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Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise

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Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruiseAna enjoying a Caribbean cruiseThat humid fall my sweet Ana convinced me to take some days away from the cold and get a nice Caribbean cruise, from Miami to Bahamas. On our first dinner on board, after a few drinks, I started to feel a little nauseous. The unpleasant movement of the ship was really starting to affect me. I knew I was going to hurl; so, I made a dash to the sink, just in time.I managed to get our cabin and fell on the bed. My sweet wife was worried and he called from our cabin to the steward office, to get some pill for motion sickness.A knock at the door said the help was there outside.Ana opened and let in a giant black man, with a strong Jamaican accent, who was Nick, our steward.The man handed me a pill and a glass of water and told me I would be fine if I stay at bed during the whole night and try to rest…Ana came over behind the black man, put her hand on his back and said “We can’t thank you enough Nick, you really are our savior”.I started to say something to her but suddenly, I felt very dizzy. Must have been the effects of mixing champagne with that pill Nick gave me…The cabin started spinning. I flopped down and was out like a light.When I awoke, it was night and the cabin was dark. No signs of Anita. Where could she possibly be?. I tried to get up but everything went black.I lay in the bed feeling very helpless, weak and lonely. After a few minutes, the cabin phone rang. I answered it, still feeling lightheaded and dizzy.”Hello honey, it’s me”. Ana’s voice said. “I’m with Nick now. He was nice to accompany me to dinner after you passed out. Are you feeling better?”I answered her groggily. “I guess so…Are you coming back soon?””You have been out for two or three hours. I will be back in a little while…” It was about four in the morning when I heard the key turn in the door.I could barely hear Anita’s voice whispering. “It was wonderful, Nick. You really know how to show a lady a good time!””The pleasure is all mine, Ana. I loved holding you close, dancing with you and later on… well, you know” That black bastard answered softly.I asked to myself what they have done “later on”. Just knowing he had been holding my wife close when dancing…how far had this gone?Ana whispered goodbye. There was a long pause before she came in. But I had heard the sound of two people kissing…My unfaithful wife finally came inside and quietly got undressed in the darkness.She snuggled against me. I could feel her moist cunt and thighs press up against my buttocks as she spooned me. She seemed unusually wet…As she passed out, I could hear her softly moaning and sighing.I could not avoid the thought about that black man fucking my sweet wife.Then I opened her thighs very softly and run my fingers between her labia.”Please, Nick. I’m exhausted, after fucking you half the night, I need a rest”.I was furious hearing that words on Anita’s lips. I started kissing her pubis, inching my way closer to her sweet pussy. The closer I got, the stronger the smell of semen I detected…I could not believe it… She had been fucked by a steward on the first night of the cruise…I parted her labia with my tongue and drove it deeply into her cunt. There it was; an unmistakable taste of semen, thick and salty…”Oh yes, Nick, lick my sore pussy, I love how you lick me…” Ana moaned, still with her eyes closed…Suddenly she tangled her fingers in my ears and held me tight against her cunt, rubbing her clit, pussy lips and ass all over my face, smearing me with the black man’s cum. I could hear her crying out: “Yes, yes, suck harder!!”.As she came in my mouth, I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise just from rubbing my little hard rock dick against the sheets. I spread Ana’s legs wider and mounted her. I just pumped four times and came deep inside my well used wife’s vagina.Ana must have sensed it because she asked: “Honey did you like it?”, but pendik escort she did not hear my answer; she just turned over and passed out again.In the morning we sat out on the balcony, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise and talked about what she had done during the night…“I am so sorry, honey; but I could not resist Nick’s advance on me. He has a special odor in his huge body. His black cock is a lot longer and thicker than yours. He has an incredible staying power. It took me almost have an hour to make him cum in my mouth. I told him, my mouth, ass and pussy, belonged to you, but I thanked him anyway, by fucking me so wildly…!”