Haz 04

After Bathtime with Daddy

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After Bathtime with DaddyMy mom and Daddy are now upstairs, kinda fighting cuz mom caught you and I together. Daddy Is telling mom that I was moaning and groaning when he got home from work and he went down the steps to see if I was alright. To his surprise, I was playing with myself and she had caught me(daddy) with my hand on my cock. Daddy as explaining everything to her and the next thing I heard….there were moaning and groaning noises. I just laid on my bed, listening to them have sex. Daddy made sure that they weren’t quiet anymore. I was giggling at them. While they were having sex..they weren’t making love..it was sex cuz daddy was telling her to suck his dick and balls. Listening to them, made me laugh and I just had to call my boyfriend(Brian) and tell him how horny I am. I told him that I was rubbing my body with oil. How hard my nipples are and that they need some extra attention tonight. He asked if I had made my way to my legs and pussy. I was rubbing oil on my very tan legs and up to my shaved pussy. mmm…they oil feels so nice on my very swallown lips.Brian rushes right over, for an appetizer. He just walks in the backdoor and comes down to my room. I’m almost dressed. I have my tshirt and undies on. He likes the way I look from behind. He’s taking his clothes off, to surprise me. Brian walks over to me and grabs my waist and begins to kiss my neck. He loves the artemisbet yeni giriş way I wear my hair pulled up in a ponytail.I smile and say Hi. Brian is working his kisses to my lips. His hands cupping my tits and is pulling and tugging at my already hard nipples. Brian is pulling my shirt off and pulling my under shirt off too. my 36C’s just are waiting to be sucked. I can feel my pussy twitching and I can feel the juices building up.I turn Brian around and lay him on my bed. I reach down and grab his dick and start to suck on him. Rubbing his balls, putting them in my mouth and lifting them so I can get to his G-spot. He loves when I tickle it or if I lick and suck on the special spot. Im back to licking his dick. I love sucking just on the head, it drives him crazy.I pull my panties off and climb on top backwards and start bobbing up and down on his dick. My hands are on his legs and I’m pulling my bottom up and down in front of his face. Brian, has been holding and slapping my cheeks. I tell him to stick his finger in my ass. He not only put one, but two. He said that the excitement of us and my parents are all fucking, is making him very horny. With that note, I started to pump him even harder. I’m starting to cum, Brian said that he wants to clean up my mess, so I backed up to his mouth and he began to lick and suck my very wet pussy.I’m sucking his artemisbet giriş dick again. The feel of his tongue in my clit and one finger in my hole and the hand has a couple of digits in my ass, is making me cum again. I’m really wet now, Brian has me get up and slide my ass on his dick. It feels awesome. I’m laying on his chest and he’s rubbing my tits and my clit. I’m moaning loudly and actually moaning loader than my parents. We hear my mom telling me to cool it down some. We just laughed and continued fucking. By this time, Brian is ready to get off and I tell him no..not yet. I love to feel his rock hard dick inside my pussy. He asked me if his cock was smaller than my daddys. I told him no, that actually, daddy’s dick is just a bit shorter and just a bit smaller in girth. That made Brian feel good and he rammed that big dick hard in my pussy. Once he came, we got cleaned up and went upstairs. Mom decided since we all have been to busy to fix dinner, that we would just order some pizza and hang out watching movies. We all agreed and I made the order. Brian and my dad were comparing notes with each other. Mom was in the shower cleaning up. She looked a mess. By the time she got done in the shower, the pizza had shown up.Dad was in the familyroom putting a movie in the dvd player and we all sat down to eat. Brian and I on the floor and them on the couch. artemisbet güvenilirmi The movie is starting and it’s title comes on “The Bucking Cowgirl” Its a porn. Daddy said he bought it the other day, for when no one is home he could wank.The movie got us all excited and we all started to fuck right there in front of each other. I would catch daddy looking over to see what we were doing and would try to do some of those things and Brian would watch my mom enjoy her getting fucked. Brian has always wanted to do an older woman.. so he went over to my mom and stuck his cock in her mouth. Mom was shocked, but smiled and swallowed him completely. Daddy fuced her hard and was ready to cum, when I told him I will suck him dry.Daddy had his dick in my mouth, fucking it like I was his blow up Jenna James. (He had her hid deep in his closet). Daddy cums in my mouth, I feel his ho cum filling my throat. I swallow every drop and show him by opening up and sticking my tongue out, just like the girls do on porn movies.Brian, now has mom sitting on his dick and his finger is deep in her ass. Mom cums and screams loudly. Brain tells her to get on her knees and to suck him til he cums. Mom does as told and sucks him. Brian cums and shoots his cum down her throat. Mom is gagging from soo much cum. Daddy and I laugh and watch Brian rub moms throat,(like you do to dog or cat to swallow a pill). Brian gets up, kisses her and comes back over to me.The evening went on with a different movie. Mom and Daddy kissed u both and went to bed. Brian and I kissed and made out for a while, then I went down on him for one last blowjob. Once we were finished, Brian got dressed and went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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