Kas 07

Alone on the Island

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Darnell and Kim were alone, Oh so completely alone on this deserted island in what seemed to be the middle of absolute no where, the sun was beginning to set, the air was chilling, Darnell built a fire to keep them warm as Kim sat at the edge of the water, Darnell comes in sitting behind her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her back toward him, he could feel her body shaking a bit as he leaned into her kissing her neck softly, she sighs softly.

“What’s the matter my baby girl?” Darnell asks quietly.

“Nothing Daddy I’m ok.” Kim replies, trying to be strong, she didn’t want him to know just how afraid she really was.

Hearing the crackling in her voice, Darnell knew something was wrong, wrapping his arms a little tighter around her, she rested her hands on his arms, holding onto them for what seemed like dear life, as she began to cry.

“C’mon baby girl, talk to me; tell me what’s wrong.”

“I am so confused, yet so scared; a part of me wants to never leave this island because it’s actually so beautiful here, yet another part of me wants so badly to go home. Please daddy, please just hold me.”

“I got you baby, I’m right here.” He whispers softly in her ear, holding her tightly, she rests her head onto his shoulder, his head resting against hers, as she holds on tighter to his arms.

They sat like that for a little while as the sky finished darkening, and the stars came out, Kim’s body settled and her breathing softened, Darnell knew she was falling asleep.

“Baby girl, don’t fall asleep yet, lets get you to where it’s a little warmer.” He whispers, kissing the side of her head gently.

Taking his arms from around her she sits up, he stands extending his hands for hers, helping her to stand, wrapping his arm around her waist he walks her up to the fire, as they stand there she just didn’t know what to say, all she could do was just stare at the fire.

“Oh my god” Darnell says softly.

“What’s the matter?” Kim asks.

“Baby girl, just look at me.”

She looks over at Darnell, their eyes locking onto one another, placing his hands on her cheeks; he stares deeper into her eyes.

“What are you looking at babe?” she asks softly.

“Your eyes, they are just so beautiful, the light from the fire just changes them all together.” He replies as a soft loving smile comes over his face.

“I love you baby girl.” He whispers softly.

“I love you too daddy.” She replies as her body begins to melt from the words he just spoke.

Slowly he leans in, kissing her softly yet deeply, his tongue parting her lips gently as his tongue searches for hers, her tongue returning to him; his fingers sliding into the sides of her hair, running through it gently, her hands slowly moving up his chest, as she unbuttons the buttons on his shirt one by one slowly, kissing her way slowly down his chest with every button she opens, reaching the bottom button she pulls his shirt out of his pants, slipping her hands inside, sliding them ever so slowly back up over his belly, up over his chest, fatih escort gently pushing his shirt off his broad shoulders.

Gently he takes her into his arms, lowering gently down into the sand with her, taking her into his lap, kissing her once again as his hands move slowly up and down her back.

Gently she hooks onto his chain with her finger holding it to the side as she settles into her favorite crevice at the base of his neck, licking, sucking and nibbling at it gently, his breathing deepening as her fingers slip up the back of his neck into his hair, he moans softly as his head goes back, feeling his member growing beneath her, she very slowly begins to grind against it.

“Ahhh baby girl, what are you doing?” he asks in a soft sexy whine.

“Please help me daddy, I don’t want to be afraid anymore, please make it stop for me, even if just for a little while.” She pleads whispering in his ear, in her sexy little voice.

“What do you want me to do baby?”

“I want my daddy to make love to me, right here, right now, please take me daddy, oh god please take me.”

“Is that what you want my baby girl?”

“That is so what I want; I want my daddy so badly.”

Very slowly he slides his hands up inside her sweater, removing it from her gently, wrapping her arms around his neck, she slides her upper body up his chest, while his hands slide slowly down her back, sliding her hands into the back of his hair, she pulls his head in closer to her, lightly running his tongue from the bottom of her neck, down her chest and very softly in between her breasts, she moans softly.

Their breathing begins to deepen, hearts begin to beat faster, as the passions and desires begin to flare, his hands sliding back up her back, sliding his fingers onto the back of her hair, releasing it from its bun, ever so slowly he slides his hands back down over her shoulders, gently down her back taking the hooks to her bra in his fingers, unhooking it gently, slowly removing it from her one strap at a time, as he slides his finger tips down her arms.

With her hands now in the sand behind her, her head goes back as she arches her back, he slides his hands up over her belly up to her chest, taking both her breasts into his hands caressing and massaging them gently, tweaking her nipples ever so gently, her body shuttering from his touch, as the light of the fire reflects over the curves of her body, he moans softly, stopping for a moment he stares at her, raising her head she looks into his eyes.

“Baby girl, don’t move; please just don’t move, what I see in front of me is the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on.”

“What do you see baby?”

“I see a beautiful woman, whom I love more than anything in this world, I want so badly to make love to her.”

She sits up sliding her fingers into the back of his hair, kissing him softly, her fingers interlocking in his hair, as she breaks their kiss pulling him in closer to her, he kisses her neck softly, running his tongue in little circles up and down etiler escort the length of her neck.

