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Amazing sex with my friends new stepmother

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Amazing sex with my friends new stepmotherI was spending the night sleeping over at my friend Tony’s house. We had gone to the pool for a swim and when we returned to his house I met his new stepmother Kelly for the first time. She was 28 years old and incredibly sexy, 5’9″ tall with a curvy figure and beautiful perky breasts that bounced and jiggled around under her shirt as she moved around the house. After Tony introduced us he and I headed back to his bedroom to change out of our wet shorts. Once inside with the door closed I said to him “Wow Tony your stepmom is really hot, she really turned me on.” He smiled and said “Yeah she is hot, she has the same effect on me. I’ve had a hard time trying to hide my boner when I’m around her. Mark you won’t believe what happened last week.” I could see how excited he was getting when he slid his shorts off and his cock began growing hard in front of me as he spoke.I slid my shorts off and I was anxious to hear his story. “Come on Tony tell me what happened. I want to hear all about it.” As he began telling me his story he reached down and began rubbing his cock. “Well it happened like this, when I got home from school Kelly was in the kitchen finishing up the dishes. She asked me if I was hungry and told me to sit down while she fixed me a sandwich. I watched her as she moved back and forth in front of me getting things from the refrigerator. The cold air from the fridge caused her nipples to get hard and they were poking straight out under her shirt. When she had finished making my sandwich she turned around putting it down in front of me on the table, I didn’t realize until that moment how hard my cock was getting. As she looked down at the bulge in my pants she began to smile as she stood there in front of me. She said “Oh Tony you poor thing, am I making you all excited and horny?”I was speechless sitting there looking at her tits pushing out under her shirt. Before I could say a word she lifted her shirt up over her tits and said “I bet you’ve been dying to see these, I see how you watch me all the time. Would you like to touch them?” I nodded my head as I reached up with both hands to feel her beautiful tits. They felt incredible as I rubbed them and played with her hard nipples. My cock throbbed harder and harder as she leaned over and said “You can suck on them if you want betsobet yeni giriş to, my nipples are so sensitive and they love to be sucked on.” I was in absolute heaven as I began sucking on her beautiful perky tits. My cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. Then she said “Why don’t you come with me to my bedroom where we can both get naked. I really want to see your young hard cock.” I got up and followed her to her room.She pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the floor as I struggled to unfasten my pants. Finally I pushed my pants down setting my cock free as I watched her slide her shorts down and she stepped out of them and stood naked before me. She reached out with her hands and began stroking my throbbing cock as she guided me to sit on the bed. In a few seconds she was on her knees in front of me as she put her lips around the tip of my cock and began licking and sucking on it. I watched as she quickly took my whole cock into her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. I thought I would pass out from the incredible pleasure of her sucking my cock. The next thing I knew she was on top of me sliding her hot wet pussy down my throbbing shaft.I laid there as she rode up and down on my cock watching her titties jiggle as she did. In just a couple minutes I was ready to explode. I reached up to play with her sweet tits as I moaned out “Oh Kelly I’m ready to cum any second, your pussy feels fantastic on my cock. I can’t hold it any longer, I’m cumming.” My cock exploded as I squirted hot stream after stream of cum deep inside her hot pussy. She squealed as she wiggled back and forth on my cock until I was finished. She got up and quickly sucked my cock into her mouth sucking up every bit of cum from my cock. She smiled and said “I bet you feel a lot better now don’t you?” When I finally caught my breath I said “That was incredible Kelly, I’ve never felt so good before. Can we do it again? My cock is still hard as a rock and I want some more pussy.” She laughed and said “Give me a minute to catch my breath, then you can put your young hard cock back inside me and you can fuck me as long as you want.”After a few minutes she laid back with her legs wide apart and said “Okay Tony get up here and show me what you can do with that amazing cock.” I crawled up between her legs and pushed my cock betsobet güvenilirmi into her hot wet pussy and began pumping like crazy. I pumped her pussy for 15 min. more before shooting another load of cum inside her. When I was finished she said “Next time you get so horny don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll let you fuck me anytime you want with your beautiful young cock. Your father never seems to have the time to satisfy me so I guess that job is yours now.”His story was so hot and it made me very horny, my cock stood straight out as I stroked it and said “Damn Tony, you’re so lucky I wish something like that would happen to me.” He smiled and looked at me and said “I bet it wouldn’t take very much planning to set things up and see if she would go for it. She really seems to like young hard cock and I don’t think she’d hesitate to take us both on. Why don’t you come home with me after school tomorrow and we’ll see if we both get lucky.” I said “It sure sounds good to me, just thinking about it has got me ready to cum any second now.” We both turned towards his bed and stroked our cocks furiously shooting our loads into our towels. We wiped ourselves off and got dressed going out to the living room to watch TV and fantasize as we watched Kelly as she did a little cleaning.By the time I went home I was so horny again I went straight to my room to masturbate. That night I dreamt of Kelly and what might happen after school the next day. I awoke with a raging hard on and as I showered I jerked myself off before getting ready for school. All day long I kept thinking about Kelly and the time just flew by. The bell rang at the end of our last class and I met up with Tony at our lockers. We walked the few blocks from school to his house barely saying a word to each other. He opened the door and we walked in finding Kelly in the kitchen just as he had described her. She greeted us with a smile and told us to sit down and she would get us a bite to eat and something to drink. We both sat down as we watched her preparing our snacks, all the while my cock was throbbing and getting hard and the bulge in my pants was clearly visible. When she turned towards us and put our snacks on the table she smiled as she looked at me seeing the bulge in my pants. She turned to Tony and said “I’m happy to see that you betsobet giriş brought a playmate home with you today, it looks like he’s ready to have a little fun. I’m assuming that you told him about last week.””Yes I did tell him Kelly, I hope you don’t mind. We are both ready for some fun if you’re up for it.” There was a few moments of silence as she pondered the idea. Finally she said “I think we’re in for a very hot afternoon, finish up your snacks then come back to my bedroom and let’s see what we can get into.” She walked out of the kitchen and Tony and I looked at each other and smiled as we hastily finished our snack. Tony said “I told you I thought she would go for it, hurry up and let’s get back there.” We got up and walked down the hall to her room where she was lying on the bed totally naked waiting for us. We quickly got undressed and join her on the bed. Tony got between her legs and started licking her beautiful pussy while I fondled and kissed her beautiful tits as she reached down stroking my cock with her hand. A few minutes later Tony and I traded places.I munched on her pussy for several minutes as Tony straddled across her chest sliding his big cock between her beautiful tits. She bent her legs at the knees and spread them open and said “Come on Mark, get up here and put your young hard cock into my pussy and give me a good hard fuck.” I immediately moved up and pushed my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy and sank it deep inside her. She let out a loud moan as I began thrusting back and forth. In just a couple minutes I started to cum and it felt so fantastic. When I finished shooting my hot load into her I pulled my cock out and got up allowing Tony to slide down taking my place. I climbed on top of her and slid my cum covered cock between her gorgeous tits as Tony pumped his rigid shaft into her cum filled pussy. Soon he was moaning loudlyand I knew he was ready to explode. His body stiffened as he arched his back shoving his cock deep into her pussy and began to squirt thick hot streams of his cum into her.When he finished Kelly told us to stand up at the edge of the bed, she sat up and began sucking each of us in turn cleaning the cum from our cocks. When she was done she said “Okay boys I think we better get in the shower and clean up.” The three of us stepped into the shower and began soaping our bodies up, rubbing ourselves against each other under the warm spray of water. As we played together Kelly took each of our cocks in her hand jerking us off until we both came again. It was the most fantastic fantasy fuck ever and I can hardly wait until we can do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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