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A Woman with her Head Screwed-On Right! Part II

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Big Tits

A Woman with her Head Screwed-On Right! Part III answered the phone, and there was Chris. She asked, “Does your invitation still stand, or is it too late!” I replied, “Not to worry – you’re welcome!”2 minutes later, a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw that it was – indeed – Chris. She wore a tattered sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off and the neck cut into a deep V. It was apparent she wore no bra. She also sported a pair of lounging pants that didn’t even come close to matching the top. She was dressed to be comfortable.I welcomed her in and told her to make herself comfortable. The room had a queen bed, two side chairs, and an overstuffed recliner. She sat at the foot end of the bed. I asked if she’d like something to drink, and she said a Coke would be good. I ran down to the vending room and grabbed a couple of sodas. On my return, Chris was still sitting on the bed. I handed her a Coke and sat in the recliner. She turned to face me, adiosbet yeni giriş but stayed on the bed.I asked if she’d still like to watch a movie, and she said, “Why not?” Inquiring as to genre, she said, “I like just about anything?” Of course, that was my cue to take another step into the wild. I said, “Be careful – I’m an old guy, and when a woman says “anything,” I take her literally!” Chris blushed again, but said very confidently, “I meant what I said!”Gulp, O.K. I said, “Well, I have a favorite website (xhamster, of course) that features adult entertainment. She said, “You mean porn, right!?” I responded with, “Well, some call it that – I prefer to call it adult entertainment.” I asked if she’d ever watched online or VHS/DVD adult movies. She said, “I never!” I assumed that ruled it out for our evening, but I was wrong. When I went to Netflix (had my laptop connected to the 32″ flat panel TV in the room, Chris said, “So what happened adiosbet giriş to the ‘adult entertainment?'” I responded with, “I heard you say you never, so figured we’d keep it straight!” She said, “Look, I have a k** and a grandma – I work full-time – I go to school for my graduate degree. I have virtually no social life. Let’s watch some porn!”Well, THAT set the tone. I quickly brought up xhamster.com and showed her the genre on the left side of the home page. She had questions about some of them, like BBW. After explaining what that was, she asked, “People really watch fat girls having sex?” I explained it was a fetish, to have sex with BBWs and to watch them have sex. She said, “That sound pretty cool. I haven’t had sex for a very long time, except with myself!” “BBW it is, then” I exclaimed.I brought up on that was pretty straight male on female sex. We watched, and she had questions and comments galore. A skinny guy was doing the wild adiosbet güvenilirmi thing with the BBW in the video, and Chris said, “Wow – he’s doing stuff my ex would never do for me!” I asked what that meant. “He’d never go down on my pussy, and he’d never stick his fingers in my ass!” I told her that sucked, since those are the things that many women like – even love. I explained that, in my world, I do whatever I reasonably can to make a woman love sex.The last comment evoked quite a response. She said, “Look, I’m 34, divorced, stressed, no man in my life, and you were really nice to me in the hot tub – or I wouldn’t be here. Let’s cut to the chase – you said you like to make a woman love sex, right? I want you to make me love sex!” Again, I asked, “Are you sure?” She nodded, reached for my hand, and slipped it under her sweatshirt.I let the video run, and said, “O.K. – whatever they do, we’ll do!” She said, “I’m good with that.” Now, this video included kissing, caressing, fingering, stroking, eating and fucking. I knew this because I’d seen it in the past. I simply said, “Only one rule – you can’t quit!” She laughed and said, “After what I’ve told you and done with you so far, do you really think I’ll quit?”See Part III

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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