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A to Z Fuckstories – E is for Ending Friday

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A to Z Fuckstories – E is for Ending FridaySo, shortly after Catherine got fucked in her van for two hours, She drove me back to school so I could go home. I got home about 6, about ten minutes before my Mom. Great timing, so I wouldn’t have to explain anything. I ate supper, then retired to my room to reflect on the trip to the park and subsequent sex in a van. Catherine’s Double D tits were firmly engraved in my memory, as was her tight ass and willingness to suck and fuck. I’d be revisiting her church sometime.I pulled my cock out to jackoff to my memory, when my phone buzzed. I almost ignored it, but I’m glad I didn’t. It was a text from Jenna.“Hey, luke broke up with me because he thinks im sleeping with other guys. Are you busy or can you come over to talk?”“Im not busy, ill be there in ten”“Thanks”I walked calmly down the stairs, and told my mom I forgot about a Physics project due the next day, so I’d be going over to my partner’s house. I didn’t know when I’d be home because we still had a lot of work to do. She agreed, and I drove out to Jenna’s.When I arrived, Jenna ran out to my car, and got in. “Can we talk somewhere else? I don’t want Jess thinking you’re here for sex.”“Sure, just tell me where to go.”I backed out of the driveway, and drove off down the road. We sat in silence for several minutes before she said something. “Let’s go to the park.”I had just had sex there earlier today. Sure, why not? Jenna needs a good time to make her forget her douche of a boyfriend. I pulled into the park, and in the same spot that Catherine and I fucked in. I made a move to get out, thinking she wanted to go walk down a nature trail or something, but she grabbed my arm.“Wait.”I turned back. “What’s up?”She grabbed my face in her hands and pulled me in for a kiss, a long, deep kiss. She jabbed at my lips with her tongue, penetrating deep inside and probing around.As she pulled away, I smiled.“Too soon?” She asked.“Not at all. What did you want to talk about?” I glanced at the clock. 8 o’clock. “Talk? You’re joking right? Luke broke up with me because he thought I’d slept with other guys. I’m going to make sure he broke up with me for a reason.”“Wait, so you want to fuck me. And I’ll be your second?”“No. I did get fucked by another guy while I was with Luke. Lauren’s boyfriend, but I didn’t want that one.”“Oh, so I’m revenge sex?”She shied away from me, thinking I’m mad. “…Yes.”“Oddly, I’m okay with that.”She smiled, then turned around in the car seat. “There’s no room in the back. Where are we gonna fuck?”I smiled and got out of the car, motioning her to follow. She did, and I walked around the front of the car. We met and I wrapped her in a quick hug and a long kiss. My hands traveled down her back to her cheeks, gripping kocaeli escort her ass. I lifted her up and set her down on the hood of my car. We kissed for several minutes, her sitting, me leaning into her. Without warning, she broke the kiss and slid down the hood, and to her knees in front of my crotch. She was wearing a pair of short jean shorts, flip flops and a purple tank top. From the straps, her bra was white. She unzipped my shorts before I took control myself and unbuckled my belt and let them drop to the ground with my boxers. She slurped up my half-mast cock into her warm mouth.For several minutes, I stood there looking down at her light brown ponytail bobbing up and down on my cock. She was so good at sucking cock! Her tongue swirled my head and her hand massaged my balls. She applied suction at just the right times, and deep throated at random intervals. On the sixth or seventh deep throat, I grabbed her ponytail and held her down on my dick. Her tongue snaked out and licked my balls, and she barely even gagged.“Dear god.”Jenna looked up and stared into my eyes, with my cock still lodged firmly in her throat.She pulled it out and stood up. “Time to fuck.” And she dropped her shorts. No panties. Thank you God!“Top too, Jenna. Take that off.”And without hesitation, she did. I attacked her nipples with my tongue, lightly biting on occasion.I broke contact with her nipples and lifted her up to sit on the hood of my car. I bent down and started licking her pussy like I did to Alex. I was still an amateur, but it couldn’t have been too bad if she moaned a little. I pushed my tongue inside a little, and she gasped.“Just fuck me,” She growled. I’d only eaten her out for thirty seconds.I stood up, positioning myself at her entrance.“I’m on the pill. Take me!”I pushed forward into her warm, tight hole. She gasped, wrapping her long, smooth legs around me. I pounded into her as best I could from our awkward position, but it was enough for her. She moaned in ecstasy.“You’re so much bigger than Luke! AH! I’d rather have girth than lasting time. Sure he can go three straight hours, but I’d rather have ten minutes with a bigger cock!”I pounded into her mercilessly for 10 or 15 minutes. She moaned and groaned the entire time about how it was so much better than Luke and how she’d wished she’d gotten a piece of me the night I buttfucked Alex. And as if on cue, a pair of headlights shined on us from about 30 feet away. I tried pulling out to put my pants back on, but Jenna’s legs held me in place. “Don’t worry about it. We’re supposed to get caught.”“Are you serious? Why do you want to get caught?”