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An Average Love Story Ch. 02

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The next morning Kelly awoke from a blissful sleep, as she did her young lover was sitting propped up on his pillow looking down at her. A smile came across his face as he watched her eyes flicker open, then he leaned down and kissed her. Kelly allowed the kiss for a few moments, then pushed him away.

“I really have to use the bathroom.” She said climbing out of bed.

Scott watched the sway of her naked ass as she headed for the master bathroom, he was disappointed when she came back wearing a robe. She sits down on the side of the bed and Scott leans over to caress her back, she tenses up this time as he touches her.

“Scott what we did yesterday and most of the night, I think it was wrong.” She said.

“Why was it wrong Kelly?” He asked. “I’m old enough, so you won’t get in trouble like those teachers you see on the news all of the time.”

“It’s just the age difference, the fact your going to school, I have kids, what would they think and what about your parents. What would they parents think?” She asked aloud.

“I guess we were so caught up, and we never gave it much thought.” He said rolling over to the other side of the bed to get his clothes on.

“I tell you what, gives a few hours to think, maybe you should go home and do the same, it’s eleven a.m. right now, come back around three p.m. and we will talk this over.” She explained.

“All right, I will see then.” He said as he finished dressing. “Bye.”

She watched him walk out of her bedroom, listened to him as he ran down the stairs, then she heard the front door open and close. She got out of bed and watched him run across the street to his parents home. Kelly then plopped back down on the bed, she lay on it for the longest time just starring at the ceiling, pondering the events that had just taken place.

She got up and went downstairs to the kitchen, a sudden memory flash came into her mind as she walked by the wall where they kissed so passionately yesterday afternoon. Kelly shook the thought out of her head, she made herself some coffee and some toast, then took it into the family room.

Kelly sat on the sofa and took a small notepad out of a drawer on the side, she wrote on one page everything she found attractive about Scott, the next page all of the pros of having a relationship with a younger man. Then on the next three little pages of the pad she wrote all of the cons of having a relationship with a younger man. Her only relief in doing this was, she could not find anything she disliked about him. Then she could not believe t

at she only gave herself four hours to think about this.

On another page she wrote what his parents may think and then on another she wrote what she thought her kids may think. She tore all of the pages out of the notepad and laid them on the coffee table in front of her. Leaning forward she sat there staring at them, her eyes darting back en forth among all of them.

Kelly then took out the pad again and wrote down how this would affect Scott, if she told him it would affect him adversely. But how would a relationship with an older woman effect him, what kind of life could they possibly have. Then she took all of the papers and balled them up, she got up from the sofa and threw them in the trash by her computer desk.

She went back upstairs and drew herself a hot bath, she filled it up with plenty of bubble bath and then proceeds to soak in it. She did her best thinking in the large garden style tub, and it was surrounded by plants and candles. This was her one true sanctuary when she was married, now it was the one place she could think of all of her problems and come up with a solution for all of them.

Finally the answer came to her, Scott was eight teen, so his parents could not do anything if they were to continue seeing each other. She’s divorced and her ex has no say in her life anymore, her kids would love to have Scott around more often. Then what about her, Ankara escort for the first time in a very long time she has met someone who shared so much in common with her. She decided she had been lonely to long, when Scott comes back over she would have him as her lover, her boyfriend, she would tell him she wants to pursue a relationship with him. She slipped further into the tub and in the back of her mind she hoped he would want the same thing.

Meanwhile Scott was back at his house, and he threw the mail down on the counter and saw two messages on the answering machine. They were both from his parents figuring he was out exploring the new town and what time they would be coming home. Scott erased them and went up to his room, he quickly changed into sweats so he could lift weights down in the basement.

Scott ran downstairs, he put some of his favorite hard rock compact discs in the stereo and began benching a couple hundred pounds. This was his favorite way to relieve stress and to think, after he did several reps he got up and added fifty more pounds. Then he achieved a personal best when he put on another fifty pounds, he huffed and puffed pushing the three hundred pounds up and down. When he was done, he set the weights down and grabbed a towel to wipe away the sweat.

For the first time in his life it dawned on him what was going on, he was in love with his neighbor. Not only did he lose his virginity to her, but he also lost his heart, the young man was head over heels in love with her. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw he still had some time before he had to go back over.

