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Mark lay in bed that morning wondering where it had all gone wrong. Just 3 years ago he had met Janice, fallen madly in love and married her, taking on the role of stepfather to her daughters, and settling down for a life of domestic bliss.

And to be fair, for the first year, it had been bliss. Mark’s years of living the wild life were behind him, his career was going well, he had a hot wife who loved fucking him, and a ready made family who had accepted him into their lives without any hesitation. The eldest girl, Jenny, had turned 19 and was simply stunning. Tall, slim and blond but with a large pair of boobs she should have been a total boy magnet- real “hot cheerleader” stuff.

For some reason however, she had never dated and seemed happier at home in her room, reading a book. One day however, Mark knew she would realise she was missing something, and his peaceful life might change.

Millie, her younger sister by just a year, was simply a younger version of her sister, but with a slightly more outgoing personality. She had been on a few dates, and seemed to have a more streetwise outlook on life.

So, perhaps trouble lay ahead, but he knew what he was getting into when he married Janice, and that had been part of the deal.

What hadn’t been part of the deal, was for Janice to suddenly turn cold and distant about 18 months into the marriage. With no warning, it was as if a switch had been turned off. Sure, she went through the routine motions of living as his wife, but there was no warmth, no affection, no passion and certainly no sex. It had been over a year now since he and Janice had last been intimate, and Mark didn’t know why.

He tried to talk to her about it, suggested counselling, therapy- anything to get things back on track, but with no luck. She simply looked at him with cold eyes, and left the room as soon as possible. What had gone wrong? What had brought about this dreadful change? He didn’t know, and he was feeling miserable.

Mark decided it was time to get up, shower and get ready for the day ahead. He could take his time, as he was self employed and worked from home. Janice was long gone, off to work in the swanky new office block where she had started working recently. Initially taken on as a temp to cover maternity leave, she really loved the work, got on great with her Jeff, her boss, and to everyone’s delight she was given the role permanently after a couple of months.

Maybe that was the problem Mark wondered as he rose from his bed- was she working too hard and getting stressed? Mark pondered as he strode towards the full length mirrored wardrobe- if she was feeling stressed, then he had just the stress reliever here. He looked himself up and down in the mirror. He was still a fit man, with a chiselled body from his regular workouts. He had also been blessed with an unusually long, thick cock. He knew well that he stood comparison with many a male porn star, and he was also well aware that he not only had a big dick, but he knew how to use it. Which had all been a bit of a waste lately.

He knew he was pretty pleasing on the eye, and got a fair bit of attention from the ladies, but he had never responded- at least not since his wedding. He was a straight up guy and didn’t want to stray. Having said that, after over a year without sex, it was harder and harder to stay good.

And it had been getting harder still since Mia joined the team. She was a young intern who would be with them for about 3 months, and from day 1 she had made it clear that if Mark wanted to play, then she was game! And what a game it would be.

Mia was beautiful, with dark brown skin, long dark hair and a gorgeous body! Just as he liked them, tall with legs that went on forever, a slim waist and a big pair of firm breasts. Mark had never fucked a black girl before, and as he began to fantasise about Mia, his cock began to harden. As he stood before the mirror, he began to stroke his cock and get more into his fantasy fuck. By now he was fully erect, and taking long, firm strokes on his cock. He turned to the side, to view his big dick from a different angle, as he pictured bending Mia over his office desk and fucking her hot pussy. Maybe today, he thought to himself. A man can only be deprived of his basic needs for so long, then he will crack.

As he pictured himself cracking, and plunging his hard cock into Mia’s warm, inviting pussy. He suddenly became aware of something else, which almost threw him off his rhythm. In the mirror, he could see that his bedroom door was slightly open, and there was a mop of blond hair just in his line of sight. He was being watched, and it had to be one of Janice’s sex hikayeleri daughters, but which one?

