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A woodland adventure – Chapter Three

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A woodland adventure – Chapter ThreeChapter 3″Fuck!” you say “God i need that so much, now slam that pussy you big horny bastard!”I pull out all the way, then ram it back in again, holding again for a second or two, then all the way out again and plunge it back in again harder and harder each time. Each thrust deep inside your aching pussy.”Oh yes………….thats it big boy……………pound that naughty girl……………fuck that tight little pussy………..God yeah”I begin to quicken my pace and the depth of my strokes nnow, your tits bouncing up and down as my knob bangs away at your tight twat relentlessly. You head is thrashing again now and your hands are on your nipples once more, rubbing and pulling at them. I grab one of your hands and move it down to your clit, making you rub it while i fuck you.You use your thumb on your button, and use you little finger to lightly touch my wet shaft as in slips in and out of your dripping cunt. I look down and smile as i see my fat cock shiny with your hot juices, pumping in and out of your hole, your fingers busy bringing on your third orgsasm of the day. I eagerly await the tightening of your pussy on my girth as you try, in vain, to milk me when you come istanbul escort once more.Then i feel, your lips clamp hard against my cock, you physically shudder, moaning very loudly, shaking, still rubbing as your cunt goes into overdrive, and a massive multiple orgasm comnsumes your very being. “OOOOOOOOaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh……..FUCK…………..YES…….YES!!!” you scream. I have stopped moving now, just leaving your orgasm to pass, my cock still firmly buried balls deep inside your throbbin pussy. Waiting for the moment to pass once more.”Looks like someone is enjoying themselves more than me here” I say, then flick your very sensitive clit with my finger, the sudden jolt of pain and pleasure, brings you back to earth very quickly. “You nasty bastard” you say with a smile. Yours cheeks glowing in a post climatic glow.I then pull my still hard cock from your sore pussy and tell you “Its all dirty now and its needs to be cleaner, if you want to ride this juicy cock that is my sexy cum guzzler”You quickly lay on your side, eager to clean you own juices from my glistening cock, i move quickly down your side, my fat knob avcılar escort bobbing along as i get closer to your head and open mouth. You grab it with your right hand and stuff it greedily into your mouth, suckin, lickin, wanking my shaft into your. You trace your tongue around my fat shaft, licking evey inch of it, pushing your tongue in the end, peeling my foreskin back and gorging yourself on my swollen purple head.”Thats it………just how i…mmmmmm….like it……….i just love it when you suck me off like a little whore! sucking my big cock like its the last one on the planet……….. fuck…..god……..swallow the lot……wanna see my balls on your chin you little cock slut!””mmmmmwmmwmwmwwwwmmww….” a muffled groan, you mouth stuffed full of hot cock, god i love the feel of this juicy prick in my mouth your thinking.I pull it out now, away from your wanton mouth, with an audible popping sound as your mouth was clamped so tight on it. Determined to clean every bit of your juice from it.I lay on the blanket now, resting my head on your bag of toys ” Now straddle this cock lady” i say firmly, ” and i want you to hover over it first and drip some of your juice şirinevler escort on it, to lube it up, then slide down on it, you got that?”You straddle me quickly, crouching a few inches above my stiff cock, then you start to play with yourself, rubbing yourself, and after a few seconds and can feel your molten juices once again begin to coat my head and shaft. “Good girl” i mutter.”Now ride it babe and get those tits in my face, i wanna bite those nipples again, you dirty little bitch. You love being fucked outside don’t ya babe?””Yes you say, i sure……….” you lower yourself on to my cock, and rest when your clit is buried in my pubes”….do” you moan.”Oh god that feels so fucking good” you say and then lean forward offering your breasts to me, my hands squeezing them, pulling you down so i can get them into my mouth. I suck hard and long on your sore nipples,just how you like, as you begin to slowly rise and fall on my cock. Your tits bouncing in my face as you start to really bounce on your favorite cock.”YES! YES! YES!” you squeal as you slam that cock for all your worth, riding hard, my fat knob as deep inside you as it will go, then you let out an almighty scream as you come hard and long on me, your head spinning, you juices now running down my shaft like a river, matting my pubes and hairy groin.Suddenly behind me the bushes part and a young forest ranger steps into the clearing, his eyes struggle to take in the horny sight in front of him.”What the fuck?” he says with a wry smile, loosening his belt at the sametime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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