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AccidentAccidentMy wife and I owned a nice single story home in the subs. We had moved into this older well kept neighborhood a year earlier and got along with every person who lived around us. There were block parties that we attended and got to know everyone pretty well.I am pretty handy and work on the house a lot. One day the neighbor to our left came over and asked if I could help her with cleaning the gutters. She was a nice lady in her fifties, divorced, no k**s, and very friendly. She had cleaned most of it, but something had got stuck and she had trouble see what it was. Her ladder was not tall enough and she thought it might be best if I could have a look at.I told my wife, Margrit that I was going over to Mrs Brown’s (Sandy) to help her with a project. I brought over my ladder and climbed up to the gutter. Sandy was standing below me holding the ladder. I when I climbed up I looked down on Sandy, she was wearing some baggy old clothes for garden and outdoor work. I could see straight down in her top and see her nice laced bra that created a very inviting cleavage. Sandy was the motherly chubby type and did not normally make me think about sex, but from this angle she looked good. I can only guess that it was her cleavage that made me distracted and not fully concentrating on my task at hand. I got up to the cutter and found part of a branch on her roof and in the gutter which cause the blockage. When I tried to move it, I slipped and started to fall. Lucky enough, I fell away from Sandy so when branch came after me as I fell it missed her.Unfortunately for me, I fell in an awkward angle and landed on my back. It was grass, so the fall was not too bad and did not hurt me. What did hurt me was the branch that came down towards me as I was on my back. I put up my hands to protect myself and when the branch hit me, it hurt both my hands and thumbs. I broke both thumbs.Sandy jump around the ladder to ask if I was ok, I told her that I think I broke my thumbs. She ran over to our house to get Margrit.Off to the urgent care. I had surgery and put pins in both thumbs. I got home the next day and Sandy was greeting me and telling me how sorry she was. I told her accidents do happen and it wasn’t her fault. My problem was that both hands were fully bandaged and I could not do anything on my own. I could not even eat, go to the bathroom, or shower by myself. My wife put drinks in a cup with a straw so at least I could drink on my own.Bathroom visits were not fun. Pee was one thing, but going to defecate was not fun. My wife had to wipe my ass.I felt like a baby, totally helpless and needing someone around most of the time.My wife could only take two days off work, plus she had a business trip planned which she couldn’t cancel. Sandy was over several times a day to offer assistance. My wife talked with her and told her about her need to return to work and the upcoming trip. Sandy said she could take care of me since she was to blame for my situation. My wife told her yet again that it wasn’t her fault, but she would be very happy if she could help us. I would be in these bandages for two weeks at least. Next day, Sandy came over when Margrit went to work. She said that she would check in on my and made sure I had what I needed. I was spending most of the time in front of the TV, since I could not use my hands at all. Sandy brought me lunch and lots of water. We enjoyed lunch together, Sandy had to feed me like a little k**. She had made sandwiches on homemade bread. It tasted real good to me. I also enjoyed the company since it was boring to just lay and watch TV. I had been laid up for 4 days by this point. I asked Sandy if I could join her in her garden, since she was out there doing gardening duties. I thought we could talk while she was working. So we went over to her house and I got comfortable in a lawnchair. Sandy was crawling on her knees with her big butt in my direction. I suddenly remember how much I had liked the view before the accident and thought that she not only had nice breast, her ass looked inviting as well. I had not had sex for 5 days at this point, which was an unusual long time in our marriage. But with my hand totally unusable my wife did not really get turned on. I had joked with her and told her she could give me a blowjob before she left for work this morning, but the joke rus escort bayan did not go over very well.All the water I had drunk in the morning and for lunch needed to come out. I was a bit embarrassed, but I had to ask Sandy to help me to the bathroom. When we got into the toilet, Sandy asked how we were going to do this. I told her I needed to have my shorts pulled down and that I then could sit down and pee. I would need help with wiping off the drops before putting on my shorts again. Sandy did not think it was any problem. When she pulled down my pants, she made a comment when she saw my penis that she had not seen one of those in years. Not since before her divorce. I took care of my business and then stood up so she could wipe my penis. She took a hold of it and wiped me. When she pulled up my shorts, she said that Margrite must be happy with that one. She could not remember her ex-husband being that big even when he was erected. I smiled and did not know what to say to that.We went out the garden and spent another few hours out there. Once again, I had to go. Sandy smiled when I asked if she could help me. She said as we walked in, that she could get use to see my penis. It was a nice change to her life. I went to the bathroom again and needed to be wiped. This time Sandy took a different grip on my penis and moved her hand up and down the shaft a few times. Of course, my cock reacted to it and started to get slightly bigger. She wiped my penis and held it for a little bit longer. There seem to be some