He was standing sideways on to the mirror, and he realised from the angle that whoever was watching could only get a partial view as he began to jerk himself more vigorously. This was really pressing his buttons, as he turned slightly to put on more of a show. He slowed his pace down a bit, taking long slow pulls and lifting and turning his huge cock. From time to time, he let go and watched in the mirror as his cock bounced up and down. A flick of the hips and it was swaying from side to side.

Mark was loving this right now! He grabbed his cock again, and picked up the pace. He could still just see the blond image in his mirror and as he began to get close, he turned fully around facing the door. He looked up at the ceiling as he felt that familiar tightening in his balls. He began to cum, as he shot thick streams of hot cum towards the door where his hidden watcher now had a grandstand view. He groaned as jet after jet of hot cum flew through the air. After what seemed like an eternity, he was finished and he collapsed back onto the bed, his legs trembling and unsteady.

After a moment, he looked back towards the door. The blond head was gone. Mark lay back on the bed, and thought about what had just happened. He had just jerked himself off and shot wad after wad of hot cum in front of one of his young stepdaughters. He should probably be feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed about this, but no- it had felt great. He had loved showing himself off to whichever girl it had been. It had been incredibly sexy, and he knew he had crossed a line into unexplored territory, but he wasn’t interested in turning back.

As he lay there, he began to plot his next steps. And as he did so his dick began to harden once again, perhaps it was time for more?

Mark got up, and went to his drawer and took out a pair of fresh white boxers. Slipping them on, he arranged his semi hard cock to best advantage. A large bulge showed clearly as he inspected himself in the mirror. Smiling to himself, he opened the door and strode down the hall towards the kitchen.

There, as he fully expected, were Jennie and Millie. Eating breakfast before a busy day doing whatever girls did.

“Morning ladies!” Called Mark as he strode into the kitchen. Both girls responded in kind, but Mark clearly noticed that while the younger girl Millie looked him in the eye and smiled, her elder sister Jenny didn’t make eye contact at all.

“Target acquired” thought Mark as he walked to the fridge, and poured himself a glass of juice.

He leaned back against the worktop, and slightly pushed his groin forwards. Millie was engrossed in her bowl of cereal and reading some book, but Jenny looked rather flustered and kept glancing towards Marks crisp white boxers. Smiling to himself, and pretending not to notice Jenny’s gaze, he slowly ran his hand down to his waistband and slipped it in. Grabbing his rapidly hardening cock, he adjusted himself and gently pulled his shaft as he stood his cock upright. He took his hand out from his boxers, knowing full well that his dick was now too big to fit entirely in the boxers, and the top couple of inches were now poking up above his waistband.

He looked at Jenny, who by now was staring fixedly at his hard cock. He pushed himself upright and walked towards the girls. He leaned forward and gave Millie a little kiss on the top of her head. She never even looked up as he announced he was going for a shower.

Jenny jerked her head back as Mark leaned towards her. He gently put his hand to his mouth, kissed his fingers and leant forward to place them on Jenny’s lips. As his fingers touched her lips, he felt them open slightly. It was involuntary, but to Mark was significant. Pushing a little harder, he felt Jenny’s mouth open wider as he slipped two fingers in. Her eyes widened in shock as he looked her straight in the eyes, licked his lips and smiled.

“See you later, Jenny” he murmured, with his fingers in her mouth. He pulled his hand back and his fingers made a very gentle noise as he pulled them out. He felt the warm saliva on his finger, and moved his hand down to his cock, smearing her saliva over its bulging head.

Mark turned away, and headed for the bathroom, where he enjoyed a long and luxurious shower, stroking his cock as he thought about the fun he was going to have.

Over the next few days, Mark began to adjust his morning routine, and his mode of dress.

Increasingly, he would pad around the house in just his boxers once Janice had gone off to work, always giving Jenny a decent glimpse seks hikayeleri of his cock, but never fully exposing it.

