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A Visit From the In-Laws

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Big Tits

Someone once told me during my teenage years that before I propose marriage to a woman I should see what her mom looks like. This way, I would have an idea of what my wife will look like in 20 or 25 years. I heeded that advice and kept a watchful eye on my girlfriend’s mothers during my dating days until I found the right two—daughter and mother that is!

Mary, my wife, is as sweet a woman as they come. At a slender 6’0 with 34c breasts, this brunette had my cock jumping the first time I laid eyes on her. Fortunately, her feelings for me were mutual and we hit it off immediately when we were both 22. Mary comes from a solid, upper middle class family with strong values and outstanding morals. For the two years that I dated Mary before I married her, I never heard her or any of her three sisters utter a profanity. Although prim and proper, Mary is a dynamo in bed who loves cum…in her mouth, pussy, ass and anywhere else on her body. It was such contradiction to see this elegant lady by day turn into a wanton whore at night. And I loved her for it.

Mary’s mother, Ellen, is in her mid-40s, and has the body of a woman in her early 30s. She was tight with a 36c set of tits. I’d always fantasize about what her middle-aged pussy looked like. One night I brought Mary home late and Ellen was asleep on the coach in her bathrobe. Mary went upstairs to the bathroom while I sat across from her sleeping mother wondering if I could get away with opening her bathrobe for a peek at her pussy.

Almost as if reading my mind, Ellen started to stir on the couch and in the process, one side of her robe fell to the side exposing a hairy but neatly trimmed cunt. My own mother has a bush-and-a-half but Ellen’s bush looked like a well-manicured lawn. Her pussy lips protruded from the hair and I would have given anything to have knelt between her tanned legs to see if she liked having her cunt eaten as much as her daughter did.

But discretion being the better part of valor, I feigned nodding out on the loveseat when I heard Mary return. She saw her mom’s visible pussy and covered it with the fallen side of the robe. I kissed Mary goodnight and went home for about two hours of masturbating to porno movies with Ellen in my head. Nonetheless, my relationship with my future in-laws was excellent and my future father-in-law Mike, a regional vice president who traveled a lot, approved my marriage request for his daughter.

After about a year of marriage, I got a great offer from my job to relocate to Florida and open a branch office. Normally, people from Chicago take a salary cut when moving from the north to the south. But my company wanted the bursa escort office open so quickly they gave me carte blanche to move. So Mary and I moved from the Windy City to the Sunny Beaches.

At first, things were tough for Mary and me. I was working long hours and Mary was missing her family greatly. There were many nights when I caught Mary on the phone crying on the phone to her mother when I came home close to midnight. Ellen was very supportive of me and told Mary that she should appreciate the opportunity I was having at 25 years old with a great paying job and all the benefits that came with it.

Certainly, our apartment complex which faced the ocean and had pools all around the complex including in front of our balcony-patio, was a big help. Realizing a visit from her family would greatly help the situation, I invited Ellen and Mike to spend a week or two with us. They were only too happy to accept.

When I told Mary, her whole attitude changed for the better and the horny princess that I married returned. Her attitude was much better and our sex life moved to a better level for the weeks before her parents arrival. Included was a three-hour fuck session the night before they arrived. Mary took control from the start and I had no complaints. She practically tore my clothes off and sucked long and hard on my nine-inch cock while kneeling in front of me. She was begging for me to cum in her mouth and after she gave my cock and balls a good tongue bath, I fired a battery of cum shots into her waiting mouth. She loves to moan when she sucks and that only got me hornier.

After sucking me to a hard-on again, Mary couldn’t wait to climb on my pole. She pushed me back on the bed, mounted me and jammed my dick right into her sopping pussy. One of the things I love about Mary is her talking while we fuck. She loves to tell me how she feels, what she wants and what’s coming next. Her breathing was heavy as she panted,” My pussy is so hot and wet. Shoot your cum into my hot cunt. Fuck me hard lover, fuck me hard,” I flipped her on her back and slammed my cock in and out of her until I exploded inside of her. I pumped her until she too had a shivering cum that was the best in the 18 months that we were married.

Thinking fuck time was over, I rolled off Mary but she had other thoughts. Once on my back, Mary crawled down and put my limp, sticky cock back in her mouth. She licked, sucked and stroked my dick to life until it reached its nine-inch max again. Then she freaked me out. I told you earlier that we had anal sex before but it clearly was never her favorite sex act. On this night, after sucking my cock to hardness bursa escort bayan again, Mary looked at me and said, “Joe, you will fuck me hard up the ass, NOW.” With that, she got on her hands and knees, pulled her ass cheeks apart and told me to,”fuck her in the ass until she came”.