“I love you daddy, make love to me” She whispers softly in his ear.

Wrapping his arms around her he rolls her onto her back, laying beside her as his hands glide gently down her body feeling every curve, her back arches from the feel of his touch, as her moans grow louder, slowly kissing his way down her body as he made his way onto his knees, his fingers slipping into the waist band of her skirt and thong, lowering them gently over her hips, down her legs, taking each of her legs into his hand one at a time removing her skirt and thong from her.

Looking up at her, he takes her left foot into his hand, parting her legs gently, kissing his way lightly over each toe, down the bottom of her foot, up over her ankle, up the side of her calf, over her knee, stopping there for a moment, running his tongue back and forth over the back of her knee, and ever so gently placing her leg over his shoulder as he leans into her kissing his way up the inside of her thigh, licking, sucking and nibbling on her very soft skin at the top of her inner thigh, lightly her fingers began to slide down her body, her fingertips coming to rest on her clit, slowly she began to encircle her clit, his tongue lightly licking her pussy lips as he slides a finger deep inside her, their moans echoing in harmony.

Placing her right leg over his shoulder she locks her legs behind his head, holding him there, the fingers on her right hand slid into the back of his hair, she wanted him in every way possible at that moment, and he wanted her, he wanted so badly to taste, savor, and devour her, gently he parts her lips, licking, and sucking each one into his mouth delicately, as he began to move his finger in and out of her in a slow steady rhythm, her pussy beginning to grind against his mouth, sliding his tongue as deep inside her as he possibly could, he wanted all she had to give him, his pace picking up, the deeper and faster he worked her pussy, the harder and faster she ground her pussy against him, her moans now turning to screams so loud they echoed off the water, feeling her pussy muscles grabbing onto his tongue, he knew what was coming, it was just what he wanted.

The grip on his head got tighter, her hips moved faster, she ground his mouth harder, her screams got louder, feeling her body tense as her upper body lifted off the sand, as he pushed her over the edge, wave after wave of her orgasm ripped through her, her body shook and shuttered as the tip of his tongue ran over her now very sensitive clit, sucking it into his mouth ever so gently, her legs clamping tighter around his head, as her body bridged off the sand.

As her body began to settle she began to tremble, Darnell knew at that moment just what she needed, releasing her legs from around his head, he moves up along side her, wrapping his arms around her, holding her close to him, lightly running his fingers up and down over her cheek.

“I love you baby girl, daddies right here” beşiktaş escort he whispers softly in her ear.

Rolling over onto her side facing him, a smile comes across her face, leaning in toward him, she kisses him, her hand lightly sliding down his chest, over his belly, coming to rest on his member that’s tenting against his pants, she massages it gently, his body jerks a bit as he lets out a sudden shriek, his hips push forward to the feel of her hand.

“Oh god I want…”

“What, what does my daddy want?”

“Oh baby girl, daddy wants you to feel him, please baby girl, please feel me” He whispers as his breathing becomes deep, rapid and shallow.

Opening his pants slowly, she slides her hand inside encasing his hard, rigid, bulging member, massaging him ever so gently as his member began to throb, her thumb lightly working the very sensitive spot that’s right under the head of it, his body was beginning to tighten and lash as he was extremely aroused.

“I want my daddy, I want to feel him deep inside me, please daddy give this to me, you want that don’t you daddy, you want to put this thing deep inside me don’t you?” she whispers softly in her sexy little voice, working her way onto her knees now, slowly removing his pants from him.

Straddling over him, taking his member into her hand, slowly she guides him home as she slides her wet, warm pussy slowly down the length of his member, his back arching as he enters her, slowly she begins to grind her hips into him, looking him directly in the eye, their eyes remaining locked onto each other as she grinds him a little deeper, her pussy muscles trying to suck him deeper inside her, taking his hands into hers, he locks his arms in front of him, grinding harder and faster as she pushes against his arms, the moans and whines that escaped him arouse her even more, causing her to grind him even harder, sitting straight up on his shaft she rocks back and forth, his voice almost in a growl, his facial expressions so stern yet so sexy, as his hips push upward, trying to get deeper inside her, still their eyes never left each other.

His body beginning to tense as she could feel his cock growing harder inside her, his balls tightening, feeling the head of his cock beginning to pulsate inside her, his moans turning to screams, as his back arched one more time, as he released all his hot love juices deep inside her, his body shuttering from the release of the tension that had been building inside him, wrapping his arms around her he pulls her gently down to him, holding her close to him, looking into his eyes she could see a tear.

“What’s the matter daddy?” she asks in concern.

“Oh god baby girl I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.”

Gently he rolls her onto her side, resting her head on his chest, they drifted off to sleep together, a few hours later she awakens to realize the sun was rising, looking over at him, she didn’t want to wake him, but she wanted to see the sunrise with him for the first time.

Kissing him softly he begins to awaken looking directly at her again another sweet smile comes over his face.

“Look daddy, the suns coming up.”

Sitting in behind her wrapping his arms around her, she rests her head on his shoulder as they watch the sunrise together.

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