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Subject: An-exchange-student-completes-a-family-16 Dear reader, This story and all characters in it are fiction, though many of the places here in the Chicago area are real. Thanks to Nifty for providing a platform for aspiring authors. fty/donate.html Feel free to send my any feedback, ideas, thoughts, fantasies/desires, at all, and I hope you enjoy this story. =========== Cast of characters prior to this chapter: -Josh Johnson: The story is told from his POV. He’s early 30’s, white, and has a cock that bends downwards at the middle, which is the thickest point. Imagine a 3-d boomerang pointed down, or better yet — a cobra head prepared to strike. He thinks of himself as straight or maybe bi. -Ollie (Johnson): Josh’s son, 12 years old. 4″ dick that tapers at the head like his dad’s but has a slight upward angle and thickness distributed along the length. Pink nipples, he’s pinkish in general but his asshole is more brown than pink. -Jerico: Ollie’s best friend for years, also 12. Jerico is the son of Iraqi refugees and has olive skin, thick dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He’s a little smaller than Ollie. He’s also about 4″ hard and is uncut. Jerico moved into Josh’s house now that his parents kicked him out for being gay. He’s clingy and gets jealous easily. -Qing: 17yo Chinese foreign exchange student from Hong Kong. He’s skinny enough to have a little tailbone bump. He has spiky dark public hair, purplish balls and is cut with a dark purplish mushroom cockhead. His cock is smaller than Josh’s but bigger than the 12 year olds’ cocks. His asshole looks well-used since his father and older brother have been fucking him daily since his was 9 years old until he left for this exchange program. He loved it and misses it. -Manny: Early 20’s, 5’5″ short muscular Latino top. He has a two-color scorpion tattoo, and his cock is larger than Qing’s. It’s uncut with a flared red head hiding under that foreskin. He met the others at the pizzeria where he works. He’s a verbal top who likes to give it rough. -Isaac: Manny’s boyfriend. Tall, skinny, and very dark black with a beautiful tight high ass. Broad shoulders and skinny waist, and a long cock that points straight out ahead. He’s deliciously fragrant. – Dr. Jayesh Begam: Isaac and Manny’s doctor who we met last chapter. Indian man, looks like a younger Vivek Murthy (current US Surgeon General), with a long cock and hair running partway up the shaft. His asshole is a surprising light pink in contrast with his dark skin. – Vijay (Begam): Dr. Begam’s 8 year old son, a slight Indian boy. His prepubescent uncut cock is about 2″ and his balls have not dropped. Like his dad, his asshole is also light pink in contrast with his dark skin, looking like a nice target. He just took 3 adult loads in that tight hole in the last chapter. =========== Dr. Begam and I had arranged appointments at the clinic early in the evening, three days in a row. He had said, “Separate visits with each boy. I need to give each one undivided attention.” He’d also said they should refrain from anal sex 24 hours before each visit. This is how I found myself with Qing at the clinic at 6pm. The sign on the door said they closed at 5. I rang the bell next to the main door and soon a huge Latino man appeared in a white outfit. He unlocked the door and let us in. He greeted me, “You’re Mr. Johnson?” I nodded. “And dees is…Quing?” Qing said, “Qing,” pronouncing it correctly as “Ching.” “Sorry,” the nurse laughed. “I’m Francisco.” He pronounced it FrahnsEEsco, with a rolled R. His accent was very Mexican. “Follow me,” he said. He appeared to be waddling in front of us, his enormous ass heaving with every step. “I guess we have something different planned for tonight, no?” He said. Caught off guard, I asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “Your secret’s safe.” He made a motion to zip his lips. I felt sudden panic. Was this fat man aware of the…the hedonism we’d participated in with Dr. Begam? Had he just invited this man to fuck the children? He seemed pretty feminine and my gaydar was strong — though he hadn’t yet expressed any undue attention Qing’s way. After a pause I said, “What secret?” He replied, “Well, you’re here after the clinic’s closed to get medical care off the books. And you’re getting a full exam here. Not just our normal bloodwork and pills. You know, I find that routine tedious, day after day. Blood draws and pills, blood draws and pills. Weight, Height, Blood pressure, blood draws, pills,” he sighed and then