With my cum and her cum draining out of her pussy toward her ass, my cock started to slide into her as soon as I pushed against her asshole. I wanted slow but Mary was fucking to the beat of another drummer as her ass slid back and forth on my dick at a faster pace. Getting the hint, I pounded my cock into her ass for the next 15 minutes while she moaned, screamed and cursed like a whore. Her hand was busy rubbing and fingering her cunt while I pumped away at her ass. I could tell she was nearing orgasm and I wanted us to cum together. So with the most forceful pumps I could muster, I fired a hot load into her hot ass as she started to orgasm before I collapsed on top of her.

The next night on the way to the airport, we joked at how our sex was going to need to be more quiet with her Mom and Dad around. She agreed but gave me a deep blowjob in the airport parking garage before we went in to pick them up. Mike and Ellen flew down to Florida late that Friday night and we planned a lazy day either around the pool or on the beach on Saturday. Business was good, the office staff was in place and I was hoping on skipping out for a couple of days. But a client call dictated that I head into the office for a couple of hours on Saturday. So I told Mary, Ellen and Mike that I would sneak out of the apartment early Saturday and meet up with them at the pool around noon. It was almost 2 in the afternoon by the time I got back and I feared the eye-daggers I would receive from the family when I finally showed up at the pool.

I went straight into the apartment, peeked out through the balcony curtains and saw Mary and Mike in the pooled and assumed Ellen was tanning herself out of my eyesight. I moved quickly across our carpeted floors to my bedroom where I stripped naked to get my swim trunks on. Remembering that I hung them on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom, I glided out of my bedroom naked and across the hall to the bathroom where the door was three-quarters closed. As I got closer to the door I heard a slight moan and slowly and quietly pushed the door open to a wonderful sight.

There, sitting on the closed toilet seat, was my bare-ass naked mother-in-law with her one piece bathing suit hanging off one ankle. Ellen had her legs spread nice and wide and she had two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted escort bursa back as if looking at the ceiling and her left hand was squeezing her gorgeous tits with the one-inch eraser tip nipples. For a fleeting second I thought I should back out but I suddenly remembered that I was naked and that my cock had grown to full length. I was frozen with excitement and my cock danced in front of me as I stood in the doorway watching my mother-in-law nearing orgasm. Her finger-fucking became almost frantic and she moaned and trembled like a schoolgirl when she came.

Ellen took her fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth where she licked and sucked on them as she started to open her eyes and come back to reality. But she didn’t expect to see me and my nine-inch dick smiling back at her! “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy but I didn’t want to interrupt you either,” I said to Ellen. “You looked like you were having too much fun.”

Ellen, obviously embarrassed, started to stammer and said,” Oh my God, I’m glad you didn’t…I mean…I hope….we can keep this between the two of us”? Trying to play it cool, I answered, “Absolutely, I was coming in to get my bathing suit on the shower rod.” With that I moved toward her and reached above and behind her to get my trunks, basically putting my cock at mouth-level with her.

I guess this wasn’t lost on her either because as I reached I felt one hand on my naked stomach and one hand wrap around my cock. I leaned back, ignoring my bathing trunks, and suddenly became aware of the pre-cum on the tip of my dick. Ellen looked up at me and said,”It looks like somebody else was excited too. Since I caused it, maybe I should fix it.”

With that Ellen leaned forward and wrapped her tongue around my cock and then slid it inside her mouth and started to suck me off. I couldn’t believe that my prim-and-proper wife’s even more prim-and-proper mother was sucking my cock with great passion and she was doing it with expert pride. After a couple of sucks she took my dick out of her mouth and looked up and me and said,”You have a beautiful cock, do you think you can cum in my mouth?”

My cock started to dance in her mouth even more and she deep-throated me while rubbing my balls and my ass. Her sucking was faster and was interrupted only by her pleading to me to “Fill her mouth with my cum.” I grabbed her by the back of her head and held it steady as I emptied my balls into her mouth as we both moaned with delight. Some of my cum started to ooze out of the sides of her mouth but she quickly sucked it in or scooped it up with a finger which she eagerly licked.

I must have shot cum into her mouth for about 30 seconds. Everytime I thought I was spent she would suck or stroke me to another squirt, which she happily licked up. I thought to myself this is the end of my dream come true. But in reality, it was just beginning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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