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A Wish Made in Moonlight

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All person’s in this work are over the age of 18 years.

Jarod hit his head lightly against the backboard of his bed. It was a full moon tonight. From this angle he could see straight out the window, the moon light falling upon him. It was glorious. Yet his heart was empty. Another year alone, another year where he hadn’t gotten laid. It was painful. He was young man filled to the brim with hormones and lust and he couldn’t get any action. He couldn’t blame anyone for it either, he was just…awkward. He leaned back against his pillows. A black form jumped on him. With a start he realised it was Salem his cat. His Mum had named it, thought it must be a witch in joke or something. The cat purred contently, snuggling up on his stomach. He stroked it without thinking. If only he could meet someone who was just as eager to jump into bed with him. Jarod’s eyes felt droopy, slowly he closed them.

Jarod grimaced. Something heavy was weighing down on him. Blinking slowly, he brought himself to consciousness. Jarod’s jaw dropped. On top of him was a languid form. He was stretching out, with a yawn, while straddling Jarod. He was naked, the moonlight almost glistening of his toned physic. He had wavy black hair that didn’t make it to his shoulders, and his eyes were a piercing green. He stopped yawning for a moment to look at Jarod. He smiled. Jarod hadn’t met anyone so gorgeous in his life. The young man leaned down and started kissing Jarod lightly on the neck.

“Ah, um, who are you?”

The young man güvenilir bahis leaned up. Licking his lips.

“Your wish come true. But if you need to call me a name, why not Salem.”

Jarod quickly glanced around the room.

“You, you aren’t my cat are you.”

Salem laughed lightly.

“No I am not. What I am is the stuff of dreams.” He traced a slender hand under Jarod’s shirt, gently lifting it up. “And tonight I will make all your dreams come true.”

Jarod stared, mesmerised. Instinctively he lifted up his arms, allowing Salem to take off his shirt. Salem’s hand then went to Jarod’s boxes. This guy, whoever he was, had a strong flexibility about him. He lifted off Jarod’s stomach with easy, allowing him to take off his boxes expertly. And there they were both naked, in Jarod’s bed.

Jarod, noticing Salem’s interest in his crotch, turned his head. He realised he was blushing.

“Oh my you are innocent one are you?”

“Shut up.” Jarod said timidly.

Salem’s grin just widened. He leaned down and whispered.

“It’s okay, just relax and enjoy yourself. Tonight I am anything you want me to be.”

Jarod just gazed into those beautiful eyes.


Salem nodded.


Jarod nodded.

“Then kiss me.”

Salem didn’t hesitate, he leaned down and kissed Jarod passionately. Jarod returned the kiss, their tongues intertwined. Jarod’s hand went down to Salem’s cock, gently massaging it. Salem’s hand likewise started massaging him. It didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri take either of them long to become fully erect. They broke from their making out to gaze at their stiff cocks. In the fullness of the moonlight both cocks were of equal size and girth. Salem’s was just above Jarod’s, twitching lightly. Before he could even think to ask Salem lowered himself. Their cocks meeting. Together they started moving. Cock rubbing on cock. Jarod moaned. Salem leaned back up, tracing his hands from his chest to his stomach and back again.

Jarod panted.

“I want to be inside you.”

Salem slipped his tongue out from the side of his mouth, as if he just tasted something sweet.

He leaned backwards exposing his hole. Holding his manhood, he slowly lowered himself onto Jarod.

“Ah fuck.” Jarod moaned as Salem inch by inch took his shaft. Until finally he reached his balls.

Then slowly Salem began lifting himself up and coming down on his pole. Sweat glistened off both of their bodies. Jarod now holding Salem’s waist steady as he kept coming down. Salem began moaning, bordering on yelling in joy. Jarod should have been worried about what his housemates might be thinking of him, but the thought just as quickly as it had appeared. Jarod felt the pressure within him. He felt his loins tightening.

“Ah fuck, I am going to cum.”

Salem placed both his hands behind his head.

“Then by all means, fill me up.”

Jarod pushed Salem down one last time. Cum exploded iddaa siteleri out of his cock, coating Salem’s insides.

“Holy shit.”

Jarod kept pulsating inside of him. Salem’s arched his head back in absolute pleasure. Then he came too, white ropes splattering all over Jarod’s face and chest. When both had subsided, Salem lifted himself gently off Jarod. Cum poured out of his arse. He then collapsed beside Jarod in the bed. Jarod held Salem close. They shared a smile together. Salem kissed Jarod. Cum stuck to both of their faces. They laughed. The moon was waning.

Salem got up on one elbow.

“The full moon is almost over. I am sorry Jarod but I am going to have to go.”

Jarod held Salem’s hand.

“Please don’t go.”

Salem smiled.

“I know it was the most amazing sex of your life.”

Jarod shook his head.

“No, you are amazing Salem. I want to be with you.”

Salem gave a look of surprise. His features then softened. He leaned down and kissed Jarod lightly on the lips.

“That was the nicest thing you could have said to me. Good night Jarod, I hope we meet again.”

“Wait!” Jarod jumped upright in bed.

It was morning. The sunlight pouring in through his bedroom window almost blinding him. He put his hand up to block it before sitting up. Getting his bearings, he realised he must have been dreaming. But it felt so real, as did his feelings of loss. He already was missing him. He looked down at himself. He was covered in dry cum, his clothes scattered across the floor. He got up, looking at himself in his full length mirror. Was all of this his? All from a wet dream?

He moved to go into the shower, but he looked over himself one last time. So much cum, surely it wasn’t all his, was it?

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