hesitation when she finally let it go. I had got noticeably bigger during the time she was touching me. I apologized and told her that I was sorry and it seemed that it had its own mind. She smiled and countered with that it was nice that at least one penis in the world would react to her touch.It was time to go home and wait for my wife now, so Sandy helped me back to our place. She asked if there was anything else I needed or wanted before she left. I don’t know if it was a conscious movement of her breast sticking out farther when she asked the question or what it was, but she did flaunt them for me. I wanted to tell her to give me the handjob she already started, but thought better of it.It was a smart move, as my wife pulled in the driveway right then. Sandy excused herself and went out to greet my wife. They talked for a bit before Margrit came in the house. She told me that her trip had been moved up and that she was leaving tomorrow instead of the day after.She had brought dinner and invited Sandy to join us. Dinner was nice and then Margrit had to go and pack. Sandy cleaned the kitchen and then said good night and left our house.I went up to see Margrit. I was hoping for some sex before she left, but she was not in the mood. I contemplated of telling her what it felt like when I had to use the bathroom with Sandy holding my dick a little bit longer than necessary and had started to grow… But decided that it would not be good to tell her right before her trip. Not that she was the jealous type, but still. I did after all starting to get an erection when she touched me and there would be many bathroom trips during the days my wife was gone.The limo picked up my wife the next morning and Sandy was there to say good bye and then take care of me. Sandy said she had more yard work to do, so she asked if I wanted to come out with her. It was a warm morning and she went to work. She had an old white t-shirt on and some little skirt on. She talked to me about what she had been doing since her divorce and since her ex had paid her off for the part of their company, she did not have to work any longer. She spent a lot of time in her garden. She told me what she missed the most was to have a man in her life. She told me that she did not want to get married again, but to have a man around sometimes would be fulfilling. Then she smiled at me. I think she had a double meaning with the fulfilling part or her comment.She was planting a new little flower and going down on her knees, when I looked over at her and saw the skirt had moved up so most of her ass was exposed. The thing that caught my eye was her nice looking panties, they were not the grandmother panties I had expected to see. Instead they were lacy sexy panties. In the position she was leaning over, rus bayan escort I had a clear view right up her skirt and could see her cameltoe in her panties. I could clearly see her pussy lips under the thin material of her lacy panties. Part of me wanted to look away or to tell her that she was exposing herself to me, but the strong part of me kept staring at her wonderful pussy. I was lost in my thoughts and did not notice that she turned her head to look at me when I did not respond to her question. She had to move her butt for me to wake up, she was all smiles when she welcomed me back to the world of the awake. She asked if I had seen something good in where ever I had gone. She still had her ass pointing towards me and did nothing to cover up. I noticed then that I had a good start on an erection. I asked her to repeat her question. She laughed and told me that should have told me something naughty and then never repeat it. But she said she asked what I would like for dinner this evening. She offered salmon or pork chops?she told me that she was real happy to cook for a man again. It had been so long since she had a man at her table. I think she was also reminded that it had been a long time since she had a man in her bed, because she looked a little sad suddenly. I asked what was wrong and she it was not worth talking about, I offered to listen if she changed her mind. It was getting close to lunch time. I needed to use the bathroom, but was nervous about Sandy touching my cock after what I saw in the garden. It could easily be that her touching my cock, it would come to live and starting to grow again. We went to the bathroom without any incident and I felt much calmer when we got into the kitchen to prep for lunch.Our lunch and afternoon was very uneventful. We had a nice relaxing time together. Sandy helped me with my bathroom visits and it felt natural and if there had been any sexual tension there before it did not show. She treated me almost like a nurse taking care of a patient. Sandy asked if I would mind if we had a early dinner this evening. She wanted to watch some show on the TV and prefered if we could eat before. I did not mind.After a real good dinner, I relaxed I needed a shower and we had not talked about that. When Sandy was cleaning the kitchen I asked her how we would do with my shower. She casually said that I would shower and she would wash me. I asked if we should use only a wash cloth and give me a wash down instead. I figured it would be less touching that way. Sandy said no way, you need a shower and you will get one.As we were in Sandy’s house, it would only seem right to stay there and take the shower in her bathroom. She had a large jet tub with glass walls around it. It would be enough room for both of us. I had to stand with my hands lifted to avoid getting them wet. Sandy helped me out of my clothes and got me into the shower. She had turned on the water so it was a nice warm shower I stepped into.I was wondering what Sandy would do to not get all her clothes wet. I found out as soon as she stepped in, she had left her lacy bra on and her fancy panties. She looked too sexy to