continued, “So SOMETHING is different. But I don’t question.” I was relieved. We arrived at an examination room. The deserted clinic felt peaceful. Dr. Begam was in the room. He said, “Hi Josh, Qing. Francisco, let’s start with the regular routine. Francisco said to Qing, “ok, we’re going to take your weight, blood pressure, temperature.” Dr. Begam said, “There is a gown here to change into. You take your underwear off and put this on from the front like this.” He mimed putting both arms into the front of the flimsy paper gown, leaving the back exposed. Francisco said, “Gown?” Dr. Begam nodded and said, “We’re going to do a full exam after the preliminaries.” We’ll just knock in a minute to see if you’re ready. “Ok,” said Qing. The doctor and Francisco turned to leave. I said, “Qing, we’ll be right back.” I decided to spend a moment with the doctor to be sure I had a feel about what was to happen. Francisco looked at me and Dr. Begam. The Dr. said, “I asked Francisco to be our nurse tonight because he’s well trained and he won’t go cry to the board about this. Technically what we’re doing is, we’re supposed to find insurance that I don’t think you have, consent you can’t get, and there’s reporting that we’re supposed to do legally but I don’t think that’s in the child’s best interest in this case.” “Reporting for what?” asked Francisco. Dr. Begam replied, “Statutory.” Francisco’s eyes widened a bit. He already knew by looking at Qing and I that were weren’t related by blood. Dr. Begam quickly continued, “This patient has a history of sexual abuse since the age of nine. But the perpetrators aren’t even in the country so reporting isn’t going to do anything but create paperwork for us. He’s been sexually active more recently, but by choice. He’s 17 so, YOU know…And he was anal receptive so we’re going to examine that area.” I was sure the clinic saw their fair share of sexually active 17 years olds. Francisco said, “And tomorrow?” Dr. Begam said, “Mr. Johnson is bringing a different patient tomorrow. I bet Qing is ready by now, let’s go have a look.” After a knock, the three of us entered the room. Qing was sitting on the exam chair in his gown and socks. “I didn’t wear underwear,” he said, indicating he was naked underneath. The gown wasn’t cinched “That’s ok,” purred Francisco, putting şişli travesti on a “reassuring nurse” persona. “If you don’t mind stepping on the scale, I can hold the back closed for you.” “That’s ok,” said Qing. “I don’t mind.” He hopped off the table and took a step onto the scale, his back to the three of us and the robe open. Francisco stared at his soft cheeks, mesmerized for a moment. He bit his bottom lip. He adjusted the scale and read off the result. “109 pounds.” “Ok, have a seat here.” Francisco sat in a chair with a blood pressure cuff. As Francisco held his arm to apply the cuff to it, Qing’s erection started rising under the flimsy paper gown. I could see bouncing up slowly in time with his heartbeat. It pushed the paper straight out until it got hard enough to lie against his stomach and the paper settled back down. By this time the cuff had completed its work. Qing reached to start removing the cuff but Francisco said, “I got it, chico.” As he started removing the cuff, Qing’s cock throbbed a couple of times under the paper. “It’s ok, that happens all the time,” said Francisco, his eyes darting to Qing’s cock and then back to his face. A pinprick of wetness appeared on the paper. Francisco looked over at Dr. Begam. The Dr. smirked. “Perfectly normal,” he said to Qing. Francisco removed the thermometer and entered the numbers in the computer. “Time to draw a little blood,” said Francisco. He performed an expert blood draw from Qing’s arm to several tubes. Qing’s cock had dropped down to a medium chub by the time this was complete. Dr. Begam said, “Now we need to do a little visual examination of your private areas, make sure everything’s okay down there, ok?” Francisco will assist. Francisco turned to me and said, “He might want some privacy. You can wait in the waiting room unti-” Qing interrupted him to say, “Can he stay?” Francisco asked if he was sure. I stayed. Dr. Begam said, “Both of us are here because I’d like Francisco to get some practice with performing these kinds of examinations. He doesn’t get a lot of opportunities here to do that.” “Sure,” I said. I guessed maybe this was why Francisco had volunteered to stay late tonight. “Okay,” said Qing. “Come and lie on your back on the exam table,” instructed Dr. Begam. Qing got on the table and leaned back, eyes at the