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Subject: Alaskan Huskies, Chapter 12 Disclaimer: This is an Adam’s Gay Reader pulp story (233) written by Michael Scott. There is no copyright on it, so I wanted to share it with others before it gets lost forever. This story includes sex between adult males. If this is unappealing or illegal in your location, please do not read this story. *** Please help me in supporting Nifty so we can continue to have this great resource of stories to enjoy for a long time to cum! 😉 -DurtyRiter ********* Chapter 12: A Night in Nome After a long moment of heavy, labored breathing, Martin sat up, hugged Hugh, and gasped, “Had enough, stud?” “Yeah, for now,” Hugh admitted, panting, as he sat on the mattress and leaned his body against Martin’s. “That was some fucking orgasm, buddy. I did see something in here, though, that I liked a lot and that I’d love to take home with me.” “Oh, yeah? What’s that?” Hugh reached down and grasped Martin’s still-hard cock, which was wet and slimy with a mixture of sperm and saliva. “This!” he grunted. “Well, it’s willing to go home with you–very willing,” Martin laughed. Breathlessly, he got up slowly and rubbed some of the sweat off his body with his hands while Hugh continued to play with his throbbing prick. Hugh and Martin walked over to the corner and got dressed, then returned to the bar for another drink. “I’m going to have to chug-a-lug this beer to rinse all that jism down my throat,” Hugh joked. “I’m amazed at all that heavy action, going on so early in the evening.” “Things do get going around here very early–and they run until the wee hours of the morning. We could check out a couple of the other bars in town if you like, and come back here later on tonight.” “I think I’m going to be busy with what I was planning on taking home with me,” Hugh said suggestively. groping Martin’s ass. “Why don’t you show me that bed you were telling me about before?” They finished their drinks quickly and then walked to Martin’s hotel. It was snowing, and the icy snow crackled and crunched under their booted feet; but already some snowplows had begun rumbling around, getting ready to clear the streets. “I need a shower after all that groping in the orgy room,” Hugh said, once they were locked inside the hotel room. “Or do you want to take one first?” “I’m in no rush. There’s a huge bathtub in there, by the way. Why don’t we just take a nice hot bath-�together?” Hugh glanced at Martin as the other guy spoke, and saw that he was standing with his shirt and T-shirt off, exposing his broad hairy chest, his two pets muscular and protruding, his nipples big, stiff cones. Martin’s palm was pressed against his crotch and he was slowly working it back and forth over the bulge his dick made in his tight jeans. “I didn’t really get a chance to take a look at you, back there in the bar,” he whispered eagerly. “Naked, I mean–it was too dark in that fucking back room. But I sure liked what I saw, Hugh. God, I want to lick and suck your body, all over, taste your sweat, taste you all over–!” kaynarca escort He broke off in a gasp, squeezing his dick more roughly through his pants. Hugh went over to him, his own cock beginning to swell to life in his jeans, threw his arms around Martin’s naked back and hugged him close, pressing his lips full on Martin’s incredibly sensuous mouth. They hadn’t even kissed in the bar, but Hugh made up for it now, feeling Martin’s soft, moist lips crushed against his own; and, as Martin opened them wide, Hugh’s tongue pressed into his mouth, lapping and slurping at Martin’s own hot extension of limber flesh. While they kissed, Martin ground his crotch up hard against Hugh’s, and Hugh could feel the swell of the other guy’s cock. He put his hands down behind Martin and felt his ass cheeks, the solid flesh of Martin’s buttocks jerking up and down when Hugh massaged the two mounds roughly, feeling Martin’s jeans stretched taut over his cock-bulge and his buns. Hugh knelt in front of him and unbuttoned the top button of his jeans, then slowly unzipped the fly and grasping both the jeans and the shorts under them, peeled them down Martin’s hairy legs. Martin stepped out of his pants and stood naked before Hugh, his long, dark cock protruding enticingly from the furry thatch at his groin. Hugh could see Martin’s big ball sac hanging below the penis like a pair of hair-covered ripe plums. He rubbed his face lewdly against the tip of Martin’s cock, letting the slit at the end of it roll over his nose and cheeks. He ran his hand in under Martin’s tool, cupping his balls in his palm, then extended one fingertip into his ass crack. His finger slid down the sweaty groove of flesh until it touched the puckered rim of the asshole itself; Hugh inserted his finger and began pushing gently in and out of Martin’s shit opening. Martin writhed against him, spreading his thighs wide so that Hugh could easily finger-fuck him as deeply as his probing finger could reach. Hugh slid his finger quickly in and out, excited by the wetness and responsiveness of Martin’s recently-fucked ass: as he ran his finger in and out of his new fuck buddy’s asshole, his knuckles would press up against Martin’s butt, rubbing against the hair that grew so luxuriantly all along Martin’s anal cleft. Martin’s big dick was sticking straight out, and Hugh could see that it was undergoing spasms of arousal, the skin along its length twitching, the head pulsating with urgency. The piss slit was beginning to quiver, and shiny, pearl-like drops of jism formed in the tiny gap. Hugh slowly withdrew his finger, then gave Martin’s moist, dripping prickhead a long, loving suck with his wet mouth. “Let’s go take that bath together, buddy,” he whispered. When Hugh stood up and started to walk into the bathroom, Martin stopped him, grasping him by the biceps and drawing him back. “Get naked first,” Martin growled lustfully, already unbuttoning Hugh’s shirt and pressing his mouth against the welder’s bare chest. He rubbed his heavily beard-stubbled orhanlı escort face against Hugh’s pectorals, then began sucking on his nipples. Martin