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A Visit to My Nephew and His Wife Ch. 02

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Cockhead Tease

This is a work of fiction. A little slow at first to set it up but it gets better, much better as it goes along. Let me know what you think and I will tell you more of my stay in England with my Sister’s Son’s Wife.


I looked down at Steph, kneeling before me, my spent cock dangled in front of me, she was beautiful. Smiling at me she licked her lips clean of the remnants of my cream. Her beasts were pointed, as her nipples were still hard, from her orgasms. Looking down past her breasts, I saw the soft curls of her blonde pussy hair. Looking deep into her eyes, I instructed her, “Go get a clean razor and cream, I like a shaved pussy to lick until it creams all over my face.”

She shuddered then stood in her naked glory and left the kitchen. I waited as she returned with the cream and new razor. Taking them from her hands, I picker her up and set her on the counter and told her to spread her legs. Looking at me as she did, she picked her feet up, placing them on the counter and pulling her knees apart, gave me complete access to her lovely just fucked pussy. The lips were swollen and puffy and covered with blonde curls.

I turned the hot water on and cupping my hands under the stream filled my hands with the warm water. I dripped it down her stomach and over her pussy. Taking the can in my hand, I squirted it into my hand then rubbed it all over her blonde curls and pussy lips. Rubbing it into the hair to make sure it was completely coated. I picked up the razor and held it under the stream of hot water, then smiling at her, moved it to shave her. I gently pulled the razor down from the bikini line to her mound, under the tuzla eve gelen escort hair there was completely gone. Rinsing the razor after each stroke, I shaved her mound clean of hair. Then ever so gently, shaved the area around her puffy lips, until she was clean as the day she was born.

Dropping the razor in the sink, I cupped my hands under the hot water again and rinsed her lovely shaved pussy clean of any remaining cream. Looking into her eyes, I said, “Let me see if I have done a good job or not,” and lowered my head between her legs. She moaned as my tongue touched the soft shaved lips of her pussy. I opened her lips with my tongue and licked between them. My tongue moving over her sensitive clit, her hands were drawn to my head and she raked her fingers through my hair as I sucked her hard clit between my lips. Her legs moved over my shoulders and I pulled her forward to the edge of the counter as I licked and sucked her pussy. My tongue bathing her clit and I tasted our mixed juices.

Lifting her a little higher, I lick down her pussy and over her tight ass. She sucked in her breath sharply and said, “no one has been there before.” I smiled to myself and licked her tight ass with my tongue as I moved my fingers over her clit and rubbed. My tongue moved back up to her pussy and once again sucked her clit between my lips, as I pushed a finger deep into her pussy. Fucking her with my finger as I sucked and gently nibbled her hard clit, I could feel her getting close to another orgasm. I sucked harder on her clit, sucking it deep between my lips and my finger was coated with her juices. As I felt tuzla yeni escort her begin to shake as she started to cum, I slipped my finger from her pussy and into her tight ass. She bucked against my face, pulling my head hard between her legs and my mouth against her pussy. She came hard as I licked up her sweet juices and fingered her tight virgin ass.

She finally screamed and pushed me away, saying, “I can not take anymore.” She pulled my head up to her mouth and kissed me hard, moving her tongue over and into my mouth. Her tongue moved around inside my mouth, as she tasted herself on my lips and tongue. I kissed her for a long time until I broke the kiss and pulled her from the counter, my cock was once again hard as a teenager. She turned and leaned against the counter and pushed her ass back against my cock. I took my hard cock in my hand and put the head against her pussy and pushed in deep with one thrust.

Reaching around her, I played and pinched her hard nipples as she moaned and pushed back hard against me, meeting each of my thrusts. I fucked her hard for quite a while when I heard her say, “I want to feel you in my ass.” I did not have to ask twice. I pulled my hard cock, covered with her juices from her hot wet pussy and lifted it until the head was pushing against her tight ass.

Steph leaned forward a little more and pushed her ass back as my cock pushed into her ass. Her deep moaning told me she loved the feeling. Slowly, I pushed and pulled my cock as I pushed my cock deep into her ass. My balls touched her shaved pussy as my tight stomach rested against her lovely ass. “Ready?” I tuzla genç escort asked. She only groaned deeply and pushed her ass back against me. I held onto her tight hips and started to my cock back and forth in her tight ass. AS I felt her ass give way to my cock, I increased my speed and was soon fucking her ass. “God Steph, your ass is so tight,” I moaned as I fucked her deep and hard with each thrust of my cock. She kept pushing her ass back onto my cock, as I slammed deeper into her ass. Over and over, my cock slid back and forth between her cheeks, stretching her ass wide as I pounded it with my hard cock.

She groaned once again and I could feel her starting to cum. Her body was raked with orgasm and I felt my balls tighten and my cock tingled. I moaned as I shot my cream into her tight ass, filling it with my cream as I had her sweet pussy. Our orgasms subsided and my cock slipped from her ass with a slight pop. She just lay her head on her arms on the counter and said over and over, “My G-d, I never felt anything like that before.” I watched her as she sighed and then stood and looked at me. “I hope you are going to stay awhile, Uncle John.”

I smile and said, “let’s get cleaned up, Steph, I am hungry and want to go out and eat.”

The shower was hot and felt good as we cleaned up. I soaped her body with a warm cloth and she did the same for me. Clean we stepped from the shower and dried off. I told her to pick out something sexy to wear to dinner tonight, as I wanted to see just how far she would go with me. I patted her on her lovely tight ass and we both went to our rooms to get dressed. I was waiting in the living room when she entered. I smiled broadly as what she wore and I knew she was delighted in my approval of the outfit she had chosen.

Let me know if you want me to go on with the story. I have received some very nice feedback and any author will tell you that is a nice feeling. I await your suggestions for dinner and after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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