ceiling. “I’m going to lift your gown, okay?” said Dr. Begam. Qing nodded. He lifted it and Qing’s erection had already returned. His purple helmet and spiky black hair came into view. Francisco licked his lips as he gazed. Dr. Begam said, “I can see you’ve got a healthy erection, right off the bat. Good vascular system.” He said, “I need to poke and prod a little here, ok?” Qing nodded. Dr. Begam put his gloved hand on Qing’s cock and Qing exhaled audibly. He moved the cock up and down, left and right. “Tell me if anything hurts, ok?” he said to Qing. He said to Francisco, “Take it. Check for horizontal and lateral movement. like I just did.” Francisco put his whole hand on Qing’s cock. Dr. Begam said, “Just hold with two fingers and move it.” Francisco adjusted his grip. Qing’s mouth was open as he enjoyed the sensations. “You know how to do the testicular check?” he asked Francisco. Francisco nodded and started gently rubbing the boy’s balls, feeling for lumps. I saw a chubby gloved stray finger reach further down and stroke Qing’s taint twice. Dr. Begam said, “Ok Qing, you look like you’re all healthy in the front!” Francisco reluctantly removed his hand from Qing’s balls. Dr. Begam said, I’ll need you on your stomach now and I’m afraid we’re going to have to probe around a little out back, ok?” “Ok,” said Qing. He pulled the front of the gown down and turned over, flat on his stomach. Dr. Begam took a soft pillow with a disposable cover and said, “lift up.” He slid it under Qing’s pelvis. His hard cock snagged the cover for a moment, and then he rested his hips on it. Dr. Begam pulled Qing’s legs apart for a better view. I got up from the chair to inspect more closely as well. I gazed on Qing’s beautiful exposed flower. Dr. Begam said to Qing, “When’s the last time you were, ah, penetrated here?” Qing said, “um, 3 days ago? or maybe 4?” The Dr. opened his mouth to speak but Qing continued, “It’s been too long already.” Francisco’s mouth dropped open. Dr. Begam said, “These questions might be tough, but they will help with the exam. You were first penetrated at what age?” Qing replied, “Nine.” Francisco uttered a sympathetic, “Ohhh” but Qing said, “I liked it. I loved it!” Francisco looked at Dr. Begam, unsure what to think. Dr. Begam asked, “I was told this happened more than once. How many times did this happen?” Qing said, “A couple of times a day, some days more or less than others.” Dr. Begam asked, “How long did it last?” Qing said, “Usually just a few minutes but sometimes maybe half an hour?” Dr. Begam said, “I mean, did this just happen when you were nine, sounds like a few weeks at least, or longer than that?” Qing replied, “Until I came here, about 4 months ago. I mean, it’s still happening of course but, different people now. Mom would die if she knew!” He laughed. Francisco looked at Dr. Begam, aghast. “Is this a trafficking case?” he asked. “Not sure,” replied the Doctor. Francisco looked at me, the man who had brought this boy in. He was considering whether I was a boy pimp. I said, “It’s not.” Dr. Begam said to Qing, “Tell us more about your history then.” Qing relayed how his brother and father fucked him all the time as he was growing up, that he loved it, and that his Mom had sent him to the US as a foreign exchange student to stop it. Dr. Begam asked how many men in Hong Kong had penetrated him, in total. Qing said, maybe 8 total – His Dad and brother all the time and then the few occasions when one or the other brought a friend. He said one of his Dad’s friends “Looked like Francisco. He felt really good inside me.” Francisco blushed and looked around, not sure what to say. “And here in the U.S.?” Dr. Begam asked Qing. “I found a daddy right away here but it’s not like home. I don’t get fucked as much as I need.” As he said this, he started flexing his anal ring for the men. I noticed his hard cock was sticking straight out below. I don’t think Qing had gone soft during the whole conversation or exam so far. “Wow,” said Francisco. Qing said, “I topped for the first time in my life here and I like it a lot. But I’m pickier when I’m a top. I only like LITTLE butts.” Dr. Begam looked at me and winked and said, “Remember, everything you say here is confidential.” Dr. Begam said to Francisco, “You see the folds, permanently swollen here and here,” he touched Qing’s pucker and Qing grunted. Dr. Begam continued, “That’s from the years of anal insertion as he was still developing. This” — he tapped a beylikdüzü travesti more purplish spot– “looks more recent and will probably disappear…” he trailed off. “No