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A treasured find

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A treasured findA mile or two into the woods behind our neighborhood, there was a field that was used as a construction dumping site. Piles of broken cinderblocks, iron rebar, and cement pipes made for the perfect place to hide out when our teenage selves wanted to disappear for a few hours. In addition to the cool construction debris, people also dumped various unwanted items there, so you would often find broken appliances, furniture, and other large junked items abandoned in the area. During a cool Saturday morning my friend Rick and I went out there to smoke some pot, look for cool trash, and just hang out for a few hours. On our way to the largest stack of pipes, where we spent most of our time out there, we stumbled across a cardboard box full of magazines. In the bow we had found, we dug through old issues of Guns and Ammo, The Outdoorsman, and various car and sports books hoping to come across something interesting when we found the most incredible magazines possible, we had found porn! Now when I say porn, I’m not talking just some Playboys, no indeed, the magazines we found were a level of smut we had never imagined. Penthouse, Home Grown, and Club to name a few, books that not only showed naked women, but women fucking. There were girl on girl scenes, pictures of blow jobs, and cum shots on almost every page. We picked out all the good books and moved further into the pipe stacks so we could look them over in a place that we would not been seen by passersby.Once we were good and hidden, Rick and I really started looking through the magazines to see just what we had found. These books were awesome! They had dirty stories, pictures of professional models doing every sexual act there was, and entire books of amateur pictures sent in by readers. We compared our favorite books, rated girls and pictures, and even read some of the stories and letters out loud. After a few minutes of drooling over our new stash, we decided that we better get these books back home for safe keeping. You see, this was back in those dark days before the internet made porn an easy item to get a hold of so finding real porn was like finding a treasure. Our problems, however, were that we had no way to carry all these books home without people seeing then and we were also both sporting huge hard-ons. We would need a plan to get back without trouble.After some brainstorming, we decided that we would güvenilir bahis go to our friend Chris’s house and get some bags to collect our books in, that solved the first problem but the second problem, or problems, were not going away on their own. “If I was at home I would just take care of this myself” I joked while patting the bulge in the front my pants. “What do you mean, like jerking off?” Rick said with a confused grim on his face. “Oh don’t act like you don’t do it too, why else would you be so excited about finding a box full of porn? You know good and well that you are going to jack off to these things as soon as possible.” Rick just laughed as he adjusted his own pitched tent. “Well, if its something you are so proud of doing, then why not just do it here real quick so we can leave without looking like a couple of perverts walking down the road with our dicks on hard?” I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not but the idea of rubbing one out did sound good. I had actually done it out here several times in the past, but never with someone watching me. The thought of letting him see me do it was making me very horny. “We can both do it here, we can just face different directions so its not weird and no one will ever know.” I said quizzically, as if I were asking him if he would be up for that type of thing. He just smiled and said “I dare you”.Now, the words “I dare you” had a almost magical effect between our group of friends. We had done many stupid things in our day because of those words and now they were about to start something up again. “Alright, I’ll face this way and you stay over there” I said as I turned and placed the book I was looking at on the pipe next to me. I looked back at him over my shoulder and started unbuckling my pants. His eyes were wide and he was chuckling as he arched his neck to try and see if I was being for real or not. The idea of him watching me was making me even harder than the girls in the books were only moments ago. My hard cock sprang from my opened pants throbbing and bouncing without even being touched. I almost forgot where I was as I admired my ridged dick glistening in the mid-day sun. Before even stroking it my cock was already starting to drip pre-cum. I let my hand glide over my shaft a few times and a low groan escaped from me, causing me to snap back to reality. I looked over my shoulder again to see Rick’s türkçe bahis reaction to what I was doing. Rick was just standing there looking at me in disbelief with his magazine in one hand and the other gently rubbing his crotch. “Are you going to do it too?” I asked while continuing to stroke my dick. He just nodded his head and turned his back to me. I could hear the sound of his pants being opened and the soft slapping sound of his hand going to work. Knowing that he was doing it too made me even hotter, I wanted to see him and wanted him to see me.I pretended to knock my book off of the pipe next to me and when I went to picked it up, I turned in such a way as to let him catch a peek at my cock. He looked at me when I started to move and his gaze went right to my swollen member. When he realized that I saw him looking, he tried to quickly turn away but with that glance I knew that he wanted to see me just as much as I wanted to see him. “I want a different book” I said turning around all the way. I acted as if it was no big deal to just let him see my cock out like that. “I’m just about to cum and want to be looking at something really good when I do it.” My penis bounced and swayed as I stepped towards the stack of books between us. At this point I was not covering myself at all and it felt so dirty and good. I opened the book on top of the stack and started stroking myself again right in front of Rick. He didn’t say anything as he turned around to face me while still jerking himself off. “Yea, I want another one too” he said as he also moved forward.I had known Rick for many years at this point and we had seen each other naked in the showers in gym class but this was the first time I had ever seen his dick erect, and it was gorgeous. His cock was long and thick with a slight up curve in the shaft and was topped with a large mushroom-shaped tip. He was circumcised and had a small tuft of reddish brown hair just above his base that made a tight line up to his belly-button. He stroked himself in a “overhand” method with his thumb facing his belly and was using his pinky finger to caress the head of his dick with each passing move. I realized that I was just staring at my friends erection while touching myself but he never stopped or tried to cover up, he just let me watch him masturbate. Watching him touch himself was getting me off more than the magazines that we were looking güvenilir bahis siteleri at. “Do you always do it with your hand under like that?” he asked me breaking my trance. “Yea, most of the time and I usually spit on it too.” I said as I leaned in closer to let him get a better view of my method. He watched like it was a tutorial and copied how I was doing it. At this point, the magazines had been all but forgotten as we were now blatantly just masturbating together and it was incredible. I realize that I’m making this all sound like we were spending an entire afternoon slowly tugging our dicks while watching and sharing tips with each other, but this had all happened in maybe ten minutes or so. I had been working my cock for hardly any time and was already about to burst. I had already been edging myself for a few minutes as I started to breath with a heavy, quicken pace. “I’m about to cum” I said as I leaned back against the cement pipe behind me. “So how do you usually handle it when you get off?” I asked him as I struggled to hold off my orgasm for just a bit longer. “Depends on where I am, I use a wash cloth at home but when I do it out side I usually just let it fly” he said while turning his hand back over to use his usual approach. “You do it outside too?” I asked “Where have you done it?” I asked trying to prolong myself. “In the wood mostly, just for fun. I’ve done it out here a bunch and when my folks are home I do it I’m my back tool shed. there is a special rag I keep out there and I use it to clean us with. I’m actually about to cum now if you want to see me do it.” He said between huffs of breath. I just nodded “yes” as I got closer and closer to getting off too.He shot his first gush of semen onto the ground next to our feet. I gasped, bucked my hips, and stroked my dick as fast as I could and added a second, third, and fourth stream of cum to the floor. I fought to keep my eyes open so I would not miss a second of his orgasm during my own. Rick grunted and continued to launch several more thick torrents of cum onto the ground. I was amazed by the amount of cum we had shot out, it was like nothing I had ever seen. There was a literal puddle of jizz between us by the time we were finished. We both started to laugh at the mess we had made. “Come on, lets go get those bags so we can take these things home” he said while tucking his spent cock into his pants. “You aren’t going to tell anyone about this are you?” I asked while pinching the last few drops of cum from my dick. “Naw, we should probably not say anything about this, but it was cool.” “Very cool” I said, “let go get our bags.”

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