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A weekend in the Lifestyle Part II

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A weekend in the Lifestyle Part IIWhen I was a teenager, I could get it back up and ready to fuck again just minutes after a huge orgasm, but now that I am in my thirties, it takes a while longer. Also, before I bust a nut, almost anything can make me hard, and I am willing to try new and kinky stuff. But, after I cum, my dick gets really picky about turn-ons and turn-offs. Before I exploded, Biff rubbing my cock and putting our cock heads together was a turn on, but now that I had shot my load, it was less exciting. Even his name bothered me, now that I had cum.Biff and April went back to fucking and Buffy stroked my cock as we watched, but my dick was not responding. We decided to wait until we got back to our rooms and try again. So after we ate and went back to the hotel, we went to the room to fuck some more, but I still was not in the mood and my cock stayed at half mass. Watching the three of them was not doing it for me, so I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I was done, they were gone, and I genuinely didn’t care and felt some relief… but that was at 8:30 PM. When 11:00 hit the clock, I was bored being by myself and ready for some company. At midnight, I was horny again, and fed up with waiting so I went out to find someone to party with and hopefully fuck. I danced with some really hot couples and discovered that sucking Biff’s dick earlier had made me curious about all out and open swinging with couples. Up to that point, I only wanted to swap, but now I was dancing and laughing with each couple, as I wondered how big or how good was the husband.I finally settled on a really hot interracial couple. The man was black and very muscular and his wife was white and absolutely stunning. Her body looked like a Sports Illustrated swim suit model body and her face was gorgeous. Dancing with them had my blood pumping again, and I was definitely ready to try the three way again. I went to the bathroom to pee, and they waited just long enough for me to start a good flow before they walked in. They went into a stall and started making a lot of noise. “Come help me.” Is all she said, and I shook my dick of the last drop and rushed in the stall. She grabbed my face and kissed me deep and then used both hands to guide my mouth to his cock. It was rock hard and shiny, but a hell of a lot smaller than I anticipated. “Suck it.” She ordered as she pushed the back of my head. As I sucked, she moved down my body and fished out my cock. When she had my big hard dick in her little istanbul escort white hand, she said. “Damn nigga!” And, then she told her husband to look at my big fucking dick. He grabbed the back of my head and instantly exploded. I wasn’t ready for it, and I didn’t want it in my mouth, but I discovered that it is almost impossible to escape from that position when I got is locked up in orgasm. I moaned and struggled but that only seemed to make him blast more cum. “Yeah baby, he likes that shit.” His wife told him as she joined him in holding my head still, and continued holding my cock.When he released my head, I moved away from him and went to the sink to rinse my mouth. Unfortunately, he had made me swallow so all I could do was rinse and drink some water.He said he was spent and needed to go rest and his amazingly beautiful wife was going with him. He shook my hand and gave me the half man hug and said thanks. His wife kissed me and said she hoped they could meet up with me and my partner before we left. While I wanted to fuck the hell out of her, I knew there was no way April would lay still for six inches of dick, so I just told them it was a date and went out to look for another couple. I did not get to cum, so I was beside myself with a need to fuck.It was just pass 2:00 and none of the couples were hot, but I was horny enough to fuck one of the older and bigger couples, so I was not being too picky. I don’t know if it was my cum breath, my clothes or just my desperation, but something caused me to strike out with everyone. At 3:30, I went to my empty room hard and horny. I wanted to jack off, but I was afraid that as soon as I finished, April or Buffy would come back ready to fuck, and I did not want to turn either away again.April is no stranger to staying out all night long, so at 5:00, I looked in the event directory to see what might be available. Roman baths, Casino and places to get food were the only organized items, so I chose Roman baths. There were only two women and about 50 men in the large steam room that had a small swimming pool and several hot tubs. Benches and bleachers were positioned to allow audiences and conversations.As I walked through the room, I tried not to show my new found enthusiasms for cock. The more wet bodies I saw the more difficult it was not to stare. Guys were huddled up sucking each other or discreetly stroking each other. There was a lot of eroticism going on but avcılar escort no one was being loud and obnoxious. There were moans and groans but no screaming and shouting. I thought about