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After work surprise

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After work surpriseI came home from work one afternoon and there were two cars in my driveway. One I knew, and it belonged to a lady (who I’ll call Dixie) we have known for almost 20 years. The other car I hadn’t seen before. When I walked in I immediately heard sounds coming from our bed room. I slowly walked up and peeked in the door. Man was I surprised at what I saw. My wife was on the bed with her legs spread and Dixie was bent over with her head between my wife’s legs obviously eating her pussy very thoroughly. My wife was moaning and seemed to be cumming constantly. The other person (who I’ll call Todd) was fucking Dixie from behind and to be honest I don’t know just how she could be eating my wife because he was slamming that hard cock of his into her pussy like a jack hammer. I watched for a few minutes when Todd pulled out of Dixie’s pussy and started to stroke his very long cock. He started spurting cum all over her back and ass. When he finished he shoved his still hard cock back into Dixie’s waiting pussy and started pounding her again. About this time Dixie raised her head and ask my wife if she was ready to eat her first pussy. My wife sat up, got off the bed and Dixie took her place. As soon as my wife had bend over and started licking Dixie’s freshly fucked pussy Todd slipped his still hard cock deep into her pussy. He immediately started fucking her with long hard strokes. Dixie had grabbed my wife’s head and guided her to her dripping pussy. My wife started licking and sucking on her and then started sucking on her clit. This drove Dixie wild and soon she karabağlar escort was cumming on my wife’s face and tongue. Todd was still fucking my wife with long hard strokes and after a few more minutes of this he said, “I’m going to cum again” and my wife said “Inside me.” He kept fucking her hard and then stiffened and started to cum. He must have shot a huge amount of cum inside her pussy. Dixie was moaning and cumming at the same time. Once they had all laid back on the bed I heard Dixie ask “Todd, how big is that thing? Before he could answer my wife said “It’s 13”. I know I’ve been fucked by him before and it really does feel good doesn’t it.” “The best I ever had” she replied.I carefully stepped back and after a few seconds I opened the front door and said “I’m home.” I heard my wife say “we’re back here” so I walked back to our bedroom. They were still in the bed just like I last saw them a few minutes ago. She then said that they had been waiting for me to get home and hopefully I would like to join them. I started taking off my clothes as I was walking up to the bed. When I crawled in I was between my wife and Dixie. My wife then introduced me to Todd. She had told me a few years earlier that she fucked him a long time ago and would really enjoy feeling his hard cock in her again. Both reached over and grabbed my hard 6” cock. I looked over and Todd was stroking his and soon Dixie leaned over and took him in her mouth. She could only take about 4” of him. My wife leaned over and took me in her mouth and swallowed me whole. I was karabağlar escort bayan feeling her pussy and could not believe how wet she was but then I remembered that Todd had unloaded a huge cum load in her. I leaned over so we could 69 each other and soon was licking and sucking her cum filled pussy. I love eating cream pie. My wife was swallowing me and I was on the verge of cumming so I pulled out and she took my balls sucking on my balls.Dixie had sat on Todd’s hard cock and was riding him, taking the full length of his deep inside her pussy. After my wife had cum all over my face she looked up and told Dixie it was time to swap and soon Dixie was sitting on me and my wife was riding Todd. Dixie leaned over and told me that she had wanted to fuck me for a long time and also wanted to see what my wife tasted like. I said I hope you enjoyed her and hope you like what you’re riding now. She fucked me hard for several minutes when I told her I was going to cum and she kept fucking me and never slowed down. I started to cum and must have shot a gallon of cum up her pussy. When I finished cumming she slid off and started sucking my cock. She flipped around so I could lick her cum filled pussy at the same time. The combination of her and my juices made me hard again and she kept sucking and swallowing me until I started to cum again. I spurted several times because she had to swallow 3 times. Afterwards I started to soft and she leaned up and told me how good my juices were. All this time my wife was riding Todd and was cumming all over escort karabağlar his cock. Todd started to cum and soon his juices were leaking from my wife’s pussy and she continued to fuck him. He leaned up and rolled her over so he could fuck her from behind and kept pounding her pussy. My wife asked me to come and lick her pussy as he fucked her. I gladly slid under her and started licking her clit and pussy while Todd’s cock slid in and out. Dixie in the mean time had sat on my cock and was riding me for all she was worth. She cummed twice and then I started to cum and filled her pussy full of my cum. Todd filled my wife’s pussy for the second time and we all collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes I said “Dixie I didn’t know you like pussy.” and she replied “Almost as much as cock.” Then my wife said “I loved licking your pussy and would like to try it again. She looked at me and said “he likes cock almost as much as he likes pussy. Why don’t you show her?” I leaned over and took Todd’s soft cock into my mouth and started sucking on him. My wife had eased down in the bed so she could eat Dixie’s pussy and soon they were in a 69. Todd was now his full 13” and I was sucking that hard piece of meat like I was starving. I sucked on him for several minutes when he said he was going to cum. Both girls stopped and watched as Todd started to cum in my mouth. I swallowed a couple of times and continued to drain his cock until I sucked out the last dribble of his sweet cum. Dixie looked at me and said “You are good at that and it looks like Todd really enjoy it.” “ I love sucking and draining cocks just as much as eating pussy” I said.After a few minutes I broke off from his cock and slipped my cock into Dixie and Todd started fucking my wife. We fucked for 20 or 30 more minutes until we all had cum again and collapsed on the bed. Dixie and Todd left but they’ll both be back soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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