Mar 14

alone in my bed

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alone in my bedmy precum bubbled up, i stopped the fondle. i felt my asshole tightened as i fought to hold my orgasm back. I succeeded, the urge passed, only a small amount of actual sperm actually made it to the top of my dick. my hands and arms were tensed, it was all i could do not to touch my long dick, not to squeeze it.one touch and my pre work of morning edging would be over. i waited, waited as the immediate need subsided. my cock, untouched began to soften. i let it, i let it fall over and lay on my belly.i closed my eyes. my balls ached. i was trapped in that delightfully torturous place between wanting and needing to cum and so not wanting the pleasure to end. sweet, sweet agony. i rolled and squirmed. i so wanted to touch.i opened my eyes to hear another man cumming off. i watched my screen as a middle aged man in the clip got his relief, spurting his ejaculate onto the floor. i could not stop myself, my cock was hard and one touch, one rub of my precum, a tickle under the head, you know that sweet spot i’m talking about, you touch your cock like that don’t you? “oh jesus fucking christ, i’m going to fucking cum…i’m going to, fuck i’m…..”i reached for my cum rag. i knew my relief would last at least the next several hours. i also knew i would return to my sex clips tonight, late, late after i felt assured my wife would be asleep. i am a sexual man. i enjoy sex with all. my favorite clips can tell you that. i want and usually do cum daily and even at my age, twice on occasion. today it would be twice. i discovered clips of a man’s cock i found extremely urfa rus escort attractive. he is also a sexual man. that i know from his favorites but his own postings, clips that he made of himself masturbating, have rekindled lust in me. i masturbated with him once this morning before work, cumming right after his first squirt, he was on my mind for the drive in and the drive home from work. i thickened at the thought of him on the long drive home. i slept walked my way through dinner. there isn’t too much conversation there these days. the k**s were their usual snarky selfs and my wife i, too tired to correct them. after dishes, we went to our separate bedrooms. i could hear the drone of her tv. i slipped into my pj’s and turned this sex machine on. it opened to his home page.it was there, his delicious manhood hung heavily again swinging before my eyes. my cock twitched, i touched myself through the flannel material. my dick, my cock began to swell. i squeeze the fat tube and i could feel my cock fill with blood.it was early, too early to openly and assuredly masturbate, it would be hours before i would hear her snoring. the k**s were upstairs surfing and texting. i wouldn’t be heard by them if i jumped up and down on the bed.i waited in the dark, my room lit only from the screen of the computer resting on my belly, my cock hard. hard and long.i opened another tab. i worked on a project for awhile. when my cock softened, i would switch back a tab and tease myself hard.i heard my wife’s bathroom flush, the click of her bedroom urfa rus escort bayan door.”oh..fuck yes” i whispered into the dark “fuck me, i want to suck.” i squeezed my shaft hard and twisted my cock’s head. the pain, oh my god it felt so fucking good. i went directly to my favorites, those clips culled from hour after hour of pornsurf. i know these clips will keep my long dick thick and hard. i just want to edge a bit, pleasure tease myself make my balls ache that delicious ache that only men know, the ache that commands you relieve yourself. my cock is long, hard and gloriously crowned with mushroomed helmet. and now just a the tiniest drop of my lube bubbled to the surface. i found a favorite, a selfie, a girl alone in an unfinished attic…she talks her way to orgasm. her orgasm is small, almost secret. i’m touching, stroking my cock gently while i watch her eyes close and her body stiffen. my eyes close but it’s that fat cock i see. it’s the man’s penis, his balls low and full of warm ejaculate, that’s the picture in my mind.i could cum right now, fuck yes i could. i released my dick and found another clip to watch.my cock lay on my belly, precum dripping on to my soft white and freckled stomach. i dipped my finger into my wet and then to my lips. i love rubbing it onto my lips.one of the k**s used the upstairs bathroom and left the bedroom door open. some loud pop tune blasted away. i hoped the music wouldn’t wake my wife but sure as shit she was awake and stomping up the stairs. the open door was slammed shut and rus urfa escort the culprit scolded and threatened. i hurriedly closed my computer and pulled up my bottoms. she came into my room to rail against the unfairness of being awakened to music blasting through the house. i of course listened and agreed until she finally returned to her room.it was another half hour before i felt comfortable enough to resume my session. this time i went directly to his home made clips. there were two new ones he had posted but i went directly to the one i knew….the one i came off with this morning.i plugged in my ear buds so i could hear his whimpers and little cries of pleasure as he teased and stopped…squeezing the head on his fat dick to keep the cum from squirting out. i knew it would squirt again and again squirt until the last bit gushed out and dripped down the shaft, soaking his hair balls.i was hard and i did not wait. once my cock was hard i lubed and jerked with purpose.”i want to suck cock, i want you to cum. i want to make you cum, cum on my lips oh fucking shit i going to cum…fuck meeee fuck fuck fuck” i hissed under my breath as i eked out a last few drops of cum.the orgasm was drawn out and almost painful. i was making more noise than i wanted to but it felt so fucking good. i lay back, my head still spinning. i thought i heard a sound at my slightly ajar door. my night light was on and i realize i could be seen. i heard light foot steps going up the stairs.i opened the door and didn’t quite catch which of my k**s may have heard or even watched me. i was horrified at the thought of one of the k**s telling my wife what i was doing alone in my bed.i turned to return to my bed…there on the door was what appeared to be someones ejaculate. i tasted it, it was cum. i carefully washed it off the doori jerked off again that night enflamed with lust…at just the thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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