how I would have felt a month ago, if I were in this same room, and how I would have thought something was wrong with each of these men, but now I just wanted to find one who was trade a blow job with me. It seemed like all the nice size cocks were being sucked or stroked and the smaller cocks were all that was left. I sat at the juice bar and watched the whole room and wondered why no one was fucking. All the sucking and jacking and not one person was getting plowed. It was definitely a different world than the one I previously knew.My back was too the bartender when he asked me if I wanted a glass of water or juice. Without looking, I knew it was a man who tried to talk like a girl. While it is true that I was looking for cock, I was not looking for the over exaggerated feminine type, so I just said water without turning around. When I heard him say “here’s your water” through his nasal humming voice, I just stretched out my hand and did not look again, and took the water. “What no tip?” He said.I turned around to tip him, but there standing behind the see through bar top was a sexy short blonde bomb shell. She was dressed in shorts, a bathing suit top and a pair of heels. I was stunned and fumbled to give her a huge tips. She smiled, took the tip and went to the next guy to serve him. All my attention and focused was now on her and my brain was in over drive as to how I could get her to suck my cock. When she walked back by I asked her for another glass of water. I had forgotten all about her voice, until she said “You just want water?” I could not believe that this hot little woman was a dude, but her voice made it clear, but I did not care. I asked her what else was she offering and she told me that she loved black men and we could talk about it when she got off work in a half hour. It was a long damn half hour.We laughed, chatted and got some rum from the kitchen, before went back to her room.She took off her top as soon as her door clothes. “I could tell you were a bitch the second I saw you.” She said. I was caught off guard and defensive. So I stood stiff and gave her a mean “What!” response. She repeated it and moved in close to grab my cock. “You were walking that room staring at every cock there was. You looked like you just wanted one of those men şirinevler escort to plop a cock in your mouth and make you suck it.” She unzipped my pants and took out my cock before she let her shorts fall to the ground and took out her own cock. She rub them together and sucked on my nipples before she started pushing me down by my shoulders. “Suck it.” She said as I opened my mouth and took her in. “You’ve never done this?” She asked. I guess I had not learned an impressive tactic yet and was not doing a good job of sucking. She smiled and we move to the bed where we stripped. She then stood on the bed and I got on my knees. She pumped my mouth as she gave me instructions on what to do and how. I thought hours had passed and I was losing some of my excitement when she told me to lay on the bed. I thought it was finally my turn to get some head, but she told me she wanted to break in my pretty little cute black ass.She started with her tongue and it felt wonderful. Her small lubed fingers felt even better. I was curious about how her cock would feel because April had penetrated me numerous times with a dildo and it was always fun but nothing I craved. When I felt the soft tissue of a real cock for the first time go in my ass, I knew what I had been missing. It gave way to my muscles, instead feeling stiff and intrusive. It was flexible and curved to fit me, rather than me having to fit it. As she went in and out, it felt like the size of her cock was instantly changing to respond to my body. Her bites and her hands felt better than Buffy’s and I thought Buffy was made of magic. I wanted her all the way in me and started pushing back against her demanding that she fuck me hard and deep. “Give me that dick!” I heard myself say. “You want this dick bitch?” She replied. “You want me to really fuck your black ass?” She asked as she grabbed my hips and pulled me in to her. “Ohhhh!” Is all I could muster to say as she started ramming her cock in my ass and smacking my ass. My rock hard big black cock was bouncing as she held me hips and fucked me.I stroked myself and pinched my own nipple as I felt my orgasm travel from my ass to my balls and I exploded all over the bed. She was grinding and slamming me deep when I felt her first burst of cum shoot in me. I just kept cumming and jerking as I felt her cum in my ass. I laid there with her as I felt her shrink and withdraw from my ass. I did not know what to say, so I waited for her to fall to sleep before I snuck out.April was not back when I got to our room, so I showered and went to bed, even though it was light outside. The fucking and sucking felt great but I had a lot of mixed emotions about taking it up the ass and sucking cock. I could have blamed being caught up in the moment when it happened with Biff, but the two I sucked tonight were from pure desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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