This was going to be tough, and he thought, his parents would be pissed, then again maybe not, he never did relate well with girls his own age. He did not care whether they would accept his relationship or not, it was his choice to make. But what about Kelly what choice would she makes, if she is going to dump him and right this off as a fit of passion he would be devastated. Yet he made up his mind that even if she was to do this he would try even harder to pursue a relationship.

Scott decided to go back upstairs and grab a quick shower, then he shaved, dressed and left the house. He drove around browsing the few stores that were open in this new town on a Sunday, then he found one that sold roses, he bought a dozen red ones. He then found a jewelry store that was open and bought two gifts, one if she too wanted to pursue a relationship, it was a simple gold heart. He had the jeweler put a simple inscription on it ‘To the first woman I give my heart to, Love Scott’. The other gift was just a simple charm bracelet, yet he used what is in the conversation from the night before to have a couple of charms put on it with her kids birth dates.

Scott had the two gifts wrapped and then he hurried back to Kelly’s house, he rang the bell and waited. He was not disappointed, when Kelly came to the door dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a nice blouse with little buttons going up the front of it.

“These are for you.” He announced thrusting the roses toward her.

“Oh why thank you Scott.” She chimed. “Let me get a vase for these so I can put them in water. Why don’t you go ahead and sit down so we can talk?”

“All right.” He said

He went into the living room and sat on the couch waiting for her return, and she did with the roses put into a vase. She placed them on one of the stands that was in the front hallway of her house and then came into the living room sitting down next to him.

“Well do you want to go first or shall I go first?” She asked.

“Let me tell you how I feel first, but my stomach is doing somersaults right now.” He said to rub his palms onto his jeans. “Kelly’s I know we have only known each other for a week, yet I feel I have known you all of my life. Back at our old home I never had any luck talking to women or girls, however you would put it. With you it’s different, when I’m with Ankara escort bayan you I feel really good and you make it so easy and so comfortable to be around you. You know you are the first person I ever made love to and I think I have fallen in love with you.”

“Wow, and you said all of that in one breath.” She joked. “Scott, you make me feel special in a way I have not felt in a very long time. The time I have spent with you over this last week makes me look forward to spending more time with you. I actually look forward to coming home from work, I sit and wait to just catch a glimpse of you or too just to talk to you. Making love to you I guess you could say that was the icing on the cake, you were so passionate and vibrant, you made me feel so sexy and desirable. I love you too and I want us to continue this relationship, to see where it leads us.”

The two of them leaned in and embraced each other in a kiss, followed by many soft wet ones. This time Scott broke the kiss off so he could pull the two small jewelry boxes from his pockets.

“I never bought anyone jewelry before, so I hope you will like them.” He said to hand them to her.

“Oh Scott you shouldn’t have.” She said as her cheeks began to blush.

She opened the first one which was the charm bracelet that he pointed out the kids birth dates were inscribed on two of the charms. He then helped her with the clasp and get it on her wrist, then she opened the one with the heart necklace in it. She read the inscription and then turned so he could put it on her, when he was done she turned back around and pushed him back on the couch.

Kelly climbed on top of him and kissed him on the mouth, it was not long that the kiss picked up with a great deal of passion involved. Scott’s eager busy hands explored her body, while hers were unbuttoning his shirt. Then he reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, then removing her bra, he broke the kiss off long enough to suck her large hard nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes Scott, yes suck my nipples.” She moaned.

They continued kissing passionately on the couch when she finally stood up, she unbuttoned her jeans and he helped her slide her jeans, then her panties down. Then he quickly got his clothes off while she stood in front of him completely naked. Once he was ready, she climbed back on top of him and eased herself down on his big hard cock.

“Oh yes, oooooohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhahhhhhh.” She moaned aloud as she felt the hard cock push deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Soon she could feel he had his entire length fully into her and she starts to bounce up and down on it. Scott roughly holds onto the flesh of her ass, only to give her encouragement to continue riding him.

“Oh yes my love fuck me hard, yes fuck me, fuck me.” She moaned

“Oh Kelly, I love you, I love fucking your sexy body.” He groaned.