.After breakfast, we decided to go swimming in one of the ship’s pools.Ana had chosen to wear a sexy one piece bathing suit, cut high in the crotch with a thong back and low cut, just above the nipple line at the breasts. The suit was a thin beige material that became almost transparent when wet.Anita decided to swim a little and then when she came back to me, I could see every man around staring directly to her hard nipples and her shaved mound, which were perfectly visible under the wet fabric of her bath suit…As we lay there, in the sun, we suddenly heard a deep voice asking if we would like to order a nice cool tropical drink. It was one of the Latin waiters. He was a tall guy, dark skin, a muscled body and some kind handsome…He had directed his question to Ana as he stood by her chair, smiling down at her and staring at my wife’s obviously erect nipples against the fabric.The young man recommended Anita a “Sex on the Beach” as a good drink.She accepted one, but I was still hung-over from last night.”Oh, no, here we go again!” I thought to myself, as the young Latino waiter winked an eye to my sexy unfaithful wife.After lying in the sun for nearly two hours I started feeling fuzzy and went back to the cabin to take a nap. Ana was flirting with two guys by the pool when I left. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.Two hours later the sound of Ana and her new admirers laughing into the cabin woke me up. Both guys grabbed me and lifted me from the bed, stripped me and then they me in a chair and duct-taped my mouth.One of them said to Ana: “Do not worry; babe, me and my friend will take real good care of you. Now, why don’t you just give us a little show …?”.Ana went over to the cabin player; selected a real sexy playlist and started dancing for the guys. She spread her legs wide and moved her hips in a slow circular motion, lips parted and a dreamy look in her eyes.She then began touching her body with her hands. She rubbed her hips with her arched palms in small circles, and then slowly moved up to her breasts. As she cupped her tits she squeezed them hard, causing her nipples to become erect and pop out against the top of her bathing suit.One of the guys moved behind her and untied her top, allowing it to fall…Ana then slipped her thumbs into the waist band of her swimsuit bottoms, tugged at it teasingly, slowly inching it down, revealing her shaved mound. Just before her pussy came into full view, she turned her back on the men flashing them her bare pink ass. Then without bending her legs, she bent forward and slipped her bathing suit bottoms down to her ankles, giving them a nice rearview of her ass and pussy as she stepped out of the waistband, throwing it at me. She was nude now, except for her high heels. She then turned and faced both guys, showing them her full frontal nakedness. She played with her nipples, pinching them until they were red and throbbing.The guys were getting turned on; they began stripping off their swimsuits and rubbing their hard cocks. Both cocks were thicker than mine. There was my wife, dancing naked for two strangers, asking to be fucked.I knew she had taken this beyond the point of no return. She was teasing them and they did not look like the kind of guys that would take no for an escort pendik answer. Ana was going to get gangbanged by these guys and there was nothing I could do about it…Then the first guy moved behind Ana and started swaying against her round bottom with his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks, as his hands squeezed and fondled her tits, playing with her nipples. The second guy got on his knees between her legs and licked her cunt.Ana made some soft moaning sounds. I knew she was getting aroused. She reached down and pressed the head of guy on his knees tightly against her pussy lips, smearing his face with her juices and making low moans.”Do you want something?” The man behind her ass cheeks asked her.”Oh yes…” Anita replied between her moaning and heavy breathing.”Tell us, bitch; tell us all what you want.” He continued in a mocking tone.“I want your cocks. I want them inside me now!” Ana replied pleadingly.Both men laughed as they picked her up and carried her to the bed.The first man lay down on his back on the bed while his friend lowered Ana on to his cock, her ass first. He used her own juices to lubricate her tight asshole and gently lifted her up and down until he was buried deep inside.Ana moaned, looking right into my eyes. She really seemed to like being ass fucked by that stranger bastard. After she had taken all of his cock deep in her ass, Ana laid her back against his chest and the second man moved between her legs and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips.He asked my wife: “Do you want my cock too, bitch?””Yes!” Anita replied. “Give it to me now, don’t tease me, please… fuck me”The second guy smiled and slipped his cock all the way in her steaming cunt. She didn’t need any lubricating at all. She was ready for that dick.She screamed, but it was not a scream of pain, it was a scream I had never heard before. It was a scream of pure ecstasy. She was begging them not to stop, yelling at them to fuck her harder and faster.I had never seen her so turned on. The moaning and screaming became louder and louder. They all came together: Ana; the one in her ass and the other inside her stretched wet cunt. Their screaming filled the cabin and echoed down the passageway. Just then, between my own screaming in ecstasy, I suddenly heard Ana: “Honey, wake up. I think you were having a nightmare”. I slowly started to focus on the room around me. I was in the bed, naked, with a wet cum spot on the sheets. I had cum in my dream about Ana fucking those two guys… But it seemed so real!!