signs of exterior genital warts.” He said to Qing, “ok, next we just have to check for internal genital warts and prostate health. He took a bottle and applied something to his finger. “This might feel cold, Qing,” he said. He brought his finger to Qing’s anus and applied to medical lube. Qing inhaled sharply. The Dr. applied the lube and slowly worked a finger inside. He said, “I have to feel for genital warts. His finger was in to the second joint and he twisted around in a circle to feel for anything abnormal. “You’re in luck!” he said. “Especially for someone as…experienced as you.” Now I’m going to just check for your prostate. His finger went deeper and Qing moaned. “I found it,” said the Dr. “I have to feel it from all angles to be sure it’s healthy.” He moved his finger as he stroked Qing’s prostate while he continued to moan. He withdrew his finger and said to Qing, “Is it okay to have Francisco repeat that examination? It’s only for his learning and you can say no.” Qing said, “Please, let him do it. That felt so good. Francisco can finger me. Francisco can even fuck me.” We all looked at each other, shocked at Qing’s language. My shock turned into a grin and I said, “I’m not surprised. Qing is very lusty.” Francisco said, “Well, mijo, I’m just going to finger you for now.” Qing said, “Maybe fuck me later then.” Francisco blushed. Dr. Begam scratched his neck awkwardly. Francisco wordlessly inserted his chubby, gloved finger into Qing’s ass. He ran it around the inside, said, “no warts,” then pushed his finger in deeper to rub the prostate. “MMMM, keep doing that,” Qing said. He gave himself in to pleasure but Francisco started to withdraw his finger. Dr. Begam asked, “Did you feel it ALL? All the way around?” Francisco looked at him. Dr. Begam continued, “You have to apply light pressure to every part of the prostate that you can reach.” “Ok,” said Francisco. He re-inserted his finger and rubbed as Qing moaned, “God yeah, that feels good.” Dr. Begam said to Francisco, “Maybe just a few extra strokes, since he likes it so much.” He winked at me and Francisco noticed. “That sounds nice,” I said. “Oh yeah!” Qing said and Francisco closed his eyes and continued rubbing his prostate. Qing said, “I just wish you’d replace that finger with your cock.” Francisco was blushing deeply. I said, “That sounds like fun. You know I’d never stop you from having fun, Qing.” Dr. Begam raised his eyebrows at me. He looked at Francisco with a huge grin and said, “Well, I’m going to go write this patient report up in my office. You can finish up with my patient however you deem best, Francisco. Thanks for volunteering tonight so we could do this after hours and keep it all off the books. I owe you one. Just come get me when you’re done.” He left the office. Francisco looked at me, his mouth agape with his finger still in Qing’s asshole as the door closed. Qing said, “You can fuck me now!” I said to Francisco, “You know, you COULD fuck him now. Dr. Begam doesn’t seem to mind.” Francisco said, “Rea.. are you and Jayesh trying to set me up?” I said, “No, I didn’t even know you’d be here tonight. Qing’s a horny boy and he loves to get fucked.” I was stroking myself in my pants. I had an idea. I started to unzip my pants as Francisco’s eyes widened. I wasn’t turned on at all by Francisco. But I WAS turned on my the thought of Qing taking a cock in that beautiful ass. Any cock. Francisco had withdrawn his finger and I said, “Qing, give my cock a little kiss so Francisco knows you’re serious.” I approached the exam table and Qing turned his head. I pulled my cock out and presented it to Qing. He licked my tip and sucked it into his mouth. I said, “Oh yeah,..” I looked at Fernando and said, “If it was a setup I’d have incriminated myself now.” Francisco’s hand was near his crotch, his thumb stroking his pants absently. I said, “Qing, do you want to kiss it first before he puts it in you?” “Yeah,” said Qing. Francisco waddled over uncertainly and I made room for him. He just stood there so Qing reached out and stroked where Francisco had been stroking. Qing pushed Francisco’s big belly up so he could tug at his belt to loosen it. Francisco did nothing to help him OR to stop it. Then Qing unzipped his pants and reached inside. Francisco closed his eyes as Qing’s hand wrapped around something. Qing said, “MY turn to rub YOU.” Francisco exclaimed, “No, no, carajo! I don’t wanna cum yet!” Qing slipped his hand out of Francisco’s pants and unbuttoned the top button. He tugged the pants and rumpled boxers down Francisco’s fat thighs, freeing his