Once she had several orgasms riding him, she reluctantly got off of his beautiful cock and got up on all fours. She grabbed him by the wrist to show him how to get into position to fuck her doggie style. Scott gets behind her and lines his cock up to her pussy, with one thrust he pushes his big cock into her wet pink hole.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yes I love getting it like this, I love having sex with my strong young man, oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh.” She moaned over and over as his cock was gaining momentum.

“Oh god Kelly I can’t hold back much longer, but I’m going too cum.” He shouted aloud.

“Just a little more, little more oh baby I’m cumming too, oh god yes Scott makes me cum, let’s cum together, oh Scott fill me, fill me babies oh , oh , oh yes, oh.” She moaned wantonly.

Sure enough the two of them came together in unison, and they laid there for several minutes panting. Then Scott and she ran upstairs to take a shower before her kids got home, of course they ended up doing it in the shower as well. When they got done them both got redressed and watched some Escort Ankara television until they could see her ex husbands pick up truck pull in.

Craig Jackson got out of the truck, he looked to be about six foot and maybe a hundred and eighty pounds. The man had a five o clock shadow on his face and a look that this was some kind of great inconvenience for him. Kelly told Scott to wait inside while she went out to deal with her ex, sure enough he was bitching at her vehemently.

“Jesus Christ’s woman where the fuck does you expect me to put all of that junk I left behind.” He cursed at her loudly.

“Craig’s it is in my way, if you don’t take I will give it to good will with all of the other stuff I have set aside.” She explained hoping he would calm down.

“Dammit I will take a few things, don’t you dare give away anything, or you will just piss me off.” He said harshly.

Scott did not like this man, he treated Kelly like shit and he is definitely a bully used to getting his own way. Kelly made her way in the house with the two kids, but Scott kissed her softly on the lips, told she to keep the kids inside. Kelly was now worried that Scott was going to confront Craig and was afraid there was going to be a fight.

Scott nervously walked out to the garage where the angry man was rummaging through his things. Finally he worked up enough nerve to speak to his new loves’ ex husband, but he felt like a man having to protect what was his.

“Hey I’m Scott from across the street.” Announced Scott.

“Your parents bought the old Mason house, and they were fucking jerks.” He sputtered.

“Yeah, well I helped Kelly get this all organized and it would really make things easier if you would take all of your things today.” Scott said firmly.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you is boy, but I’ll do what I want, I come and go from here when I want. Shit boy she is lucky I still come around that bitch is a cold fish in bed and she will never find a man that will measure up to me.” He bragged. “Why do you think I left her ass, she is so lame in the sack, shit she let herself go from prom queen to q.e.2 if you know what I mean chubby?”

“Look I want you to take your stuff, get the fuck out of here, she will make other arrangements concerning your visitation with the kids if you are going to be hostile.” Scott said trying not to raise his voice or sound angry.

“Fuck you.” Said Craig.

With that her ex-husband took a swing, Scott remembered his training as a boxer, he was beat up once when he was little by a bully. His father took him for boxing lessons for a few years so he knew how to defend himself.

Scott easily blocked his blow and countered with one of his own, a roundhouse right to his jaw. Craig staggered back, dazed by the blow, he shook it off and charged at Scott, the young man side stepped him easily and hit him hard behind the head knocking him out.

While he was out, Scott took all of the stuff from the garage that belonged to him and stuffed in into his truck. Then he filled a bucket of water from the outside spick et, he dumped the cold water onto Craig who jumped up with surprise.

“Now I don’t want any more trouble from you, so take your stuff and Kelly will be in touch with you about different visitations.” Scott said with a confidence in his voice.

“Yeah I’m leaving.” He grumbled all the way to his truck getting into it.

Scott went back inside the house and Kelly ran over to him hugging him hard against her body. She then pulled his face toward hers and kissed him on the lips, she broke the kiss off so she could stand hugging him while looking into each other eyes.

“I love you, Scott, you were magnificent out there.” She beamed.

“It’s easy when you are defending the honor of your lady.” He said

As they stood embracing each other, the two kids were at their feet pulling on their clothes wanting attention. Then they heard the vehicle pull in across the street, they both looked at each other knowingly, they conquered one obstacle in their new relationship. The next one just pulled in and they would have to face up to his parents next.

To be continued…

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