take an innocent shower with me. I turned around so that I would not look at her and get excited. I tried to think about my wife. Sandy’s hands felt great when she started to spread the soap over my back. She was my whole back and then down the back of my legs. She washed my butt and even into my crack. I felt her fingers inside the crack rubbing around slippery with soap. She found my anus and massaged the ring muscle, even put some pressure like she was going to push her finger into me. It felt exotic and I started to get excited. Then she turned me around so that I was facing her. Her bra was soaked, it was very transparent and I could see her big nipples that stood erect. We stood too close for me to be able to see her panties. Sandy started to put soap on my chest and shoulders. It felt great when she worked her hands over my body with the slippery soap lubricating the touch. She rubbed my tummy and told me that I was a nice shape. I did not know how or if she was going to wash my cock. I was half erected at this time. She put more soap in her hands, grabbed my shaft and rubbed in the soap. I reacted immediately, I started to get seriously hard. escort rus Soon my cock filled her hands, she used both the stroke it up and down the shaft. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her treatment. She let my cock go and washed my thighs, she had to get down in a sitting position to reach my calf muscles. My cock was rock hard, standing in attention mere inches away from her face. She looked at my feet, then turn up her head and looked right at my cock. I was washed and clean. But Sandy took a good hold of my cock again and started to stroke me with a sexual touch and not a touch for cleaning. She was now giving me pleasure. Sandy looked up at me and asked if it was ok for her to do this? I moaned yes, unless she minded getting sprayed with my cum because it felt so good that I would cum soon. She told me she would love to see me cuming. She worked hard and I got closer and closer, finally I felt that I could not hold back any longer and told her that I about to cum. I looked down on her. Sandy’s eye were clouded over and she moved her lips closer to my cock and kissed my head, that did it for me. It looked so hot with this motherly woman masturbating my cock and kissing it with her full lips. I erupted and started to spurt. She was ready and let my load spray all over her chest. It was like I was in a porno, it looked so hot with my big cock pumping out the load over some very large breast.The difficult part was not to be able to touch her. After I had emptied out my load over Sandy, she stood up and took down the shower head to wash me off. She rinsed off any soap or cum that had landed on my body. While still standing in the shower, not knowing what to say, Sandy unclasped her bra and let her breast free. She told me she need to clean herself before she could get out. She got out of her panties too. I wish I could have used my hands to wash her body, instead I had to stand there watching her rubbing herself with her soapy hands. It looked so hot, she rubbed her big tits and said it was a big load I had let go. She said I must have been in a big need of cuming. I told her, – Yes, watching you in the garden made me very horny. She turned and looked me straight in my eyes when she reached down between her legs and washed her pussy. She was rubbing her clit and pussy hard. She told me that making me cum was the most exciting thing she had done a long long time. She thanked me for letting her to this even if it was not nice towards Margrit. I told her it was ok and that she had been amazing and I had a better orgasm than I also could remember. Sandy started to moan and had an orgasm right in front of me. I was rock hard again, who would not be hard if they had a sexy woman masturbating and climaxing right before your eyes?Sandy lost her balance and fell into me, she realized that I was hard again. Without drying off, she helped me out of the shower, put a towel on the floor and told me to lay down. I followed order and laid on my back. Sandy did not waste a second. She straddled me and lower herself, guided my cock to her pussy and sat down. I am big, so she had to work on getting my cock into her pussy, even if she was extremely wet. She grunted and worked like in a trance. It felt so good to have this plump older woman fucking me on the bathroom floor. I could not do anything to touch her sexy body. But Sandy did not care, she was in heaven. She was riding my cock like there was no tomorrow. I realized that I could only lay back to enjoy this awesome thing that was taking place. Sandy did not need any extra stimuli on her clit, she started to cum, she was grinding herself hard on my cock and sat as deep as she could. I might not be very long for a large cock, but I am very thick. So I was stretching this poor pussy to the max, when Sandy reached climax her pussy reacted with a large female ejaculation. I felt my balls getting soaked and a wet slapping sound started with each of her thrusts. It was too much for me, I started to cum too. I called out and told her I was going to cum again. It brought on another orgasm for Sandy, or maybe she simply kept cuming. Even after my orgasm had ended, but Sandy kept ride me in climax. Never had a woman showed so much pleasure when sleeping with me. When she finally calmed down, so kissed me and thanked me for letting her fuck me. I could not more than agree, she had fucked me!I told her I felt very lucky to have got this injury now. I had no clue it would lead to this amazing sexual encounter.She smiled and told me this was more than encounter, we still had a few days until Margrite would come home and Sandy had plans to use most of that time to fuck me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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