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a Tribute to Amie

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Big Load

a Tribute to Amiea Tribute to Amie and a first attempt to write a blog!!!I am sitting in this bar sipping on a whiskey that has been in my hand way to long, minding my own business.To my disbelieve, in walks this young girl looking like a angel that fell from heaven. This girl looks like a girl from a movie scene that all men just dream about. You could hear a penny drop as she walks in to the bar as jaws fell open in awe. I think to myself WOW at least something to light the sombre mood in here. I can see her in the reflection of the mirrors behind the counter but I don’t want to turn around, just now she spots me perving and then that awkward look will follow soon. We all know that look of disgust when men stare at a young beautiful girl. From what I can see is that is wearing a summer dress. The white dress was strapless and hugged her body like a glove, showing all her perfect curves. Her firm breasts bounced ever so little in time with her wavy brown hair as she walked. She walked with all the confidence in the world knowing exactly what she wants and with whom she wants it.With plenty of open chairs in the bar I thought please just sit somewhere where I can at least sneak a peek every now and then without you noticing. Low and behold she picks the chair right next to me. Wow I thought, maybe she is just quickly coming to ask the bar tender a quick question. I turn my head, smile and say hello. She looks at me and asks politely “Is this seat taken”. Stumbling over my own words I said “It’s yours should you want it”. She had to reach to lift her 5ft 4in body onto the chair. What caught my eye first was the stunning smile, perfectly rounded lips glossed light pink. Her hazel brown eyes smiled with her mouth and as the flake advert of yester year said “All resistance crumbled”. She flicked her hair back and straight to the point asked for a drink. ankara escort I obliged like a good gentleman would and asked what is your poison to which she replied with a naughty smile “Older men”. just smiled and got her a Hendricks Gin with a slice of cucumber as requested. The conversation continued, I can’t remember the details thereof as I was mesmerised with her beauty and still shocked that she chose me of all the men at the bar. My eyes kept wondering away from her face, down her silk smooth skin. What shocked me was there is no bra holding up those breasts of hers. They were young and firm enough to do that all by them self. Those 34C’s where holding up her dress. One could not help but stare. My eyes continued downwards waiting to glance at her legs. Her slightly tanned skin showed all the contours of her legs. I remembered she was talking to me and on the way back up trying to reach her eyes I got stuck on those boobs again. Her nipples showing right thru that dress, I did not even have to imagine them I could see they were small in relation to her breasts. I notice they were getting harder and she placed her hand under my chin and asked “Do you like what you see”, struggling to catch my breath I managed to stutter a “Yes, a lot”. “I love you watching” she replied and I almost fell of my chair. Embarrasst I asked “What else would you love me to stare at?”. “Anything you like!” flowed over her lips and I was dumb struck. How can such a hot young girl be interested in me, must be a candid joke. She glided hands down her body just softly brushing her own nipple and moaned softly. Slowly she unfolded her legs and with her legs slightly apart she moved on the chair. By now I forgot we were in a open bar and I could not lift me eyes. Trying to catch a glimpse of her inner thigh but the light prohibited that antalya escort and I was left imagining what is down there. She slid of the chair and asked, “Do you mind watching my bag, I need to go powder my nose”. As she walked away I could not utter a word and the bar got quite again. Her ass was perfect like the rest of her and we all undressed her as she walked away.a Few minutes later she returned smiling as she walked towards me. I was still in awe about this whole situation and was waiting for someone to wake me from this dream. I crossed my legs trying to hide the wet sport on my jeans showing just how much I was enjoying this. She came over and without sitting she whispers “I see you are really enjoying this!” parting me legs with her hands making sure her breasts rub against my arm. She picked up the droplet from my jeans with her finger and after putting it in her mouth she said “Nice and sweet!” I was flabbergasted and red faced I replied ”You must be a lot more sweeter, nothing but honey can flow from you”. Again a naughty smile popped up and the words “Only one way to find out” followed. She gave me a kiss and I could taste myself on her lips.I swear I nearly chocked, this was the last thing I ever expected to happen to me. I took a chance and asked “would you like to go somewhere more private”. Her reply shocked me once again. “Not yet, I need you hard as rock and horny as a cat in heat”. She got on her chair and this time her dress rode up and I could finally catch a slight glimpse of her shaven mount. Only a slight glimpse as the light was shining thru that dress but not enough to illuminate everything but enough to have man’s mind complete the rest. We sat there for what felt like forever when she finally said, “Let’s get out of here, you are ready.” I stood up and by now I can’t give a hell what the escort bayan people in the bar is thinking about the huge bulge and wet spot on my jeans, I just want to see this girl naked. I just want to embrace this and get all I can from this angel. As we reached my Jeep, she said I have always to wanted to get fucked on the hood of a car and this would be perfect. I picked her up and placed her on the bonnet. Perfect height for me to get as much of her as possible and perfect so she can’t reach any of me. I wanted her to experience all the pleasure she deserves. I cupped my hands around her breasts and for the first time I could feel just how young, firm and perfect they were. I felt her nipples thru that dress and whilst kissing her I slowly moved the dress down exposing her breasts. My mouth followed her dress and I kissed her neck. I caught my self-doing something I have never done. I lightly bit her nipples and could feel them getting harder between my teeth, Now I am popping at the seam and my jeans are starting to heard me as she runs her foot over my cock. I pushed her down on the bonnet, pushed her legs up and dove into her. Her pussy was so swollen and so wet I could see the moon reflecting on her lips. I had to lick it all up and using my tongue I slowly circled her pussy, getting as much as I can as slowly as I could of her juices. My tongue follow her contours all the way down to her ass. I was now rimming a smooth waxed ass and tongue fucking a perfect pussy. Her clit grew in my mouth as I sucked harder and my tongue flicked. Without any warning she came, grabbing my hair and gipping my head with her thighs like a vice would grip into a piece of steel. This made me suck harder as she finally pushed me away and sighed, “Wow this is a first”. She thanked me, jumped of the hood of the Jeep. After pulling her dress down and straightening up she blew me a kiss and left into the darkness leaving me feeling like a king who just won a 30 year old war, saving all in my kingdom. I must have cum’ed in my pants, I don’t know. What I do know is that I have never had a pair of jeans with such a big wet sticky patch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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