…My sweet wife was still in her swimsuit sitting beside and we were alone in the cabin. But I saw that some strange fluids were dripping out of her cunt…I was feeling better to have dinner. So, Ana and I arrived one of the main dining room at eight o’clock. We enjoyed a nice meal, but then I started to feel seasick again. I came back to our cabin and fell into the bed.I woke up by midnight, finding I was alone again in our cabin.The TV circuit was on. In the screen I could see only a luxury cabin, with a giant king size bed in the middle of the room.Suddenly the phone rang and Ana’s voice sounded very happy.“Honey, are feeling better?. I have a surprise for you. Just watch TV!”She hanged up and then I watched into the screen. Then I had a real surprise. Ana was there, walking in front of the camera, she was almost fully naked, wearing just her dark pantyhose and stiletto heels…She sent a kiss to the camera and then looked at one side:”Come here, lover.” And then a huge black man appeared close to my wife. He was wearing a dark blue silk kimono and took Ana in his arms.I recognized him as the ship’s Purser, the one on charge of the administrative job on board. Anita looked back on camera and said to me:”I am so sorry, hun; but I just couldn’t resist this handsome black man”My sweet sexy wife was going to be fucked by another black bastard… and I did not pendik escort bayan know where the hell that cabin was in the ship!!.I could not even say something to Ana; just watch her on the screen.The black man picked Ana up in his arms and carried her to the bed.Then he let his kimono fall to the floor and stood beside the bed naked, looking down at her, as Anita stared directly at his huge massive erection.That black bastard had a heavy sized dick, almost ten inches half grown… and Ana had not even touched it…My wife looked up at him and licked her lips. She liked what she saw…Her breathing started to increase. Her eyes were full of fire as they appraised this huge black man who was about to take her. Her mouth parted as she licked her lips, which had become dry in anticipation.He started stroking his now erect black cock which had grown to its full twelve inches and was as big around as my own arm!.Ana spread her beautiful long legs for him. The light in the room reflected off her moist labia. She was fucking wet; she was ready for that huge dick.I could hear the Purser’s voice, teasing Ana, playing with her: “You like it Ana, you like what you see? I will fuck you real slow. You are wet enough”.My sexy wife spread her legs wider, welcoming him to her. She rubbed her thighs and groin and pelvic folds in anticipation. She was really wet…He got on his knees between her legs. He gently lifted her up while placing two pillows under her ass and lowering her back down. Now her cunt was angled up toward him, beckoning to his cock to come in. I could see a river of her juices flowing out of her pussy to help glide him inside her.He placed the thick head of his huge cock to her glistening pussy lips. Slowly he rubbed the tip up and down her wet pussy lips, teasing, taunting her. “You want it, slut?” He whispered. “Beg for it. Let me know how badly you want it. Tell me, bitch… tell me you want my black cock inside you””Oh, yes! Please give it to me; I need it so bad! Please fuck me now!”.”What about your cuckold husband” He continued. “Don’t you want him instead? I’ll take you to him now so he can fuck you instead of me”. “No, not him, I want you! Don’t tease me anymore, give me what I need!” She begged, almost crying in fire.He then fell forward, thrusting his enormous twelve inch cock deep inside her until his balls slapped up against her cunt lips. Ana screamed and cried.It was at first a scream of pain but it quickly turned into a scream of ecstasy.I was afraid he would split her in two, but then I noticed Ana wrapped her legs around his back and was trying to pull him in even deeper. She moaned and groaned. She cried and begged him to fuck her even harder.He eagerly complied. He fucked her like a jackhammer; with no mercy at all.It went on and on and never seemed to end. She kept her eyes closed as she felt her first orgasm. She cum on his dick as she cried and yelled loud.The black bastard kept his pumping deep in her womb and soon Ana started screaming again with another climax.After that initial encounter, the TV screen went black. I figured after giving me a little show, the black man would fuck my sexy wife in privacy. But after fifteen minutes, I heard the door unlock and my unfaithful sexy wife came in. She sat on the bed and asked me if I was feeling better.Then I put my fingers under her dress, finding she was not wearing panties. My fingers found her swollen pussy lips and then entered her soaking cunt.Ana cried in pain, telling me she was really sore after having that huge black dick buried so deep inside her pussy. She lay close to me and I held in my arms until we both passed out.On the next morning Ana started again a second round. She commenced with Nick, the steward; later with the two guys she had met at the pool and finally the well hung black Purser… But this time she added the Latino waiter, a Radio operator and… a nice Philippine stewardess and a number of people unknown to me.When we disembarked, Ana confessed she had fucked about thirteen men and three women on board…. I was still seasick, but eagerly to get another trip around the Caribbean Sea again…

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