his house too. Mr. Barnard wouldn’t touch or kiss him now; he just would have to be naked watching his two brothers having sex and he would be masturbating looking at us three. He had even started to like me now, he said as Emil was already sucking my cock, more hesitatingly now for he was doing it before him, but not really nauseated, he would tell me later, for he already knew the taste of my dick and liked it. We also had a coffee before I first fucked Emil publicly. I knew now his brother’s dick would not hurt him and I shagged him confidently till I came in his ass and soon the first session with Emil as a bitch concluded. Mr. Barnard told us we should return on July 3rd and Emil would earn double if he came accompanied with Roy too. We left and Emil told me he would talk to Roy. And on July 3rd the three brothers were again at Mr. Barnard’s. Emil was the bitch and had to strip first. Then it was me, who no longer cared to take everything off before that bastard. And finally it was Roy. He’d come with us wanting to help Emil and desiring our brother to earn more money if he was there, but he was told that he should be all the time naked but Mr. Barnard won’t touch him or kiss him again. He would only jerk himself off as often as he wanted watching the tree naked brothers King, that’s what he said, but we all knew he would mainly masturbate looking at Roy. Soon Emil was sucking my dick again and Roy had to make real efforts, he would tell me later, not to get hard, for he liked watching both his brothers having sex and he still hadn’t seen Emil pleasing me. And of course Mr. Barnard never knew Emil and Roy had had sex together and never knew the important fact that Roy and I were in love. It was hot for Roy to see how his boyfriend, myself, fucked his other brother. He couldn’t help but get hard and when Mr. Barnard asked him why he was hard, he told him he didn’t know why. I don’t know whether this answer was enough for Edmund Barnard but he made no further questions for it was obvious he loved watching Roy’s erection. So it was that once a month we went to Mr. Barnard’s and Emil was always his bitch, though fortunately he was never asked to satisfy that man sexually. Roy always came with us. Emil always wanted from then on to have sex with both his brothers and sometimes we even slept the three of us together. He added that working as a bitch was still disgusting but he would always do it for his ambition continued. Soon Emil had a girlfriend, to whom he hid what he did. And so now I had a brother bitch and a brother lover. I’ll always love Roy and I will always help Emil. He says he hopes his girl will never discover him and for this reason the three brothers continue with our life, but a bit nervous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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