After a couple of days, he announced that he was off for a shower and would only be 5 minutes. In the shower he stroked himself to his full length, before stepping out and loosely wrapping a towel around his waist. Wondering if his luck would be in, he unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out, to head for his bedroom. Surprise, surprise! There, stood in the hall and trying to look nonchalant stood Jenny. Mark smiled to himself as he turned towards her.

“Hey there, you waiting to get in the bathroom?” He said, watching her face. She mumbled some reply as she stared at the towel covering his cock. It was well tented and she was clearly fascinated. It took a simple flick of his hips, and the loosely tied knot at his waist became undone.

The towel fell free, but snagged itself on his cock.

“Oops!” Said Mark, as he twisted his hips a bit more vigorously and allowed the towel to fall to the floor. His rock hard cock sprang up as it was freed and bounced gently in front of him. Jenny stared at his cock bouncing in front of her.

Smiling to himself, Mark leaned forward and picked up the towel, wrapping it loosely back around his waist. As his dick was once again concealed Jenny came to her senses and looked at Mark.

“Sorry about that” he said, as he turned to go back to his room. “I hope that doesn’t happen every time I have my morning shower.”

Next day, Mark once again announced that he was heading for his shower and would only be 5 minutes. Stepping out of the shower, he again wrapped himself loosely in the towel and walked into the hallway. As he had expected, there was Jenny, as if by a coincidence.

He stood in front of her, and looked her in the eye as he gently untied the knot in his towel. No pretence now, he opened the towel and gave Jenny a good, long look at his cock. With his right hand, he began to stroke his cock, as she stared. She was wearing very short shorts, and a tight white, t-shirt, which was stretched over her bulging tits, encased in a blue bra which had a little bit of strap showing at her shoulder.

As he gently played with his cock, he murmured to her.

“You know, you have really nice breasts Jenny? It’s a shame to keep them strapped up in that bra all the time. Maybe tomorrow you won’t need it?”

With that he kissed the fingertips of his left hand, slipped them between Jenny’s lips and left them there, gently moving them to and fro as he masturbated in front of her.

Jenny’s eyes were wide as he pulled his fingers gently from her mouth, leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Her lips parted as he slipped the tip of his tongue in, then back out again. He stepped away, picked up the towel and turned for his bedroom. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled “See you tomorrow Jenny”.

Next day, as Mark stepped from the bathroom, there was Jenny waiting for him. She was dressed the same as yesterday, but had her arms folded across her chest. Mark couldn’t see if she was wearing her bra so he stood in front of her and raised an eyebrow.

“Well?” he murmured.

Jenny began to blush furiously as she unfolded her arms. Sure enough, the t-shirt was once again stretched over those fine young tits, but this time his gaze was unobstructed by the bra. Her tits were big and firm and he could clearly see her nipples sticking out into the cotton.

“Oh, very nice!” said Mark as he released his towel and allowed his cock to be free.

He once again began to jerk himself off in front of her, while openly ogling her big, juicy tits. Judging by the way her nipples were getting even harder, not that it had seemed possible, Jenny was enjoying this as much as him.

Again he slipped his fingers into her mouth, and then leant forward to kiss her. A slightly longer kiss this time, and Jenny began to respond.

Breathing heavily she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her inexperience showed, but Mark didn’t mind. After a moment or two, he stopped jerking his cock, and allowed it to fall forwards where it bounced gently into her stomach. Smiling, he put a hand on each shoulder and gently pressed downwards.

“Be a good little girl, and pick up my towel for me please?” he said as she gently sank to a squatting position. His cock was now right in front of her face, as he grasped the base.

He gently swung his dick and smiled as it bounced off her left cheek. Then he moved slightly and bounced it off her right cheek. She didn’t move as he steered his cockhead around her face, until gradually it was poised with the tip porno hikayeler sitting against her closed lips.

She looked up at him, seemingly confused at what was happening, her lovely blue eyes staring into his.

“Open wide for Daddy” said Mark.

Her lips parted and he gently slipped the tip of his cock into her mouth. Just the very tip, as he looked down into her eyes.