cock. Francisco’s cock had a football shape, if I could describe it that way, and was much darker than the rest of his body. It was maybe 5 or 6 inches, thick at the middle, with a reddish brown head with a slight slight ridge around it. I could smell Francisco’s perfumed sweat smell released from his undergarments. His inner thighs had wrinkles and dry marks where I imagined they must rub together when he walks. Qing moved his mouth toward Francisco’s cock and Francisco stepped back and said simply, “No, I’ll cum.” Qing said, “I need your cum in my ass though.” Francisco said, “I’m not going to last at all.” Qing said, “I’m all lubed up. Just slide it in me and let it go.” I said to Fernando, “Do it.” Fernando said, amazed, “Pinche puto!” He stepped back and looked at Qing’s ass. Qing lifted his hips off the pillow beckoningly. Francisco looked at me and said, “ok.” He said to Qing, “You have to come to the end of the table.” I imagined Francisco climbing on top and the table collapsing. Qing scooted his ass to the end so that Francisco could fuck him standing up. Francisco said, “Dios…”. He brought his little red-brown head to Qing’s lubed asshole. He lifted the fat from just above his penis and pushed his tip against Qing’s anal wrinkles. Suddenly his cock jerked and he plunged all the way in as he said, “Ay! Ay! eeeee!” He panted and wheezed as his orgasm played out inside Qing and then subsided. He panted, “Lo siento, tan rapido…” Then opened his eyes and said, Oh, “I came so fast,” as if to apologize. I said, “I bet if you wait just a bit you’ll be able to cum again.” He looked surprised yet again. I enjoyed shocking this man — it was too easy. ————— I said to Qing, “My turn now, right?” Francisco pulled out his still-hard cock. It popped audibly like a buttplug. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them, and took off my shirt. Francisco said, “You have a nice body too.” I said, “Thanks.” I didn’t really want him to touch me. “Put it in me, Josh,” said Qing. My flared cobra easily slid in. I moved my knees istanbul travesti to help accommodate the curve. I said, “Sooo nice with your cum in it, Francisco.” I started to rock inside Qing, the hook of my cock pushing down inside him at every thrust. I felt Francisco’s fat, soft hand start to touch and rub my cheeks while I fucked Qing. I almost told him to stop, then realized it was a nice sensation. As long as he didn’t get it close to my hole. I let myself enjoy the touch and stroking on my ass as I rutted into Qing. Soon Francisco’s other hand was on my balls. He rubbed them and he stroked my taint. I was surprised that I wasn’t disgusted. Then a finger grazed my hole and came back and did it again. “Oh!” I said. It was wonderful. Then he started to force a dry finger inside. I said, “Just the outside, Francisco.” The finger retreated and he went back to rubbing my balls, taint, and hole. “Oh, that feels nice, Francisco,” I said. After a little more time like this, with my cock buried in the seventeen year old and Francisco’s expert hands caressing my underside, I said, “I’m gonna cum…” “Breeeeed me!” said Qing. “Yeah baby” I said. I started banging harder and as I grunted and came, Francisco kept up his massage of my taint and balls. I’d never felt anything like it before. I held myself inside Qing and enjoyed feeling the erratic post-orgasm taint spasms while Francisco continued to massage it and my loosening balls. “Ohhh that felt great, Francisco,” I said. Qing looked at me oddly. I said to him, “I’ll tell you later.” I asked Francisco, “Are you ready for another round?” He bit his lip and nodded. I withdrew and he stepped forward. He aimed his tip at Qing’s ass and then unceremoniously plunged in. Francisco wasn’t very graceful the second time either, but he lasted longer. I could not bring myself to touch him while he fucked Qing. His belly and breasts jiggled at every thrust and when he came he again said, “Ay! … Ay! Ay, Dios mio!” He panted heavily, worn out. He pulled out when he was done and Qing said, “Oh yeah, I think you came a lot.” “Me too, mijo,” replied Francisco. Francisco looked at me and said, “So you two are coming back tomorrow?” I said, “No, just me. I’m bringing a different young cumslut in for an exam tomorrow. I don’t want to promise -” Qing interrupted, “I’ll tell him you’re a good fuck, Francisco. I don’t think he’ll say no.” I just looked at Qing and said, “Wow, ok.” I said, “Francisco, he’s a little younger.” “How young?” has asked. I said, “Well, there’s grass on the field…” He looked at me confused. Qing did too. I said, “You haven’t heard that one? ‘If there’s grass on the field, play ball.’ It means he has hair at least.” I looked at Francisco and added, “Barely.” Francisco said, “Oh, NoNoNoNoNo, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I said, “Well, we’ll just do the exam then. And maybe see what else develops.” Francisco said, “I couldn’t. EVer” I said, “Okay.” He said, “I’d better go.” I said, “Thank you, have a good night!” Qing said, “Thank you for the cum! I’ll keep it in me as long as I can!” Francisco looked at both of us, uncertain what to say, then turned and left the room. Finally he said, “You’d better get dressed. Jayesh wanted me to send him down when we were… when we were done.” I imagined he was thinking about his next conversation with Dr. Begam. Soon Dr. Begam came into the room. I was dressed, but Qing was still undressed, lying on the table ass up. Dr. Begam said, “The look on Francisco’s face, that was priceless!” I laughed. I said, “Yeah!” As if we’d just played a harmless joke on someone, rather than manipulating him into fucking a minor. Twice. I said, “I think Qing wanted to extend you another invitation.” Qing looked over his shoulder and humped the table suggestively. “Yeah,” he said. “Dinner’s ready.” I smirked at his corniness. Dr. Begam said, “I was really hoping you’d say that.” He took off his lab coat and started stripping. I watched as his dark, trim, hairy body was uncovered. It was quite a nice sight after seeing Francisco’s rolls of fat. Dr. Begam’s hard sheathed hairy Indian cock bounced over his purple and brown balls as he finished by taking his shoes off. He kissed Qing on the forehead and then put one hand on his cheek and pulled it aside. Copious amounts of cum had leaked out over his taint and balls and onto the table. “REALLY pre-lubed,” said the doc. Qing said, “I think Francisco came a lot. He really filled me up.” I said, “His balls are huge. He came in Qing twice and my load’s in there too.” Dr. Begam responded, “Oh, NICE!” The doctor pulled Qing back on the table, the way he’d been for Francisco’s fuck. He was going to fuck Qing standing up too. He put his cock in Qing’s cummy crack, and ran it up and down. He pushed his hips against Qing, his cock still not inside, and rubbed himself up and down, covering his cock in leftover cum from his crack. He leaned forward and ran his hands down Qing’s back and over his ribs on the sides. He brushed his hands over Qing’s shoulders. He was starting to position himself to enter when I blurted out, “Do you like to get touched? I mean, your ass, your nipples, when you fuck?” It felt strange to ask but I didn’t think I could just reach out and grab the doctor without permission. It felt like we were both straight men who just liked to fuck holes and didn’t do those things with each other. But the feeling of Francisco rubbing me had been incredible. I admired Jayesh’s body and just thought to would be nice to touch. He said, “My nipples. My balls.” I stood behind him and as he lined up his cock, I reached a hand between his legs from behind and gently fondled his balls as he widened his stance. I felt his skin move as he hiked back his foreskin and then pushed into Qing, who grunted “uuungh!” Then my thumb bumped Qing’s wet ass and I touched and rubbed the spot where cock met hole. Dr. Begam began to slowly thrust as I rubbed his balls. I realized my rubbing was making it hard for him to pick up a rhythm and as I removed my hand he said to me, “My nips.” I reached my right hand around and put it on his hairy chest. I found the circle of hair around the right nipple and grazed it. “Oh!” said the doc. “Oh!” he said again. Each time he had pounded harder into Qing. I started to aggressively rub his nipple as he pounded hard repeating, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” He said, “The other one!” I shifted and put my left hand on his left nipple. I couldn’t do both at the same time so I let my right hand reach back between his legs and stroke his taint. “Oh GOD!” he exclaimed as my left hand found his nipple and my right stroked his taint. After a moment of this I switched again and rubbed his right nipple while my left stroked his taint. I rubbed his hole once but he groaned like he didn’t like it so I went back to his taint. Soon he said. “I…” and I felt his taint spasm. He pushed his hips forward into Qing and it spasmed again. I rubbed his nipple and spasming taint and then his balls it as he ground his cock into Qing in circles, filling him once more with cum.

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