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Accidental ass to mouth

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My work at car Rental company at airport was really something, but was exciting, adventurous and lots of fun but there was something missing. I was 22 years old when I started working at airport rental company, i was alone, no girlfriend or fuckbuddy. But in airport there were several girls and matures who used to tease me of not having girlfriend and stuff like that and as usual I made fun of them and ignored them and this kept going for many months. As time passed I felt my sexual desire getting its peak and I never wanted to go for prostitution or paying someone to have a sex.

There was a mature lady Rosa around 55 years old who was really friendly and talkative she always sit in the corner of the gas station to have her coffee, everybody knows her as nice and relaxed person. I for no reason reached her to company her with her coffee and we had a nice chat (I had no intention with her) and she asked me where do I live and casual things and then she asked if I’ve girlfriend and I said no not yet and she if m looking for and I said yep if i am lucky to have. Time passed and we parted for our work and few days later I saw her again at gas station and she waved me and called me to her we sat and she offered me coffee and we started conversation with coffee and she talked about her 25 years old niece that how she is and she asked me if want to meet her niece and I said sure we all can have a coffee sometime on weekend or so and she told me she will contact me soon.

Now 3 weeks past and I almost forgot about the meeting and suddenly I got call on my cell and that was rosa she asked me how m doing and if I can come to her apartment on Saturday evening to meet her niece and pass sometime with them and said sure I will be there.

On Saturday morning woke up and cleaned my apartment had breakfast went for groceries and my mobile reminded me of the meeting at 5 I got ready and went to look for the address rosa gave me found the apartment with no difficulty parked the car and went to ring the bell but I made sure m looking reasonable and I dont stink at all and bought some flowers. She opened the main door and told me 4th floor which was top floor. As left the lift and saw door was little opened i knocked the door and there rosa came and greeted me with smile and chick kisses she asked me to feel home and she toured me her apartment, there was master bedroom nice medium sized sitting room with balcony and took me to rooftop where she had her all the to herself there she had nice barbecue table and small bar and sofas was nice setup. We came back down to her apartment kocaeli escort but I didnt see her niece and she suddenly surprised me that it was her birthday yesterday so I thought her niece should be on her way, as i hesitant to asked about her niece.

So i wished her happy birthday and she prepared coffee and some cake we sat there having coffee and started casual conversation she was telling me about her life her 2 daughters both of them have their children grownups and that how time hours passed and still there was no sight of her niece.

So she bought some red wine and some snacks and begin chatting again and she said let me show you my birthday presents and she went in bedroom and bought all her presents she had received from her daughters and grandchildren and others. And there was also come clothes and she said I’ll try then you tell me if she looks good in them.

She went in bedroom and tried one top and came out to show me and she tried another one and so on, what I really noticed she looked incredibly beautiful, shoulder-length hair had big breasts and a great big butt and her ass was bumpy and as she go on I was getting hard seeing her changing and putting provocative clothes and then she came out i could hardly believe my eyes. Rosa was wearing a black, very short, tight and somewhat transparent mini dress with short top Underneath I saw only a sheer and tight black string. She looked stunning but top she was wearing which had to be tied from behind and she asked my help to tie them as I got up she noticed my bulge but didnt react I tried to hide by side walking anyway I went behind her to tie I smelled very provocative perfume and with alcohol I was consuming my dick become harder, so i tried myself to relax and not do anything stupid and tried to tie her top I did it and fixed her top from behind and as I was fixing her top from behind I saw theres something wrong with her top on the front side too so as I tried to fix that I with no intention grabbed her big boobs and I lost control and moaned slowly, I wasn’t sure what I do next should I fix the top or she needed to be fixed as I was still thinking I felt her hand on my bulge. She was pushing her ass on me and at sometime tring to get my dick in her hand and i was pressing her boobs, she was now moaning loudly and I was kissing her neck and still pressing her boobs, she came to kiss me I gave her my lips but her tongue went directly inside my mouth and my hands went inside her skirt where I found her wet undies and her juice dipping in her legs I massaged her pussy still in panties she went darıca escort crazy and moaned more loudly i picked her and put her in sofa and remove my pants and undies when she saw my 16cm dick she looked me like she will eat me right away so I fulfilled her desire by grabbing her face and put my dick in her mouth she played her lollipop a little and sucked my balls and because it was long I hadn’t had any kinda sex my balls were hurting they could’ve exploded if I keep myself in more control so I put my dick in her mouth and with her 5th stroke I exploded my first load into her mouth Then she took my cock in her little mouth and she jerked it the rest until the last drop was out.