“Tomorrow morning, I think it might be better if we meet up in my bedroom, so that Millie won’t disturb us. What do you think?”

Jenny looked up at me and nodded, in doing so allowing a bit more cock to penetrate her mouth.

“Good girl” murmured Mark, “and no shorts and panties tomorrow, just that nice white t-shirt, ok?”

Again Jenny nodded, and another inch of cock slipped into her mouth.

Gently Mark pushed in a few times, each time forcing his cock deeper into her virgin mouth. By now he had a good few inches in, and he stopped pushing.

“Remember my towel please Jenny” he said, holding her head gently in place with his cock firmly in her mouth.

Her hands scrabbled around on the floor as she looked up into his eyes, her mouth bulging with his meat. She found the towel, and passed it to one side. He smiled, took the towel from her hand and with a satisfying slurp pulled his cock from her mouth.

“See you tomorrow baby girl” he called over his shoulder as he headed for his bedroom, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a rather special day.

Next morning, Mark stepped from the bathroom and looked around. No sign of Jenny. He smiled as he walked into his bedroom, but no sign of Jenny there either. Frowning, he turned around as he heard a door click behind him, and Jenny slipped into the room. Wearing only her long white T-shirt , her tits stretched against the fabric and pulled the top upwards, exposing a rather neatly trimmed snatch of blond hair and a very inviting pussy.

“Oh my” said Mark, “what a very pretty little girl!”

Mark unwrapped his towel once again, and let it drop to the floor. His cock bounced free and this time without any instruction Jenny stepped forwards, dropped to her knees and leant forwards, ready to be fed some cock.

Mark happily obliged, as he slipped his cock between her eager young lips. He looked towards the full length mirror to be greeted with the sight he had been waiting for. His young stepdaughter, on her knees, inhaling as much of his massive dick as she could take. He paused, there was something not quite right. Holding her head gently, he removed his dick, to her obvious disappointment.

“Baby, I’m going to teach you how to suck a Daddy’s dick like an expert ok? But first I need you to do some thing for me.”

She nodded eagerly, by now a slave to his cock and prepared to do anything for a further taste.

“Take off that pesky t-shirt for me baby, and let those titties of yours loose” commanded Mark.

Without delay, she obeyed and mark watched as her magnificent teenage tits were freed.

“Note to self” he thought, “titfuck tomorrow” as his cock slipped back between her lips, and he watched her perfect young body in the mirror, her firm tits bouncing with the motions as she sucked his big cock. From time to time, he gave her a rest, and leant down to kiss her mouth. This time his tongue penetrated deeply into her mouth as he grasped her tits and squeezed and played with her nipples. Back to business though, there was plenty of time for playing with this little girls big tits.

He smiled as, over the next minutes or so, he taught her how to please him. Sometimes using only her mouth, sometimes her hands and sometimes both.

He only lasted as long as he did because of the slow build up over the last week or two, and the innumerable hot wants and loads of cum he had blasted while planning for this moment.

He felt his balls tighten and the surge began.

“Here it comes baby!” He cried as he started to jet hot spunk into her mouth. He had warned her what to expect, and tried hard to keep his cock in her mouth and capture all his cum but, what with the sheer volume of milky cum and his uncontrollable thrusts, his cock slipped from her mouth and the last couple of jets shot out and down onto those magnificent tits of hers.

Looking into the mirror, their eyes met as he slipped his cock gently back into her mouth.

Stroking her blond hair gently, he slowly withdrew his cock as she began to lick him clean.

Smiling, he looked directly down at her and again into those previously innocent blue eyes.

Ruffling her hair gently, he said “So, baby, is it comfortable down there on your knees on Daddy’s bedroom floor?”

She nodded enthusiastically while finishing her cleaning duties.

“That’s really good baby girl, because you are going to be spending a lot of your time down there from now on!”

“Yes, Daddy” she replied.

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