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After work

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After workAgnes finished work. It was 8 in the morning and night was hard today. Glad that’s over, and according to the schedule the next day fell the day after tomorrow. Agnes worked at the gas station and was cashier. It was only her third month of service, and only screwing in the system. She was only 19 years old and this was her first serious job after an internship at the firm. She took the bag, said goodbye to her friend and left the booth straight to the parking lot. She started slowly. It was July, the day promised to be a hot and even now, despite the early hour, the sun was warm well. Headed across the parking lot toward the settlement. Agnes was a pretty girl, long straight hair flowing over her shoulders, her mouth was full. She was dressed in a very tight jeans that emphasized her large ass, broad buttocks and hips. For this was also tight blue t-shirt, which is fairly nicely characterized large and protruding breasts, which jumped to the rhythm of walking. Agnes was tired and a little stressed out from work. In her mind slowly gave birth to the idea that before she goes to the house, to go to relax. And her way to unwind and relax was masturbation. She began to masturbate regularly sometime in high school, and since then it has done often experienced such periods that did it every day. She liked masturbate in nature and now just thought that instead of your home, do not go first to the training ground. It has come to the end of the parking lot and stood a moment undecided, but after a while instead of the estate left, turned right on the road that led to the training ground. Immediately felt the familiar signs her nipples began to harden, and she felt the familiar feeling abdomen desire grandbetting giriş to orgasm. Moved straight path, mainly covered with grass on both sides of the road were trees. She entered into a training ground.Agnes wondered what her mother would say if they saw or heard about how her daughter entertain each other in such places. Of course, she really do not want to be found out and was very guarded that no one caught. But she liked to think about it hypothetically, probably mom would be a good shocked, she smiled to herself . Sometimes she could be so promiscuous that she marveled at each other then.After a few minutes Agnes assessed that she is already far enough around was just grass, trees and plenty of shrubs. She turned from the narrow path straight to the grass and sent to a group of large and dense thickets. They had to struggle a little bit. Formed a kind of bush clearing, surrounded on three sides by a piece of land overgrown with grass. Agnes decided that here would be good. With heart pounding harder she looking even while carefully around and listened, but could not see or hear anyone’s presence, there was only the sound of the wind and the chirping of birds. She put the bag next to the bushes, and then reached into pants and began to unbutton them. She grabbed the two ends and quick movement pulled them together with pants down to ankles. She felt a light breeze blows over it and shivered with excitement. She sat down on the grass and wide-spread thighs to the sides. Her pussy was thoroughly depilated hair, Agnes cared much about it, did not like hair there. Skin was like a flat tummy, which now went through several waves excited breath. She reached grandbetting yeni giriş two fingers and opened her labia hard. Inside was a pink and clear wet. She sat so while filling up the view. After a moment, holding tight lips open and cordial finger, middle finger and tried on it slowly sank in the middle. She sighed at this point, and boil it in the lower abdomen. Flashed through her mind the thought of Martha, a close friend of Agnes. She wondered if she also just entertaining each other, would like to see it ….Holding such gaping pussy plunged several times and took out the middle finger, making clicking sounds while listening to wet that pussy released at the same time. After a while came up to her and another crazy idea for a while Agnes froze. Then she began to take shoes. She removed it and placed it next, and then the end got rid of the pants and panties. She stood up and grabbed the concession shirt, pulled it over her head flick and then undid her bra and threw it to the side. At the same time quietly gasped with excitement. She was now completely naked. Her breasts were firm and sticking, and the nipples were clearly swollen and enlarged. Walking barefoot on the grass carefully staged behind the brush head to protect her from some eyes. She looked around carefully and attentively listened again, but nothing she did not hear, only the sounds of nature. Feeling how hard her heart pounding came from behind the bushes and walked naked on track. She stood in the middle and looked around. She did not think that such a situation it will work on she. After her thighs literally dripping with excitement over her stomach felt incredible heat. The thought grandbetting güvenilirmi of standing on the path, where someone may appear and to see it made the nearly broke. She grabbed her breasts and massaged briefly and then spread pussy again, this time standing. She felt that she did not sustain any longer. Hastily descended the path and returned to place behind the bushes. Breathing heavily, she sat down and spread wide thighs. Parted lips with his left hand at the top, exposing the clitoris swollen and red. Two fingers of his right hand began to rub it vigorously, already panting loudly through the open mouth. Enough time chaotic movements and pierced her body twitch and burst a mighty wave of her pleasure. Agnes moaning rolled over on back, writhing in spasms of delight.She lay there a few minutes naked in the grass, and her breathing slowly calmed. It was an incredible orgasm. After a while, she got up and founded the bra and shirt, then pulled to the knee pants and shoes pursed. She sat down on the grass again. She was not the end yet. She spread her legs and drove around the middle finger, soaking it thoroughly in the lock. Then she pushed it into the hole on the same ankle and sighed. She started dimensional fingered, pulling and dipping a finger rhythmically. Left hand propped on the back of the ground. It was clear that doing this is not the first time that her movements were Ingredients, rhythmic and perfect. And finger fucked by her flat stomach cramps the first cunning. She began to seem muffled grunt when rapidly coming to an orgasm. Just a few quick movements and Agnes back arched in all, a pleasure paralyzed her again. This time not as strong as before, but she refrained, not to moan out loud.Again, lay a while and only when she calmed down, she founded trousers, stood up and straightened hair. Also to shake the shirt and pants, did not want shes mom asking stupid questions. Then she took her bag and walked in the direction of the settlement. She knew she would come here again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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