nibbled at them, licked them. and sucked on them furiously–and the sound of his mouth slurping noisily around his hard, throbbing tits, which ached in response to the pressure and friction, made Hugh’s dick jerk so violently that he was afraid it was about to cream itself in his jeans. He reached down and massaged Martin’s hard cock, yanking savagely on its long, erect smoothness. Hugh felt Martin’s hands tugging at his pants, undoing the belt buckle, then the top button. He unzipped Hugh’s jeans slowly, letting his hand drag over Hugh’s trapped hard-on; then he shoved his fingers under the tops of Hugh’s pants and briefs and pulled them all the way down, so that they lay in a crumpled heap at Hugh’s feet. Martin then pressed his prick tightly up against Hugh’s naked belly, pressing the welder’s tool up against it too. Martin ground his belly and cockshaft against Hugh’s, forcing their two big dicks to mash together and roll restlessly over and around each other’s bulk. The two men stood that way, crushed tightly together, for several minutes, enjoying the erotic excitement of each other’s uninhibited masculinity, feeling naked cock rubbing and pressing potently against naked cock. Their mouths met and they kissed each other with their tongues again, hard, drooling saliva, exulting in the freedom of being able to touch and rub each other’s nude bodies wherever they chose. Martin pulled Hugh into the bathroom, turning on the fluorescent lights and starting to fill the huge sunken tub with hot water. As he bent over to fiddle with the taps, adjusting the temperature, Hugh got behind him and pressed his throbbing erection against Martin’s spread crack and rubbed it up and down gently. “You’re going to fuck me with that big, hard thing before tonight’s over, aren’t you?” Martin demanded. “Yeah, man,” Hugh grunted. “My hot prick is going to end up stuck right up Your dirty shit hole, and I’m going to shove it in you all the may and add my jism to the load that guy in the bar blasted up Your butt!” Martin groaned, obviously turned on by the thought, as he filled the tub about half full of steaming water, then got in and sat down, helping Hugh to step in after him. At first, Martin sat in the soothing hot water with his back to Hugh, resting against the other man’s chest and pressing Hugh’s dick up against his belly. Hugh ran his hands over Martin’s chest, caressing that wide expanse of solid, smooth muscle. He played with Martin’s nipples, looking down at them over his shoulder and seeing that both tits were huge cones of dark brown flesh jutting out from the pets, which were matted with black, curly hair-�now soaking wet and plastered against Martin’s sleek skin. Then Hugh ran his hands down to Martin’s belly, splashing water up on it. He could see the fat head of Martin’s waterlogged cock floating, half-submerged, in the water, sticking its tepeören escort slit up to the surface like the periscope of a phallic submarine. He reached down lower and grabbed Martin’s rod and flapped it in the water, splashing them both. He then plunged both his hands underwater and felt into Martin’s crack, the water sloshing back and forth around their bodies while Hugh found Martin’s hole and teased its opening with his middle finger. As he gently inserted his finger, the water served as a natural lubrication, its warmth relaxing Martin’s sphincter muscle and enabling Hugh to spread it open easily. Moaning as Hugh rubbed his asshole, Martin turned in the tub so that he was facing his trick, whose huge erection was also breaking the surface of the water when Martin reached down and seized it, squeezing the shaft and pulling at it passionately. He stared, wide-eyed, at the other guy who was fingering his butt. Martin slid closer to Hugh in the water, throwing his legs up over Hugh’s shoulders: he pushed his ass forward until it was pressed snugly against Hugh’s crotch. Hugh could feel his prickhead being pressed into Martin’s crack underwater. Quickly and deftly, Martin unstopped the tub, letting the hot water slowly drain out. At the same time, he took the bar of soap and lathered Hugh’s throbbing had-on, covering it completely with heavy suds. He took the soap and smeared it over his own asshole, spreading his hairy thighs to do so. Just the sight of Martin’s spread legs, watching him rub the suds over his crack and up into his hole, excited Hugh, who took his cock in his hand and began to press it forward, into the other man’s open anal valley. “Yeah, go ahead, screw me!” Martin gasped. “I can’t wait until we get into bed, man! I’ve got to have that dick of yours up my ass! You’re going to have to fuck me right here in the tub!” “My pleasure!” “Give it to me! Put it in me quick!” Martin grabbed at both sides of the rapidly-emptying tub, holding himself tightly in position. His legs were lifted high over the sides of the tub. and Hugh could see his suds-covered crack topped by two big suds-lathered balls and a long, hot cock that was pointing its pulsating head straight up in the air. Hugh moved in closer to Martin, throwing his legs around his hips; as he slid closer to the other guy’s cleft in the tub, he found that the head of his cock was already poised for direct entrance into Martin’s soapy asshole. He pushed his prick between the man’s parted buttocks, against his hole. Martin groaned, lifted his legs even higher in the air, and groaned again, much louder, when he felt his humpy pickup’s thick cockhead slip quickly and easily into his eager asshole. Within seconds, the head of Hugh’s cock was all the way in him; and, grunting with concentration, Hugh moved closer–slipping along the wet bohttom of the tub–and, as he did so, his dick pushed farther and farther up into Martin’s obscenely spread, relaxed, and offered rectum. Hugh’s deep-boring fuck tool penetrated him slowly but forcibly, until it was all the way inside. ********* Check out my story: “The Man with the Jeep” in the Camping section And these other transcribed tales: “The Battlefield” in the Historical section “My Favorite Freshman” in the College section

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