“It’s Alex.”I let that slide through my mind pretty quickly before I started sliding back into Jenna. Long, slow thrusts kocaeli escort bayan made her beg for me to go harder once more, as Alex made her way towards us in nothing more than her bikini. And by the time she got to us, nothing more than her bikini bottom. It was one of those string kinds, so all I had to do, really, was reach over and pull a string and they’d fall right off. That wasn’t number one on my priority list right now. The bikini tops that were tying Jenna’s hands behind her back were. “This wasn’t part of the deal!” Jenna exclaimed between moans. “Well, you pretty much tied me up the night he fucked me. You held my arms so he could fuck my ass, the off limits zone. Now it’s your turn. Fuck her ass.”“No! Luke only fucked my ass once! He blew inside my ass then ate it out. That’s the only way I’ll allow anal.”“I didn’t get a choice how I got my first anal. And now I’m addicted. So either he fucks your ass, or you never get this lovely cock again.”Alex was providing me with some very nice choices. Though there was no way she could ever stop me from getting to this tight volleyball player’s vagina again. Jenna was going to be the girl that I fell back on should I ever not know who to fuck. She’ll probably be the first person I fuck a second time. “Fine, just do it.” And with that, Jenna released her legs and pushed herself up on the hood of my car. My cock slid out, disappointed. Alex pulled her off onto the ground, and planted Jenna’s face into Alex’s crotch. She was replaying the moment she lost her anal virginity, but reversed. My cock was all lathered up with Jenna’s juices, which, in her position, had also moistened up her rear for entrance. I slid in quite easily, except for when my head penetrated and she tensed up. A bit of rubbing her clit got her to relax enough for me to jam the rest of prick into her waiting butt.Alex watched, a big grin on her face. I could hear Jenna moaning and licking from between Alex’s legs, clearly she was enjoying the anal penetration and eating out her friend. And Alex was clearly enjoying the tongue and watching her friend’s ass get railed. I pounded for only about five minutes before I finally felt my balls prepare the load. “It’s time.”“Blow it in her ass. She won’t mind,” Alex replied with a shit-eating grin. Jenna tried pulling her face out and saying something, but with her arms tied, and head firmly lodged between Alex’s creamy thighs, there was no way she was going to disagree. Three pumps later, I was dumping a load into Jenna’s ass. Jenna went limp as her ass became filled with jizz and she spiraled into her own orgasm. I slid out and collapsed backwards, exhausted. Alex got out from underneath Jenna, holding her in place with her ass still stuck in the izmit escort air. “You said you wanted this, so here you go.”It turns out her shit-eating grin was because she wanted to eat out Jenna’s ass. Who would’ve guessed it.Alex rimmed Jenna for several minutes before the now-gaping hole was clean of all cum. Jenna, still hands tied, collapsed onto her side. Alex was having none of that, so she grabbed Jenna’s restraint, and dragged her over to me. Having discarded her bikini bottom earlier, she was completely naked. Somehow, Jenna had kept her flip-flops on, and my shirt was still on. But still, two completely naked, very sex girls were right in front of me, one of them having just been fucked. “I didn’t get to have an orgasm,” Alex moaned to me. Maybe Alex would be the first I fucked twice. Eh, screw it. She will be.I leaned forward and pushed her backwards. Kneeling, she didn’t really have the greatest balance. She fell on her back, and I crawled over her, licking her pussy, then her nipples, before finally reaching her face. No kisses, she just ate out a girl’s ass with my jizz in it. I slid my once again hard cock into her pussy. “I’m not on the pill! Pull out!”I didn’t. I fucked her, missionary position for awhile. Then, I sat up on my knees, and held her hips as I fucked her some more. Then Jenna came over.“I’m in.”She straddled Alex’s face, then went 69 on her, and licked my cock and her pussy at the same time. And suddenly, it was time again. Alex not being on the pill scared me, so I pulled out. “Turn around, Jenna.”She did, and laying side-by-side with her best friend, watched as I jacked myself off onto their pretty faces. Jenna turned to Alex and they shared a long, passionate, cum-filled kiss, exchanging my cum between them. “My bottoms are on the hood of your car. Go ahead and take those,” Alex said in a dreamy voice.“Take my shorts too. I finger myself in them sometimes, so they probably smell like my pussy. You’re gonna eat it someday.”“But, what will you guys wear?”“Nothing down below. Besides, if we get pulled over, I think we can convince a cop to let us go,” Alex smiled. “I’ve done it before.”“How will you get home, Jenna?”“I’m going to Alex’s. Her sister wants to be eaten by someone not her brother or sister. You’ll have to give her a ride some day.”I promised I would, and got in my car with my two new items of clothing, and drove off. In my rearview mirror, I saw Alex going down on Jenna in the glow of the Alex’s headlights. The bikini piece would be what I jacked off into while I smelled the shorts tonight. I pulled up to my house, the clock in my car said 10. Two more hours of fucking today. And my week that started as a virgin, ended with fucking Alex twice, Jenna, Cassidy, and Catherine, while getting two blowjobs from Jenna, one each from Lauren and Catherine, Three from Jess, Two from Cassidy, and who knows how many from Alex. I had a feeling that Saturday, a day with no school, would be the best of the week.

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