We laid down bit of exhausted but no more then 5 minutes she begin to play with my dick with her hands she started licking my chest while her hands playing my dick and going down to licking my dick like licking ice cream and stroking deep into her throat I moaned everytime my dick touched her edge of her throat while giving me blowjob she did something I never had it before she licked my balls and kept going towards my asshole can’t describe my feelings when her wet tongue touched my asshole it shivers my body, she kept her tongue outside my anus and suddenly put her tongue inside my anus and fucked my asshole with her tongue and at the same time taking my dick in other hand it went on for quite 10.mintutes when she brings her butts on my face and we’re now at position 69 licking each other while eating her pussy labia she groans despite my dick in her mouth. We got up she lay flat I was about to take my shaft to her pussy with missionary position but she stopped me and took my shaft to her big boobs there where I started her boob fuck with her mouth waiting for my dick to reach with my every stroke we spent some time fucking her boobs before changing position She whispered me that she has been a widow for 3 years and since then she hasn’t had any sex.

She dropped back, spread her tight, big fat thigh and pulled her swollen labia apart with both hands. “Yes, lick me really cool, drink my sweet pussy juice.”

I showed her all my skills, played big clit with my tongue on her peanut, sucked on both labia, shoved my tongue into the wet cave and played with her side of the clit.

“Oh man, lick meeeeee eat mere she screamed

I paused and kissed the inside of her trembling thighs a few times.

So the whole thing from the beginning: Again rapid tongue strokes on the clitoris, then the swollen labia sucked and massaged and she threw her orgasm and hold my gölcük escort head tight pushed her pussy upwards.

And all of the sudden I hear this “please fuck

me, I finally need a real cock again and not

always these stupid dummies in my wet cunt. Please you can do

anything with to me “finally ram your strap into my hot cunt”

My dick stood like the Eiffel Tower and was already hard as steel. Took my dick with my hands slowly began to prepare for it and opened her pussy labia find the hole and slowly my dick made a way Into her pussy Rosa’s horny cunt was so hot and tight, it was just

incredibly cool. I started to push her a little harder now. she started to moan and shout “suck my tits and fuck me hard”.

I penetrated her well she screamed in joy and yelled at me to fuck her hard now it’s time to change her position before she do it she bend over and took my dick and sucked it with her whole lust, I made her doggie position made her ass bumpy a bit and put my dick in her pussy with full violently thrust and her screams were making me hornier then ever. While after some violent thrust I saw nice and clear asshole and I started to rub with my thumb

It seemed to get it right because every time

I ran my thumb through her buttocks, she bit me easily in my spanking. She seems to enjoy it, so I decided to push my thumb inside her butthole and she groan now I am fucking her front hole with my dick and her asshole with my thumb and she whispered me again telling me never had a dick in her asshole.

I took some pause pull my dick out but she quickly took in her mouth and start blowing it.

She order me the bottle of baby oil from her dressing table and asked me to lubricate her asshole so i comply and massaged her ass and on the other side she kept blowing my dick

Suddenly she stopped blowing, let some of her warm spit drip onto my dick and said “Now it’s lubricated enough, and so does my asshole now fuck me in my ass”.

I slowly managed to penetrate her with my 2 fingers penetrated well to slowly put my dick on her asshole and rubbed it tightly and pushed my dicks cap inside she moaned with pain and lust i pulled out and again pushed it little harder my cap went inside and then heard a sound “gulp” pushed little harder again bit more then the cap and she screamed moaned and asked me to push more so I did now half of my dick was inside and pull and pushed started and then at once I pushed all my 16cm inside with thrust and stopped right there whole dick inside and massaged her around the asshole and begin to fuck her I slow pace for quite few strokes and little faster she seems to now enjoyed it while massaging her pussy with her fingers

To be continued


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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